LOCATION: Philippines

jo222 May 27, 2009
Sir, Could i ckeck the company named Super-Elec Distributor LTD located at No.256, 2/F., Saibo Building, HuaQiang North Rd, FuTian District Shenzhen Guangdong 518001 China. I bought 10 Sony PSP worth 650USD via western union and the supplier (ZENG XIANGYING) told me that it was shipped through EMS with tracking # EB100186308CN and after a few days he mailed me stating: QUOTE: Hello Lim, It is 16:47pm on Monday afternoon here. I just got a urgent call from my forwarder and they told me that the shipment was stuck at the custom while... read full review »
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Cola cola Soft Drinks
CHAWN08 May 27, 2009
Please mind the cup of your soft drinks it is very hard to open. and sometimes it causes damages for bottle it self and that's harm for us as a consumer to see the fragment of glass while we are drinking your product.. Thank you!! read full review »
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McDonalds Philippines
bootsguy May 26, 2009
There are already online delivery for McDonalds in the Philippines but only some areas. It does not include a large area Iloilo City where I live. I wanted to avail of online ordering of McDonalds in Iloilo but the service is not available in Iloilo the reason why I complaint and the reason I lose interest in McDonalds because there is no online ordering in Iloilo.. I will eat in another fast food but not McDonalds anymore because there is no online ordering in Iloilo, Philippines read full review »
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Cebu Pacific Airline
Joel Basmayor May 25, 2009
Travel Itinerary: Flight Confirmation: Q947UG Booking Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009 Status: Confirmed Guest: Joel Basmayor Flight No.: SJ509 (Manila - Tuguegarao) Departure Time: 12:30 ETA: 13:40 Above was my itinerary flight schedule under Cebu Pacific after my arrival in the Philippines from working abroad. I was then waiting at the airport two- (2) hours before the scheduled flight until 13:30 but there has been no information provided why the flight was delayed. I was forced to approached the information counter to ask... read full review »
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joanne lao
joanne May 24, 2009
i received my credit card bill today and i was charged $39.97. this is preposterous as i do not transact any business online read full review »
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Medialink Contact Solutions
Dingleberrie-beri May 24, 2009
Just as everyone really loves this manager, many really do not like him as well because of the culture that he introduced to the company! His name is KIRBY Gasmena!!! Just last Friday morning MAY 22 when I was about to go to the pantry I overheard him talking to the agents who did not have any sale. He said, “DAPAT SA MGA KATULAD NINYO TINITERMINATE EH PARA DI NA KAYO KELANGANG BAYARAN NG KUMPANYA! BAKIT, DI NAMAN KAYANG BAYARAN NG KUMPANYANG ITO YUNG MGA PAGPAPAGAMOT KO SA OSPITAL DAHIL SA INYO!..” Do you think those agents will... read full review »
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McDonald's Katipunan Philippines
bignonoy May 23, 2009
May 23, 2009 9:30pm May 23, 2009 9:30 pm Me and my family are regular customers of Mc Donald's Katipunan. We love spending time together and eating together at the said place. However, it is becoming apparent that the product availability specifically the chicken parts would only be wings and legs. The portion is really small that you cannot taste the chicken anymore, but just the breading and gravy. The managers on duty are lousy. It seems they lack training in dealing with customers. Contrary to the advertisement that they... read full review »
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cosmos bottling phil/cheers
Darwin Nacino May 21, 2009
there was a dirt inside a sealed bottle of cheers.contact me at darwin_nacinome@yahoo.com.ph read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Philippines
mcdonalds delivery
magic1 May 21, 2009
grabe ang tagal ng delivery nila almost an hour na wala pa din ang food.. sigurado lamog na yun burger at yun drinks hindi na malamig. ang ganda ng commercial ni sharon cuneta tapos palpak naman ang staff and delivery boy nila. sayang lang ang 10% delivery charge. kakainis hindi na kami oorder promise!!! read full review »
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Cebu Pacific Airlines
ice_zah1 May 21, 2009
I'm so frustrated with the service of Cebu Pacific Airline. You see, last march 25, we weren't able to go on board the plane because as the customer service said they don't have any more seats available. All of us lining up were so shocked with what they just said. All us...the 22 of us (people whom I don't even know) went directly to the ticketing office to make complains...and the guy in the office just said...We can't do anything about that. He said that our option will be to board as a chance passenger but we need... read full review »
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Bureau of Immigration Philippines
sha May 20, 2009
I am complaining about the immigration proceedings here in the Philippines, take note i am a Filipino. I have an aunt by law i guess that's what they call it because we are not related she is my uncle's wife. I'm always the one to process her papers and everytime i go to immigration it's always a pain in the ass. I am ashamed how immigration staffs treat foreigners even I myself, i wasn't respected at all, maybe because I look young, they thought I don't know anything. Anyway the problem is the system itself... read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: Philippines
Euro-Afro Asia Sweepstakes Lottery International
barbie May 15, 2009
i just want to know if this, Euro - Afro Asia Sweepstakes Lottery Inc. Customer Service, 580 N.Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA 85914, is for real?? cause i have a friend who recieve a mail saying that he won on this lottery. pls help my friend know the truth. GOD BLESS you...! read full review »
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cadbury roasted almond variant
chocolicious May 12, 2009
I loved Cadbury, but the incident that took place a few days back prompted me to post this complaint. I bought a 150 grams of Cadbury Roast Almond from Gaisano Store in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines a couple of days ago. I checked the wrapper for the expiration date and I read 05/10/09. I assumed that it meant 5 October 2009 which is months away. That same night, I felt like binging and I grabbed my favorite chocolate (the same Cadbury Roast Almond I bought earlier that day). I opened it and broke a small portion of the... read full review »
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revenge May 9, 2009
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
Gavril Electronics Inc.
Valkyrie Cruise May 7, 2009
--On April 21, 2009, I received email from Gavril Electronics Inc. Please refer to the content below Dear Applicant, Sorry for late reply, Thanks for applying in our company (Gavril Electronics Inc), we have discovered your resume that you sent us, you are invited to documentation for "Part Time Customer Data Entry" (home based) employment offer, visit our website: http://www.gavril-inc.com This offer will be Valid after review of your Documents (eg.educational certificates etc... read full review »
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Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines
Mario Tan May 7, 2009
I would like to raise the behavior manifested by one of the representative or employee of Coke last April 28, 2009. This I think needs to be addressed since the way he represented Coca Cola reflects the way it treats its Costumers. Around 11:30 A.M. Tuesday April 28, 2009 a group of Coca Cola high ranking representative went inside my store for an unknown purpose. One of them whom I later identified as Johan Lopez went directly inside my store opened the coca cola refrigerator and inspected its contents, removed the cap container and poured... read full review »
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kath May 4, 2009
from Duffy, Katee (DPH) <Kr.Duffy@state.ma.us> to date Tue, May 5, 2009 at 6:28 AM subject Congratulations: Your email address has won £850, 000 from this year draw !!! mailed-by state.ma.us hide details 6:28 AM (5 hours ago) Reply UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, ONLINE SWEEPSTAKES 13 New Bridge Street, Staines Middlesex TW18 4TP, United Kingdom. Ref: LSUK/2007/11781/07 Batch: R3/A312-59 This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash Prize of 850, 000 .00 EIGHT HUNDRED AND... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Philippines
ladiesman017 May 2, 2009
Dear Sir, I received e-mail from Barrister Khalik Yusuf Ali in Indonesia that im the winner of E.A.A.S. lottery.They just informed me that I won with the amount of US $250, 000.00 and they told me to claim the prize with in 1 month from now, so sir I jsut want to know if this is fake or not. Thank you ... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
satellite tv on pc
dionymsanzsr@yahoo.com May 1, 2009
I would like to file a complaint why until todate i have not received my satellite tv on my pc box since i authorized on march 29, 2009.. My BPI bank, Philippines, Express credit account dept. has already debited from my account no. Please reply soonest. thank you... read full review »
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Sarah Cooper
Joseph Joy April 23, 2009
ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! According to them...all u have to do is just to click n their web and register..but you'll have to pay an astounding $67.00 as your one-time registration fee. I don't know how legal, legitimate and most especially honest they are when we already paid the amount. I'm just concerned, can we really generate money from their promises? They have promised to pay $20.00 for every survey accomplished from a reputable company. Guys, please visit www.saracooper.com/info/ or www.quickpaidsurvey.com and tell me... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Philippines
nkm April 21, 2009
Office of the Employment Manager Petroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS OIL COMPANY) Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. TEL: +60102926590 Dear Employee, We have confirmed your CV/Resume, at ( www.naukrigulf.com) and here under, you will find the current vacancies/ positions where expatriates are needed in our Company (Petronas Oil Company). All positions attracts underlisted benefits: 1. Five Bedroom Flat Duplex 2. Free Medical & Travel Insurance 3. 10... read full review »
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Debt Stress Relief
LEE April 21, 2009
I applied in Herb Kimble's company as one of the Quality Assurance. But before me, two of my friends were already hired (a team leader and another quality assurance). I was first interviewed by Bernadette Dela Cruz, their HR/ ACCOUNTANT. He informed me that there are no available slots for quality assurance position. Later that night (they asked me to come back to attend the training), i spoke with Claire Reyes, their GM, and told me that they wanted me to dial for 2 weeks, after that, they will be needing my service as a quality... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
DMCI Homes
casey hahn April 16, 2009
I purchased new condominium in Boracay (Alta Vista De Boracay) from DMCI about two years ago at which time I paid for the unit CASH IN FULL one year in advance of completion and occupancy. At the time of sale, they made false representations to me about what I was buying. Second, they will not provide a steady water supply to the condo units. Third, they refuse to answer any of my calls, texts or letters asking them to rectify these problems and refuse to respond to my request for an explanation and rectification for the false promises made... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
samsung L700
tremaine April 15, 2009
my samsung L700 memory card slot was damage so i gave my samsung L700 for repair in samsung service center Cebu City Philippines last december 18, 2008 until this date my unit is still on their hand they always promising that they try to rapair it but doesn't work so again they promise me to gave me another brand new unit but they always on alibi that they no stock yet from manila. read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Philippines
Mr Sotoya April 6, 2009
I subscribed to Digitel Bida Plan 777, the first month was fine because i can play online games even though the video loading in websites such as youtube, metacafe, etc was super slow. But now, on my second month i can't play online games anymore starting 8 am until 11 pm, i always get disconnected from the server. Playing online games was the first reason why i subscribed to a DSL plan. I tried calling Digitel Customer Service Hotline but they just keep telling me the same old story like giving me a reference number and that I should... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Philippines
Cebu PAcific
nickismoothjazz April 4, 2009
This long weekend took MONTHS in the making.We were going to Donsol to swim with the whalesharks from April 3-5.The ONLY flaw in my plan was that we BOOKED a flight with CEBU PACIFIC. We were at the NAIA terminal 3 at around 5 am for our 6 am flight. We weren't late. We checked in and boarded our plane on time. Sadly, there were 6 airheads dilly dallying after checking in their luggage, so we had a 20 minute delay from waiting for them. The 20 minute delay would have been ok had the ff. events NOT happened: a. Upon arriving at Legaspi... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Philippines
Cebu Pacific Air
JVB April 1, 2009
I would like to report a complain that has caused my wife today April 1, 2009 undue harassment/vexation/humiliation when Cebu Pacific Tacloban ground personnels rudely (almost to be the point of dragging her) took her down from the airplane even with all the boarding pass and confirmed flight just to cover their mess when somebody was also on the plane without a boarding pass. These morons are very rude and do not deserve to be on their position they are now where they have to take care their clients supposedly. It has caused my wife... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Philippines
Michelle Liwanag
rafael stone April 1, 2009
this girl michelle liwanag took my money, ipod, digicam, laptop and my watch during my vacation to philippines i pay your service fee to your manager retchell liwanag i dont deserve this kind of treatment why this girl scam and screwed people??? how can your conscience accept all of this what kind of people are you michelle liwanag...is that the way your parents raised you...to steal money and stuff just to live read full review »
Filled under: Other Location: Philippines
Powerball mega jackpot lottery, U.K.
Rommel March 31, 2009
I received an e- mail informing me that I won the mega jockpot online lottery and that I can claim my winning prize at the Greyhound International Courier Service with order number (AM4642N/T). Is this true? Please help me. read full review »
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Intel DP35DP Desktop Motherboard
Juan Miguel Rodriguez March 30, 2009
I own an Intel DP35DP motherboard. It was having problems with the RAID controller but other than that the board was working fine. I called intel tech support and was asked to send the motherboard to penang (malaysia) because it will be replaced. A prepaid airwaybill and documentation arrived after several days so that I can package my motherboard to penang. I took pictures of the motherboard before sealing it and sending it away for shipping just in case. 2 days later I get a call from intel tech support telling me that... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Philippines
antonM March 28, 2009
I'm attracted to this laptop that octagon in one of their branches is selling. I've seen the same laptop which costs around 28k being sold online on different sites. I was about to buy it when the saleslady told me that I should also buy a windows OS with it. I can choose from a variety of windows OS versions which price start from 2.5k up. I told her that I opt not to buy the windows OS anymore 'coz the Linux OS already installed in the laptop is enough for my need. But then, she said it was a company policy not to allow the... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Philippines
vilma m.coquilla March 27, 2009
Good day, i would like to cancel my online booking from Tagbilaran BOHOL to MANILA dated april 16th via my bankard credit card, passenger name Mr.Rico Coquilla ticket number/flight number 0792430818427 my email address is montallanavi@yahoo.com. Yours Throughly, Vilma M.Coquilla read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
JOHNNY DELA CRUZ March 19, 2009
I work at Tri-Dharma. Distributor po kami ng mga consumer products particularly Kopiko and Energen. Galing po ito sa Indonesia. Walang problema and producto namin. Ang problema ay ang pagnanakaw na ginagawa ng aming kumpanya sa pamamagitan ng hindi par rereport ng tamang benta at hindi pagbabayad ng tamang buwis. Delivery Receipt lamang po ang gamit namin. May Pailan-ilan kaming Sales Invoice pero marami pa rin ang DR. Hindi po ito ni-rereport. Kami po ay tinutulungan pa ng isang opisyal ng BIR na tumutugion sa ngalang Norma Herrera... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
Medialink Contact Solutions / Members-Edge
Lana P. March 16, 2009
This company is not the company you wish to work with. This company doesn't know how to TAKE CARE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES. They do not follow LABOR CODE, they use people, all they want is money. They make their agents look stupid especially if you don't make a sale. Management people are very harsh. You will come to work around 2am and go home at around 1pm (THAT'S ALMOST 11 HOURS OF WORK, without overtime pay). They hate people who are witty and good looking. People there are really insecure to one another. Politics, jealousy, and... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Philippines
dave March 15, 2009
i met this girl named MICHELLE LIWANAG online dunno where she got my email address we exchange some pics then telling about ourselves...i give my trust to her coz she is kind and sweet to me then after a couple of days she ask me to meet her at the hotel and offer me a sex but i need to book her first to her manager for $1, 000... i send this amount to her manager RETCHELL LIWANAG via western union PHILIPPINES she send me a photo on the hotel where she is staying then after giving my mtcn# she ask me to come over to hotel so we can fuck but... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Philippines
juan dela cruz March 13, 2009
Im calling all the people of america regarding this...im working on this company for almost a year and...Its time to fight back ill give you the exact information. Its not actually in new jersey or the number that appear in your phone the truth is that company is located here in Philippines, Manila.the name of the company is MEDIA LINK CONTACT SOLUTION. This is the exactly address 16th floor the peak tower building leviste st. Salcedo village makati city 1226 Manila, Philippines THIS IS THE EXACTLY SCRIPT OF GRANT... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
Gavin-Electronic Inc.
Anne Lumen March 10, 2009
I almost experienced same all the complaints. The difference is i ask ed them if they can credit the said deposits amounting 70 Euro and my request granted by replaying me a confirmation. Until now, no data machine came into my home address since the promised date of start will be on March 12, 2009. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Philippines
Transglobal Express
SAM March 9, 2009
Hi, I think someone got to stop this fraud guy who wish to marry a girl. Just like same incident - he seems so real that he even want to meet your parents I believed this guy is from Tagged also who claimed from London and worked as Engineer. He will going to sent you parcel with a car on it at first he wanted you to conceal the money he incude about 50, 000 pounds that he will going to send you the website(www.transglobalex.com) with tracking no & airway bill that omewhat appears to be genuine and when you check on-line it will... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Philippines
Gavin Electronics Inc
misstie March 6, 2009
Gavin Electronics contacted me via email last Feb 07, 2009 regarding a home-based job as Customer Data Entry. After numerous attempts of checking the validity and credibility of the company or website ( google-ing complaints or negative feedbacks), no particular page or complaint came up. The website (gavin-inc.com) looked convincing enough to be genuine. And so I replied and expressed my interest in the job, which claimed to pay 160 Euros per week on a 2-hour per day job. The name of the person who sent me an email was Mr. Eladio G... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Philippines
Cebu Pacific Air ONLINE
Pcraver March 3, 2009
I was happy to know that we could book online with our local airline company without the hassle of going to a ticketing agency... so i made a booking for my mom and sister at first a flight to boracay on may, and it was successful...it went out smoothly, although i notice that the moment i processed my credit card payment it took a while before i got my booking confirmation since they need to verify the transaction with my bank, i got a call with my bank that day verifying my transaction made. ( this happens because i hardly use my credit card... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Philippines


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