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Category: Family & Pets

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Florida, United States

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Carmen62 June 28, 2011
Shame On You!
Dr. Mary Gardner, who works for Purebred Breeders, should have her vet license revoked. How do you sleep at night? Knowing you work for a company that scams the public and sells sick puppies...
Carmen62 June 28, 2011
Puppy Mill Vet
Dear Dr. Gardner, I thought that vets went to school because they want to help animals. Instead you disgrace your profession by supporting puppy mills at the expense of the public. Why would you work for a puppy broker like Purebred Breeders?
Carmen62 June 28, 2011
Supports Puppy Mills
Dr. Mary Gardner is a licensed veterinarian that is supporting puppy mills. She works for Purebred Breeders who is the largest puppy mill broker in the United States.

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