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nottootickledpink July 2, 2011
So I have been living with my boyfriend's mom for over a year. I have paid her rent which I have always paid on time. I split the food, clean the bathroom, and the dishes. Which no one else does. Everything that has gone wrong in the house has been blamed on me. She gave me a 30day notice over the phone. not even over the phone over a voice mail while I was at work. She has told me she resents me for starting a business. Even goes so far to give me permission to do laundry at the house which i have done for over a year with her sons and mine together and now i need permission but she clearly says "Oh i remember I told you could... but you still need to ask not just assume you can" This woman is a cold heart self bitch, that has nagged yelled and screamed at me, over every little thing .. and has pushed her self inbetween me and my man.. i just had to say EFFFFF HER and remember LADY... KARAMA!

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