Dakota 400 8
Carson Johnson July 1, 2011
My name is Carson Johnson. I hav purchased over three pairs of this product and have had nothing but problems. The Dakota quad comfort work boots are a comfortable pair of boots however, they have a defective soul which has caused me to almost fall off of rooftops, trip on re-bar, and have actually ripped in the same spot in less than a year in all three pairs i have owned. I have tried to return these boots to the Marks work wharehouse where I purchased them and have been told that I must have a receipt to return them even though they have a... read full review »
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The Rental Guide
Juniperberry June 30, 2011
They steal housing listings from free classified sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, local newspapers and so on, dump them into a database, and charge apartment hunters $100 ($75 in Victoria BC) to search this database for a couple of months. Rental Guide does NOT ask permission of any of the landlords and property management companies who originally posted the ads on free sites. That might not be illegal, but it's definitely unethical, and goes against the TOS of all the free classified sites they steal from. Even worse, they then... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
taste of mediterranean
enas afifi June 30, 2011
I canseld my franchise agreement through a lawyer because of incomplete disclosure the lawyer sent a demand letter to the franchiser for a full refund but he never replay read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
Auto Doc
solly_budier June 30, 2011
Having been a customer of Auto Doc for year, I was surprised to receive such poor customer service, from the owner of the company no less! I had called to make an appointment to have my car's oil changed and to have my car inspected for any problems. I was asked to come in on Friday at 5pm, because the store was closing at 6pm. I left work early to arrive on time. At 5:01, I was stuck in traffic and called to say that I am on my way. I was informed by the person on the line (who I later found out was the owner) that he had already sent... read full review »
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SMS Gameon
about 24 messages were on my mobile phone 647-409-6552, one daily and none were answered by me;also I do not have messaging service under my cell phone contract with Rogers. On contact with sms company ("2Way Traffic" on my Rogers invoice) I was told by one Darryl(?) that in all I have no option by to pay $30. For what. This is fraudulent and need help in resolution. read full review »
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SCAS2011 June 30, 2011
Our Dealership was looking for a reposession company in Winsconsin. Came across a Repossesion company in that area. I spoke to a rep of Nationwide-repo and gave me a quote that seemed reasonable. Then amanda Pierce (very rude) by the way was very nice at first. I gave her the paperwork needed to complete the process. A holdharmless was given me to sign. again, pay attention to what you sign. In this holdharmless it says " nationwide-repo fee will never exceed the salvage value of the collateral or will tender a negotiable title to the... read full review »
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Brian Markle aka Alex Markle
amotherknows June 30, 2011
My daughter (TPW) and I (BPW) first met Brian Markle at the World Exchange Centre on the 11th floor. We discovered the offices weren't his but rather classified as "virtual offices" offices you can rent month to month or even a day. Nonetheless and without knowing this point we paid Mr. Markle $150 for what he claimed to be a European Modeling Licence and that my daughter would be going to Paris. Naturally my daughter was excited with all what was PROMISED as it has been her passion and dream to break into the modeling world... read full review »
Filled under: Society & Culture Location: Canada
rejean poulin
rejean poulin June 30, 2011
vous avec porter à ma carte de crédit visa #4530913110020018 un montant de 79.94 US, le 24 juin 2011, montant que je n'ai jamais autorisé. Donc, ce montant devra être enlevé sur ma carte de crédit le plus rapidement possible, sinon des recours seront pris pour le faire enlever. Merci. read full review »
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national benefit authority
nancynancy June 29, 2011
just want everyone to be aware of these scammers. they say they can get you money back for a disability benefit, and they charge you 30% fee of what you get back from the government, but what they fail to mention is that this your tax money back, and you can do it yourself FOR FREE . they pretend that they are fighting for you to get you money that is hidden, when they dont do anything. you take the form to your doctor and the doctor actually fills it out, then you send the form to the Canada Revenue agency, and the CRA either approve... read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: Canada
Digital Phone
smileafdfdfadf June 29, 2011
Yak will mail you an IP phone that is pre-configured NOT... they will send you a miss configured because it is cheeper for you to spend the time on the phone and they walk you through the configuration process. And when they can't get it to work they give up and wont take back the Phone... don't buy the yak Snom Phone they don't support it... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
IMSCAMMEDNOW June 29, 2011
Pay close attention to the details of this and you can see how this company makes their money. It’s pretty plain and simple, cut and dry – with their bait and switch tactics, but what you need to know is this is how they operate. On August 26th this company Hunter Exchange contacted our company asking about the wholesale of wireless devices. Being in the industry and seeing these emails often, I was hesitant to reply, but did so to see if they were able to get devices for me. With them being located in Canada they would... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
earnstei June 29, 2011
someone has some spammed my yahoo account. lizarnstein@yahoo.com read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
R & D Media
harrytam June 28, 2011
Received text solicitation regarding winning a prize once you answered the correct question, suspicious after the first question answered and ignored further text messages... Charges for $14 and may be more to phone bills until I unsubscribed it... not sure how much more I am into it??? unethicall business practice, may be borderline illegal?? read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Bell Mobility / LG Xenon Phone
davewinfield June 28, 2011
22 years as a Bell Mobility customer and now I have a problem with a Contract renewal/Phone Upgrade. All I get is a recital of contract and warranties, and a list of possible charges. I was conned into upgrading my phone under the pretense of absolutely no costs and a new and improved phone, just for agreeing to a 36 month renewal. The phone started having problems one month into usage (return policy allows for only 14 days usage)...4 months later the phone is now unusable. Not only will Bell not replace the phone, I was asked to pay for a... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
sadu baba bager nath ji
sadu baba bagerr nath ji June 28, 2011
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Canada
Mega City Movers
Addi June 27, 2011
They promoted incorrect information online on classified ad. Guy showed up with contract on day of moving and then charge huge amount of extra money for services rendered. On website it claimed 20$/ hour / mover but they charge. 45$ / hour and then charge for same amount of time for unloading that they charge for loading while loading took slow / sluggish 3.5 hours and unloading was done in 1 hour. Extra charges for Gas was submitted which was not on website. Extra charges for heavy stuff upto 100 lbs but charge it for typical... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
The Auto Place
MThorne June 27, 2011
I purchased a 2007 Mazda5 certified from The Auto Place. My contact states I have a bumper to bumper warranty excl. transmission and engine. Within a few days of driving, I was experiencing severe swaying when going over bumps. I had it inspected elsewhere and they have advised that the vehicle should not have passed safety certification due to two problems which will cost over $1000 to fix. I contacted The Auto Place several times to allow them to rectify this. However, Sam said that they will not honor the warranty and it is my problem... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
thomas.de June 26, 2011
singsnap members need to be warned. singsnap staff and trevor i assume are using some kind of tracking device to hack into all of their members outside accts like facebook and email. they tried to change my password on my facebook. my internet provider traced it back to some strongmail acct of singsnap and said eatsleepmusic's many domain including music sites including singsnap and many pornographic sites too. then my internet provder blocked singsnaps ip from my server. BEWARE SINGSNAP MEMBERS your private outside accounts may... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Canada
Nessarose June 26, 2011
I have sent emails to the above website regarding the series Numbers and they have promised to send a new set but to this day I have not receive the new set..The other set was extremely defective and glitz...Now when I went to their site it is no longer there...This is a red flag to me which means I was scammed...I certainly don't like being ripped off...I will be watching for them... read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
singsnap karaoke
howdareyouall June 26, 2011
singsnap, aka eatsleepmusic corp is a karaoke site thats supposed to provide good tracks for singing and then also have message boards thats free. my security on my pc showed a malware problem 5 days ago and windows kept poppin up sayin my email password was bein changed but I WASNT THE ONE DOIN IT!!! a box came up tellin me to change my pass becos I was at risk so I changed it right aways. the next nite I was logged in and recording a song and I went to my facebook and wrote on my sis wall and my other friends from school and got a... read full review »
Filled under: Other Location: Canada
2010 Hyundai Elentra
jojam4u June 25, 2011
Bought a new Hyundai Elentra in 2010 September . By the end op 2011 April my car was loosing its paint on both sides from the front to the back . By begining of June it started to rust . I have complained to the dealer, Hyundai Canada, BBB. I wastold all this problem was from normal wear and use . You are kidding me !! Driving on pawed roads is wearing the paint off ? I should have put my car in the garage and leave it there . I am stuck wit a rusting away car and will have to make paiments on it for another 6 years and 3 months. It sucks to be me . read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
Springfield Golf and Country Club, Guelph, Ontario - Canada-
VeryDispleasedBride June 25, 2011
On Dec 4, 2010, I had booked and put a deposit down on a Banquet Room called the TAMARAC room at the Springfield Golf and Country Club in Guelph, Ontario for my wedding which took place on Saturday May 28, 2011. I have a signed contract from the Banquet Manager, myself and my now Husband. On the day of my wedding, I found out 2 hours before that the General Manager of Springfield changed my room for my wedding which was much smaller than the room I booked, put a deposit for and have a contract. I spoke with the General Manager and said he wa... read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Canada
Brick Furniture Ottawa_350 West Hunt Club Rd
shenhe324 June 25, 2011
I purchased from brick last month and all the products are defective, the length of all the chair and table legs are not the same, all of them are not stable, I could not use it ! I called Brick they do not care take of it and they said they are not responsible for that. What a bad business and service ! I am trying to talk to the manager, but she always had the excuse that she is busy, could not take my call, or so ever . All they care is sold the furniture, after that, what quality or customer service or feedback, they do not care at all ! I am sure they can Not keep the business more than three years. read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Canada
LG xenon
rokdacasba June 25, 2011
I have an LG Xenon and I have always loved LG's products but this phone is a piece of crap! Its the most annoying phone I have ever had. The phone is difficult to turn on it takes several attempts and mins. The lock feature is a pain as when you are on a call it turns on thus not allowing you to access your keypad easily- The phone doesnt allow you to disable it whatsoever. My bf has the ssame phone and his touch pad stopped working even though he's never dropped it and we have only had this phone 8 mths. The calls are frequently... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
Total Windows Password Reset_Digital River
S Levan June 25, 2011
RegNow_DIGITAL RIVER 10 days ago I purchased for a price of 19$ a software to reset my lost administrator password on my samsung netbook. The company site is http://www.resetwindowspassword.net and the software they sell is called Total Windows Password Reset. When I paid I saw that I was billed by RegNow_DIGITAL RIVER so I am not sure what the real company name is. The ad of this company and its support page says its software can be installed on a USB memory from which it will boot to my netbook. However the software can only be installed... read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
Five Alive
Consumer WatchDogger June 25, 2011
The Shoppers Drug Mart at Don Mills and Lawrence is in urgent need of better customer service and should stop advertising for sale products that they are not carrying in their weekly flyers. In addition, can someone explain to me why the lottery checker is not available to customers until 9am when the store is open 24 hours? Recently, I visited the store and asked one of the cashiers to lend me her 99 cent pen to fill out a lottery form and she rudely refused to lend it to me and told me to bring my own pen. Such crappy customer service doe... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
Pool Doctor
Rozana June 24, 2011
This is in regards to the pool water system at my residence on 1008 Runningbrook Dr, Mississauga. The company mentioned have repaired said system end of Sep 2010. The job was to eliminate the leaking of the pool and to straiten one wall which was caving in. The company told us that there will be no leaking anymore; we could not test the pool because it was automn and closed the pool for the winter . This summer when we opened the pool, we have noticed that it was leaking from the very spot that they have worked on. As a result, we could... read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Canada
Noram Business Group Membership fee
Deanna A June 24, 2011
I received an invoice in the mail with a username and password and an invoice for a membership fee of $787.45. I did not sign up for this and had never heard of this company until I received the invoice. I called the toll free number and left a message someone to call me but haven't heard back from them. I'm will not be paying this invoice. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Lasalle pool and spa
FernF June 25, 2011
poor service, rude people, unknowledgable, do not back up waranties, don't provide reciepts for repairs, charges for waranty repairs, can't answer a question without an excuse or a down right lie. PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE GO TO WOODY'S IT'S JUST DOWN THE ROAD NEXT TO THE ESSO STATION. read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Canada
Safety Services Company . com
Canadian Co June 24, 2011
I received a call from this Safety Services Company telling me I ordered a Safety manual from them when I didn't and then they tell you they made a mistake in their records. In the past I used them several years ago and this is how they harrass people to use them. I told no I dont want a manual and nothing to do with your company. They continued to call me, email me and phone me. I finally told them I will charge them with harrassment if they don't stop. I see other complaints that they even send you bills for this unethical behaviour. Hope everyone can get this company to stop this behaviours they have spread to Canada as well. read full review »
Filled under: Other Location: Canada
Fido Phone
Decoded June 23, 2011
I ordered a cell phone online from Fido, 9 days ago and they still havent even shipped it from the warehouse. I phoned serveral times to cancel the order or atleast pick it up at at fido store, and they allways say theres NOTHING they an do to help untill it arrives at my house. Useless bad customer service. I've had the same number with them for 7 years and they can't help...Think i'll be going to Rogers. read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Canada
Mattamy Homes Ottawa LTD
ripped off badly June 23, 2011
1- Mattamy Homes Ottawa started the sales for a new site in Orleans (Summerside) in late September 2010. 2- Given that I have been saving for the down payment for a new house and waiting for Mattamy's new site in Orleans, I was the second customer in line when they opened the doors to their sales office in Orleans on Saturday at 07:00 AM. 3- On the first day of the commencement of sales, I purchased and signed a sales agreement for lot number 30 for closing on May 2012. 4- The required down payment was $25, 000.00. I... read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Canada
Wind, Huawei
Jsmithi June 23, 2011
wind speed Data stick prepaid two months unlimited plan which comes with a free data stick is a sham in Ontario, First month had bad connections all through out the days; was told by wind mobile chat "networks were busy" only got to use it 1am-7am. Second month i received a text from Wind that said "Your usage is well above the levels defined in our data fair usage policy.So that everyone has fair access-your speed will be limited until the end of the month" . It as been more then a week, I can barely browse the... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
MINE WAS AROUND $1700 (1st time) the around $2100 then it was $3100 and then $4000 then $ 1100 then $2600 all by lava all occurred Without my participation! THE 3100 was WHILE I WAS AT WORK, DEVICES AT HOME ON A BED!! Only 3 cats at Home possessing zero shopping skills! APPLE TELLS ME WHY DON'T U DELETE THE GAMES THEN IF THEY ARE CAUSING U SO MUCH PROBLEMS! NOTE: APPLE SUPPORT IS PHONE SUPPORT, BUT ITUNES SUPPORT WILL RESORT TO USING A PHONE IF THEY WANTED TO!! THEY CLAIM NO PHONES, they have one!!! I SPOKE TO AN ITUNES SENIOR... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Yardworks 20
Rob Ballantyne June 22, 2011
Canadian Tire has a cash incentive plan so I used it and now have lost the receipt. The lawnmower lower bearing collar has sheared off and the motor is now non-responsive. The blade is clean and undented. Despite having the box the mower arrived in c/w the shipping date and store shipped to, CT would not accept this as proof of purchase and thereby screwed me wrt the warrantee work (one year short of ending). The CT personal were adament that CT will not/ can not trace individual cash purchases so they can give me the proof of purchase. Humbug! read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Canada
Direct Energy Home Services
Valeri Lechtchev June 21, 2011
As seems, Direct Energy Home Services invented a new kind of fraud. In April of this year I called Direct Energy Essential Home Services regarding problem with our rental Water Heater. The technician visited us and made necessary repairs. No charges were apply since service and repairs for rental water heater are free. In May of 2011 I received Enbridge Bill, which, particularly, indicated Service Visit charge of $158.19 from Direct Energy Home Services. That amount looks pretty close to amount we... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Magnolia Silver Jewellery
Selena79 June 21, 2011
Magnolia Silver Jewellery has bad quality and overpriced jewelery ! I bought a set of gold fill necklace as well as other silver pieces. The quality is AWFUL and the designs aren't as unique as the company claims. You are better off buying from Silpada or even cheaper, just go to Hawaii or Mexico and buy from the locals ! My business is finished with this company, all the sales people care about is to make a sale, what a waste of $534.00 !!! I regret to this day ! read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
Deerfoot Napa Auto Pro
RRebecca June 21, 2011
Those of you that have not used your DEALFIND voucher, you are not missing out! Paid $39(voucher)+$20(SUV)+$14(environmental & tax)= $73 for an interior vacuum, a nice & shinny dash, not all of the interior was cleaned including interior windows, an oil change, an exterior wash, (sun dried) and an estimate of unnecessary repairs. I took a picture my SUV’s odometer as it is parked in their lot waiting for this detailing pkg deal. I was told via telephone the evening prior that it will be a four hour job. I dropped off my vehicle at 9am... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
Betinasari & Devon Harris June 21, 2011
They assured my husband and I a loan if we could start posting the loan before they gave it too us since we have bad credit the loan was for 7500 dollars we aren't them 1800 dollars and they still wanted more now the company line is always busy and they never helped us read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Brunel hotel London application form
suraj.kangra June 21, 2011
Brunel Hotel London. Address: 79-81 Gloucester Terrace, London, W2 3HB London, UK . http://www.brunelhotellondon.co.uk Email Id: uk.infobrunelhotellondon@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +44-7031894447 Office Working Hours: GMT Monday to Friday : 20:00 - 18:00 This newly refurbished town house - the Brunel Hotel is ideally situated for discovering all of London 's main attractions and shopping areas. It is only a few minutes walk from park hotel, Kensington Gardens and close to the lively Queensway with its busy streets and... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada


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