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Dakota 400 8 Reviews

Carson Johnson July 1, 2011
Defective soul and constant risk of injury
My name is Carson Johnson. I hav purchased over three pairs of this product and have had nothing but problems. The Dakota quad comfort work boots are a comfortable pair of boots however, they have a defective soul which has caused me to almost fall off of rooftops, trip on re-bar, and have actually ripped in the same spot in less than a year in all three pairs i have owned. I have tried to return these boots to the Marks work wharehouse where I purchased them and have been told that I must have a receipt to return them even though they have a year warranty. I believe that i should be re-embersed with the money or have an exchange right due to the warranty. I would not have a problem if the boots did not split at the toe on every single pair i have purchased. I understand that that work and safety boots do wear out but, not under a year of the purchase date. This consistent tear at the toe has almost caused physical injury and has become a serious expense as i have had to buy a pair every few months at the price of 159.99. I am a construction labourer and can not afford to buy a pair of descent work boots this often. I am hoping and pushing for some kind of justice to be done in regards to this matter. Thank you sincerely.

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