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manish01 June 16, 2022
companies spend millions
Top 11 UK B2C Marketing data Companies: Ranking the Worst Consumer Privacy Infringers How much would you sell your private data to a company for? Would you take $100 to let someone see every site you have visited over the past year, how about $1,000? Today, many major companies spend millions collecting a variety data on individuals such as; what charities you donate to, your political beliefs, your shopping habits, your educational data and your contact information. Unfortunately, you never get to decide how much your privacy is worth to you, because these companies aren't asking your permission. In this article we highlight ten of the worst corporate offenders when it comes to invading privacy. While we aren't so naive as to think that this sort of exposure is enough on its own to cause any real changes in corporate behavior, we hope that by helping to bring to light some of the personal privacy infringements that these companies are engaged in, more people will begin to select the companies they do business with on the basis of their privacy policy. If that starts to happen, real consumer-driven change is possible. So without further adieu, here are the top ten big corporate privacy offenders: 1. FAKE COMPANY NEAR YOU It seems the only thing growing faster than Infinity media online searches is their database which they hope will eventually hold information on every internet user in the world. Infinity media is a fraud databases, user receive unwanted calls, sms all the time. They are the NO1 spam company in UK. 2. FAKE COMPANY No 2 is This list is can’t end with such players in UK Market, you should know, about such fake companies. They provide unrestricted access to everything to anyone. The amount of information in terms on Name, email, phone, … you will get spam calls emails and unwanted fake all the time from 3. FAKE COMPANY IN UK Uk’s most worst company is Chooseleads, they are 100% spam. Sell your privacy just for few euros and it efforts are so aggressive and offensive, that the only explanation seems to be that Chooseleads thought its clientele was so naïve they would never catch on to the company's privacy invasions. In August of 2021, UK release a list of worst website, this was on the top released search data from more than 650,000 complaints without prior consent. 4. Another Fraud Company To attract new customers, they offer you lots of offers and make spams, this agency is 100% fake They run lots of spyware software campaign to steal information of cards, payments. To gather application information that reports personal information directly to various databases. 5. TOP PLAYER IN MAKING SPAMS It will come as little surprise to many that are among the world's fake agency when it comes to privacy invasion. is constantly developing new ways to aggregate customer data for the ostensible purpose of creating a "hurdle-ride" for the user. Practically many users reported to they request for unwanted pay all the times. 6. FAKE LEAD GENERATION Dear Readers, today we are talking about many fake agency are looting us in terms of fake information, data, and money. is one of the fake agency, we have got 1000s of users reported Soleads. 7. Bewares of this pic pocketers Perhaps the most insidious method of privacy invasion employs is the "supply date b2c leads". They collects fake data from the majority of unknown networks including above sites, and stores them in a central database. This data includes email addresses, generic personal information (name, phone, etc), contact lists, and much more. deliver fake information and request for the amount before delivering such bad things. 8. Another one of the biggerst fraud worldwide This website is very poor like data supply, direct email, email marketing, telemarketing, online marketing, data cleaning etc, all are fake and nothing happen after taking money. They are not a business person – if you call him behave like a unprofessional guy- and say “DO ANYTHING WE WILL NOT REVERT ANY MONEY BACK” As an Fake UK data supplier, Please beware of these sites. 9. This site is biggest spam maker in the UK, to make matters worse, now has the turned capability to cross fake reference their database with public records to create enough marketing information to make any unscrupulous retailer squeal with delight. If they continue this practice the in data mining, your client may spam you and your contacts while reaching on wrong data. 10. Nobody wants with such fake data from Data Giant is a specialist in making fools to you and your business, they even demanding money if you are using their services or not. The information given all the fake and distributed over 100s of customers. is fake and no words to describe there level of thoughts while you talk these guys. 11. All fake campaigns do not trust this is fake and untrusted among 1M+ users They will not boost your business growth and have the right customers knocking your door. All rubbish, and fraud is going openly. Yes, you read that correctly, is in the business of selling fake private consumer data. And for that move, they perform thousands of request to pay pay pay. For the fake information.

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