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polarbear80 June 4, 2011
poor and neglectful service
Yes my friends and I visited the Apple Bees in Glen Carbon Il on 6/3/2011 . I have frequented the establishment numerous times before. But never had a experience like this before. I never felt so neglected & lot important before. My friend and I ordered the 2 for $20.00 meal. We both had the rib briskett dinner, we split a order of cheese stixs with marinara sauce dip. I also wanted a house salad with Italian dressing. The waiter brought out the cheese stixs, oh it was a differant waiter who took or order. My friend asked for more more sauce cause we didn`t want to double dip!!It took probally a good 15minutes to get that. the waiter that waited on us said they had to warm it up. I have worked in the kitchen of a restuarant before & the sauce was always on the stove on low heat ready!!. Then another waitrees finally brings my salad out with wrong dressing. And then here comes are main course & my salad. Now its taken about 25 minutes to get my salad!! Then I needed more dressing got it fairly fast. They kept saying sorry we are busy. give me abreak! It seemed to me that waitresses & waiters had all sides covered, and would not say place was packed either. I will give Apple Bees the benefit of the doubt and say quite possiblely we had a new hire . If he wasn`t I`d say someone needs to spend sometime after school!

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