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Valeri Lechtchev June 21, 2011
Fraudulent charge
As seems, Direct Energy Home Services invented a new kind of fraud.

In April of this year I called Direct Energy Essential Home Services
regarding problem with our rental Water Heater.

The technician visited us and made necessary repairs. No charges were apply

since service and repairs for rental water heater are free.

In May of 2011 I received Enbridge Bill, which, particularly, indicated
Service Visit charge of $158.19 from Direct Energy Home Services.
That amount looks pretty close to amount we "saved" according to
"Water Heater Service Technician’s Checklist".

When I called Billing at 905-943-6944 on May 24, 2011, after some investigation
I was informed, that it was not a charge for Water Heater repairs, which are free
for rentals, but for maintenance of our furnace.

This looks like absolute nonsense – we installed new furnace recently
from another company, and it completely covered, so we even in
theory don’t need any service calls for furnace from Direct Energy!

After many calls and a lot of trouble, on June 03 I’ve been informed

that they will credit that charge, but can’t correct my current bill which

was due on June 06 because it’s too late.

Even more, that credit of $158.19 will be applied to my June’s or July’s bill and only to

Direct Energy Home Services part of it.

Since that part of bill includes only monthly charge for rental Water Heater - $17.49, it means

my money will be repaid only after 9 months ($158.19 / 17.49 = 9.04…)!

Why don’t mail to me the cheque with that amount instead?!..

Since Direct Energy Home Services has many thousands of customers, the charging

even some of them with such “errors” brings to company a lot of money that can be

used for months…

I think appropriate justice institutions should pay attention to this.

Valeri Lechtchev

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