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Angie Basilan November 26, 2010
Dear Sir, I just received the below e-mail informing of winning on an online Draw...For your clarification please. Thank you. Yahoo - Microsoft Online Draw show details Nov 25 (2 days ago) Dear Winner, Congratulation. you have won the sum of usd$5, 000.000.00 from the 2010 UN aid programme. your Ref No.is 150018IPD contact Mrs Grace on this email asiaofficeemai1@btinternet.com quoting your Ref.No. for your claim and clarification Thanks You Ms Victoria Dave read full review »
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davao victim November 26, 2010
i received email from malaysian costum name ALFRED P. DIVOOM staff of Global Fast Link Courier Services. I will sent them 209.11 malaysian ringgit because they told me to pay the package fee which is sent by Mr. KIngston Berg... Please see attached below. I want to send them back my money if its not true...From: Global fast link Courier service <courierserviceglobalfastlink@ymail.com> To: red_gem79@yahoo.com Sent: Fri, November 19, 2010 7:58:51 AM Subject: ATTENTION: RUBILYN P. RAMO ATTENTION: MADAM. THE GLOBAL FAST... read full review »
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Liberato_789 November 26, 2010
These people have prepared all my documents. For the same service one company from London asked me 690 pounds. The company with yahoo messenger: docservice1 provides high quality, rapid service with competitive rates! read full review »
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Maricel T. November 25, 2010
Brighcove provided professional translation for my documents at a reasonable price. I`m pleased with their services ! read full review »
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hookup hotel
Iamauser November 24, 2010
this site is a scam read full review »
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Dublin Skylon Hotel Ireland
bruceman2192 November 23, 2010
I have received an email coming from the Immigration Ministry Damian H. Green and Dublin Skylon Hotel HRM Chirr Rouchael as well as from the British Inland Revenue Commission (BIRC) Peter Viento (attached in this mail) that my documents has been put on hold and asking me to pay for the NON-UK Tax Fee which is 560GBP in able for them to process and post my documents. Please see the email letter they have sent to me...i am only given 5 days to send to them the fee.. i need your help if this is true and authenticated.thank you INLAND REVENUE... read full review »
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Yamaha Vega Disk
milgokou November 23, 2010
I bought my Yamaha Vega Disk a month ago and as per agent who explained everything, plate registration will take 1 1/2 months. Last November 15, 2010 was my first monthly payment and just a week ago I visited my motor dealer's office here in San Rafael, Montalban for oil change and chain adjustment as part of it's warranty coverage. Part of this, I followed up the status of my plate registration processing with them. I just reminded them that this coming end of November will be the 1 1/2 months' old of my motorcycle purchased so... read full review »
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clintax November 19, 2010
I just want to ask If the job offered by service@jobworks.biz(Elizabeth Lee) Is true then I want to know also that if their agency is accredited by the EU? thats what I want to know? read full review »
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E.A.A.S Lottery Organization
maryannlizacorimao November 18, 2010
Dear Sir, I received message of winning a lottery program, i just want to confirm if the said lottery is real. If you have sincere heart of helping people please e-mail me at cmaryannliza@yahoo.com. Thank you so much! Godspeed! read full review »
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Coca Cola Bottler Bacolod City Negros Occidental Philippines
royandsj November 15, 2010
I have purchased bottle of sprite at fastfood in our town but wheI started to take a sip on it, I noticed the taste is not sprite so I asked the crew to confirm and he said it's sprite bottle and cover is lift but they were not even sure when we poured some in a glass because the color is different unlike sprite is clear...I made a blotter in aour police station because I was so worried because I dont feel safe with the product anymore as I am very careful because it will be intake..The taste is just sweet and doesn't have any... read full review »
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RC Equipment and other Consumer Electronics
MG Ang See November 12, 2010
Watch out for Goldwyn Sarmiento (aka. goldwyn911, cougar2000). This guy is a scammer!!! He has victimized countless victims with his bogus transactions. **, goldwyn911.sulit.com.ph - Recently deleted by the scammer at Sulit. **, RCPhilippines.com **, RCTech.net Contact / CP No: 0916 2428654 Email Addresses: goldwyn911@yahoo.com, goldwyn_sarmiento@dell.com His last known employment details. Goldwyn C. Sarmiento Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist-Asia Pacific Dell International Phil... read full review »
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cockroach pantry November 11, 2010
Hi Guys Beware of this company !!! Especially the people in HR and finance they are a scammer !!! All about the good comments here are incorrect !! I believe that one of the HR personnel wrote it!!! LOL All the bad comments are true especially in regards with back pay!! And imagine the person who will entrertain you regarding that matter is the security guards !!! OMG what kind of company is that the security guards do the role of HR as well. The person who will answer the phone if you have inquiry are the security guards they handling... read full review »
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apply@build career.com
nivrej November 11, 2010
can anyone from the philippines could possibly help me in determining wether apply@build-career.com or W-hinkley or anca Ianeva is true or not because I also remitted a money to them and waiting still for the development of my application in Ireland. I hope you could help me by stating your personal experiences with this company! tnx in advance! read full review »
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Sprite 12 oz.
viayenn November 10, 2010
It was September 29, 2010 3:00 P.M. and it was my son birthday party. He asked me a bottle of Sprite to open it and upon checking the I was surprised that there is a foriegn materials inside the un opened bottle, i was so shock because you cant clearly seen with your eyes if you dont check it. I tried how many times to reached them but nobody answer with my call. Until I reach Conrad Ortiz ( TSM ), and he asked me my concern, he told me that somebody from QA will call me. This QA call me October 6, 2010 2:00 PM and he ask me that he will... read full review »
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myonlychild November 8, 2010
JOLLIBEE Araneta Square October 25, this year my husband went to the said branch to blocked the date of my son's 1st birthday party on December 12, 2010 (time is 3-5) The smart told him that since we are the first to blocked that date we are the PRIORITY and if somebody will want to get that same schedule they will INFORM US first before giving the schedule to other customer. They did not give us specific time on until when we have to confirm this reservation, they just said that they will call us. But to our dismay, that thing... read full review »
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Lonely Planet/Hostleworld
tunajoebackpacker November 7, 2010
We are a cash low cost backpacker hostel who charges from USD 2 to 5 per night. We cannot get listed on Lonely Planet or their affiliate Hostleworld because they exclude us as we cannot afford credit cards because there would be nothing left for us. This is clearly restrictive trade practices being used by these parties who give the image of providing best value for travellers. The truth is they are more interested in commissions and not in revealing the lowest and best value for backpackers which is on the basis of low cost cash hostels such as ours. read full review »
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shadow_angel731 November 5, 2010
This site is former Ecoroute finance limited now they are still on continuous site operation. http://www.treasurystandard.com/index.php?p=1_10_Internet-Banking Dear Valued Customer, Your payment for opening an Account with us has been confirmed. Your Account has been setup and it's now ready for use. Please kindly confirm your Account by following the below procedure. You may visit our Website at http://treasurystandard.com and click on "Internet Banking" among the list of menu on our Website. When... read full review »
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Airphil Express (Online booking)
Zachary Go October 30, 2010
During the confirmation the website got error and result to a wrong schedule, we send a complain through their onlinesupport@airphilippines.com.ph, customer@airphilippines.com.ph about the error and request for a fix but they just send us the wrong schedule. after that they won't reply our email, even on their booking office in Cebu City Philippines won't support us saying we have to call long distance to Manila Philippines to file a complain they won't help us. We tried to make many long distance call to Manila (632) 8559000... read full review »
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word wide express courier malaysia
dearlyn genosas October 30, 2010
my bf send me a trunk box from england, then malaysia worldwide courier hold the package and said i need to pay the charges, of 250$ to bring here in philippines that package, i was confused why like that the service of the malaysian world wide express courier?which is i did not pay!why i pay 250$ charges?thats already pay to my bf mr.frank ronald.i dont understand & a big question to me? read full review »
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meycauayan water district
aipple October 29, 2010
Dear Sir/ Ma'am, I would like to complain regarding the water supply of Meycauayan Water District here in Ville De la Grotte Saluysoy Meycauayan Bulacan. I and the rest of the homeowners have been suffering for the unpredictable water supply of the said Water District Company. We don't receive nay notice from the said water district company that they are encountering problems in their water connection. This problem give us trouble and headache in our everyday living. I hope this problem can be resolve the soonest... read full review »
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Kelly Richards
mcalleyboy October 26, 2010
Kelly Richards Scam at it again in Makati, Philippines. Kelly Richards does not live in the Philippines as she claims in the Fox news channel make money at home mom. Chanel 6 Reports out of Manila this money maker, no money to be made by you, only Blake Richards and Kelly Richards. These people were exposed years ago and yet they still make money off of people that want to work and now they are exploiting the Philippines. Your first clue that this is a scam is that they live in Makati, yet the pictures are from the U.S. Read the forum... read full review »
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World Wide Cargo Services Courier Service
Maribel Constantino October 21, 2010
I am expecting a package from Engr. Larry Brown country of origin is Sydney Australia and destination is Malaysia and Philippines using the service of World Wide Cargo Services Courier Service. But last Oct 19, 2010 I received an email and call from the said company stating that my parcel was put on hold at the Customs of Malaysia and was asked to pay an extra delivery charge amounting to 1, 670.00 Malaysian Ringgit and pay thru Western Union. I was able to give the full payment yesterday Oct 20, 2010 and was told that the cargo company... read full review »
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gery October 20, 2010
Every alternate days deducted 5 SAR Respected Sir, I want to cancel Immediately this service from my Mobile My Mobile No. +966509177678 Kindly get immediate action to cancell this services. Every alternatedays reducing 5 SAR from my Balance. I am fate up to this service. Kindly help me in this regards. Gerry read full review »
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Sony recovery disk
derrickh October 20, 2010
I have been a long time Sony pc loyal customer. I will never buy a Sony vao again!!! the computer is fine. the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! After five years my operating system was corrupted. I had to order a recovery disk from them. First blunder is I was charged $23.00 for fed-ex overnight delivery as per my request. when my cd did not arrive the next day, I called them and was told that they are updating their systems and do NOT OFFER OVERNIGHT DELIVERY. What?? why was I then charged for overnight delivery???? I have had customer service... read full review »
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Girlie G.Lapada October 18, 2010
I have been receiving this Bills for the past few months and DO NOT remember subcribing to this Please Cancel my Subscription ASAP Ty. RN REAL PLAYER SUPERPA USD 4.94 and RN UNLIMITED MOVIES USD 6.95 read full review »
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Batangas Port
gandako October 15, 2010
Me and my foreigner bf thought of checking out Puerto Gallera and we of course need to go through Batangas Port. What a horrifying experienced with the people there trying to grab all our stuff and asked for money as a tip..tip suppose to be given to them by our will...what a shamed about Filipinos..Every gate we passed by, it is all about fees for what? nothing! It is just so Filipino...The management needs to do something about it or else we will be lossing a lot of tourist going back and forth in the Philippines... read full review »
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gandako October 15, 2010
I worked in Stream Global Solution in North Edsa S.M city Q.C.. I experienced being harrassed by the management itself. Starting with the Team leader to the Product manager..Politics is all over the place. you can actually sense it yourself, managers will be the one to create trouble. The worst call center i have been with.. lahat plastik..they don't care about other's, they just care about themselves alone...what a pity.. read full review »
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Carlson121212 October 14, 2010
I had digitel as my internet and landline provider, Man they really suck! it is the worst service I have experienced in my entire life! Here's my story.. I applied for a business plan even if I have only 1 computer because I really wanted a high speed connection, mine was 2.5 mbps! But the moment that everything was installed there where already glithces! First I am suppose to have a free cellphone as advertised and as we have agreed on, but they did not comply! second they have installed me a landline - a phone that cannot make... read full review »
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Susan Roger
blue pearl October 11, 2010
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm Julie Pearl Doloso from Philippine, I like to ask some question regarding my employer. I apply through a online job search at www.bestjobsalary.com and after one month on august 9, 2010 I receive a private text message from Mrs.Susan Roger she offering me a job as a private nanny for her kids in UK, of course I accepted it. Afterwards, she reply to my email and said the job description, asking a scan requirements like birth certificate, international passport and school certificates to the said email I comply it... read full review »
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lhoraine October 10, 2010
good day! i just want to clarify that this web address is fake and misleading any receiver of their notice here's the address: info@westernunion.com they told m that i need to send my identity info to them coz i do have $5, 000 usd as the full amount i won $300, 000... its a scam dont be fooled... read full review »
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Oportunitas Mirus Company
Daisy M. Comendador October 9, 2010
I received exactly the same letter as that of Mr. Jermell Roy Martinez from Oportunitas Mirus Company. The bad thing is I paid 32 Euro to Translation ABC Ltd. to process my Personal security number. I paid it tru Western Union MTCN: 613-112-9316 Receiver is Anka H. Yaneva of Bulgaria. Hope that something can be done to stop this fraud. Thank you read full review »
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SM sta roasa laguna CHERR MOBILE Q5i
darwin b. alejo October 7, 2010
bumili ako nang brand new cellphone sa SM STA ROSA LAGUNA mismo sa booth ng CHERRY MOBILE noong SEPT 1, 2010 .. after one week ay may defect pala ito.. bnalik ko po ito sa sa pinagbilihan ko kinuha po nila ang cellphone para daw ipaayos ito.. sabi nila ay bumalik after one month .. bumalik po ako at ang sabi nila ay wala pa silang update na maibibigay samin ... ang sabi ko ay palitan nalang ng same unit ang cellphone na binili ko.. ngunit ayaw nila.. sinabi ko rin na irerefund ko nalng ang pera ko na nakakahalaga ng 3, 500.. ngunit ayaw nila... read full review »
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dubai2775 October 3, 2010
I was sending my package to the philippines using this cargo company as clearing and forwarding in philippines, but they open and destroyed my package without any consultation or advice the owner or reciever, and i found out that my package still there in the warehouse, hold for delivery, i want to complain this unthrusty company for that kind of bussines. read full review »
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Globe Telecom Broadband
Angry Globe Customer October 3, 2010
Globe Telecom sells a variety of internet packages. Several of these packages are advertised as being 'Unlimited'. The adverts lead customers to believe that they will recieve unlimited internet access (data transfer) for set periods of time, in return for their payment. However, Globe has a (very hidden) policy which actually sets strict limits on the data usage allowed to customers. This policy is the 'Fair Use Policy'. It unilaterally sets an 'average' data consumption limit for customers. If customer... read full review »
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rivera77 September 29, 2010
I recommend the company with yahoo messenger: consultwr . They located my employer and then I send the prepared documents. It took me about 2 month and some weeks to do all necessary and I`m thankful to them for their hard work. read full review »
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SM Hypermarket
olm43 September 22, 2010
I was shopping in SM hypermarket 6pm - my usual grocery purchase is P9, 000 - when it was my turn to pay in the counter the cashier told me that I have to pay P3 per plastic bag. I was surprised because there was no poster nor radio spiel about the additional charge. So I left my groceries because I felt cheated. No where in the world have I ever heard or encountered a grocery charging for plastic bags! For me it is taking advantage of customers because aside from the margin that they make on groceries they are so greedy to make money on... read full review »
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Samsung Mobile M3510
Chinitz September 22, 2010
5 months ago I bought Samsung mobile phones last week I had encountered problem in receiver. I can't hear the voice of the person who calling me. Since it's still under warranty, Sept. 16, 2010 Thursday, I went to Samsung Mall of Asia (MOA) to address my concern in repairing my phone, Samsung personnel said that they don't have a stock of spare part (receiver). They committed a promise that they will order on Sept.17 friday, the spare parts i need and it will delivered to them Sept. 20 or 21. They also promise to keep me... read full review »
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nuera long distance
dugay September 20, 2010
A female call center agent named Nora/Leonora Barbas has a long distance affair with my husband through Nuera long distance company. She started calling at first asking for some referrals. She had been calling my husband during her work hours and was able to have an affair with my husband. They met in Philippines. She had been asking favors from my husband which involves financial matters. Shame on Nuera that they don't pay attention on this matters. I strongly suggest for them to fire this person otherwise she is going to have more victims which will make nuera go down the drain. read full review »
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prime manpower agency
kramo September 18, 2010
hjaymiguel is a scammer jay hernadez na bakla carefull kayo, his using prime agency and claiming that he is an agent recruiting maya/ o lalake sa gaywebsite especially sa gayromeo.com after that he will appear in any place in philippines like provinces, he will make an appointment each person to have an orientation but after that mag bait baitan cya madrama na cya mag bayad sa mga gastos pero e daan din nya ang pera na ipa deposito sa bpi according to him bayad ticket sa plane pero walang ticket tatawag cya sa inyu thru cell phone para... read full review »
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Cadbury Dairymilk
Mimmie September 18, 2010
This is the actual complain message I sent to kraft (distributor of Cadbury in the Philippines) last September 15, 2010. Unfortunately, they haven't responded yet to my complaint. I have bought a Cadbury Dairymilk (40g) last September 11, 2010, at Waltermart (Gen. Trias, Cavite, Philippines). When I opened the foil that covers the chocolate, I have noticed that grains of chocolates were present on the sides of the chocolate--which was unusual because the chocolate must have a smooth texture. I have also noticed webs in the chocolate... read full review »
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