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2009mariomanassero May 25, 2011
Paid for upgrade but couldn't download
Dear Sirs,
a few days ago I downloaded AVG antivirus free, and I paid (through PayPal) for AVG PC Tune up (immediate download) and its Rescue CD (physical object). All went well, I downloaded the two programs and, just this morning, I received at home the physical CD. A few hours ago, I decided to upgrade to the top AVG antivirus program, i. e. AVG Internet Security 2011, and paid, again through Paypal, the total sum of € 50, 70 (40, 77 for the immediate download of the program and 9, 99 for the physical rescue CD). The payment was surely done, and I am sure of this fact because I immediately received from Pay Pal the usual e-mail that informs me of my authorization to draw a certain sum from my Credit Card, and specifies in it a lot of things, including the e-mail address of the Company (it is www.avg.com), and I also immediately received from my Credit Card Center an SMS that says the same thing, i.e. that they received a request to withdraw from my Credit Card € 50, 76 by PAYPAL $WWW AVG CO.
When, after having paid, I clicked to return to AVG, there was a breakdown of the Internet connection and now I cannot find a way to be allowed to download AVG Internet Security. I am Italian, and speak and write to the AVG people in Italy in Italian. I resolved to write to you because I have been struggling against this virus for more than a week, and I am not only bored, but rather upset by the inconvenience that induced me to write to you. Now I am going to turn the PC off and disregard the problem for at least 24 hours. I apologize for having disturbed. My name is Mario Manassero, my address is "via Passo di Fargorida 6, 20148 Milano, Italy", and my e-mail address is "[email protected]" (and AVG cannot ignore all this, considering that I have already buyed products from them, giving them, obviously, my e-mail address, and that they have sent me at home the Rescue Disk of AVG PC Tuneup 2011. Nevertheless they say that my e-mail address is not registered. I am not upset, I am furious. I have lost more than an hour to write this complaint to you, and I aplogize again for having disturbed you. I finish giving you my telephone and FAX number, " +39 02 4045558 ", nd my cellular number, 3473679819.
I apologize once more, and I send you my best regards.
Mario Manassero

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