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Everpet Basics (dollar general brand) Dog food Reviews

bamababy June 30, 2011
death of pet due to food
We recently purchased the Everpet brand dogfood for our dog, who up to that point was happy and healthy. We began to feed it to our dog and within just a few days he began to get very sick. He got so sick that the following morning when we woke up we found him dead with several spots of blood, as well as him bleeding from his mouth. The vet said, without doing expensive test to be fore sure, that bleeding from the mouth is typically caused by either an organ shutdown or by poisoning, but that she would lean towards poisoning seeing how the dog was healthy. We are currently in the process of having the food tested but are also contacting the company for some results in releaving the situation. It looks like their food is poisoning ALOT of people's pets and something needs to be done about it.

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