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agatabrown April 20, 2017
is this that girl?
i know this person is this the girl? look at photo
marlon April 1, 2009
scammer / hooker / theft
here are the photos of michelle liwanag...a part time cam model / escort, scamming & screwing people is part of her job

she is a professional theft also, she took money and personal belongings of her clients

this girl should be banned and put in jail
rafael stone April 1, 2009
this girl michelle liwanag took my money, ipod, digicam, laptop and my watch during my vacation to philippines
i pay your service fee to your manager retchell liwanag i dont deserve this kind of treatment
why this girl scam and screwed people??? how can your conscience accept all of this
what kind of people are you michelle liwanag...is that the way your parents raised you...to steal money and stuff just to live

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