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Jerry Chew October 26, 2010
the MBT shoe seller. I did not receive email confirmation of my purchase despite this confirmation of payment. I want to ask the seller when they are going to ship my purchase of the MBT shoes. My purchase details are : Order details: Merchant Order No. : 20101024070829 Order No. : 145210102411193761416 Payment Date&Time : 10/24/2010 03:19:37 GMT Amount : 100.99 USD My contact email is : [email protected] pl reply me. Thanks. read full review »
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Ashoksehgal October 24, 2010
I bought 33 DVDs rental package for 100$ from Canton Videos. I took only 22 DVDs and they refused to give me my balance DVDs. The reason they are stating is that the DVD membership was only for a year. I checked all the terms & conditions and no where it was mentioned that I have to take these DVDs in 1 year. I would like to lodge my complaint against this company who have refused to give me DVDs and cheated my in the dealings. Company Name is Canton Video Ptd, Ltd, 101, Thomson Road, #01-55, United square, Singapore 307591. Ashok Sehgal Contact No. +65-97103654 read full review »
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Jonal Chong Hair Couture
Preciouslotus October 22, 2010
I paid a visit to the Salon, as they were offering promotions for "wash and colour". I was told that day was fully booked, so I got a free slot for noon the next day. The owner, Jonal Chong informed me that as my hair required special colouring, I would be charged as such: full price for the colouring, promotion price for the cut. I arrivbed at noon the next day, and they made me wait one hour. When I finally for impatient and asked when they would see to me, I was told another 30', and could I come back then? Meanwhile... read full review »
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Property Agents Company
Eric Ng October 20, 2010
hi, i would like to complaint about all the Property Agents! they came to our door step to distribute all their flyers to ask people to sell their house!. i am so pissed because it is getting from bad to worse as all the papers fell on the ground and it just got too much it became littles. read full review »
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Joop Fashion House
Fannfang October 17, 2010
This is regarding my recent purchase. I was very upset with my latest purchase at Joop Fashion house at Raffles City on 1st Oct 2010 at about 10.19 pm. The salesgirl told me that if I buy above $50, I can apply for a member card which is I wanted since last year. I happily picked 2 pieces, $55.90 and $49.90 respectively. My friend who was with me paid for hers which cost $55.90 and applied for her card while I followed. My friend received a $5 voucher and asked if she can picked up another item using the voucher, she was told by another... read full review »
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Jazzy333 October 17, 2010
The International Awareness Promotion Department Of YAHOO & MICROSOFT Inc. MAIL AWARD PROMOTION . Headquarters: 1X, Bexon Court Carlton Nottingham Shire Nottingham NG4 1SQ Essex United Kingdom. Customer Service : 580 WCL 85915 Tel: +44-871-996-0855 FAX:+44-871-996-0955 E-mail: [email protected] Attention : Lucky Winner, We happily announce to you the email draw of 2010 by Yahoo & Microsoft Inc. prize award International program held on the 3rd of 10-2010, in Nottingham United Kingdom . Your... read full review »
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Mobile Evolution LLP SIM LIM SQARE
Manjul October 16, 2010
I bought an IPAD and i was along with it sold apple store 2years user license for S$299/- which is a fraud, along with it i was sold a hardisk containing 300 WII games for another 200 S$ which i later learnt did not work. Authorities should take strict action against these people as they are spoiling the reputation of a Nation known for safety and Honesty [email protected] read full review »
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A student from raffles design institute
A student of Raffles Design Institute October 14, 2010
I am just surprised about how worse the Singapore community's attitude towards students in their development for future. It is ironic that you need to lie (meaning don't ever mention that you are a student trying to research for study) in order to be treated equally as a customer, or else their attitude towards you will change. Still don't get what I am trying to explain? Here's to elaborate. I am an Interior Design student from RDI, and the main success to our courses are to understand the projects we are doing a... read full review »
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Phyllis Koh Bock Koon October 11, 2010
I have signed up for 24/7 Live Tech Support (888) 643-2070 last year on 13.9.2009, but I find it not useful therefore did not want to renew it this year. But it was charged automatically into my creditcard without my approval and knowledge till I received my creditcard bill this month (Oct). Kindly help to remove my creditcard deduction in the future. Ref No: 24351780256948361618385. I have called your toll free number at 866-7930454 on 11.10.10 but there was no respond. Should there be any queries, please feel free to call me at 65- 96407013. read full review »
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Filled under: Electronics Location: Singapore
Tan Peng Soon
Tan Peng Soon October 5, 2010
I regularly book Tiger Air Ticket (To & Fro ~ Singapore-ShenZhen) almost on every month. On the 1st of September 2010, while I was doing my booking through the Internet again for my October trip, I faced difficulty and found the system is not as user friendly as before. I realized that the system for booking is slightly not the same as before too. During my keying in of particulars when reaching the selection of seats, as I did not want to select seat, the system refused me from advancing. After attempting, the system darkens down and I... read full review »
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Bridge Data Roaming Service
wmclaxton September 29, 2010
On 26 August I applied for Bridge Data Roam 15 and within 24 hours of service commencement discovered that my usage exceeded 15MB. I had not accessed Internet other than having my phone download emails. Within the next 24 hours I contacted Singtel (at my own expense) to terminate the service. I am dissatisfied that the plan recommended was unable to accomodate my modest email usage even for 24 hours. On 4 September I wrote to Singtel to confirm that I wanted the Bridge Data Roaming service disconnected and they acknowledged by... read full review »
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Anthony Hair Boutique
little_voice September 28, 2010
I went to the Anthony Hair Boutique in Tampines 1 to have my hair curled. I chose a senior stylist whose rate is also higher than average: $158 for permanent hair curling. After 3 hours in their chilly shop and finally had it done. Then the so-called stylist tried all that he knew to make it look a bit different than before: he used a super-sized hair dryer and various gel and cream. But honestly, it just made my hair bigger but definitely not curlier. After i washed it the next day, nothing is there!!! But messy-cut hair. I went back to... read full review »
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Tulips72 September 25, 2010
A lot of bogus characters with close similar profiles. When you pick on them immediately they want an IM address to chat but you know they could be either scammers or hackers. I used an uncommon mail service and did not chat with the ones I picked online. Gradually you find them talking rubbish and cannot answer simple personal questions and eventually drop off the scene. Confirmed scammers who are phishing for email address and whatever else. Please be aware and don't pay for their service. I've been on many online dating... read full review »
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Powerhouse Night Club at St. James
Student12345 September 15, 2010
‎5 times visited powerhouse at St. James Powerhouse, felt it was wonderful!!the 6th time that i went, i was absolutely taken aback by the the worst behaviour ever existing in the hospitality history, seemed like being spoken to with much disgrace by Adam, a server at the ladies special bar was not enough that abusing and hitting terribly tur...ned out to be a complementary act and that too without any kind of disrespectful contribution from my end was an absolute pity..just a simple question asked, ''buddy, y is it taking so much... read full review »
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Singtel MIO internet
clow105 September 13, 2010
Their internet does not WORK. It automatically disconnects itself every 5 to 10 mins periodically especially in prime times of 8pm to 11pm. I don't understand why am I paying 50SGD every month for such lousy service. This is a FAILURE in service delivery yet Singtel still has the cheeks to advertise about its 'all-in-one' MIO TV. More like "hell-in-one". Called the Singtel 1688 customer service hotline THREE times during this year. They KEEP asking me to repeat the useless solutions they provide and REFUSED to... read full review »
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Starhub - Digital Home Voice
Djulaeha September 4, 2010
We applied for Home Hubbing Package with Starhub in Vivo City on July 30th. The package include Starhub TV, home broadband (max on line) and home digital voice. When the home installation was done on August 12, the TV and broadband immediately became operational. While the digital voice they claimed will be active in 3-5 days. After 5 days, it was still not working so I called their customer service. Answer was that they will look into it (after collection my personal and starhub details), and they promised to call me back with the... read full review »
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Movie library
edmurugan September 2, 2010
I had subscription and prepaid amount over 40 dollars. THe site & the email doesnt work only partially loading. read full review »
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Singtel / Iphone 4
Mann69 August 31, 2010
1. Bought a iPhone 4 16gb at SingTel com centre on the 28th August. Got the assurance from sales staff that in Singapore drop signal not affected and he even convince me to up my usage plan. 2. Reach home (Woodlands) and charge up the iPhone. Signal drop to 1 bar or 2 bar. Around kitchen area a moment or two no signal at all. Waited for a couple of hours than try the phone. 3. Camera view from portrait to landscape, Auto flash Icon got hidden between switch. 4. Discovering how iPhone not so smartphone. a) Photo transfer... read full review »
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TigerAirSucks August 30, 2010
We flew from Singapore to Phuket for vacation on 26 August and while we were on vacation, Tiger Airways decided to cancel our return flight on 30 August. They will not pay for the extra night of hotel that we have to extend, no assistance in regards to flights, and customer service was SMUG about how they will offer no assistance. Here are my conclusions from this incident: 1. NEVER FLY TIGER AIRWAYS. This was the first and last time I ever fly Tiger Airways. They have absolutely no respect or empathy for their customers. 2. READ THE... read full review »
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The Jetstar Customer Care Team
rowell August 27, 2010
Please allow at least 15 business days for a response from one of our Customer Care analysts ?????? Dear Ah Sheng, Thank you for letting us know about your Jetstar experience. We really do value the comments we get from our customers (both the good and not-so-good) as they help us make Jetstar a better experience for all our customers. Please allow at least 15 business days for a response from one of our Customer Care analysts. If your feedback or query relates to imminent travel (within 72 hours), please contact our Customer... read full review »
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Mobile Evolution LLP
shanks774 August 26, 2010
I also got cheated yesterday by them. They say can modify my PSP and they charge me $67. Aftr I check my PSP it said restricted content for games made in other countries. Then I ask them why I cant play other games they say need to unlock other countries games and need to pay extra $30 for each country to be unlocked I then suspected and went to another shop and inquired and they said the shop has cheated me. So i went back and argued and they say got two types of modification and mine which they modified is soft mod and can only play some PHB... read full review »
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Tiong August 19, 2010
Hi, I would like to know whether I can claim my lost against my vehicle warranty agent, TWM?   I own a sport car and it has a gearbox problem on early April 2010 then I sent it to TWM as my car is still under warranty.   According to TWM, I can not claim the lost of use due to the warranty package doesnt come with the lost of use term, however, they offered me a replacement car to use while my car is down for repair. Since they started to troubleshoot my car on april, they did it very slowly and it took... read full review »
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Pasar malam
A88888888 August 16, 2010
Can someone turn the volumn down or Switch it OFF?? i can hear the annoucement just 'to remind shoppers to take care of their wallet in bahasa melayu and english language'' everynight repeat...repeat and repeat until 12am!! So disturbing for someone who just back from work! read full review »
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Venkatesh S
venkat_77 August 16, 2010
Dear Sir / Madam, I was living with my family (wife and my 1 year old kid) at Block 687A, 14-396 Choa Chu Kang Crescent from 3rd Jun 2010 to 14th Aug 2010. I approached the house owner for the rental accommodation on the basis of internet advertisement given by him in eZlink classifieds (http://www.ezlinksingapore.com/) on late may 2010. House owner (Ram Prabhu) sublet the common room in his flat on the basis of the verbal agreement I had with him. The verbal agreement we had is to stay for 3 months. As per verbal agreement made... read full review »
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SingTel Mio
sharemypain August 13, 2010
Incredible. This online application asks for a floor and unit number as mandatory, in Singapore this is only applicable to condominiums, if you live in a house such information is not available. I enter 0 0 and an error is displayed. If incorrect address information is entered, then bills will be sent to the wrong address. It then asks for a home and office telephone number. I don't have either of these. Finally - a support telephone number which is out of date. Incredible. Well done SingTel read full review »
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accomline, hotelclub
Refer W August 11, 2010
Accomline and Hotelclub are actually businesses of ORBITZ. I saw no complaints under Accomline.com and happily booked my 2 nights hotel room in Ho Chi Minh. Then, when I get the voucher, it stated that ORBITZ has paid to the booked hotel. Only then did I search under Orbitz and saw the long list of frightening complaints. Hope I get my hotel room when I get to Vietnam !! (The voucher looks so plain and w/o even a proper letterhead logo) read full review »
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OCBC Banking
Srivatsa M K August 6, 2010
My Name is Mangalam Kasturirangan Srivatsa NRIC S2743615C Phone 91702186 I have been charged S$ 17, 800 to my easy credit as a sopecisl facility by one of yur phone banking officers 2 weeks back abd was told that the same will be credited to my Savings Account in OCBC.. On the 4th Aug there was a debit of S$17, 800 but there was no credit to my Savings account.. I called on the evening of the 5th and was told it is sent to my POSB account.. I checked the POSB account and there was no transfer.. I called this morning and complained.. There... read full review »
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Singtel Mobile
greennie August 5, 2010
Signed up for a new line under corporate plan, iOne Plus, on Monday, 2nd Aug, the last customer at Raffles Hello! Shop Branch. The next day I upgraded my plan to Iflexi lite plan (12GB) since I've an android phone - can go online, social-network. The Singtel rep contacted me on 3rd Aug (Tues). I asked if it's possible to upgrade. He say OK. Only need 1 working day. I called Singtel 1688 on Wed, 4th Aug at around 1pm to check if it's done, so i can start using 3G Data. I was told to call back later. Statu... read full review »
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Mr Martin Ivan Rogers
GT70 August 2, 2010
MR. MARTIN IVAN ROGERS. DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPT. CITIBANK LONDON. DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER: +44-754-699-4106. FAX NUMBER: +44-700-593-1053. I need to know is the above name working with Citibank London?? Thank you Gerald read full review »
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Apple - iStudio at The Paragon
Gary Howells 3 July 31, 2010
iStudio staff are rude, avoid anyone with a problem and then try and avoid making replacements under the Apple warranty schemes. They lie about warranty issues in the hope that you will buy a replacement. I have just had to stage a 'sit in' to get my three month old magsafe adaptor replaced after it failed and was tested by iStudio and found to be faulty. I was advised that it would have to be repaired then replaced in a week then a few days. I was offered an old one as a replacement and finally after I refused to sign... read full review »
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Singtel Hello Shop AMK hub
ROPL July 27, 2010
Yesterday i found out my broadband mobile modem was not working so I made a trip down to AMK hello shop to get a replacement of sim card but until today i still have connection problem so i made another trip down to get a replacement of device but the staff said they cannot give me a new one on the spot where i have to go to service center. I talked about my situation so he went to asked for this tall male manager (at 1.30pm on 27 July 2010) over, he said the same thing i have to go service center and to be done in ONE week time where he... read full review »
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Electrolux coffee pot
DominicF July 23, 2010
If you bought a coffeepot and it said on the box "Only works 300 times" it is unlikely that you'd buy it - but that's the truth with my Electrolux coffee pot -less than a year of weekday morning use and it is kaput - shoddy goods. Glad I found out about how bad their stuff is before I'd bought a big ticket item like a fridge/freezer. read full review »
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singtel broadband
singtel July 22, 2010
hi i got broadband on mobile connection for my laptop and the no. is 94421431. the contract which i have signed for 2 yearsis for 4000kbps speed. but till date i just got only max speed that is 20kbps, by which i cant open a simple page on net. more than 10 times i hve complained to 1688 regarding the same but nothing happened. one customer care is Mr XANDER told me that its coverage problem so somebody from coverage deptt. will come to your residence to sort out the problem or i'll give you a call. but i am just waiting for last 20 day... read full review »
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RussMK July 21, 2010
I signed a contract to provide services as a speaker at a two day seminar. The seminar was conducted in June, 2010 with terms of service to be paid $3, 000US 30 days after the event. I have not been paid for services, emails are not returned, phones are not answered and calls not returned. No payment has been recieved. read full review »
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Mustafa Centre,
devendramw July 14, 2010
My GST Reg No. B0312031 Please find attached copy of GST refund having all the details mentioned by you. >- country of purchase - Singapore >- name and shop location - Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co. Pte Ltd. Singapore 210668. GST Reg No. M2-0085274-5 >- purchase date and amount - 21/05/2005 S$ 876.90 21/05/2005 S$ 125.00 21/05/2005 S$ 011.70 22/05/2005 S$ 199.00 >- the name of the buyer written on Global Refund form - Devendra W. Mahadeo Nobody is showing any interest in my Tax refund. I tried... read full review »
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Doctor attached to Pasir Ris Polyclinic
Linda Inderjit Kaur July 13, 2010
On 13th July 2010 I went to the Pasir Ris Polyclinic as I was not feeling well. Firstly, I arrived at the clinic just as they were breaking for lunch, it was 1.00pm. I wanted to have a seat and wait at the registration floor for them to start after lunch. I was told that I could lnot wait inside and was asked to queue outside the clinic. They only open again at 1.45pm for registration. Imagine, as it is I left the office because I was not feeling well. Then I'm told to stand and wait for 45 minutes before they start... read full review »
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teo spray
popcornnbunny July 13, 2010
Beware of this bike shop! recently had just do a wire transfer on 2/07/10 for my installment and called to them about fund been transferred. Receptionist (probably a newbie) had confirm received the fund. on 13/07/10 my bike was been towing away and when i try to reach them, they told me that i had not paid my installment and so bike was been tow. Later did they found out that i actually had paid my installment(obviously had proof in bank statement) and they come out a lame excuse that i did not call them and confirm the wire transfer... read full review »
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takashimaya food court -Japaness food
violet lee July 11, 2010
On 2 jul 2010 at 9.15pm, i went to purchase the Unagi meal from the Japaness food Stall in Takashimaya food court. I had order an Unagi set which should consist of Soup, Rice, Unagi(Fish ), vegetables and miso Soup at $10. Upon ordering, I have paid them the $10 cash. When they serve the food, they do not fulfill the order request. They give me the Rice, unagi(fish) and vegetables(Super small portion). At this point, I ask why they did not surf me the soup as the photo show. One of the staff there actually scold... read full review »
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Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Jerome Mah Tien Pern July 8, 2010
tI was warded on yhe 16th mar 2010 for administering the sleeping pill intravaneously therby causing excruciating pain to my right leg. I had hoped by admitting myself i could get painkillers to relieve my pain which has by this time been excruciating. The doctor on duty(Dr Chia Kok Hoong) to my surprise and horror refused to administer any painkillers, telling my mother this would teach me a lesson. I was simply put on a drip and to suffer the pain from 2am to 930am.When he came back in the morning i was alredy packing up to leave after... read full review »
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