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Charles E. Forshee May 31, 2011
Ordered PDF-Suite that totaled $83.58 that billed to my credit card as $73.63 twice +$9.95 one time for a total of $157.21 this was a 3 year download. CHARLES E. FORSHEE ([email protected]) read full review »
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4 cylinder suv
sioss May 31, 2011
4 cylinder suv are good! read full review »
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lemon vcall 329
Kushal Goyal May 31, 2011
my phone is not loaded with java & it does not support any java related application read full review »
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Macdonalds Restaurants
Dermot Bailey May 30, 2011
Used Drive In at Kassel Druseltal str.Macdonallds, asked for a small Menu, 6 Chicken Nuggets, Sauce, French Fries, and small Coke. When collecting wanted to chare for Large Size Menu, . I stated had ordered small, very unpleasant Woman said that could not b e done, I insisted it could. When I got it there was no sauce, and no mayonaise as ordered, as I found this out I had already left the area. and could not return. I feel completely cheated by the Lies said to me by the Woman at the check out. It is my intention to write an article for the local free newspaper on Macdonalds non service and theft. read full review »
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Sonic Drive-In, Fountain City, Tennessee
KrisD May 30, 2011
I had gone to Sonic on 5/29/2011 and they left out my condiments, so I swung around and went back. Got the condiments, got home, and then realized they had given me the wrong drink. So, I called and got the manager who said, "Do you have your receipt?" I said, "Yes." So she said I could come back next time I was out that way. On 5/30, I went back. I was told, "You'll have to come back when Amanda is here." I said, "No, she said to come at anytime, and I've made a special trip..." At this point, I wa... read full review »
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wood craft magazine and snowboarding magazine
drillace May 30, 2011
My husband ordered 3 magazines from a high school kid on January 17th and we have still not received them or heard from anyone about them. The kid wanted cash, as this would help him earn extra points for his trip so all we have is a receipt he had given us. read full review »
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Patrick the Pitbull
Euro Q May 30, 2011
A heroic act has taken place in Fresno, California. Despite the long weeks of walking and the blisters & sprained hind legs as a result, despite the many days when he had to go without food or water, despite the arduous weathers of burning heat, forceful wind, or chilly rain, and despite the many fights he suffered through from territorial dogs, 3-year-old pitbull Patrick finally found his ex-owner in Fresno, California, and attacked him. Travelling from Buffalo, NY to the mentioned destination, which is a whopping 3, 000 miles (give or take... read full review »
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Doing right for people May 30, 2011
Got a call from one paper London & Thames Experss for me to advertise. I had no proof before print to sign off, called and called with no luck, they printed regardless, then found my card had been charged over and over again by other newpapers. Wiltshire guardian had obtained my details from London &Thames express, called me up about 10 times and even though I refused, I found they had got hold of my card details from ??? and sent my card details to JPC to be processed. An absolute nightmare. NEVER give your card over the phone to any cold calling advertisers who tell you they have a last minute space. read full review »
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Singsnap/Trevor McGuire/Shanda
manthissitesucks May 29, 2011
Singsnap, a karaoke web site and also an advocate against "hate" uses the site for that very thing. It allows a member Shanda (Maddox, Lancaster, Hill, Reynolds, Ross) for harassment. It has also allowed the release of a video that had been set to private by a member that did not know Shanda. In fact? Shanda did not become a Singsnap member until a year after the video was set to private. The video was never meant for public viewing. Since a regular member like Shanda couldn't possibly get a hold of a video like this, we can... read full review »
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Singsnap/Trevor McGuire/Staff/Shanda Maddox/Lancaster
manthissitesucks May 29, 2011
Shanda (topher2010) wrote in a pm from SSS: (this pm was given to several individuals) I am upset my name was used on that other site. I have NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with Katie's mess. I would NEVER do the bidding of Trevor, you know that. Do you remember how nasty I was to him and Katie both when she fired me? I thought you were scamming me! I thought you were using me! Just so you know I got my job on the design team by my own merit not from the giving of information. It was eating at me what you... read full review »
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Buy Xbox 360 Kinect Games
Bawston32 May 29, 2011 Buy Xbox 360 kinect games very cheap read full review »
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Vista Strategies
Greg Stats May 29, 2011
Vista sell a software program called "Bluefire Pro". About $7K. It supposedly finds variances between International betting agencies that ensures you cannot lose by backing all the options in a sporting event with the identified different betting agencies and still obtain a profit. The system is inaccurate on at least one betting agency most of the time and a real time waster. It does not live up to the hype given by Vista. They take your money for the software, then give excuses why it isn't working a lot f the time. They won't give any refunds or return calls/ emails, etc. BEWARE read full review »
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P.SELVAKKANI May 28, 2011
I had bought a LCD TV (model no KLV32S400A, Sl. no1213820, )in Chennai, India on 23/12/2008. Past one month my TV's Picture is not clarity and I had lodged a complaint in ur toll free service, complaint no 7492533, Ur service engineer came and informed me that the TV screen has to be replaced. I do not expect such a major fault within a short span of the TV from the reputed brand in the world. and I have raised my concern to Chennai customer care about this issue but till date there is no one response. Kindly look into thi... read full review »
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Elite Publishing
Adertiser May 28, 2011
Selling advertising and in publications that are not officially audited by ABC which turn out to be totally false in that only a few are printed. Many of the advertisers are non-UK based hotels, tourism offices etc. Oskar Keysell was fined at Westminster Magistrates Court for misleading advertising in a case brought by Westminster Council Trading Standards officers. His company Elite Publishing Ltd is dissolved yet he persists in forming new companies all called ELITE - when his business practices are far from ELITE. Read what Private Eye wrote read full review »
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RN Unlimited Movies USA
Cid Cayanan May 28, 2011
I have been continuously billed every month on my credit card of a downloading fee for movies which I never did apply for. I already complained about this to my credit card issuer but I was told to cancel the account with RN Movies Unlimited USA. I've tried a lot of times using the procedure detailed on forums but to no avail. Is there a sure way of cancelling this with RN Movies Unlimited? Thank you. read full review »
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BlueDice May 28, 2011
The company sells an online version of its popular fitness tracking software called Weightmania Pro Online. The company has stated numerous times that it is developing an iPhone mobile app that will allow users to input data while away from their computers. The problem is that every time the company has promised a date when the mobile app will be released it has missed its deadlines. I purchased the Weightmania Pro Online software to use with my iPhone. Unfortunately, another release date (May 20, 2011) has come and gone. You can't even... read full review »
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JJ Dorr June 25, 2011
Placed a charge for unrequested service on my cell phone. read full review »
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Vizio 47 inch LCD televsion
Shawn Hosty May 28, 2011
I bought Vizio V 470XVT1A televison and it was in the shop within a year getting the main board replaced and less than a year later it quit working again, was in the shop three months before they could figure out what was wrong with it. This time it is the PDP ( Display panel).They said it will cost more than the television is worth to fix it. I feel the television should have never been sold as a refurbished product as the problems were never rectified. read full review »
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bbvdiscount booksale
maite blanco May 28, 2011
I purchased two books for my daughter for math and one reading they are called spectrum for the 4th grade..I paid with my credit card and since I paid for it, every single month they charged me $9.95 without my authorization I for no new purchase. I really upset with this I do not know how to stop them from charging my card... read full review »
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2k Games/Gearbox Games
Rixxter May 27, 2011
I am a 62-yr-old disabled person; long-time computer user (started in the '60s). I saved my hard-earned cash to purchase the Borderlands game thru Best Buy (no problems with them). I received the game in the mail and tried to install it on my computer. My computer is a purpose-built high speed gaming computer, and as such, perfect for this type of game. The problem was (and still is) that the game locks up during installation. Normally this would not be a problem, as I am "computer-savvy" enough to fix most problems that arise. I... read full review »
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harraghunath May 27, 2011
I purchased one BDV-E870/M1RU3 on dt.18/11/2010 in the N/o Harraghunath, Dhuri. The system DVD stops functioning after 3 months. When i tried to log a complaint to your service centre at Ludhiana they said this set beyond economical repair you will charged for this even the product is under warranty, the set damaged by Rat pissed & Rusted, they refused to replace the product. Even i send a mail to Sony India but there also no response. It is really pathetic that a company like Sony is showing this kind of disregard to customers. I feel like... read full review »
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Airtel DTH Digital TV
Rohit Tuteja May 27, 2011
I've bought 2 Airtel DTH connections in hope that I'll be able to view good quality TV. These are bunch of crooks. There have been problems since starting and it is the worst service provider. I've faced so many problems with Airtel DTH that i can write a complete book on it. Here are the details: 1) Installation time provided 24 hrs. Installed after 5 days due poor internal coordination 2) Everytime there is some wind the dish stop getting signals from satellite and TV is down for 24 hrs. 3) Customer care gives 24 hr... read full review »
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Bath Hampton Mill
E Ryan May 27, 2011
Last Year I had a meal in the Bath Hampton to celebrate mine and my parteners anniversery. We ordered our main, mine was a lamb burger, however the meat was very under cooked and not even warm in the middle. When our meals were collected we were asked if it was ok, we said it hadn't really been and therefore had not been able to eat it. The waiter/manager stormed off, returned with a themomitor that that he stuck in my food, the food din't reach the temperature that it should but he simply said ' it would have done at the... read full review »
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NBE Financial Network
Nancy085 May 26, 2011
They state directly on their website 'AT NBE FINANCIAL WE ARE COMMITTED TO QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE-PUTTING THE PEOPLE WE SERVE FIRST. WE WILL ALWAYS ADHERE TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF INTEGRITY IN ALL OF OUR BUSINESS DEALINGS.' This is all a complete lie. After deciding to go with this company to handle my loan modification, I realized what a BIG MISTAKE this was. They DON'T keep their word when they say they will do something. I'm utterly shocked that they are even part of the Better Business Bureau. They say they will call... read full review »
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MLB extra Innings
Philly Fan-Addict-17 May 26, 2011
I recently purchased MLB extra innings from my local cable company (time warner) and was under the assumption that I would get ALL MLB games. I have now discovered that some teams have not made a deal with MLB and are not included in this. The teams are... -Atlanta -Cincinatti -Baltimore - Washington Now, Every time that I want to watch the Phillies play these teams, the games are Blacked out!! This is bad for baseball and it's fans. Can MLB not REQUIRE the above mentioned teams to participate in the "the baseball... read full review »
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Mcdonalds (brighton)
Lauren Gillham May 26, 2011
me and my friends went to mcdonalds for the day, coming all the way from tonbridge, we stopped at mcdonalds in brighton! we got our food and they got the order wrong so we went and said to the man who took the orders and asked for a refund for the one burger! and he was very rude and wouldnt give the money back and also whilst we asked for it to be refunded my mate was eating his burger and the guy behind the counter snatched his burger and put it in the bin! so altogether 2 of my friends didnt get there meals and didnt have any money... read full review »
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Course Smart
sh123az May 27, 2011
I returned the e-book Contemporary Canadian Business Law, 9th Edition© 2009 by John A. Willes John H. Willes ISBN: 9780070979857 • 0070979855 on 22/05/2011and requested a refund from CourseSmart, from whom I purchased it. I received an e-mail attached below to the effect of escalating the issue, assigning it a ticket, and assuring me to send another e-mail to confirm the refund in 24-48 hours. I am yet to receive the confirmation of refund as of 26/05/2011. In the meantime, I contacted them several times but they were unable to assist in any way. Could you please inform me how I should proceed to receive the refund from ? read full review »
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Panda Express Of Kingman
Jacob F May 26, 2011
I went to panda express on april 25 to purchase a 3 entree meal and a chicken egg-roll. I ate half of the food and almost 24 hours later my stomache was as hard as a rock and i projectile vomited for nearly 30 minutes, for nearly 5 - 6 days i was bedridden because i could not stand for more than a few minutes without having the need to puke. i recovered around the 30th of april and i immediantly emailed the corporate office to tell them of my situation. i would have called the kingman location but i could not get out of bed and by the time i... read full review »
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Ed Shultz
Arthur McDonald May 26, 2011
Please do the country a favor and eliminate the Ed Show and Mr Shultz from your line-up. It is a fact that he is known and has been for many years in his former territory (ND) as a liar and a phony. He is a former sports reporter for WDAY in Fargo and also as an extreme right wing proponent. He has turned to the Left in order to create a market for himself. His "apology" is a joke and is laden with lies. In his apology he says nothing about his first divorce from a fine woman who is now a Prof. at Concordia College and well... read full review »
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dannyjohnson May 26, 2011
CHRISTOFER MILLS JHOHAM NORORI SCAM...THEFT...Deceptive Advertising THE COUNTRY CLUB LIFE >>>>PRINT RIGHT PUBLISHING...These people convinced me to run an ad with their company. I should have called the country clubs and golf clubs they say they do business with to see if they actually do business with them. After running the ad I received no calls to my business. I called all the golf clubs in the areas that we agreed to advertise in and not one of them had ever heard of the Country Club Life. This is a scam, please do not... read full review »
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Print Right Publishing
dannyjohnson May 26, 2011
SCAM JHOHAM NORORI Chris Mills DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING We spent time and Money advertising with this company and have gotten several calls from other advertiser that are saying this company never shipped out the books as promised to the listed Golf Courses and or never received them or ever heard of them either. This company is a fraud and does not have any affiliation with the clubs listed on the advertisement and paper work submitted. We spent money on the art work and Paid money to them, I guess Lessons learned from another Bullshit Florida... read full review »
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Sugar Mill Bar and Saloon
BeverlyLieb May 25, 2011
On Tuesday evening, 5/23/11, I arrived at 8pm. The bar tender, Marty asked me if I wanted a drink and I said "later". About an hour later, my friends arrived and she came over to our table and asked them if they wanted drinks but ignored me, inspite of me trying to get her attention. She brought drinks for everyone in the bar but me, so I went to the bar to order a diet coke. She said to me in a nasty tone, "I am busy serving other customers". I said in a polite tone, I'm not sure why you over looked me, but it appear... read full review »
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sherif elgindy
sherif.elgindy May 25, 2011
i try to sign in my account but a msg apperas telling that the ID or password in incorrect !!! what can i do ?? i cant sign in and tried to follow instructions but there was no solution !!! what should i do ??? read full review »
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Keith Hudson llc
I was chumped May 26, 2011
Keith Hudson, knowingly deceived me into beleving he had a succesful business plan, in a book publication that he wrote. He promised me a $ 700, 000.00 return on my investment. after asking me for more money he set up a meeting in a strange parking lot location. I like a dumbass beleived he would actually pay me back, he said the money was for airline tickets to get to a tv talk show in Chicago. He told me to call him that following Wednesday to come over to his house and get paid back. He not only ignored all of my several phone calls, but... read full review »
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NCS & New Products USA & Virtual Express
aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh May 26, 2011
NSC & New Products USA LAKEVIEW COMMERCE CENTER 2720 EAST THOMAS ROAD BUILDING A - SECOND FLOOR SUITE A-200 PHOENIX, AZ 85016 480-359-4030 This is the company that tries to renew you magazine subscriptions. They are a scam, they just want your credit card ## and they also haven't payed there employees for 3 weeks of work! They have re-opened with a new name but at this same location. now they have an ad out for workers. The 2 losers there are "ED" and "David" These two are a piece of work I tell you. Fat... read full review »
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just answer *tech sprt
derrick somerfield May 26, 2011
I made an application to get an answer for a fault in the Roxio VHS to DVD software My credit card was debited $46.00. I did not receive an answer and request a full refund. Derrick Somerfield E-Mail [email protected] read full review »
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jkhallpa May 25, 2011
I purchased a set of speakers and a projector from Modia Home Theater. I was told that the projector had a short life as demo gear with probably less than 200 hours of use. What I got was a projector that had 1950 hours of use and as soon as I turned it on the projector went into half bright and was completely unwatchable. The kicker of this is the hours are listed in the menu and could be verified as to the exact hours the projector was used before it was sold to me. I contacted the sales guy and told him of the matter. He checked with... read full review »
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AVG Internet Security 2011
2009mariomanassero May 25, 2011
Dear Sirs, a few days ago I downloaded AVG antivirus free, and I paid (through PayPal) for AVG PC Tune up (immediate download) and its Rescue CD (physical object). All went well, I downloaded the two programs and, just this morning, I received at home the physical CD. A few hours ago, I decided to upgrade to the top AVG antivirus program, i. e. AVG Internet Security 2011, and paid, again through Paypal, the total sum of € 50, 70 (40, 77 for the immediate download of the program and 9, 99 for the physical rescue CD). The payment wa... read full review »
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Scarlet LG-LCD TV is 42LG60FR
Nageswar May 25, 2011
On Wed, 25 May 2011 12:11:34 +0530 "nageswar rao pala"[email protected] wrote TO After Sales Service (Customer Service Department) Customer Service Department, LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., Plot No 51, Surajpur Kasna Road, Greater Noida - 201306 (U.P.) Dear Customer Service Department: Please open the attachment. My life has become worse for purchasing your LG's TV, whose details are already mentioned.Kindly feel it. By now I would have more than Rs.1, 00, 000/- in my pocket or shelf, had I... read full review »
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Airtel D2H
pavan jham May 25, 2011
Hello, I am very furs ted with your company. i have taken new connection on 22/05/2011 . my customer id is 3008007620. but yet now didn't get installation done . (4 day going to be complete) . but your employee told me it will be done with in 24 hours. once i called your one employee Naresh he told me he needs some money(Bribe) then he will come. his mobile number is 9535999907. I have given my complaint to this 9535999909 to Chandru but again nothing happen . i think your all staff dividing Bribe now... read full review »
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