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NeverGiveUp June 16, 2011
A major scam is going on, with 10+ DVD sales sites selling DVDs with popular series recorded from cable TV. The series are sold as legal even though they'll be illegal in 90% of the world.

However, the worst part might even be that people who buy these series in good faith soon find out what trouble they are in: They receive is useless and almost random recordings in bad quality, extra money are drawn from their credit cards and when complaining one is met with stalling until the credit card company can no longer withdraw the money, then utter silence.

There are miles of information about these frauds on the net, but still people are being scammed on a daily basis and the governmental services are notoriously slow to react. Right now these pages are known to be scams with the same owner, with several other sites and owners pending:

SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->
SCAM! ->

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