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Kayla D Rosenborg
spaceman July 6, 2011
I was scammed yesterday. I saw an advert in junkmail to adopt Bulldog Puppies from a lady, Kayla D Rosenborg. According to her she register and left the puppy (name of puppy, Aurora) at Pet Movers Delivery Company in Cameroon. The Company phoned me from this nr. +23777622669 and told me to pay R1000 for delivery costs and registration costs. The wanted me to pay by money order or Western Union Bank. Things didn't work out and I couldn't do it so they gave me an FNB account to deposit the money. I did a electronic transfer to the... read full review »
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gritty July 6, 2011
Hi guys am in need of some help really quickly, will try to keep it short and sweet: I enquired about 2 boxer puppies from a site called wellbrepets. Got an email back saying that the puppies didnt live in my country anymore (Germany) that they had re-located to Spain, they reassured me it was not a scam (to my wonder). The replies came from a gmail account. They took boxer pups to a couriers called there phone number if registered as Kenya, The couriers have emailed me loads saying that the pups are... read full review »
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national mobile
dinesh srivastav July 5, 2011
ser-------mera birth place galat tha jo ke mainay aapkay office may complain kiya ----aur mainay lal kitab ko aapkay office kay addrse per post kar diya ser ek mahena lagbhag hota ja raha abhe tak kitab wapas nahe mila pleese ser mere madat karey read full review »
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Jakonea July 4, 2011
I ordered a dfess for my sons wedding this past February from this site by using their custom measurements. After wautung 3-4 weeks I finally received the dress. It was completely wrong. It was like they took all of my measirements, mixed them up, and made the dress. Oh, and btw, the dress came from CHINA!!! I emailed them immediately about the misfit of the dress and told me No Returns on custom measurements. Through sveral emails and photos showing the actual measurements of the dress they sent, I was able to get a refund of the purchase... read full review »
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Liber July 4, 2011
On 6-2-11 I ordered a unfinished wooden saddle stand for a pony saddle as a gift. I am still waiting. The money for my purchase came out of my account on 6-3-11, and was informed thru email my purchase had been shipped and was even given a shipping confirmation #. Their or a phone # was on the website. I called and also emailed a total of 5 times to have them track the shipment with no response, this was a week ago. Stay away from this website if you are a horse lover. read full review »
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ss services
Johnny6969 July 4, 2011
CHRISTINEs HILES and STEVEN SOWARDs HAVE BEEN HARASSING MY GOOD FRIENDS ELDERLY PARENTS FOR DRUG MONEY! contact the police via crime stoppers if you notice the dangerous people below lurking in your area. read full review »
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Dating website
Sara Lily July 4, 2011
I was in a dating website, after few communication with this person who call himself as James Brown and he say he is sending me a engagement diamond ring, a diamond ear ring, 6, 500 pound and a gucci bag through Dynamex Courier, via malaysai and he give me all the tracking information, this morning I received a call from Malaysia asking me to pay 1070 usd via western union bank. I attached below of the scammer... I thank God those who encounter same situation that take time to warn other women who also in the victim of the scammer. I have the... read full review »
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Swamp people
A Makseyn July 3, 2011
Who decided to put a show consisting of massacring alligators on a wonderful channel such as the History channel. Are there that many people who are in to butchering live animals that you had to ruin such a one of a kind informative program so they can all comment on the amount of blood that comes pouring out of the poor thing. I'm disgusted, disturbed, disappointed and pissed. What a waste and it doesn't deserve a slot on that channel. read full review »
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Mgucci Limo
mrappo22 July 3, 2011
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I was a very proactive bride while using this company for my wedding. I contacted them several times before the big day. I sent them the iteneray, and made it clear that I needed them there at 4 to pick up the groom and groomsmen. WELL, I got a phone call at 2, saying they had "a breakdown" and were absolutely unable to send me the Escalade in which I already paid for. They told me they would call me back in 5 minutes, and AN HOUR later I finally get them back on the phone, and he tells me, everything... read full review »
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Sweet Dreams
Brassok July 3, 2011
I would just like to let it be known to potential clients of Anastasia Stevenson and Sweet Dreams Weddings to beware that she is completely unprofessional and unprepared when it comes to planning and executing 'dream weddings'. She portrays herself as a professional wedding planner on her website with a professional staff. Her 'staff' appears to be her family members, several of which are teenagers who are rude and unhelpful. The ceremony was a disaster with little preparation and... read full review »
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Youngs animal hospital
nodisplay July 3, 2011
First and foremost know that your Pets will be seen by someone working on commission...personally I don't think this makes for a good honest relationship when you wonder do I/my pet really need this test or proceedure. YES...pets in pain have walked out the door to go home to die because the owner didn't have the REQUIRED funds, there are few options for pet owners and Camille Young doesn't care! It's not about the pet it's about money! If you question them you get a huge attitude. THERE IS NO NOGOTIATIONS even for... read full review »
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Horriable mother
nottootickledpink July 2, 2011
So I have been living with my boyfriend's mom for over a year. I have paid her rent which I have always paid on time. I split the food, clean the bathroom, and the dishes. Which no one else does. Everything that has gone wrong in the house has been blamed on me. She gave me a 30day notice over the phone. not even over the phone over a voice mail while I was at work. She has told me she resents me for starting a business. Even goes so far to give me permission to do laundry at the house which i have done for over a year with her sons and... read full review »
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victim of scame July 2, 2011
attach is the photo of the man who is saying that they are stocked in malaysian immigration in kuala lumpur international airport and asking their fiancee whom they met thru online to bail them out for $2800.00 be aware if so happen that you encounter this people... you can meet this people ONLINE another number and person owns this number; +60103214832 ; jackson +60142398958; and one filipina name EMILIE they said if they will not send money to bail them out, they will post the sex video of their fiancee to all you tubes... if happen that you meet this people, report to the British Embassy or to the INTERPOL read full review »
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Sargaents Gold
duffsherrie July 2, 2011
My lab is about 70 pounds and very healthy. After using the Sargaents Gold "new formula"??? flea and tick treatment on her she became very aggitated, constantly running with her hind quarters down and trying to bite. This dog is the most passive dog in the world and after talking with my son he told me to keep washing her with mild soap and lots of water. After doing this 5 times she is finally a little better but still not 100%. I will never use this product again and encourage others to beware of this product. I guess we cannot... read full review »
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Lost Angels Animal Rescue
Annonomoustoo July 2, 2011
On or about April 2010, a white pitbull was left abandoned at a house. A note was left, it was untouched(as were the dogs food/water bowls)for 3+ days. This "rescue" claimed they were handling the dog, they have allowed her to be bred over and over with "foster dogs". They have adopted out litter after litter of her puppies. The "rescue" rep, lives in the middle of a known dog fighting area. When asked why the dog wasn't spayed, she relied they had no money. They are always doing fundraisers, getting all the small... read full review »
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Debonair Dogos
Kathy Christ July 2, 2011
Debonair Dogos PUPPY MILL ALERT! Carla of Debonair Dogos in San Diego, CA is running a huge Dogo Argentino puppy mill! Please do NOT buy a puppy from this Debonair Dogo dog breed. We run a pit bull & Dogo Argentino dog rescue and our rescue is full of Debonair Dogos. We get dogos poorly bred by Debonair Dogos in constantly. Carla at Debonair Dogos has new dogo litters on the ground every month. This is NOT responsible dog breeding, it is breeding for the evil green stuff only. Carla does not breed for puppy's to keep for her self. She... read full review »
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bambeeach July 2, 2011
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States's DVM Mary Gardner is working with Purebredbreeders king of Puppymills
bambeeach July 2, 2011 is run by DVM Mary Gardner who works for which defrauds customers into thinking they are getting a home raised puppy. In actuality Mary Gardner makes a buck signing off that the dogs have been triple checked when they have never been seen more than once and then she takes Jason Halbergs money and uses it to compassionately put your pet to sleep. Get out of here. I wouldnt let Mary Gardner near my hamster! These people should be ashamed of them self. Spread the word. Mary Gardner works with the... read full review »
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Banfield Pet Hospital West Plano Tx.
vanhess July 1, 2011
I was told to call and make an appointment at this banfield because they do international health certificates when you travel with your pet so I called and asked when I should make an appointment if we are going to be traveling in August. The women on the phone told me I should make my appointment for as soon as possible. So I made an appointment. They called the day before to confirm and I asked if they could find out if the certificate would expire. The women on the phone has no clue and said she would ask the doctor but he was busy. I asked... read full review »
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Sargeant / Squeeze-on flea product
HATSHE July 1, 2011
On Sunday, June 26, 2011, put Sargeant's squeeze on product on my border collie mix (around 1-year old) and within 12-hours, he was lethargic, vomiting, glazed look in eyes, no strength, and no appetite. Monday, June 27, 2011, Monday morning, I took him out to do his business. Fifteen minutes later, he came back in. He didn't eat his food or drink his water. Monday afternoon, still not eating or drinking. On Tuesday evening, June 28, 2011, we went to the Vet. He was given an antibiotic and 7 pills to take daily for the next week. The... read full review »
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Sexual harrassment
pradeepdasprabhu July 1, 2011
Hi, There is indecent / sexual harrassment comments being posted in this website on 30th June 2011 by a person named moo21. The lady on whom the comment is posted is my Wife. Since there is no information on the moderator contact details. I am trying to find a way to have the derogatory comments removed. Hence requesting people to help me out on this. thanks Pradeep Das read full review »
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A-line Chiffon Sage Short Bridesmaid Dresses
sarahappy July 1, 2011
If you want to save money and want a copy of a designer dress, which is made-to-measure i would highly recommend buying from I am being bridesmaid on my sister's wedding this July and have ordered my perfect dress from carinadress, their service has been wonderful! The dress is I'm waiting my dress, so excited. read full review »
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Elke Rosthal Wedding Photography
K. S. July 1, 2011
Our wedding photographer, Elke Rosthal, cheated us out of our $1700 wedding album, and did not honor our signed agreement. This is after avoiding us for a year following our wedding, then lying to us about the status of our album for another 9 months. This has been a horrible & frustrating experience, and now we want make sure others know this before hiring Elk Productions, Inc. Our wedding was in the summer of 2008, in New York City. We paid Elke over $3500 to be our photographer, which included $1700 for our wedding album. Elke took... read full review »
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Kathy Hunter
KarmaRising June 30, 2011
I recently purchased a bengal kitten from Kathy Hunter. Before doing so I expressed my concerns about all the complaints about her business found here and on other places in the internet. She reassured me time and time again that these complaints were false and made by other jealous breeders. Well the the kitten finally arrived- with tape worms and diarreah. The kitten was also very dehydrated upon arrival. When I took the cat to the vet, she detected a significant hear murmur. So I called Kathy to tell her of this and she immediatly became... read full review »
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Everpet Basics (dollar general brand) Dog food
bamababy June 30, 2011
We recently purchased the Everpet brand dogfood for our dog, who up to that point was happy and healthy. We began to feed it to our dog and within just a few days he began to get very sick. He got so sick that the following morning when we woke up we found him dead with several spots of blood, as well as him bleeding from his mouth. The vet said, without doing expensive test to be fore sure, that bleeding from the mouth is typically caused by either an organ shutdown or by poisoning, but that she would lean towards poisoning seeing how the dog... read full review »
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Global Humanitarian Organization
solidworker June 30, 2011
Nice to receive your mail and its contents, meanwhile you see, there is no problem about that ok, i am also trying to invite you to participate and accompany me to attend this our forth coming conference, since all the expenses is free as i have told you, no one will ever demand any money from you concerning any thing on your traveling documents, both your entry visa and as well as that of MALAYSIA, the flight tickets, the feedings as well and even your hotel accommodation here only as where the first conference will take place, just because... read full review »
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Cupid PLC
Sonu Vishvakarma June 30, 2011
Hi, I subscribed for the cupid online dating for the trial pack but I did not like it so unsubscribed the service the same day. Inspite of this they have charged my card on 30 jun 2011. Even after the deactivation of subscription, I was not able to use the service. Sonu Vishvakarma Mob:+91-8010909293 Email: read full review »
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Top Tails Pet Sitting
DavidR21 June 29, 2011
We contracted Top Tails to watch over our house and dogs over Father's Day weekend. We went over the dogs schedule, food, and medication when the owner, Tanya Grant, and an associate visited our home. We immediately felt comfortable with all of the diligence to understand our home and routine. Little did we know we were just being sized up for a scam. Ms. Grant arrived two hours late for the service and stayed only 30 minutes before leaving again for over 8 hours (we paid for the 24 hour service, 3 days, 72 hours in total). When she... read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States
Sandra Oldfield June 29, 2011
Oct. 09, I had lung surgery, with left lung full of blood, leaking over into right lobe... was sick for nearly a year.. so I knew I needed help with my dog kennel, and began to hunt placements with fair compensation, but without a great amt for them... i contacted Jock and Vicki Dean, Oneonta, Al... i email where he returns email stating if i will give him my dogs he will pay me monetary value of one puppy per breeding... so as sick as i was in July 2010, heat index was over 100 in Al i couldn't stand on back porch i was so sick... Had... read full review »
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Pet transport services
jackieduggins June 29, 2011
I paid $2500.00 to this airport to get a dog shipped to me $100.00 was for airfare then they said it needed a ventilated crate $400.00 then they said they did not receive the money so I had to sent another $400.00 then they said that it was in paris and it needed insurance and that was $1, 600.00. Then finally they said that it was in atlanta and they wanted $4, 600.00 I said no way read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Cameroon dog breeder
marysanantone June 29, 2011
my complaint is: i was under the impression i was buying a 2 lbs. morkie, still have all my emails!!! & she demanded 1000.0 for breeding rights w/papers, after she took my extra 1000.0 in addition to my 1st. 1000.0 she said he does not come w/papers when the deal was final. & he apparently has a problem performing as well, as he has an organ defect (it cant come out)! these were photos when he was younger, mary read full review »
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Puppymillhater June 29, 2011 AKA Martina Rivera is a puppy mill breeder/broker selling sick dying dogs selling sick and dying english bulldog puppies 10th of Jun, 2011 by buyerbeware I bought an english bulldog puppy from MARTINA RIVERA at ISMAXBULLDOGS.COM in Los Angeles County in the city of Wildomar, CA. Her phone numbers are: (951) 515-6682 and (951) 310-0308 Her address where she does her swindling people/ backyard breeding/ puppy milling is 33549 Almond St. Wildomar, CA. 92595 She is a puppy broker/breeder and sell... read full review »
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Venture Farm, Pownal Maine
Vagas123 June 29, 2011
Don't be fooled by this barns gorgeous facilities and surrounding land the atmosphere here is pure hell. The owner is absolutely crazy making adults and kids alike cry weekly. She will scream her brains out at you thinking that that is an effecting training tool. However her treatment of her clients is not what is do horrible. She is abusive to her gorses as well as her clients horses. Her training method is so 'hard ball' that if o had the chance I would call the animal police in a second and have her loose her farm. It consist... read full review »
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sergeants gold squeeze for cats &kittens over 5 lbs.
kim norzagaray June 28, 2011
I bought sergeants gold squeeze for cats and kittens over 5 lbs. I used it properly and within minutes my cats reacted in a way that scared me so much that I stayed up with them practically all night. They had what seemed like nerve damage to their rear quarters. They began to breath very heavily and just act strange in general. Example, laying lethargically in places they never go to and seemed to be very sickly. I cannot believe that Sergeants can continue to sell this dangerous product. Please contact the stores you purchase this product from and warn them as to what this can do to your animal. read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States
Dr. Mary Gardner
Carmen62 June 28, 2011
Dr. Mary Gardner is a licensed veterinarian that is supporting puppy mills. She works for Purebred Breeders who is the largest puppy mill broker in the United States. read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States
Peridress Wedding Dress
sylvia rahn June 28, 2011
Also known as perimart also as well as peridress. Ordered wedding dress Apr 19/2011 was to receive the dress on June 6/2011. Did not receive dress till June 15/2011. My wedding date was June 18/2011. I think this company is a total scam. Crinolin very poor quality and ripped, inside lining area approx 14in long not sewn, left arm tighter than the right arm, it cut into my armpit, beads not sewn on properly ready to fall off, upper body lace does not lay flat on chest and sticks out and looks ridiculous, not enought embelishments on lace skirt... read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: China
Beach Buddies Animal Hospital
Verydan June 28, 2011
Is doctor Matt Hamilton a sociopath? Here's my story, you be the judge… I first met him when I took my cat to Newkirk Family veterinarians who he worked for, my wife who takes care of my cat and loves my cat very much became very attached to him because of his charming and friendly personality. She had complete confidence in him as the cats doctor. When Dr Matt Hamilton started his own Animal Hospital, Beach Buddies in Marmora Nj she followed him and told every pet owner she knows how good she thought he was. For... read full review »
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Pawish Pet Resort
REESEANATOR June 28, 2011
I boarded my dog at Pawish Pet Resort from 5/12/11 thru 5/15/11 and when I picked him up and took him home, I noticed that he had ticks on him. Over the next several days, I started noticing more at which time I called Pawish Pets to inform them of this and all they told me was that they were sorry. They stated that they realized that they had a problem in their common grounds area outside but it has now been handled. I told them that they should have informed me of the ticks on my dog so I could have taken corrective action in order to keep... read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States
Jackie nelson June 28, 2011
I called this company to ask about pricing, a guy picks up the phone and quoted me. I tell him, I will get back with him and he was extremely rude and said "bull shit " his exact words to me. This was extremely rude and I hope you do not purchase from this company. The worst customer service ever. I will be reporting them to everyone. read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: United States
sadu baba bager nath ji
sadu baba bagerr nath ji June 28, 2011
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Canada


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