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Maine, United States

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Vagas123 June 29, 2011
Verbal and animal abuse
Don't be fooled by this barns gorgeous facilities and surrounding land the atmosphere here is pure hell. The owner is absolutely crazy making adults and kids alike cry weekly. She will scream her brains out at you thinking that that is an effecting training tool. However her treatment of her clients is not what is do horrible. She is abusive to her gorses as well as her clients horses. Her training method is so 'hard ball' that if o had the chance I would call the animal police in a second and have her loose her farm. It consist of a 'light' horse in hand which is attained through hard jerks on the mouth and bit the second he were to get heavy, my horse came out of a ride with her with bloody gums and lips. Another boarders horse having welt marks from where she kicked his sides so hard and beat him with avdressage whip. Then she would acuse her clients of being abusive if we got left behind at a jump or didn't go out to the barn often enough. She somehow always knew when you were there as if she spied on the facilities constantly. I am shameful of allowing it to have gone on for as long as I did but know I am smarter and want to warn every single person on earth to stay away from thus hole and crazy trainer.

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