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1795 Cheney Highway (St. Rd 50), Titusville, Florida, United States

Phone number: 321-267-3841

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nodisplay July 3, 2011
all about money
First and foremost know that your Pets will be seen by someone working on commission...personally I don't think this makes for a good honest relationship when you wonder do I/my pet really need this test or proceedure. YES...pets in pain have walked out the door to go home to die because the owner didn't have the REQUIRED funds, there are few options for pet owners and Camille Young doesn't care! It's not about the pet it's about money! If you question them you get a huge attitude. THERE IS NO NOGOTIATIONS even for long time or senior clients! They lead you to the door dying patient and all. There (NEW) computer system is a huge draw back when it comes to customer service, it's an abortion. This is not a hospital it is an over grown clinic, if you come in with an emergency expect to wait forever and pay dearly for the priviledge to wait, I waited 3 hours one day. She caters to your vanity, offers free coffee in the waiting area as well as TV, she recently had all the rooms redone with high end furnishings and exam tables that are useless, they fall over so now you have to hold your pet in your lap for the exam. You have to count your medications if you pay for 10 pills you may really find when you get home you have only 7! This has happened to me a few times. I finally started demanding written prescriptions to take to the pharmacy across the street. All the flea treatments can be found any where cheaper even Ace hardware is cheaper than her, including any scripts any pharmacy is cheaper even for name brand and she only offers cheap knock-offs (scarry). The place is noisy, vacuums constantly going on, slamming doors, loud laughing in the halls, not good when dealing with scared pets not to mention the owners nerves. Mail you will get a huge amount of e-mail, snail mail and phone calls all trying to sell you something...UGGGG! The Doctors are on a timer, when you come in the timer is set, when you get to a room it is placed on your exam room, time is money but my pet and the amount you pay deserves a fair shake, I paid for an appointment a fair appointment. They don't take money off if you wait an hour or more for your scheduled appointment, your time means nothing to them only theres is important. If you ask for an estimate, that's not what you will pay, it is always more when you go to check-out, I asked for an estimate to get my pet fixed a normal and everyday proceedure, you would think they would have those charges down? I ended up paying $40.00 more (they forgot something?) I didn't think this was my fault since I asked for the estimate but they wouldn't budge. Cats and dogs are not kept separate in the waiting area, so just know any pit bull with a stupid owner who lets the 5 year old hold the leash just might use fluffy as it's personal toy, no the desk won't say anything, you have to defend your own pet. You wouldn't want to offend the idiot, it's lost revenue then if they leave. It's a law suite if Fluffy gets ragg doll shaken, doesn't it now constitute an emergency that Fluff's owner has to bear? MORE MONEY! There are cameras every where even in the exam rooms and peep holes in the doors to keep an eye on you at all times. If you call you have to negoitiate the phone system, press 5 for a person, it will ring forever then you will be promptly be put on hold before you can say a word, I wait 5 minutes then call back, but I have waited as long as 17 1/2 minutes on hold for someone to get back to me, I have a timer on my phone. The front desk is terribly under staffed it takes forever to check out. The last straw for me was when I came in for my appoinment waited 45 minutes in the exam room and over heard a conversation between a person and Camille Young outside the door about how she just got a great deal on a house by paying $300, 000.00 cash so she had enough money to by her dream car for $70, 000.00!! Ok, I am done...I am not paying for her house I have my own to pay for!! How tacky can you get?

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