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History Channel - agenda
zerosix June 16, 2011
History Channel is beyond doubt history at best with modern gadgets… Bunch of rednecks shooting alligators with night scopes… Neanderthals riding 18-wheeler over the ice in Alaska… For break Nostradamus tells you that Armageddon is around the corner… read full review »
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Jumping Jackolantren June 16, 2011
I ordered 08/02/10 08/02/10 BBV*HOTBOOKSALE.COM 888-646-1662 FL $39.01 Merchandise Have progressing MS and haven't been able to figure out why I couldn't pay our bills... that I have overpaid $220.45! I have been too sick to figure it out. I want a FULL REFUND of $220.45. PLUS INTEREST They will only refund me $39 and cancel whatever club they are charging me for and think that is enough. PLEASE HELP. THANKS. read full review »
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dishtv.card No.01508631282.
urwash June 16, 2011
problem after my recharging on phone call it is services is on, but no chanel is coming on tv.what is this? tall me on mob.9630237707 or e-mail me.on [email protected]. or i have to go to con.cort. i will not le you till sup.cort ... IPS OFFE RADHA INDIA. read full review »
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playstaion store
lasthatchet June 16, 2011
i was on PS and i went on the welcome back pack on the store because you got a free game to say sorry for the network being down due to being hacked.and when i went on the pack i had a choose of games but i went back to see what else there was and the welcome pack was free games was gone and now i haven't got a free game i think that's unfare. read full review »
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us hoildings magazines
f.mayton June 16, 2011
They were suppose to pay magazine companies off for me I paid them well over $1500.00 it's been paid off sent September. They promised to pay these companies off they have not .They sent me prof of every time they took money out of my account the man name on the top of these pages is David Thompson . It also has the dates of each time they took my money. I've tried to get in touch with them but they will not return my calls . Their phone number is 1-800-985-8377 also their fax number is 1-917-677-8207 I hope you can help. thank you very much. My email address is [email protected] I do not have a code read full review »
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Major DVD sales sites
NeverGiveUp June 16, 2011
A major scam is going on, with 10+ DVD sales sites selling DVDs with popular series recorded from cable TV. The series are sold as legal even though they'll be illegal in 90% of the world. However, the worst part might even be that people who buy these series in good faith soon find out what trouble they are in: They receive is useless and almost random recordings in bad quality, extra money are drawn from their credit cards and when complaining one is met with stalling until the credit card company can no longer withdraw the money... read full review »
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Panasonic and Best Buy
Marysgate June 16, 2011
We bought a 50 inch 3D TV and blue ray player in Feb. We paid almost $4, 000.00 by the time we got everything we needed. We had to have the Geek Squad come and hook up the networking and everything that we didn't know how to do. They replaced our router and I thought everything was fine, but ever since this was done when I am on my computer and the phone rings it cuts me offline. That's why I got DSL, so I wouldn't have to deal with that, so I am paying more for DSL and still get cut off like on dial up and it's extremely... read full review »
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sandip sarkar June 16, 2011
I bought a 3D LG LED 47 inch last month and it stopped working just after 10 min of delivery. Then I called up the call center and after providing them all my details, they finally logged my call. Then after 2-3 days one person came to see the problem and reported back the defect. TV was replaced after 2-3 more days. TV is now working fine however the service i got from LG was not up to the mark at all. LG sells high end television however they don't have any person to provide you the demo of the advance version of the TV. They claim so... read full review »
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kikikins008 June 15, 2011
On 2/2/2011 I purchased a renewal subscription to Popular Woodworking on as a gift. I had used this website once before for myself for a new subscription, and had no worries. I used a PayPal account to pay, feeling this is safer than giving a website that's somewhat new to me my CC number. The company informs you in both your order confirmation and the FAQ section of their site that the company standard is to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. And, in this case, it was a renewal - so I knew it would be even longer... read full review »
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barnes and noble, nook
Jo Glaser, Ph.D. June 15, 2011
More than 2 weeks ago, the manager of customer service stated that she would refer my complaint to a higher authority and that I WOULD GET A RETURN CALL. To date, no return call has come to me. When attempting to order two books for my NOOK; the order wad declined and I was asked to call a number which I did immediately. I WAS ROUTED TO THE FRAUD DIVISION. In October of 2010, I challenged a charge on my credit card. It was resolved (I thought). Now, BN says that I must change charge cards on my account to be able to use the NOOK account... read full review »
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McCormick & Schmick's
E & K Peterson June 15, 2011
I purchased a gift card on a Saturday (June 10, 2011) for $50.00 but to my dismay I see I was charged an extra $7.50 on my checking account statement for "coverage in case there's not enough money in your account" or something like that. The following work day (Monday) I went to the restaurant and showed him my customer receipt for the $50.00 and a copy of my checking account statment showing the $57.50 which was put under "pending transactions". The manager ... Daniel ... told me they do this all the time. He said it... read full review »
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Bookmasters DBA Atlas
nortonbaily June 15, 2011
Once you sign a contract with Bookmasters they won't let you cancel the contract even though there is a 30 day clause. I have tried 2 times to cancel the contract, 1st by e-mail and 2nd by mail and they continue to bill me monthly and threaten me with a collection agency if I don't pay. It's a nightmare that doesn't go away. They never distributed 1 book that I know of, I told them to throw the stock away and they continue to bill be to warehouse the books and an administative fee. I don't know what it will take to end... read full review »
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Norton Anti Virus Product
eddie1938 June 15, 2011
I sold My personal computer a few years back, Norton Kept on billing my credit card every year even though I never agree to automatic renewal. They said they were doing me a favor by renewing me automatically without my consent. I spent Several hours trying to reach them by phone and they refunded half what they owed me. I'm shocked a reputable company such as norton would do such shady business practices. If there's any norton employees out there who care about the integrity of there company please help me get a complete refund(my reference #505-412-851) my email is [email protected] read full review »
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best gas ranges drop in gas range 24 inch gas range
suaoz June 15, 2011
best gas ranges for the best prices while also drop in gas range for a quality 24 inch gas range purchase with all benefits read full review »
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Shree Sanjay Software Services (SSSS)
BrentT June 15, 2011
This person Sanjay Sharma is fraud person. He has fake identity. He has fake driving license, fake certificates, fake work experience. Sanjay is originated from Jaipur. His other locations are Mumbai and Pune. Sanjay Sharma has done not only done fraud in his companies he has also given false commitment to his clients and employees. Please no-one trust this fraud Sanjay Sharma. Please donot do any business with this fraud Sanjay Sharma. read full review »
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toshi555 June 14, 2011 is a B2C website for you to buy cheap air max 2011 new released air max 2009 shoes, cheap nike air max 2010 shoes, adidas, puma, converse shoes, sunglasses, t-shirts, handbags with low price, free shipment and pay by Paypal read full review »
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BidDefender Antivirus 2011
Dorbel June 14, 2011
Utterly worthless product. Bugs, nothing works, crashes itself or windows altogether, false positives, false negatives, no user control over what it does, horrible user interface, CPU HOG, non-existent "Help" system - nothing in it, Horrible user interface, zero usability, no log info about what it has done, No info about suspected threats it finds. ZERO SUPPORT !!! I have written over 20 requests for tech support -- never received a single response from them. I want to hear about any class action lawsuit against thi... read full review »
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new magazine city
nomorelameexcuses June 14, 2011
I placed an order with them in Nov. 2010, still did not receive. Contacted online, and they responded with the mistake was theirs, the order didn't go through when they placed it. This time I called the number, waited and waited for an answer. Called back and got a message to leave a message, which I gave them the info and asked how long it would take again to get the magazine I ordered in Nov. I received a call this morning from someone there who identified herself as Ann Marie Ferris, (not sure of spelling). She was rude and snotty... read full review »
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Direct Mark-Subscrip - North Carolina
Ha Dinh June 14, 2011
I have never subscribe to this company. I want this unauthorized charge cancelled and any payment ($10.99) be refunded starting back in Oct. '11. read full review »
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America's Readers CHOICE or Canadian PeriodicalsCLUB
Ladylanz June 14, 2011
THis josh and Pablo travino keep on ignoring my calls they keep on hanging the phone when I tried to cancel my account with them... In the first place they called then I've fallen to their scam but as soon as I realize I tried to cancel that day may 20, 11 but they told me I cant cancel it... They also charge me a lot of times they offered me 11 or $12 dollars and they charge me 23.10 on my account. they even told me I have duplicate accounts but I only receive a letter from them with an order number for 1 account ... they told me i cant... read full review »
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La Romantica Durbanville
Chené Laubscher June 14, 2011
We went to La Romantica in Durbanville on friday 10 June 2011 for a special occation. we waited 10 Minutes for someone to take our drinks order. when my wine arrived it tasted like ice has melted in it, in fact it tasted like water. I ordered the seafood platter for one and there was sand in my mussels and 3 of my prawns were not devained. the deep fried tentacles were inedable and the rest of the seafood has absolutely no taste at all. I complained to the manager about the sand and vains but all she said was that the mussles wasn't... read full review »
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Illinois consumer June 13, 2011
Similar to othr scams noted online, two young men came to my door soliciting for a "soccer championship" tournament they wanted to attend and selling magazines to fund it. At first they sounded legitimate, saying they were from the next neighborhood over. They stepped inside my door and next thing I knew, they were moving into the house to a table. The one young man spoke fast, and seemed to making up more and more lies as he went. He said his father was in Iraq, his mother had been in the military, he had trained at Camp Pendleton... read full review »
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Ronnie Kelly June 13, 2011
My husband has been receiving a bill for 917.24 for magazines he did not order!!! He tried to apply for an online loan and these people got his information, and now call him on a daily basis harassing him at work and at home, demanding payments. Come to find out they were taking money out of MY checking account!!! As soon as I saw this I reported them to the fraud department at my bank and was refunded all of the payments they had taken out, as they were not authorized. Now they are sending harassing mail to the house. The funny thing is when... read full review »
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Mcdonald's 06/13/11 3:00 p.m.
Weier June 13, 2011
There are too many young immature teens working in Mcdonald's. No one wants to move to take orders, the look of unhappiness upon the faces and not too mention rude and inexperience management skills. I drove to the drive through to get 3 vanilla milk shakes. I was told to drive up and someone would bring them out. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting on 3 Milk Shakes. I went inside and two employees are looking at the machine. No one tell me we are having trouble with it. I politely tell them I need to go and I ewant my money back. The... read full review »
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MyTwistedSister June 13, 2011
BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SPEND $99 This "company" has been very busy lately advertising its "Guide" about dealing with debt lawsuits on your own. As someone who has been dealing with a few of those suits myself I am familiar with the process of defending myself. I have to say that the Glowing Testamonials posted by DefendASummons about DefendASummons selling a Guide for $99 as the wonderful solution to all your problems a little suspicious. First of all you can get very good help at various websites for free from people... read full review »
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MovieWork Now Casting, Inc.
Valentina Bidot June 13, 2011
I filled out a brief application on Moviework Now Casting website and was contacted the next day, Wednesday, May 18th 2011. They wanted to schedule a casual interview with me on Thursday, May 19th at 10:00 AM. When I arrived at 9:50 AM, I waited for 45 minutes to be seen. Then, Barbara Capra greeted and directed me to her office. She didn’t interview me, or ask ANY questions. The entire objective for her was to push me into buying a package for either $150 or $350. I was shocked, surprised and speechless at what I just heard. I wa... read full review »
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sam driggers June 13, 2011
taking money out of acct. [email protected] read full review »
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Get Motivated
consumer52 June 13, 2011
Big name seminar company"Get Motivated" used the big draw names: Bill Cosby, General Colin Powell, Laura Busch, Rudy Giuliani and others to bait and switch a hard sell real estate investment course and a stock market course from TDAmeritrade. The event also was deliberately oversold and their were not enough seats! Big name speakers were great but the heavy bait and switch tactics to pack the house were below the standards of good business, ethical and fair trade practice. Shame on the Get motivated company! from their website... read full review »
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RAJIV JINDL June 13, 2011
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churches chicken
Rich18 June 13, 2011
I went thru the drive thru to order my food and asked for the 12 piece strip meal with three sides for 19.99 my sides were mashed patatoes coselaw and buscuits when i got to the window the worker asked me if i still wanted the corn with my mixed legs and thighs I told him that was the wrong order he had so I repeated the order again to him and he said realy rude next time explane your self better he gave me my order and when i checked it i got 8 pieces of strips and 2 cups of mashed patatoes and french fries and still charged me 21.39 for my... read full review »
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Zinc Bistro
Phoenix 911 June 12, 2011
Horrible service!!! . We have been to Zinc Bistro (Scottsdale Arizona), dozens of times, now. The food is nothing special, the location is good, but let me be 100% honest, the service is deplorable. The blonde manager is terrible. His attitude is the worst that I have EVER experienced. The servers are not good either... It’s not just a onetime deal, it’s every time! I am so fed up with their cavalier attitude, that I felt compelled to write a review. My advice is “skip it”. Go to a restaurant where they value you as a... read full review »
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microsoft 2010
Masoom Ranjan June 12, 2011
two days ago I purchased the microsoft 2010 but I received onley the activation key. The shope keppr says that you have to onley enter the activation key then your microsoft 2010 will get activated. But I can not activate the the microsoft as I can not find the place where it says tht inter the 25 digit activation key.My laptop has all reay the microsoft 2010. So when i try to open it it does not open it says purchase the microsoft 2010& other option says that activate the microsoft 2010. So I really dont understand what the matter. So can youb please suggest that how can I activat it on my laptop My mail id is [email protected] read full review »
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kings-isle-wizard-101-c278222.html - United States
lorraine small June 12, 2011
this company is taking money out of my account and cannot locate who they are to stop them i just want it to stop and now it is becomeing very annoying paying for something you have no idea what it is for read full review »
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MDUC Communications
Tammy Jo Oakley June 12, 2011
These stupid people took over the Satellite Provider for are apt complex from ATT, They were bad enough these people caused a overdraft and check return to my bank account and then would not return my calls, When finally I got spmeone actullay 2 people no one made me happy now I must pay to mail my DVR and Other Satellite box back to them this is the biggest JOKE ever people like this is why people are BROKE all the time just for some entertaiment at your own home. STILL PISSED...Tammy Jo Oakley read full review »
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Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre
Ahmad_G June 12, 2011
Royal Bakery - Springs Town Centre - Emirates Living- Dubai- United Arab Emirates when you go order a shawerma should be filled with meat! not pickels surrounded by bread! the money you spend there is going for nothing..they started well in that bakery and the quantities were statisfying, but they are ripping of the consumer!.. read full review »
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Times of India Hyderabad
ravirao2006 June 12, 2011
Times of India sales executive/Agent cheat customers I think the Times of India areas sales executive is playing hand in glove game with the local distributer to cheat the customers of Times of India. We should take up the matter with their top management as a group. I am facing the following problem with TOI and their agents. Times of India & Economic Times (group paper) print on the front page if these papers are bought together, the customer will get 30% discount. but the local distributer is denying this concession and demand... read full review »
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McDonalds Doonside
Kevin Butler June 12, 2011
After going grocery shopping i took the family through the Mc Donald's drive through to get something to eat i place my order and payed for it as soon as i reach the second window to receive my order they had told me to go to the waiting bay i was waiting there for 6 minutes when i got out of my car and walk in to see what was happening i spoke to the supervisor on duty and ask what was happening with my order then i received a response that the order is not ready yet where still waiting on the cheese burger's and we will bring it... read full review »
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ipod touch 4g
itunes June 11, 2011
When I downloaded Dodgeball the film it costed a staggering £6.99 now when it finally downloaded after about one hour I tried to watch it. It went well until the 15th minute where it buffered. I kept playing it over and over again and waited enough time for the buffering to sort itself out but it kept pausing in exactly the same spot. So it was a complete waist of money. read full review »
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XBOX 360 (settings not the console itself)
quatermass_pitt June 11, 2011
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savemart stores
Stephen R. Smith June 11, 2011
I cannot find a section on the save mart website in which I can enter my on line save mart board game entries. Thank you. read full review »
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