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Puppymillhater June 29, 2011
Buyer Beware! AKA Martina Rivera is a puppy mill breeder/broker selling sick dying dogs

selling sick and dying english bulldog puppies

10th of Jun, 2011 by buyerbeware

I bought an english bulldog puppy from MARTINA RIVERA at ISMAXBULLDOGS.COM in Los Angeles County in the city of Wildomar, CA.

Her phone numbers are: (951) 515-6682 and (951) 310-0308

Her address where she does her swindling people/ backyard breeding/ puppy milling is 33549 Almond St. Wildomar, CA. 92595

She is a puppy broker/breeder and sells unhealthy pups to unsuspecting victims. Buyers Beware!

This woman MUST BE STOPPED! I was ripped off by this disreputable "breeder" who sold me a dying dog.

My family is heartbroken and this poor innocent puppy is suffering needlessly due to a heartless woman with no regard for the welfare of the animals in her care:. I have spent close to $4500/. already on this puppy with no end in sight;. He now requires a $4000'. surgical procedure|. ismaxbulldogs".com will not obey the CA Puppy Lemon Law and take responsibility for selling me a dying dog?. Don't let this happen to anyone else, help me stop her!

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