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pitza hut
mrs r richards June 5, 2011
my family and i were on holiday in york. we went to harrogate for the day and decided to have a pizza, we where given a table and 45 minutes later had still not been served yet there were people that had come in after us being served. i went up and asked why we haven't been served the manager replied they were busy. i don't mind waiting, but when people that had come in after you are being served and we are still sat waiting there after one hour we got up and left. i would not recommend pizza hut harrogate to anyone read full review »
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A1Books Netcong, NJ U.S.A.
Jef H June 5, 2011
I ordered an expensive book from A1Books Netcong, NJ U.S.A. When the book arrived they sent me the wrong one. I sent them several emails but they did not respond. When I checked for their phone number it was not listed. ABEBOOKS still carries this company. In case you will look for used books and see A1Books Netcong, NJ U.S.A., AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! read full review »
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The History Channel
HarryHuffer June 5, 2011
The History Channel should change its name to "Crappy Reality TV Show Channel"- they've definitely taken the emphasis away from history. Its primary viewers don't care about Ice Road Truckers, Axmen and celebrity biographies. People who do watch Zone Reality and E! Entertainment for that stuff. This channel is going down the toilet and its very sad because there is so little educational programming on offer these days. read full review »
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AT&T Cell phone commercial
Jdaddy62 June 4, 2011
The commercial shows a group sitting at a table for dinner, one of the three people has an AT&T cell phone - which the woman suddenly notices has what is supposedly a very realistic picture of a spider on it - so realistic that the other guy at the table takes off his shoe and beats the phone to "kill" the spider... The woman SCREAMS HER HEAD OFF... this is such a startling thing to hear in a commercial... the premise is funny, the topic is fine, but having someone SCREAM in fright during a commercial - and go on for several... read full review »
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PCHgames Dept.
Ms Disapointed June 4, 2011
To Those In Charge of the PCH free online games, You posted a notice telling that you were going to add new games and improve the all-around playing. Unfortunately for those of us who play the games, you did the opposite. You took away many of the good games and replaced them with a few games that are Less interesting and they give little to no points. Why? Again I ask Why did you take away all of the better games and changed the entire way a person could play. Well I just want you to know that I am very disappointed. read full review »
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apple bees restuarant bar &grill
polarbear80 June 4, 2011
Yes my friends and I visited the Apple Bees in Glen Carbon Il on 6/3/2011 . I have frequented the establishment numerous times before. But never had a experience like this before. I never felt so neglected & lot important before. My friend and I ordered the 2 for $20.00 meal. We both had the rib briskett dinner, we split a order of cheese stixs with marinara sauce dip. I also wanted a house salad with Italian dressing. The waiter brought out the cheese stixs, oh it was a differant waiter who took or order. My friend asked for more more sauce... read full review »
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Magic Forest
Magic (Tragic) Forest at Lake George NY June 3, 2011
Memorial Day weekend 2011. Absolutely Horrible Place!! Rude, obnoxious employees (seemingly low level of education), If you have read any reviews that seem to paint this place as a "Great Place", it must be written by the owners or managers. This is my first time posting anything to any website about my dissatisfaction. But, I feel the need to WARN any parent regarding this horrendous place. I now refer to this place as TRAGIC FOREST. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Mark my words, there will be a tragedy involving this park and... read full review »
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Moistou June 3, 2011
I paid for the clipshare script and paid for an install as well. The script never worked properly and they kept saying they would fix the issue. Then the site got hacked because of security flaws. Beware of clipshare it is a SCAM! read full review »
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Comcast / Xfinity - Boca Raton
Ever On Point June 3, 2011
The service keeps going out and I need to call to have them reset my signal and then wait 30 minutes before it is corrected. this happens every 2-3 weeks for the last 6 months. I noticed a lot of my neighbors going to U-Verse but I stuck with the Cocast because i have a bundle with internet too. Every time I have to call them I go through the horribly long menu that tells you to enter info ...and them says it can't help you and will connect you to a rep!... I think it's really a way to stall the phone call so you don't realize... read full review »
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James R. Mattingly
James R. Mattingly June 3, 2011
I have had Direct only four months and my bill was the same for two months and now it goes up every month. The reason it goes up is because I did not cancel the free movie channel soon enough but when I ordered the service I told them I did not want the free movie channel but they gave it to me anyway. My question is how do you know to cancel it when you aren't suppose to have it. customer service is non-exsistant and you better not ask for a supervisor because you will be on the phone forever and still not get to talk to anyone who know... read full review »
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Astrix consultancy, vasanth nagar
ass007 June 3, 2011
Hi this is a warning to all software engineers specially freshers, beware of Astrix consultancy which is in the below address Jayswal Business Center #2, 2nd floor, R.R. Chambers, 11th main, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore :52 her mobile no is : 9845155766 Her name is priya, she will tell that she will get a good job for u in big companies and she will charge u 1 lakh or more and then she will keep u chasing for it, and she will never give u the job, she has ruined my life, and i don't know how many peoples life she has ruined, beware of this women, dont even go to this consultancy read full review »
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DJEmil June 2, 2011
My 6 & 7 year-old daughters were watching Phineas & Ferb this afternoon when the Disney Channel aired a preview for "My baby-sitter is a Vampire." The commercial frightened my girls because it was scary. A Vampire theme doesn't belong on a children's channel. Now my daughters are crying and are afraid to go to sleep. Thanks Disney. Now I can’t trust you either? What’s your deal? A children’s network has gone the way of other less respectful networks? Really? Really? Really? Please clean up your network…. Until then you’re channel is blocked. Disappointed, read full review »
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Grand Hong Kong Buffet
Bruce Springsteen June 2, 2011
My mother and sister were visiting from out of town and my wife and I took them out to dinner to Grand Hong Kong Buffet. It was absolutely the worst Chinese food we have ever had. The food was cold and old- almost as if it been there all through lunch. We even had our waitress take a plate into the kitchen to be heated in the microwave. That just made the general tso chicken even tougher. The price per person was $12.99!! We didn't even get an apology from the owner...just a smirky smile as he took our money. We left without an appetite... read full review »
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treyarch black ops
angryattreyarch June 2, 2011
This is too far now treyarch you really need to fIX UR SPAWNS U CUNTS. THEY NEED TO ROTATE SO THAT PEOPLE SUCH AS THE ONES SHOWN IN THIS I N GAME FOOTAGE - it is INSANE! how could a multinational corporation such as yourselfs allow this to happen? call of duty 5 was great, u had things sorted! F-I-X I-T u stupid shits! can u not fix it? such as introduce 5 sets of spawns that are randpomly placed at the beggining of each game! yours truly I HATE YOU CUS UR ALL NAZIS omw back to mw2 at least they can mAKE A GAME THJAT WORKS read full review »
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sunshine subscribtion agency
Rosa52 June 2, 2011
I was scammed, a young man knocked on the door stating he was selling subscribtions and earning points towards a trip to jamaica. I never got the order. the telephone on the invoice is bogus. I hope this will make others aware and they don't fall for the same scam. The FBI states that crimes like this don't get investigated because the amount of money is not enough to warrant an investigation. The scammers know that they can get away with it. read full review »
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K.KANNAN June 2, 2011
REF; your AD-5432 AIRTEL HAS INCLUDED MY CELL NO : 9840583195 FOR MMS SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for playing games AND COLLECTING Rs.2/- everyday though I am not using . Hence request you to do the needful by removing me from the subscription list. thanking you with regars k.kannan1 read full review »
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Deepak vashisth June 2, 2011
My name is deepak i am very angry b, coz costomer care service is very cheap b, coz i have recharge with 98 rupees and use MO(gprs) internet from 15 days but my unnessasry 31 rupee is deducted by customer care and said deducted charge of airtel live which i am used but actual i have not airtel live used and finally im dialled *121# and stopped any other service, after all these steps again my 3 rupee deducted today before half hour at 05:00P.M. so please refund my unnessasry deducted balance and improve your very bed customer service. read full review »
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sansui kyuuten lcd 202 tv June 2, 2011
i gave compliant regarding my sansui lcd tv to repair the adapter but company says it's cannot repair i asked them give the new one which i can pay the money executive said it's not available in the market what i have to do incase the company not provde the adapter is it use and through model read full review »
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Taco Bell Corporation
fresh June 2, 2011
Taco Bell and KFC franchise by Burger Busters, Inc. of Virginia Beach is always over 120 days late in paying for repair service; some of our repair invoices are over nine months past due. To date, the total amount due is over $37, 000. Taco Bell calls other service companies for repairs and each time a service company stops doing repairs for them because of nonpayment, then they just continue to call other service companies and does not pay them! read full review »
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Top Chretien Top Boutique
Emmanuelle Amani June 2, 2011
I was a regular visitor of the Top cHretien website. Their daily messages are uplifting and inspiring. So I decided to buy a book, "La Bible Dechiffree", from their online library Top Boutique. However the book never arrived at my address. So i wrote to them about that and thought that I would at least be refunded but it never happend. The postman hasn't even left a note regarding that parcel. So definitely there was a problem and I ask them to investigate it but they were telling me to contact the Post office : how could I... read full review »
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Home Theater HC-DZ556KB SONY
Mr. Bashir Ahmad June 2, 2011
I purchase Home Theater Model. HCD-DZ556KB, approximately within 10 months the performance was satisfactory. After that have some problem and need repair. The repair was done by MEGA SERVICE CENTRE - Lahore Cantt, that repair was not up to satisfaction Laval, from last two and half years i am facing this problem. Last repair job no is R/2011/72693. Please arrange to solve my problem at permanently. Thanks. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Lahore - Pakistan. read full review »
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CRS Inc/Magazine Subscriptions
nononononononono June 1, 2011
I had ordered a magazine subscription from a friendly energetic young man (Jacob Malone) claiming that he was earning points to win $1000 towards opening his own business. He was a total hippie, long hair wearing a bob marley shirt, belt, and even had a bob marley pouch where he kept his forms/reciepts and I will admit he was quite the salesman. A few days later I started getting a bad feeling about it and looked up the company online and found numerous complaints on this site and many others. Went to cancel the check today (4 days later) and... read full review »
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Fresh Slice Piza
HungryBird June 1, 2011
This Fresh Slice pizza location has arguably the most rudest and quite possibly, cruel employee they could ever have. The employee is a mid-aged Chinese lady who wears glasses called Joyce. Don't expect to ever receive a smile from this lady at all. When I go and ask her for change she yells and says NO!! When I want to order something she talks to her friend and basically forgets that I am a paying customer, anyways I told the person if they could wait so that I could order but then Joyce all of a sudden gives me the look and says in a... read full review »
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sOFTWARE - HQ .NET 800-7843167
ZANZU June 1, 2011
On reviewing my Visa I found one of your articles which I supposedly bought from you. Reference is SOFTWARE - HQ.NET 800 - 7843167. cOULD PLEASE ELOBORATE MORE!! read full review »
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Mrs Jennifer Andrew
Muhammad ilyas shah June 1, 2011
Respected Sir, I have received e.mail for Mrs Jannifer Andrew with the information that She has deposited my parcel Number EG 2272 -BJ comprising of South Africa magazine with shipment code CPEL/OWN/9876 and to contact MR.REV MARK UGO Shipment Officer of fedEx delivery servicre Benin Republic.Kindly help me and verify the parcel No, shipment code and shipment officer particulars.waiting very anxiously sincerly M.Ilyas Shah. read full review »
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Nokia International Claims Department- Italy
Asajile June 1, 2011
I received an sms through my mobile phone informing me that i won 300, 000 Euros in the BP/NOKIA MOBILE AWARDS but am not sure if the game is real or fake...and the info to collect the prize directed me to send 265 Euros in advance for insurance and shipping of the prize. read full review »
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Linguality Book Club
Cheebaz June 1, 2011
This Company started in 2007 or 2008. I subscribed to their Italian book club, prepaying for 6 books in one year. So far, I've only received 3 books, with no reply to emails, nor my money back, despite their guarantees. I know I am not alone, and even has lowered their rating to ZERO for this activity. They also sent mails asking to pre-pay to a second series, even though I never received books for the first!! The BBB-Better Business Bureau also has them listed for complaints. Their website is still up & running, meaning they're still taking in money from unsuspecting customers. read full review »
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green dust
Basant Kumar Bachapan June 1, 2011
Please see the discussions held with custumer care. How the ignore the issues? executive3: How May I help You? Basant: Good afternoon executive3: yes sir Basant: I have seen a LED 6 series 6900 in Gurgaon Greendust executive3: ok sir Basant: I want to know the features executive3: u can visit our web site Basant: This product is not available on website executive3: Then plz see on google. Basant: Just I want to know 3 improtant points Basant: 1. Can we see 3D in this ... read full review »
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China Dragon
hotelop June 1, 2011
My son called to place an order Saturday, May 28th, for delivery. He placed our order which came to about $32.34. He gave the person the credit card number, and she said the card was declined. She ran it two more times with the same result (according to her). I immediately went on line to check my bank account. The first time the card was run, it went through. It showed up as "pending". My son called back and told her what was going on, but she didn't even apologize. So now my money is being held hostage, and we never even got any food out of it. read full review »
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Kevin Warwick May 31, 2011
Friv is the flash game website where users get to choose from 200 flash games to play with. It’s a spectacular website with lots of variety if you are bored or just want to kill off some time. Don’t get fooled by some of the games; It might look like it was designed for kids but never underestimate those games or you will be punished! There are some fun and classic games such as Tetris, King Of Fighters, Dino Run, Pac Xon, Puzzle Bubble and many more to be play for free. WARNING : This site is so addictive and you might stare... read full review »
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Channel 7 digital channels
Cheryl Stanton May 31, 2011
We are supposed to be going to digital tv however you cannot get through one complete show on channel 7 without it having a bad signal. We have a new tv and therefore no need for a top box but find ourselves putting it back to analogue to watch a show. Unfortunately that means we don't get 7 mate which has some great shows. I love watching Australias Got talent and find it very frustrating to be having this problem every week. read full review »
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musicstuffcheats May 31, 2011
This guy Metzgar has been sued by BMG MUSIC (1994) & Universal Music (2009) and charged with larceny (Sumner County) Assemblies of God Chruch and State of TN v. Metzgar in 2003I259 fraud case read full review »
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Vera Ladendorf May 31, 2011
I received a notice saying that my Norton Antivirus program was ending, so I did renew it. I was charged $74.96, which was on April 26th. Shortly thereafter I went into the hospital for heart surgery and was away for awhile. When I got my Master Card bill I see that I was charged again on May 16th. I do not wish to pay for this twice, if indeed this is a legitimate program. What can I do about it? read full review »
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seafood in the Buff
Natasha Edwards May 31, 2011
The seafood in the buff restaurant has a dumpster for all seafood trash that faces our backyard. The smell is awful, we cannot enjoy our yard in the summertime, or have any parties. This smell is not good for our health. We have asked time and time again for them to buy a chemical or something to kill the smell. It hasn't been done. Please help would like to be able to enjoy my back yard in the summer. Thank You! read full review »
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Spotlight Music Entertainment
WxOxD May 31, 2011
Hey, Everyone, I used to karaoke with spotlights DJ Anne Godfrey at both Lumpy's Bar and Grill, & The Point After sports bar. it's SLOW at the Point, I asked Anne to give me some advice from a womans perspective when she had 5 min. (I met a girl at Lumpy's, wanted to ask that girl to spend some time with me, wanted a womans feedback, B'cuz we all know what a guy would say.) & Anne was a constant at the bar, where as most of the other women there were essentially strangers. We had talked... read full review »
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Caseys Restaurant Inc
searsdiane May 31, 2011
I had dinner last Monday, March 28th, 2011 at Casey's, 123 Front Street, Toronto, Ontario. I ordered the rotisserie chicken breast, which includes fries, slaw and BBQ sauce. My server Cindy asked me what side I would like. I asked her what she meant and she gave me a number of food options. I ordered the sweet potato fries. At NO TIME did she tell me that there would be an additional charge. I was extremely surprised to see an additional $2.99 charge on my bill in addition to the $11.99 charge. I asked Cindy why she hadn't explained... read full review »
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The Old Dairy Restaurant
Davidhastings May 31, 2011
Some friends and I visited a place called The Old Dairy in Macomb Illinois recently and we were set back after seeing the way food was being handled. The food was awful. We asked for a refund and we were ordered out. Later in the day we had all become ill from the food, and took turns waiting in the emergency room of a nearby hospital. The owner, Ketra Kuniej refused to respond to our complaints. I found they had history of health issues. This place should be closed. If you are traveling in the area stay away for your own health. I do not know how a place like this can stay open. It should be called the old dirty barn instead of dairy. read full review »
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Royal Poker Palace Application
RoyalPokerPalaceScammedMe May 31, 2011
We are from the Facebook group, "royal poker palace SCAMMED ME", of many players who are their victims of scams, harassment combined identity theft, banned for completely no reason, and chips hacked/stolen by royal poker palace. royal poker palace is a new poker application found on the Facebook social network. Our group's site has all the evidence and statements to prove our claims. You can search for us in Facebook under the group, " royal poker palace SCAMMED ME" or with the link below... read full review »
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best car battery
sioss May 31, 2011
best car battery read full review »
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automatic car starter
sioss May 31, 2011
automatic car starter read full review »
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