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Marysgate June 16, 2011
Horrible Customer Service
We bought a 50 inch 3D TV and blue ray player in Feb. We paid almost $4, 000.00 by the time we got everything we needed. We had to have the Geek Squad come and hook up the networking and everything that we didn't know how to do. They replaced our router and I thought everything was fine, but ever since this was done when I am on my computer and the phone rings it cuts me offline. That's why I got DSL, so I wouldn't have to deal with that, so I am paying more for DSL and still get cut off like on dial up and it's extremely annoying. Also, I have had to call the Geek Squad a few times and that is a total nightmare. The phone will just continue to ring there and no one ever answers and if you are lucky enough to get an answer it is a recording asking you to hold. One day I held for 30 minutes and no one ever answered the call. Most times when you call the store it is the same way. It takes forever for anyone to answer the call. I am not very happy with Best Buy's service either and from now on will deal with Sears. They have got the best customer service of any place I have dealt with and I regret that I bought from Best Buy instead of Sears this time. It won't happen again. I've told Best Buy about it on numerous occasions and they do nothing about it. Yesterday, we went to Best Buy to buy the 3D version of Avatar since it was announced on t.v. that it was released. We were told that the only way you could get the 3D version was if you bought a Panasonic 3D t.v. We told them that we did buy one in Feb. they told us that there was a voucher to fill out and send to Panasonic to be able to get it since it was a promotion that only allowed people to get the 3D version only if you bought a Panasonic t.v. I told them we didn't receive a voucher. They said they couldn't do anything about that and I should call Panasonic. I did and was told there was nothing they could do about it. So, I told them if that's the kind of business they do with customers that spend that much money on their products that they could rest assured that we would never buy another Panasonic product. I was told "that's fine". So, I will tell everyone I know what lousy service they have and if they are smart they won't give a company that treats their customer's so shabbily any business. I also think it's wrong for a movie company to allow that kind of promotion where only a certain few can purchase their product. That's a monopoly and very unfair to the rest of the people.

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