App store
Charlie chatur July 11, 2011
I got 2 apps (cartoon wars 2 & cyanide and happiness ) and they were both 99 cents and 13 cents tax but it charged $7.98 in total ??! read full review »
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Urban Planet
John1967-12 July 10, 2011
Today July 10th 2011, I was shopping in Surrey Central city mall at Urban Planet, when I moved to cashier, lady was busy, and asked me to went to another cashier, I moved there, and I was inline behind of couple who decided to continue shopping, there was also lady behind me with the same nationality as cashier, When couple who was before me, continued to shop, cashier told me, not the person behind to move to cashier, who asked me previously to come to this cashier, I told to cashier, that I was told to come here, from that cashier, and... read full review »
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GLEN FARIES July 10, 2011
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Premier Fitness-customer service
Alexandriaweir23 July 8, 2011
Hiden cancellation fees and they don't tell u all the clauses when u sign ur contract. Then they keep doing unautherized billing from any information u give them. Call at weird hours of the day. There staff never know what their doing. I was nevver told that I had to write a letter to them personally asking that they remove me from their contract until I noticed my mastercard being billed and then I was assured over the phone and even got some free passes(which I never used cause their gyms are gross and never have hot water) in person... read full review »
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Bell Canada - High Speed Internet
PeanutButterJello July 8, 2011
At the end of May I moved to another city. I called a few weeks ahead of time to cancel my internet services with Bell Canada because they didn't offer high speed in my new location. I was given a confirmation number and told that my services would be cancelled on June 1st. A month later I received a bill from Bell for my usual monthly internet costs instead of a bill for the expected cancellation fee and details of where to return the modem. I called Bell to find out why they were still billing me for monthly services when... read full review »
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Columbia Titanium Omni Dry Zip Offs
bikefast July 8, 2011
I bought a pair of Columbia Titanium Omni Dry Zip Off pants in June 2011. It is now July 2011 and the threads attaching the back pockets to the pants are breaking and will have to be resewn. I noticed after buying and wearing them that the workmanship (made in Indonesia) was terrible and should have returned them however it was the only pair. Zip off pants are difficult to find this summer. It is frustrating that one has to pay big money for shabby quality and can't even make contact with the company properly to tell them how bad the quality is. They should be ashamed. I used to associate the Columbia name with good quality but now I know better. read full review »
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Hilton Whistler
Teach27 July 8, 2011
Let the consumer beware! I made a reservation directly with the Hilton Whistler for two nights to be paid for a sponsoring conference and one night on my own. I was not asked for nor did I provide my credit card for a guarantee. I was not informed that there was any kind of cancellation penalty. The email confirmation I received one week prior to check in did not mention any cancellation penalty. When I checked in the front desk asked for an imprint of my credit to cover any incidentals I might purchase at the hotel which I provided. Upon... read full review »
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Customer Compenmsation and Appreciation Bonanza
Amanda Scott July 8, 2011
I recieved a check yesterday in the mail along with a letter claiming i won some sweepstakes for using my credit card at one of the main stores, macys, walgreens, k mart, ect... It states that i had won 100, 000.000 and the check they mailed me was for 2, 896.87 &&'nd all i had to pay my claim agent "Richard Mason" is 1, 875.80. They stated i had to western union this amount to my tax agent. I thank fully live with my grandfather who does taxes for a living. He told me why am i paying taxes to him and not to the IRS. I called the... read full review »
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HD Concepts Inc
Phoebe Sanderson July 7, 2011
On June 6, 2011, I received an e-mail confirmation (donotreply@orderconfirmation.biz.) for something (weight loss) supposedly ordered on April 10, 2011 at 12:28:48 AM. I did not order anything and have not received anything. I ignored it at the time - but I received my VISA bill today and the amount of $70.32 was charged to my account on June 9th, 2011. Who is this company and how did they get my VISA number and how do they get away with this type of fraud/scam? read full review »
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H&R Block (Canada)
Shelly Thompson July 7, 2011
On Feb. 15, 2011 I called a local office to make an appointment. I asked what I needed to bring with me, I was missing a form. I was assured that I could simply walk in, and they would obtain the info from Revenue Canada. I went to the little kiosk in Walmart and was told that he couldn't get the info because Revenue Canada was closed and I would have to come back the next day so he could call during business hours... Ummm it's tax season moron and you're telling me they aren't open? So it's useless to argue with him... read full review »
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Parsons Delivery and Moving
Gayle Freeman July 7, 2011
I made an appt one week in advance for 3:30 pm. At 4:30 I called and he said he would be coming about 5:00. At 6:00 I called and he said he would be coming and I told him I would pay overtime rates. It was just for one couch. At 7:30 I called and he still said he is coming but he never showed up. He has never called which showed me he had no intention of showing up. read full review »
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Sears Canada Inc.
Hinwah Lam July 6, 2011
[1] Only corporation in Canada keeping customers on hold for an hour or more on a routine basis [Proof: call 18665067866 choosing option of service] [2] Cancelling service appointments with informing customers regularly [Proof: ask its service centre staff about statistics of "no shows" - even Sears Canada Inc. itself cannot deny this] read full review »
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JGF Marketing
adfrog July 6, 2011
Jean-Guy Francoeur is a scam artist. I have worked for him and seen what he does. He lies and scams people and businesses. He had to leave Ottawa because he was wanted for fraud and stole money from his clients and staff. He had a company called Booming Practice and scammed private practitioners, saying that he was going to do marketing for them and then ended up doing nothing. He refused to pay any of his clients back, even though he never provided any services, and tried scam them into signing contracts saying that they couldn't say... read full review »
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The Best Cleaning
tiki_ mirchi July 6, 2011
After buying a dealfind voucher. This comapny has a very hard time honoring their committment. They double book themselves or do not show up at all. Once they do show up their quality of work is very poor. Extremely dissapointed that Deal find would allow a company of such to be a part of their services. DO NOT USE. read full review »
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active green and ross sheppard ave
Tman1980 July 6, 2011
On May 24, 2011 I brought my 2002 Grand AM to the active green and ross location at 2115 sheppard ave east. I brought my car in for a simple 24.95 oil change. During the oil change, the guy at the desk comes back into the waiting room from the garage and tells me that my brakes appear to be seized. I told him immediately that there was NOTHING wrong with my brakes. My brakes were done about a year and a half earlier, both front and back, full calipers, rotors and pads. There was no rubbing, vibration, noise, reduced gas mileage or otherwise... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
the little green machine
shirley leung July 6, 2011
i bought this little steam carpet cleaner calledthe little green machine with the asistance of a store associate on june 22, 2011. she recommended this machine to me because she has never had any complaints with it. she also warrents me that if i don't like it, i can return it for complete refund (she said within a year but i read the back of the receipt it says 90 days) so i bought the machine. after using it twice i decided this machine does not satisfy my need becasue it's too small, has no enough suction and i have to bend down... read full review »
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Primus/ Phone service
ComplaintsOfToday July 6, 2011
On July 6th, my business phone line got suspended. I made a call to inquire to them about this and all I got was rude replies. 1st call - I got in contact with technical dept. After i told them my account numbers and etc. I waited for 10 minutes! When technical rep. came back, he is telling me that it was suspended because of amount not paid and that they tried to reach me 4-5times. So i told them i never received any such call and i have been paying everything in right time and i told him that I'd like to speak to customer... read full review »
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With Purpose Wellness Centre
Scares July 6, 2011
I strongly advise everyone to stay away from Marishu Fehr at the With Purpose Wellness Centre. She claims to have a degree in psychology, child psychology and life coaching. She won the lottery and opened up a "wellness centre" which she uses to "help" people she likes without a liscence. If she doesn't like you she will defamate your character to other clients who also know you. She may or may not have credentials, but in my experience she is scandalous and devious. She is, in my opinion, more interested in filling up her ego than actually life coaching. read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Canada
Cheapoair website
baedaebok July 6, 2011
I suspect www.cheapoair.ca/com uses bait & switch in their pricing policy. Here's my story: 1) I was surfing the net looking for cheap tickets for my family (son, husband, me) to fly. 2) After 2 hours surfing, I came across www.cheapoair.ca. They offered a $4400 fare for my family flight (most other websites were around $6000). 3) I tried to book it several times with my credit card but it always rejected it and said "Use valid credit card". My credit card had worked earlier in a different merchant. 4) I used the... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Canada
Buytopia/The Butchers Voucher
TrishinToronto July 5, 2011
I purchased 2 vouchers in April 2011 for $198 which was to allow me $400 in products from The Butchers on Yonge/Eglinton. Apparently both Buytopia and The Butchers bit off more than they could chew as The Butchers staff were being verbally and physically abused by angry customers. They continuously changed the details in the voucher, i.e: when people could shop, the store hours and the availability of their products. I have attempted on at least 4 occasions to get a refund from Buytopia and was told that they had to contact The Butchers and... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Canada
Hearst Corporation - Invoice
makoshark July 5, 2011
I received an Invoice in the mail from this Company thanking me for my order! And welcoming me to Popular Mechanics magazine!!!And my first order should be arriving soon! I did not order this magazine which I don't even read, and it says my payment of $17 is due upon receipt. There's no contact phone number. Only an address in Harlan Iowa, with a return envelope to an address in Markham, Ontario. I"m sending the invoice back to them. I've looked for a phone number on the internet and have not found one. read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
Fun Mobility Products
gengiskhan July 5, 2011
I had an electric motor installed on my brand new 26 speed bike by Fun Mobility Products. When I went to pick it up, the back brake didn't work any more. The owner of the business told me I would have to take it to a bike repair shop to get it fixed. So I'm supposed to pay somebody else to fix something he messed up? I later found out that, without my knowledge or consent, he had kept the back wheel of my new bike, an item worth over $200 which he refuses to replace. Do not deal with this business unless you like incompetence and dishonesty. read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
gengiskhan July 5, 2011
I had a Bionx electric motor fitted to my bicycle. I was told at the time that the battery would last about five years. The motor burned out after less than three years of light use and the battery was dead after about the same amount of time even though it had been looked after very carefully according to the instructions. It was going to cost $1700 to get the motor fixed and a new battery was priced at $1400. This is a terrible company to deal with. Their products are shoddy and grossly overpriced and their customer service does not exist. Do not buy anything from BionX. read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Canada
SAVING SMART and Privacy Protection
dbonne1 July 5, 2011
Just found out that these companies fraudulently charged my credit card for 5 payments of $29.95, combined the 2 companies Never even heard of these companies before! And my credit card is suppose to be the safe one with the chip! just shows, no matter what, people or businesses have their way! MAJOR SCAM!. At least my credit company is very understanding and refunding the whole amount back. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Toronto Dominion Bank
gengiskhan July 5, 2011
Three years ago, I closed one of my accounts with Toronto Dominion Bank. They kept mailing me statements saying I had zero balance. After several phone calls and a visit to the bank to see the manager to ask them to stop sending this stuff, it's still coming. Then my so-called financial advisor failed to call me when he said he would. After phoning the manager then the Head Office, I was told I'd be contacted by another so-called "advisor" who asked me a lot of very personal questions but said he couldn't tell me... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Luce Laviolette July 5, 2011
Hi My daughter subcripted to Seventeen and my check was collected on May 30th and any magazine was delivered yet. I wrote them 2 times online and didn't have a reply. I want to be reimburse or at least deliver the magazine. Thank you. Luce Laviolette laviolette.luce@gmail.com read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
honesttravel July 5, 2011
This company recruits Travel Consultants and charges a "franchise" fee to start working as a Travel Agent. They charged me over $2000 for a startup fee plus over $100 monthly "support" fees. If you are considering a career as a Travel Agent, PLEASE DO NOT considering becoming a home based agent through TRAVELONLY. No other Travel Companies charge fees for being an outside agent. The first step is to become TICO Registered which costs approx $35. From there, many other companies will work with you and give you the same comission that Travelonly boasts about. T read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Canada
Brant Basics Peterborugh
rodney2008 July 4, 2011
I had a few ideas to say Brant office sucks when I see there trucks going by my place and down streets but I never have cause I been clean from law for almost 11 yrs if I did this does anyone know if U can be charged? thanks. read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
Brant Basics Peterborough
rodney2008 July 4, 2011
well I took a book back cause it ripped my pages on wire bound book and I did get the book from there I took my time finding receipt could not I think i recalled sending them to Trustee. Anyhow I got a truss pass notice from them and email. I hate there staff except for one person there who drives there truck. Anyhow i got credit with other office people and the stuff i got from my credit office are way better and staff are polite as well. Brant staff were rudse to me a few times. I dont care if this is slander or slauder. But I tell were it comes from and how I feel about them. read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
SEARS Nelson, BC
Tyhlor Kahret July 4, 2011
Sears store in Nelson has a very poor customer service. The owner and the staff do not have a helpful attitude. It is more like "whatever, I do not care". We asked the owner of the store (manager) for an advertised product to be ordered (as they didn't have it in store) and he said he will place the order tomorrow, a s he is too busy that day. We assumed that this means that we will get the advertised in the flyer price, but we will wrong. Next day, the owner said that the price is higher as the sale is over. It was very suprising... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
People's Jewlers
BenjaminTLawson July 4, 2011
I bought a diamond heart necklace for my girlfriend for X mas 2010, then the chain broke in june 2011. I took it in and they sent it away to be fixed for $35 (I did not purchase the protection plan as I did not think that such an expensive necklace would break so soon). Upon getting it back, it broke again in the same place not a week later. When I took it back in they said that it was a new break and that the chain was cheap. Admitting they sell a cheap chain? Come on! They offered to sell me a protection plan at full price so that "she... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
Natural Gas Home Retailer
JamesRSmith July 4, 2011
Hello, htis complaint is to let others that deal with this firm does business. The business contract requires that both parties must benefit from the contract, both parties have responsibilities to uphold and maintain. I have tries to cancell this service contract with them becuase the alleged savings were never delivered. The first cheque mailed to their PO Box never arrived and now the second cheque never arrived? I find this odd as I have never had a problem with Canada Post and missing mail. I called the firm and it appears that the... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
sammomann55 July 4, 2011
freebies offered free candy sample, wanted all info, then passed me on to another offer which I submitted as it was free with participation but no mention of a bill which was added onto a cell pjone and i could not reach them to reject offer. fraudulent read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Canada
Jewish General Hospital
justangry July 3, 2011
My grandmother passed away a week ago in JGH. Following unprofessional approach at the Urology-Oncology by the nurse Joanna Zepeda who did not bother to verify whether there is an infection present prior to administering chemotherapy ( the source of infection, i.e. swallen, red feet was more than visible, but we don't care right?), she developped sepsis and then massive heart attack. Most probably she will not survive anyways being admitted to another hospital, however, her last three days and our last moments with her were filled... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
Ty De Ciccio July 3, 2011
This guys are a joke . I ordered 6jerseys on Dec 2, 2010, but I only received 1 jersey, even incorrect, not any of the 6 jerseys I ordered. I contacted them, gave them all the proof they wanted to confirm their error. They are not willing to refund or replace the jerseys I didn't receive. They keep on saying they're going to refund me and it's been 2 months. Not going to happen. Stay away!!! Don't buy jerseys from c2cjerseys.com!!! read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
Wendy's Frostys
bcgirlcanada July 2, 2011
Just spoke to a Wendy's Canada employee on the telephone after I submitted a complaint through their website. In Canada, they have dropped the sizes of the Frostys, yet kept the prices the same. Effectively, the bottom line is that this move by Wendy's is a price increase. I don't know if this has happened in the USA. The medium sized ones were 16 oz and now they are 12 oz. Same price of $1.89. I'll never buy Frostys again. A carton of ice cream from the grocery store will do. What a rip off! read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Canada
costco.com online escrow services
Tell Alice July 2, 2011
The seller of the sewing machine I agreed to buy after seeing it online went through costco.com online services for the transaction. I had several inquiries prior to transferring the agreed upon price of $1200, which were answered immediately by the Costco customer support representative. I have an invoice and tracking number. After transmitting the money via a Western Union money transfer and sending confirmation of payment to Costco, I have not heard a word. I sent numerous emails both to Costco.com and the original seller. No response ha... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Canada
red lobster restaurants
pstpierre1@shaw.ca July 2, 2011
Whether this is some drug trade trick I do not know but I a sick and tired of watching milllions of dollars worth of advertising being spent for restaurants which do not exist--the red lobster restaurants. None exist in this part of the world and only one or two others in the rest of CAnada or Washington state. There is one, one only LA. So why the relentless barrage of very expensive TV ads here? (If it helps your investigation "REd Lobster Restaurants" apparently do not sell lobsters) pstpierre1@shaw.ca read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Canada
panada sucurity
Wade S July 2, 2011
I was charged $89.98 I have used panada in the past aand renewed in 2010. But never renewed in 2011 since then i have bought a new computer may 20 2011 and never installed panada on new system. I was charged on my credit card on june 24 2011. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Canada
Sublime Mousse
nothappy_1 July 2, 2011
I bought 4 boxes of the L'Oreal Sublime Mousse, as I was really excited about this new product - Being able to do my on hair. So my sister and I decided to use this product. I went searching at Shoppers and found Sublime Mousse - PURE BLACK. So when you heard pure black, it would be safe to assume that when we did our hair it would be pre black...ummm nope. It turned brown, so now we have black hair, with brown roots...yukk...FOUR BOXES...ughhh so pissed off. I didn't have the receipt to return the other two boxes. It's safe to... read full review »
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