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Hair needz
crystal121 July 5, 2010
i recieved bad service from hairstylist from hairneedz, clementi's branch! very rude attitude towards clients, unfriendly stylists sometimes the requested hairstyle does not turn out right.very bad service! read full review »
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Fenty July 5, 2010
We purchased a ticket at Mandarin World Travel at Lucky Plaza Singapore. Our ticket says it's confirmed to depart on 3rd July from Singapore to Surabaya. When we arrived at airport on the departure date, we were denied to board and was asked to wait until last passenger. At 9 PM, we were denied to board again and we had to find our own place to stay. The travel agent's staff whom before 9 PM could still be reached didn't answer our calls. The next day, we went to the travel agent again to file a report. Another staff attended u... read full review »
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personal training
Public20101 June 28, 2010
CLASSIFICATION: PHILANDERING AND INFIDELITY This letter serves as an official information for infidelity that has been reported under the name of Muthu Kumaran s/o Supramaniam. There have been several complaints and information from a victim of infidelity to conduct an investigation with regards to you personal misconduct and sexual affairs with numerous number of woman. According to the report, his personal incitement to women found to be extramarital affairs that you have been involved. No action has been taken by the... read full review »
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LOST 1-6
kareedandelski June 20, 2010
I ordered the Lost Season set of 1-6 from this company...five of the dvds do not work at all...when I attempted to email the company and notify them, they do not respond and their is no information on my credit card site as to how to get ahold of them except the website confirming they were sent. I have tried two emails and have heard nothing back as of yet. read full review »
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truth12345 June 17, 2010
I have purchase online clothes from this shop on 19 mar, Payment made and i did not receive my item. 1.5 months later, I emailed them and was told there isn't any stock ! No one bothers to send me an item regarding my item until i asked them. I request a refund then. Well, they asked for my bank acc info and disappeared! I gave them all the necessary info for the transfer, soon after, my subsequent emails were not replied and no refund till today. This Company is not honest and do not buy from them ! it is better not to own... read full review »
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SLF Green Maid Agency
Visitors101 June 11, 2010
Bad experience with SLF. The experienced and good maid which they so highly recommended actually with no work experience and did not receive any training as the agency had claimed. The biodata was FAKE! When feedback the problem to agency, the staff will keeping avoid calls / Emails. Or simply accused employer as Pick and problematic . There is no service provided to employer as long as you already paid.. Try to aviod them, this agency not only create the problem for you, they same time take away your money. read full review »
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IamSunshine June 10, 2010
This website places desirable products and services for its members to "bid" for. On first glance, the prices at which previous winning bids have secured for items seems ridiculously cheap. Hence you will be tempted to purchase bids from them once your free bids from joining are used up. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!! There is no notice what the minimum bid price is that they are looking for, or even if there is an existing one. So when the last few seconds of the bid arrives, and you place what you think is your winning... read full review »
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Goldkist Resort
peekaboo_icu June 10, 2010
I should have guessed the minute I received the phone call from reservations, this is the worst ever vacation that I had. I decided to take some time off to write this to help fellow consumers, smart consumers who will do their research before making a commitment. Here goes.. 1) The rooms were FILTHY, run down and EXTREMELY FILTHY a) Checked in with left over party balloons everywhere. b) Hangers and raffia strings all over the bed room c) Bathroom choked with hair d) something sharp sticking out of the bathroom tile, cut... read full review »
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Star Furniture Pte Ltd Singapore
consistentcust June 5, 2010
I bought a furniture item from thius company on full payment cash terms with delivery. The item was supposed to be delivered on x date in the morning. Just before the delivery, I received a call that the item will be delivered in the afternoon. At past the afternoon delivery timing, and with no one informing me why the item is still not delivered, I called the customer service hotline of the company. - A very green sounding service staff answered the call and after some checking she said that the delivery will be delayed by a further... read full review »
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Play Nation (prinsep street)
Bananamilk June 4, 2010
My friend and I made a reservation and our reservation was confirmed by the staff. However, on the day of reservation when we arrived there, we found out that it was 'closed' as they had a corporate event for some students. There is NO call from them informing us about this and we had to made our way there to find it. What's more infuriating is that the owner of the shop even question and doubt us. We stood there for sometime and they treated us as transparent. Their attitude to us were really terrible, they did not apologize... read full review »
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Vichy (Bi-white reveal - Anti-dark circle whitening corrective eye care)
wronged_sg May 31, 2010
I now have an extra eyelid crease on top of my double lidded eyes. No thanks to the cream for causes my eyelid to sag! After just 2 days of using the Vichy eye cream (I spread it all around my eyes), I suddenly have an ugly third eyelid on top of my original double lidded left eye. My double eyelid has become less deep as a result of the third one. I have since thrown away the cursed cream. It's been a week already and it's still the same. It makes my left eye look really old, tired and unattractive. And to think I'm... read full review »
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trans cab
mrs.fong May 29, 2010
on 16 may 2010, time 11:48a.m. i at sands casino to sky bar flight by one taxi no SHB77855. tat uncle about 40 to 50 something years old. after arrive is 11:56a.m. about 1.2km and 4.00dolar but tat driver charge me 7.00dolar. he say every sat n sunday, from sands casino to anywhere also have to extra charge 3.00dolar n tis low is start long time already n every taxi also have same charge. but tat casino just start no long time n went i ask another same trip went to same place person they all also dun have extra charge. read full review »
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superchrono.com / Futureone Trading Pte Ltd
bcenergy May 27, 2010
I bought a US$500 watch from superchrono.com (also trade as Futureone Trading Pte Ltd). At first, it arrived at New Zealand in 3 days but there was a fault on the "seconds" hand on the watch. I emailed the shop and send it back for a replacement. After 5 days I have no news from them and I emailed them. They replied all my emails with very short and non-informative answer like "Oh, sure", "We will find out". I quite like a version of the watch with Titanium strap, so I asked them if I can add extra $150 to get it... read full review »
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Mustafa Centre
shuchi sanon May 19, 2010
Hi, Two days back i was shopping at Mustafa Centre singapore for goods, and while paying thru my card the swipe machine at the mustafa counter, showed a transaction failed / error msg, even after trying 2-3 times. i did not purchase anything and went out. When i checked the online statement, it shows that an amount of SGD420 has already been charged to my card! i am back in India now, and have no slip to show to the Card bank ( Axis bank) - as there was no transaction that was showing up in the terminal!! and do not have an... read full review »
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Hyip May 14, 2010
!!!'''GENUINE INVESTMENT PLAN NOW IN INDIA'''!!! WWW.ENXPAY.COM >>> 16% to 25% per month for 10 months >>> Minimum amount to start a Trading Account : 50$ >>> Minimum amount to invest in investment plan: 100$ >>> Totally 6types of income from a single plan >>> 5% spot income from Trading Account of downlines >>> 5% spot income from Investment amount of downlines >>> Daily 20$ to 300$ Binary income form... read full review »
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Bubble tea shop
calendar101 May 12, 2010
I went to this bubble tea shop in Elias Mall and ordered a cup of red tea, this female China woman made the drink (no problem here), then she gave me the cup and I paid her, it was very obvious that the signboard says $1 per cup of red tea without pearls. 'Miss, 1 cup of red tea.' Those were my words (in chinese) when I ordered the drink. When I gave her $1, she suddenly said $1.30, I asked her why, she said she added pearls to the drink. I said I don't want the pearls and looked up to check if I was wrong in seeing the... read full review »
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FB_Shai May 12, 2010
Last Feb 2010 we bought the touch screen ACER AZ5610 and starting that time I've been experiencing this Blue Screen with error 0x0000007e ... the ACER guy looked at it somewhere in March and just updated a software HOTFIX problem ... but still the blue screen came back and he told me to do a system recovery which I did 2x because the blue screen comes and goes. Until finally just yesterday the guy came back and changed my mother board and my RAM ... and just 10 min's ago, I got the blue screen again! I was not able to take a pic... read full review »
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Food & Coffee Shop Operator
Dismal Supplier April 30, 2010
We would like to warn and share our company bad experience dealing with this Company PI Court Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) the operator of Sophia Food Court at Peace Centre under the managing directorship of Mr. Tan Seng Lai. Our company produced and supply F & B goods to the Mention Company but overdue payment weren't forthcoming after several attempts to recovers our overdue payment from the managing director Mr. Tan Seng Lai and our every request were met with delaying tactics and excuses times and again without any success. Therefore, we... read full review »
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Aetos Auxiliary Police
davidongwaileong April 30, 2010
i am a tourist and i had recently travelled to Singapore. At 9:37 p.m., 30th of April, i was on my way to Malaysia when there was a road block near the woodlands exit. There was a member of the Aetos Auxiliary Police there to help reduce the traffic. He let all the singapore cars through but stood infront of my car and asked me to turn the car back and wait for the cars to stop without any assiatance. Isn't it unfair to treat a tourist this way??? read full review »
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Smart Tehnology (SHEN ZHEN)
areefaq April 22, 2010
Just so you are aware of a different kind of scammers. I was a victim of one such company. The company claims to be SMART in led lighting TECHNOLOGIES and ELECTRONICS when they responded to my post in Made-In-China.com for a maufacturing partner to help me build a new lighting product. They convinced me with an impressive company website that claims to have some 150 staff, 3 senior engineers and 5 engineers. They assured me they were able to design, prototype and bring my products to production. They asked to be paid the design fees upfront... read full review »
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Eden Salon - Exotic Hair & Beauty Spa
mixjuice April 21, 2010
I had tried the hair salon to have my hair cut. They only charged me $28 at the time. So I found that the salon charge is quite cheap. That is why I went to there again to have my hair color yesterday. At first I felt storange because they took 3 hours only for hair color. It normaly takes only 45mins to 1hour the most though. Then finally they charged me $360. They never informed me that price before the treatment. They are just normal hair salon in City Square Mall. Not in Orchard. I feel that I was cheated. read full review »
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Burger King Orchard Central
silentpiig April 15, 2010
I was a frequent consumer who dines at Orchard Central Burger King. My friend introduced the place to me for the quiet and relaxing environment. I noticed that there is a few power sockets provided there and I had seen a few people using laptops and/or charging mobile phones. On Thursday, 15th April, 2010, I was using my laptop at Orchard Central Burger King. It was until when a guy besides my table asked me whether the power plugs are working or not. I thought it should not be a problem because I saw someone using it there just a moment... read full review »
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Travel Membership
Phebs April 13, 2010
I had ask for termination of membership last Nov 09and i was given by this company a termination letter dated 30Nov 2009 and had been advise in 6-8 weeks the payment will be charge back to my banks in 8weeks time i had follow up on the payment but there was no notification made to my bank by this GMC, i went to SCT file a case and i was given a court order that this GMC should return back the full amount to me. FYI this GMC cannot be located i went to the place the company is close, no picture of where are they now how can i collect my money back. read full review »
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silvaraj April 9, 2010
deduction credit card for noting read full review »
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Jetstar Asia
Wei Yan April 5, 2010
I write in to complain on Jetstar customer service officer. They are very rude and not professional at all. They do not have basic manner and not helpful at all. According to them, the main head quarter is at KL. I still need to send my requests to KL in order to get it. This type of service is not efficient at all. Then don't provide the number 8006161977 since the customer service is not at singapore. Wasting customer time to call up but they did not provide the correct service. I am really very disappointed with the service. read full review »
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mobile broadband
ISP victim April 5, 2010
never imagine that a singapore internet service provider can be so much worse. M1 ruined singapore quality image by providing such horrible service, and this is absolutely cheating the consumers! my first thought of signning the highest plan 7.2 MBPS will give me a more comfortable surfing environment, in fact, it give the worst!!! now i need to spend 2 hours to log in google, and then, byebe..it is disconneting again ! this is how M1 provide! *wish to attach the proof from speedtest.net, but M1 is too "good" till you cant even complete the test. read full review »
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Land International Far East / Land Wealth Centre
HWZ1973 April 4, 2010
I had bought into Swindon land with the above company 3yrs ago, in Oct 09 I found that they stopped the the payout on my Grand Max program. I immediately called the agent who sold the plots to me. After his investigations, he informed me that the UK directors came to Singapore and withdrew all the funds, thus the company is unable to payout. I was shocked and asked him then how? He said he'll get in touch with Simon Beh, the third director from LI also CEO for LWC. To-date no response... I also done some research and... read full review »
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pni freelotto fast svc freelotto.comny
Quicksilver13 April 2, 2010
My credit card was charged last month although i have cancelled the subscription.. Only then i realise, there's isnt any tool in the website to allow me to deactivate the account complete.. Pls help and do the necessary.. Thank You.. 26/03 PNI*FREELOTTO FAST SVC FREELOTTO.COMNY USD 14.99 SGD 21.61 read full review »
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Granton Singapore
Singapore Granton Hk Street Scam March 30, 2010
I had been in this company called Granton Singapore located at HongKOng street. They have just open a new branch at clementi .i work there 3 weeks ago, its a door to door advertiseing company.. which they" pay" me a basic of $1600 a month... which included commission by selling promotion cards at 29.90. even if the monthly total commission did not hit my $1600 basic they will top up for me... but they did not...they just toast me away which my probation period is not even 1 month saying that i am not suitable for the job where by they... read full review »
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Furniture Club
lengdia March 17, 2010
Bought entire house full of furniture from these guys - including large L shaped leather sofa. Within a month the leather on the L part of sofa started changing in texture. After inspection by leather "expert" - i was promised a same day return call, which never happened. When I followed up myself - I was told : thats just too bad m'am. It s just a different part of the cowhide. its not a defect. Doesnt matter that its right smack in the middle of the sofa. Zero quality control. Zero customer service. And they clearly dont care about disgruntled clients. The guy litereally told me: that s just too bad! read full review »
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Winter International
Kesavan Nair Jyothish March 15, 2010
Brought a 3+1+1 seater sofa set from Winter on Oct 2009. Complaint on damaged leg was lodged by telephone after 2 months. They collected the product on 7th March and not yet returned. read full review »
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Black Widow Internet AKA Crystal Clear Digital Solutions Limited
garyjob March 10, 2010
WinterInVenice.co.uk is one of the companies affected by the unethical practises of Crystal Clear Digital Solutions Limited. We helped setup the site for Mel from WinterInVenice.co.uk. We worked closely with her in the process of the whole setting up and deployment of WinterInVenice.co.uk into the fatcow hosting services account. After the deployment was done, Crystal Clear Digital Solutions Limited sent a document over to Fatcow.com causing WinterInVenice.co.uk to be unjustly shut down. Hence as a result we had to move... read full review »
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Silkair (Singapore Airlines)
A.T March 10, 2010
This was a letter of complaint written to Silkair. Hi, I wish to highlight that Silkair procedures to manage refunds to your customer simply does not work. I bought a return Silkair ticket to travel from Singapore to Manado on the 6 Nov 2009 on MI 274 and back from Manado to Singapore on 9 Nov 2010 on MI 273. (Ticket number 6292100831929). The price of the ticket was $316 including taxes and I paid for it using my UOB credit card. On the day of departure on 6 Nov, I was informed by the Silkair counter at Changi Airport that I... read full review »
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ABRAR March 7, 2010
PLS CANCEL AND REFUND FOR MUHPOP.COM 66 12 02MAR, 4628-4500-1024-8046 USD45.12. REGARDS, ABRAR. read full review »
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Swami Jose
Rrr March 4, 2010
I pay, he said I get car in one year sure thing. I wait two year no car. He cannot see future... read full review »
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Gigi Family Restaurant
Rony March 4, 2010
Was chased out of the restaurant while eating cos 1 out of 3 of us didn't eat and was discussing business with us. We were there for half hour only and she claimed we are using her restaurant to talk shop and that the notice is we can't bring food in. We did not. The owner asked us to get out of the way and don't ever come back...What kind of attitude do we have with shopowners and people selling simple fish soup in Singapore? What can we do but we immediately finish our soup and leave? How can we take this? read full review »
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linlin wang March 3, 2010
this dog bark everyday, every morning, sometimes bark at 6 am, some time bark at 8am, everyday bark at least for one hour ...make so crazy already, i don't who can deal with problem, from i move to here, it barks for one year already, ...make me crazy ... read full review »
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Shanghai trip
Novie March 2, 2010
Emails sent to the respective companies were not replied. I tried to submit this letter to one of the neswpaper here but after a week was not published. I made a call and then I received official letter form the editor in charge of that forum: Dear Novie Thank you for writing in. We appreciate the time and thought you've invested in being part of ... We regret that we are unable to publish your letter, in this instance. We look forward to your future contributions. Best wishes, Here is what I wrote: I... read full review »
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RAJAN1 March 1, 2010
Bought a Samsung Video camera at Changi Airport on 9th Jan. On it's first use by 17th Jan noted poor picture quality on the LCD panel, battery draining out in 20 mins and camera losing focus when shooting. Read all the instructions in the manual and checked all settings. Problem continues. Went to Samsung Service centre at 20, Toh Guan Road Jurong East and reported. After 2 weeks of checking they reported that all was normal and they could not find any defect in the camera.Went again to the service centre and demonstarted the defect... read full review »
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acti berry, colon cleanen
bibs_b1 March 1, 2010
I bought an Acti Berry & Colon Cleanese, which was sopposd to be free, and this company wrote thatthey will charge me just for shipping only 1 euro. After I chackd my credid card statment I couldn't belive my eyes!!! They charged me two times for 119 $!!! which is 357 polish zlotych!!! it's a loooooot of money for me!!! I want my mony back, they robbed me!!! I never agred to be charged this money, I agreed on 1 Euro for shipping!!! It's stilling!!! read full review »
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