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King Usb Industry Co Ltd
doida August 30, 2009
1st order came but 5 pieces were not working. i asked for repair or replacement, the wrong replacement memory was sent. 2nd order came, wrong amount charged. When i called, nobody answered the call. This company is still trading. Made a loss of USD300 (luckily not more) on orders placed but goods not what i ordered for. Person i was talking to was "Tina" Chinese name is Zhang Meijin Number : 86-1312-3281661 MSN: [email protected] She is still on MSN but avoiding people like me whom she has cheated on. read full review »
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Roomful of Blues
ServiceWorks August 26, 2009
I give a standing ovation with the current strong emphasis on Service Excellence and the tremendous support by Government bodies, pumping money into organizations to bring service to a higher standing. However, some organizations turn a blind eye to it and probably rule that all customers are difficult and no amount of service could surmount it. Recently, I am appalled having to experience the worst service ever in a Nightspot. "Roomful of Blues" at 72 Prinsep Street has been thought of as a wonderful chill out place for many, or so... read full review »
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Win Nie August 25, 2009
Ivy was sent by Whitelink to do make up during the wedding day. We are extremely angry because she charged us for the cosmestics. Actually, the cost should have been included in the wedding package. When we asked her a question, we were humiliated by her! Better don't visit Whitelink (Eunos). If you want to purchase your wedding package from Whitelink, insist that Ivy will not do the makeup. She is a cheat, black sheep of the trade! read full review »
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i.hate.shoplah August 24, 2009
DON'T EVER SPREE USING THIS SITE!!! www.shoplah.com completely unacceptable service. late replies. the items don't even look like the ones on the site. they refuse to give clear instructions on what the customer needs to do if she wants an exchange. hence i was more than "7 days" late, and couldnt get an exchange for blouse that was badly constructed. they CHEAT MONEY! don't ever buy from them! i;ve been online spreeing quite often, and many spree shops are efficient and run by friendly ppl. they also... read full review »
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Silk Air
Mr G DSouza August 24, 2009
Flight from SIN to BKI was about to land at about 11am on 1st August, when suddenly it started to climb altitude again. The pre-landing announcement was also made and cabin crew were instructed to be in their seats. Subsequently no announcement/reason/explanation was provided to the passengers for the sudden change in altitude and possibly change in direction as well. While alighting, on checking with cabin crew, no explanations were provided and instead we got a reply: "WE DONT KNOW". Is this what a concerned passenger i... read full review »
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Singapore Immigration
visitor ask for better service August 24, 2009
I was visted Singapore with my boy friend on 7th August 2009. My good mood had been spoil when I approaching immigration. The officers there work very slow and their attitude are bad enough to spoil Singapore image. There was a westerner family queing infront of me, they were approaching the officer all together in the same time. When it was my turn, I was intend to approach the officer together with my boyfriend as what we usually do when visit other countries. However, the officer only want to attend one person in one time and asked me... read full review »
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Singpost - Speedpost
jengems August 20, 2009
have a very annoying experience with Singpost and I am shocked with how inefficient and incompetent the staffs can be. 1. The postman left a delivery advice on the door on Thursday, called the next day to arrange for redelivery - cannot, can only call to arrange for redelivery or pickup after 1 day. 2. Called on Saturday to redeliver - "Jen" arranged for Monday 2-6pm. 3. On Monday waited from 2-8pm - no trace of postman. Called Singpost at 8pm waited for 40mins before someone can attend to me. "Mini" told me... read full review »
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Marcus Evans Sales Executive Singapore
0001hrs August 11, 2009
A person called Jasmine from Marcus Evan Singapore called me a couple of hours ago and I am still reeling from shock. She was pretentious, pushy, rude and condescending. She even made snide, sarcastic remarks about my qualifications because I didn't answer her quick enough. I was in the train when she called (she could only get through after three trys cause I was underground) and it was hard hearing her talk. Wanted to tell her that she was breaking up over the phone and that it might have been not ok to talk after all as it suddenly got... read full review »
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wiljer05 August 10, 2009
I have never been so badly treated by and facility that is supposed to be supplying a service to the consumer !!! We went to this restaurant to watch some sport. The Service we received was nothing to write home about, it was scarce and hard to find. The food was also not that great, in my opinion it was overpriced for the quality that we received, and the alcohol was also quite pricey. When asking for our bill at the end of the evening. The waitress returned with a new amended bill with some items removed as we had a bucket of beer... read full review »
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Fabricpro Dryclean & Laundry Services
awareness August 3, 2009
I sent my BRIGHT ORANGE Akira Isogawa jacket (worth more than $700) for dry cleaning on 26th May at the Shenton Way outlet. When it came back on 1st June, to my horror, it TURNED DULL RED and looked as if it's been worn over a hundred times. It was in pristine condition when I sent it in, as I've only WORN IT ONCE prior to the dry clean. Besides the discolouration + worn out state of the returned jacket, it also had a LARGE, HIDEOUS BOOT-PRINT STAIN in the front/belly area of the jacket. I've requested for... read full review »
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Jiexin Digital #1-42 Simlim Square Singapore
stubbe August 1, 2009
Here's the story, couple of months ago I bought a HTC touch HD at this store. A partner of mine asked me to buy the handset for him. The storekeeper was a nice tall, clean guy. I ask him couple of stuffs and he's quite friendly. He offered me with the price of $930. Then we had a deal. I ask about the brand's international warranty and SHOP warranty. Basically it's like this the store would help me fix things when it's broken or something within agreed period of time. He said yes to both and actually SAID "YES"... read full review »
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Au Petit Salut Singapore
deliriousLy July 20, 2009
I usually patron Au petit Salut (a fine dining restaurant at dempsey road offering good set lunches) for corporate lunches. The place is always packed for lunches so i always have to call to make a reservation. I did that a couple of week's back for a corporate lunch that i intended to bring my client to. However, my client had a change of mind so i had to forgo th reservation. I received a call from this operator by the name of Michael, whilst i was on the road. Rather than making the conversation straightforward by confirming my... read full review »
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Genuine Mobile
betchay July 20, 2009
Genuine Mobile sold a Nokia mobile phone (5130) and offered 1-year warranty. But when the mobile phone turns out to be defective after a week of using it, they don't want to fix the phone w/o paying add'l charges! (supposed to be covered by the warranty). read full review »
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orgoneenergybalancing.org is a Scam Site
Glensg July 18, 2009
For those of you keen to try out Orgonite (or orgone), avoid orgoneenergybalancing.org. This is a fraud site ran by a guy name Louis Onder. I made my purchase from orgoneenergybalancing.org in April 2009, and when my order finally arrived, they were NOT the items I ordered from orgoneenergybalancing.org. 1) There were missing item in the delivery. 2) The pendant does NOT resemble the one you see on the site. 3) Extremely poor workmanship. Huge chipped off can be found on the orgonites. 4) Wrong type delivered. I ask... read full review »
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Sony DSC T-900
izzzod July 11, 2009
Within 90 days of purchasing this camera I had to call customer and technical support 8 times as the camera images show color shift, white balance, red eye and out of focus issues. FInally took the camera into Service center only to be told 3 days later by the Sevice GM in Singapore that the camera parameters are within spec. I have 200 pictures that proove otherwise. Bad product, ppr customer service and TOTAL LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Unacceptable. Further there is no informationprovided on how to follow up on this issue. read full review »
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Collan Dsilva July 11, 2009
My friend had sent me a parcel containing items worth 500 USD via USPS from Austin, Texas on June 18th and I kept following up with singpost so as when the parcel will arrive. I was caught by surprise when they told me on 1st of july that the parcel has been delivered on 26th of June. But I never recieved the parcel. After investigation, which took a few more days I found that the parcel had been delivered to a logistics company who inturn sent it to Indonesia!!! Do you belive what kind of incompetant staff are working in singpost! how... read full review »
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Hong Tai
Win Nie July 10, 2009
Lily from Hong Tai was the tour leader for our tour. She really lacks the knowledge in this area. Give us extremely poor service. If she does not know how to deal with customer matters, better tell us instead of giving us the wrong info. So we got scolded by the local tour guide because we take Lily's words for it. In another occasion, when I am ontime back to the meeting place, she talked very loudly and I was very humiliated because everyone thought I am late. No doubt I am the last one but it does not mean I am late. I am extremely unhappy with this tour because of her. read full review »
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S. Chia
sucks2506 July 10, 2009
I am appalled with AirAsia's service standards. It is absolutely atrocious. I was informed via email by AirAsia that a particular flight (Senai - Bali) has been cancelled and I immediately responded by enquiring the options open to me. There was no response to my email. Then I called them. Each time I was put on hold for eternity. I finally got through to them and requested for a flight reroute (SIN - Bali) on the same dates. AirAsia was brazen enough to mislead by stating that they do not operate the flights from Singapore... read full review »
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Private Instructor Tay
TayCB July 8, 2009
Bad attitude, shout at his own student and not willing to teach when ask. Guys out there do look out not to fall into the same traps.. p.s i forget his full name read full review »
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Terrybong July 4, 2009
Numerous people have complaint about shop lah. It was stated on the website delivery time is about 7 days, however many received only after 1-3months. Worst of all, some customer don't even receive their goods. The clothes received doesn't match the photos posted online the sizes were always too small, the only response via email was bad. A google search online on shoplah will found that many customers got a very bad experience with shoplah - From a customer a police report has been file no: J/20080604/2214. It is disappointed that... read full review »
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ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd - AMK Hub
Veronica.may July 3, 2009
This morning (03-July) I went to purchase afew bottles of herbal drinks for my family. Amazed to found out that there were some arguments going on in the herbal drink store. There was this China auntie (I presume her to be from China due to her accent and let’s name her A) quarreling with another rather plumb-size auntie (let’s name her B). At some point of time (while I was choosing the herbal drinks), the A even threaten to fight with the B. But to my surprise, I noticed that the B did not retaliate yet came to my... read full review »
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Playedge Sim Lim Square
haha212 June 21, 2009
Playedge, address: #02-59 Sim Lim Square, Singapore, is a dishonest shop. They sell to me a modeified PSP promotion package $250. But after I pay and sign, they only give me the promotion package which is only the accessory. They said the promotion package means only the accessories without the console. if want to add the console must add ard $340. Playedge Sim Lim Square is really a bad reputation shop. Hope CASE and police will investigate them soon and close the shop! read full review »
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Silkair airlines
selex June 14, 2009
Dear sir/madam This is to inform you the following.My name is selex mammen, i boarded your airlineMI467 from cochin to singapore on 11 june 2009.When i reached the singapore airport i found the mobile in my handbag was missing.It was a sony ericsson p1i mobile along with an indian sim card .kindly do the needful and if any information is recieved please mail me [email protected] thanking you Yours sincerly selex read full review »
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ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd
Emily June 11, 2009
I was at the ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd @ Jalan Membina this evening to buy some chinese balm. This item used to be S2.20 (the last time I bought it was in last month), then I found out that the price has been increased to S2.30, so I asked the staff, "huh?? increased price already. Last time used to be S2.20. Can give discount as I am buying so many (at least 10 items)?" One of the staff inside was so rude and answered me, "Last time? Last time police used to wear short pant." It was so sarcastic. I was so angry and... read full review »
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Diane June 9, 2009
My friend in USA sent me (I am in Singapore) a floral arrangement for my birthday through www.singaporeflowershop.com, order no: WS-45092010. He had used this site before. However, this year, 2009 the floral arrangement was never delivered to my address, but dumped at a trash can 2 apartments away. Unfortunately, the deliver order had been removed and only a card with my name and birthday wishes on it was on the floral arrangment. Both of us sent email to www.singaporeflowershop.com, but they never responded. If they were committed and... read full review »
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secondary school
shanti May 30, 2009
1) school works done - correction is not done by the teacher 2) not using the workbook which they told us to buy 3) not happy with parents when they bring feedback to them 4) never check on students whether they hand in the worksheets 5) call the school to talk to the principal and teachers - always busy and dont bother to call us back 6) students are stressed up 7) never respect parents and their enquiry 8) wasting alot of time in the class 9) we are helpless, hope the moe will help us read full review »
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RejuvenateWorldWide Team/Miracle Resveratrol Anti Aging Catalyst
Edmund Koh May 25, 2009
On 17 April 2009, I subscribed for a Free 15 day Trial of Miracle Resveratrol Anti Aging Catalyst and I was charged USD$19.95 for shipping fees. As I did not receive the product after 15 days I emailed [email protected] to chase for shipping details. On 2 May2009, my credit card was debitted USD$ 49.95 and still no sign of the product! I wrote a furious email complaining about the lack of response to my earlier email. I received A terse reply came, "Hello your product will arrive soon" All subsequent emails did not get a reply! I googled for this company and found that I had been ripped off! Edmund read full review »
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George May 14, 2009
Customer service is unreliable. Delay tactic used to force customers to re-contract. read full review »
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microsoft promotion award team
alvin May 14, 2009
i have receive a email say that i have win a grand prize form the microsoft promotion award team.. i just want to check are TNT really realsing the prize for microsoft promotion award team.. cos there are too much such things going on.. pls relpy to me asap.. thank read full review »
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Global Telelinks - Fraud Company Beware
Adil Doctor May 13, 2009
BEWARE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANTED TO GET CHEATED. Got a call from a Global Telelinks agent on 11th April 2009 I was told by Global telelink agent(Sharanya) that for Calling from Singapore to India If i buy their service worth SGD 300, I will become a VIP member. She wanted me to provide my CREDIT Card details. Luckily I did not provide the details. Made payment through the website. VIP members will get 6SGD cents per minute, calling from Singapore to india . These minutes will have a lifetime validity... read full review »
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Mindlink Realty
Batra May 12, 2009
email: [email protected] I came to singapore last year (i.e. July 2008) and got cheated twice by some GREEDY HDB Owners and Agents just because of loop holes left by Singapore Government. I'm staying at above address for last six months and paying S$1600 per month. Now rentals are going down but Agent and Owner is saying I cannot leave the house even after giving 1 month notice and I won't get my deposit back. It is an HDB approved unit and HDB officials say they cannot do anything because this is a agreement between... read full review »
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lowster May 11, 2009
I just did a job for the site Localstreets.com. 100 backlinks for $60 and they did not pay me for the job. So do not do any business with these sites. gifts.localstreets.com flowers.localstreets.com localstreets.com read full review »
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Yan Palace
Winnie May 10, 2009
We were shouted and humilated by the captain at Yan Palace Restaurant when we asked him why we are not given the food which we ordered. He humilated at least twice already. We thought he no longer working there so we went to this place after a no of years since he last humilated us. read full review »
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NETPAYGATE.COM 888-226-3695 GB
07shimota May 8, 2009
06/04 NETPAYGATE.COM 888-226-3695 GB USD 36.31 SGD 56.05 . Dear sir.. till now i still did not any news about my card being charge for the site i cancel. and it still going on for no reason. pls check n make refund. cause i did not go into any site. read full review »
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Thai Airways Singapore
jgan85 May 6, 2009
For this entire morning I have faced abysmal customer service from Thai Airways. Some background: I am a student, returning from Copenhagen to Singapore, and I was seeking to make an extra baggage request. I called Thai Airways Singapore, which directed me to call Thai Airways Denmark since the flight was leaving from Copenhagen. I called Thai Airways Denmark, which told me that they could do nothing because the tickets for my return flight were purchased in Singapore, and advising me to call Thai Airways Singapore. Upon calling Thai Airway... read full review »
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Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd
darwin51 May 3, 2009
I'm writing in to give some feedback about Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd. We booked a 3D2N tour package to Tioman Island by coach and ferry from 1st-3rd May 2009, staying at Berjaya Beach Resort. The stay at Berjaya Resort was a pleasant one, but the journey to the destination was certainly not. It is such an irony now that when I read the introduction about the travel agency again, this is what they write. "With over 20 years of experience in providing travel services, Discovery Tours & Travel is uniquely... read full review »
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Samsung Singapore Refrigerator
Gilbert April 28, 2009
Customers in Singapore who plan to purchase a Samsung refrigerator should anticipate the fact that the device may not be designed or suitable for local conditions and that the level of customer support they will subsequently receive when things start to go wrong will be both "Uniquely Singaporean" and absolutely abysmal. We purchased a large, single door Samsung fridge for domestic purposes three years ago and noticed that within 18 months, rust started appearing from inside the two fridge doors and working its way out to form dark... read full review »
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Singapore Changi Airport
eternalsunshine April 26, 2009
I have to transit in Singapore twice a month. It's been a very very difficult time. Although the airport facilities are excellent and Singapore Airlines is truly one of the best in the world. The security officers at the airport are the worst I have EVER encountered. First, we are allowed to carry liquid containers of no more than 100ml. But every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME, they throw away my liquid containers that are clearly less than 100ml. And this includes my skin medication for which I had a prescription for and even then... read full review »
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IT digital trading sim lim sq
wawan April 19, 2009
I was cheated by IT digital trading in Sim Lim square. address : #01-33/34 Sim Lim Square singapore. On April 9, 2009 I went to spore just to looking a new camera for me, I think Singaporean honestly do business, and this is more than 20 times i visit sim lim square, I live in Indonesia (Batam), after check to about 3 shops, then i enter a shop at corner #01-33/34 called IT Digital trading, after 10 minutes, I decided to buy canon Eos 450d with kit Lens 18-55 and tele 75-300 lens all price incl gst was S$1, 100.-, then I pay cash money to... read full review »
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Bioscor Int'l (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Mdm liew K S April 18, 2009
Dear Sir, I saw the news in Straits Times S'pore on Thursday 16/4/09.One of the director (Carol) recommended patients to non license doctor in S'pore for treatment and injection with drugs that are poisonous.The first attempt was in 2000 and second attempt was 2007.I wonder if these people should be seriously punished. read full review »
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