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37 Guardsman Road, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

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solly_budier June 30, 2011
Poor customer service
Having been a customer of Auto Doc for year, I was surprised to receive such poor customer service, from the owner of the company no less! I had called to make an appointment to have my car's oil changed and to have my car inspected for any problems. I was asked to come in on Friday at 5pm, because the store was closing at 6pm. I left work early to arrive on time. At 5:01, I was stuck in traffic and called to say that I am on my way. I was informed by the person on the line (who I later found out was the owner) that he had already sent all of the mechanics home when I hadn't arrived at 5:00pm (a minute earlier). I had asked why no one had called to let me know, and he had no response other than "there's nothing we can do for you now". He promptly got off the phone. I called a couple of minutes later asking to speak to the owner, and he said that he had been the one with whom I had spoken. I said that it was completely unprofessional for him to send everyone home without calling a customer, and he said sarcastically, "well, maybe we'll just change our policies for you"! He then hung up. Several of my friends have been customers of this business as well, and have experienced similar treatment. It's unfortunate that he chooses to run a business in this manner and treat customers as if we're infringing on his weekend. Clearly, he doesn't need our business.

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