Master Meat Asado Catering
MasterMeat April 23, 2017
Grillman for a private event, fire-fighting for small events in the yard of the house, events in nature or anywhere else, private chef for the fire and catering to the meat fire. For more information please Call: 054-5834045 or visit our website: https://www.master-meat.com/asado-catering read full review »
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Toyota /CorolaZRE151L-AEGNKW-09
Victor Rosenberg July 6, 2011
I have a 2years old Corola . stil in waranty period, 2 days ago the A.C. stoped cooling. After checking, the technician in the local service center in Beer-Sheva told me that, the compressor of my cars' air-conditioning sistem is defected and it must be replaced. After checing in the E.stre list I have been told that : "I is no spare compressor inIsrael an it may take 2 weeks til thay get a spare comressor !! I is wery hard to drive the car in this hot days (38-40 deg.centigrate) in this mode!! B R V. Rosenberg read full review »
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shlomos June 19, 2011
The company automatically renewed my contract even after I called them and emailed requesting to cancel. They harass me constantly for the payment while threatening me with collections. I have tried mulitple times to resolve this with them and have all the proof i need to back up my claim. They are uninterested in dealing with it and insit i pay. In Israel these big corporations can just run you over. It will now go to collections which is run by the government. They have the ability to freeze my bank accounts and inflate the charges. Bezeq screwed me and I recommend anyone looking for an internet or phone provider to stay far away. read full review »
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Beth Dixon June 18, 2011
Hi there, My business has been using CommitCRM for a few years now; and in the beginning it was nice. however, every year i want to start with a new clean database, and they won't let me do it. the only options they give me are as follows: 1) suffer the old data forever 2) delete each database item 1-by-1 (which never works because the database loses stability long before i finish; causing the server not to work. 3) Buy a completely new system at full price (with users and licenses) Now, i've just spent nearly $3... read full review »
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Deleone June 8, 2011
On the 8th of June 2009 I transfer 2000us$ to citizen of the city Chongqing behalf laptops deal and they promise to shipped it to ISRAEL soon as possible. the money transfer by western union and the MTCN is 0294782196 to sender name CUIYAN SU. they have got also website www.09trade.com Emails: Miss Mali [email protected], Paula :[email protected] they promise to transfer the parcel soon when I transfer the funds. now I just can't reached them and they don't answer to my messenger calls. what can I do now ? do not work with Chinese wholesalers again? Please help me with that if you can . read full review »
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idoeh49 May 27, 2011
The software aims to protect kids from pedophiles I downloaded it when i wanted to Deactivate the service they wouldn't allow it. Though it had a feature that allows me to deactivate . I contacted them many times . They trace 100% of chats on Facebook, Skype, and other I.m's read full review »
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BUG Israel
benshlomo May 19, 2011
2 Identical 1 TB External Hard Drives purchased from BUG Stores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, products faulty as power gave in, one after 5 months and one after 2 days. BUG Head Office do not even bother to respond to the Complaint and the Manager of the Tel Aviv Branch could not be bothered "GREAT SERVICE" read full review »
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Iomega 1 TB External Hard Drive
benshlomo May 19, 2011
Thank you fro coming back to me, once again, however it is obvious that you did not bother to read the complaint and of course answer the question From all of your responses to0 me, you should become a Politician, as you answer in exactly the same manner, no answer. So, let me try once again 1. Does Iomega use other brands in their products? 2. Since there are a number of complaints regarding the power to the hard Drive, why do you not respond to this?????? 3. Why do you not remove these products from the shelves and or train people to be honest with new clients read full review »
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Outsell shoes MBT shoes
ShiraM May 5, 2011
I ordered the Katika Brown sandals April 5, 2011. My credit card was immediately debited. I never received a Tracking #. I thought I had been had...Today the sandals arrived. They are NOT the Katika that I ordered, rather a poor knockoff - counterfeited Kisumu. The stitches are crooked, the lining not leather, the buckle doesn't line up with the strap. I am very very disappointed. read full review »
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Coca Cola company UK
A.Purna Chandra Rao May 4, 2011
Respected Sir, We had received that our mobile number(9866216851) has won 1, 000, 000.00 GBP in CocaCola company mobile draw and we sent the details to your delivery service and we got a mail that Diplomatic Officer: Mr.Jacob Anderson is going to deliver us the money and as per the schedule given he should arrive in India by 9.30 but he has not called us. Please provide us his mobile number so that we can contact him. Please send the details to my e-mail - poorn[email protected] read full review »
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Paypal (misrrable) service in Israel & USA
michelel April 25, 2011
25 April 11 paypal Complaint & Review for fraudulent activity Hello Title 1: paypal Israel complaint & review – attention to anyone – I suggest you to AVOID Paypal – they will block your founds for 180 days (6 months) with no reason!! I want to post this complaint because I want to advise all new paypal users in Israel and all other paypal users to AVOID paypal Israel and paypal u.s.a. AT ANY COST Paypal reserves the right to freeze your founds, your money, yoyr shekels, your dollars, any amount of found... read full review »
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namer124 March 29, 2011
I paid for adult entertainment web site without getting working user/password. All my attempts to get support from Servorama/safemember.com/incrediblesupport.com - failed. Many mails was sent to this companies without any response. Be careful - Real Fraud!!! read full review »
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lacost January 6, 2011
Hi, my name is David and i play in israel ikariam. My Heb name in the game is לקוסט i'm an Ambrosia player Last week my account was stolled, i explaind to our manager (superviser) that her name is Clara all the details. After Clara saw that i'm the real player and he was stolled for real Clara release my player but gave me ban for Duplicate Player with my friend that just wrote all the details for me in the complaint center beacuse i didn't knew how to do that. After Clara gave him to cry for his player and... read full review »
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iphone pelephone
tarek harazne January 3, 2011
hellow, my name is tarek harazne, i have got you'r message on my cellphone about winning a prise of 2 millione bounds. so i wonder what about it, and hope from you to response me at my email adress :[email protected] it's gonna bs perfect for me to win the money cause i really need it..and thanks alot. read full review »
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Vasilly December 26, 2010
I hired these guys to create me a website after their intensive marketing and constant follow up phonecalls - kind of like a boilerroom scam looking back - they took my hard earned money but did not bother to provide me with any support once I paid... If I rang them all I got were sales guys, who weren't interested. They are based out of Israel so their English is hard to understand, and their hours are strange. I think they are more of a bedroom business not interested in anything but taking your money. DONT BE TAKEN IN by their... read full review »
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blisca December 19, 2010
On March 2010, I finished a translator job for Marketxplorer.com, the owner John Smith (his real name is Itskhak Harouni) never send me my payment and he never sent the payment despite the many emails and messages sent to him. In this way He refuses to pay me the invoice I have sent many times for work performed for him and I know that work was claimed by far. I've seen lately has been hiring people for oDesk. This person DOES NOT PAY read full review »
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Shenzhen Sinoy Electron Technology Co., Ltd..
Yosef December 17, 2010
Beware from: Shenzhen Sinoy Electron Technology Co., Ltd. They are salling bad products such as Ford IDS VCM V67, it oesn't work well, even their engineer tried on line for 3 hours to solve the problem but failed, then when I sent it back, the sent other one also bad, with the same problem. I tried to contact Mr. Emerson for more then a month but failed . when I start to add complaints on the website, they start to call me a liar, and even say it's not their product. Please note!, they have a new system for scamming you, They will... read full review »
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R&D Pro Diag Tools Israel
Emerson Yang December 12, 2010
Beware from: Yosi Hadad From Israel R&D Pro Diag Tools Company Yosi Hadad is a 100% cheater, he is also the worest buyer in the world. His email is: [email protected] Yosi Hadad ordered one VCM from our company, and after he ordered, he said he had a broken VCM need prepare, he want we repair for him, i refused him, he said he can pay to us, i told him we can only repair our company goods, we don't offer service for other company tools.So he sames angry.I unexpected that the terrible things coming. After he received the VCM... read full review »
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Clalit Health Services
benshlomo November 3, 2010
This is a warning to any person who is coming to live in Israel, be careful of Clalit Health Services. They are very eager to get you to join them and give all the great sales pitch, but and a big BUT, once you are hooked into their scheme, "NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS" Service does not exist, they make promises to call back and assist, they do not, if you send in receipts for a claim from them, they not only ignore you, but do not bother to sort the claim out and one is pushed from pillar to post, when you try and call someone from... read full review »
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traveljigsaw / Budget
Herbert Markenson October 12, 2010
I have rented a car for 14 days in Israel by Traveljigsaw agency by internet. I have selected a car of 3 volumes as Huynday Acent and Traveljigsaw confirmed rental by Budget. I get one car that they said that is similar ???? Huynday I20. They said that such car belongs group F and the Huynday Acent is group G. To change was necessary topay the difference. I have already explained that the voucher shows Hunday Acent and also group F. Car reantal was 100% paid. I spent hour on phone complaining with Budget and also with Traveljigsaw. Up to now... read full review »
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Obdfocus Technology Co. Ltd
Yosef October 11, 2010
Dear Buyer Beware of OBDfocus Technology CO., LTD Please note: If you dare to do business with OBDfocus Technology CO., LTD, expect to be cheated, and to be called a robber by there sale man. If you don’t believe it, please read below what I had to go through, with OBDfocus Technology. First order was for GM Tech2 scanner + Isuzu card software for Tech 2 Total cost I paid was, $1880 OBDfocus Mr. Kevin sent the Tech 2 with out the extra Isuzu card I got the shipment and informed him that the tool is not working, and... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
Yosef September 25, 2010
This company caused me More then $1000 damage by sanding bad products, I was dealing with Mr. Kevin, on first time he sent me a bad and not new, product GM Tech 2 scanner . I was told that I'll have a full refund $1880 so I sent back to Obdfocus Technology Co. Ltd. After they got it, the dealer of Obdfocus Technology Co. Ltd told me that I can't have refund, and if they do it will be around $1600, and it will take very long time. Instead, he offered me to buy other products, and promise that he will send a good products, I... read full review »
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Ofir August 9, 2010
after paying for the wow gold, they tried to ignore me in every way possible- E-mails and phone calls were not answered and when i tried to contact the online serves they hung up in my face when ever they found out who i was. only after opening a dispute at paypal did they contact me back. AND EVEN they they tried to trick me to take only part of the gold. obviously when dont have any stocks of gold. plus, they almost dont speak english at all, so u cant really explain your self or understand them. in short- JUST DONT!!! read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Israel
Borosh Ervin May 22, 2010
dear sear i have repeatedly received debit of my credit card dew to usage of software WITCH I HAVE NEVER USED and eache time i asked to cancel my order and/or my subscription they keep on sending me these messages. so may be you can bring this isue to an end. borosh ervin [email protected] accaunt number 331065215 read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
Dan May 22, 2010
WARNING:Plus500 is FRAUD! Plus500 site is a BIG FRAUD, a TOTAL SCAM. Never put any own money in it. You never ever will see your money again. Only thing, you can do on their site, is checking some trading prices ( at least in currencies EUR/USD seems be up to date). The "demo" and "with own money" options are identical and both only for show. Behind that program isn't anything "real" happening, no real transactions. They only collect your money and make you to imagine, that you are... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
klikot May 16, 2010
Hello! I feel that my complain probably misdirected (for several reason), but I decided to write though. I am form Russia, and then in my town began appeared accessible Internet (2000 years) i with my mother invented nick "klikot" for yourself and used this name throughout ten years in various cases. And i can easy justify it, if that may need. Recently i found fresh (age no more then 1-1.5 years) site www.klikot.com (klikot.co.il, social network). Yes, It was amazing me, but that is not the issue. I send them wishful thinking... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Israel
BALWINDER. SINGH April 21, 2010
HI LAST 5 MONTH HDFC BANK BRANCH KHANNA NOT OPEN MY A/C I SEND MONEY MY A/C 01121560000264 MY EMAIL [email protected] read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
BALWINDER. SINGH April 21, 2010
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
SS Car rental/
samuel gross April 20, 2010
we ordered an automatic car according to the ad. they want to give us a manual one Dear Mr. Steinunn Snorradottir, On your web it says automatic transmission and not manual. If it is manual we don't want to rent the car. I thank you in advance, Dr. Samuel Gross Your reservation is confirmed by number # 8289 for Toyota Corolla Wagon manual transmission from 26. of July to 4. of August. This will be 10 days and the price is 202.500 ISK. Included is unlimited km, CDW insurance and tax + extra driver. We will bring... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Israel
FilesTube (http://www.filestube.com
etaijr April 8, 2010
The software is not useful for me I deleted it I cancel the order because it site accidentally dropped my screen I made a purchase by any international law, including the Internet are allowed to cancel a deal within two weeks.<br /> Copy of this letter was sent Lishracaram or Guild Carat<br /> <br /> <br /> copy to mastercart to:cancel the order<br /> <br /> <br /> This is an automatic email. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL! <br /> Dear moshe mussabian<br /> <br... read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Israel
abeslom March 30, 2010
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Israel
Hadass Rosenthal
Hadass Rosenthal March 28, 2010
e- mail for contact: [email protected] On March 24th I flew from Tel-Aviv to Budapest at 06.25 a.m 24 j I lost severeal keys on a ring among which was a toyota car key. Please inform me if you found them at the above address. Expecting your reply, Hadass read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Israel
ANGRYBITCH March 22, 2010
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Israel
Real Superpass Premium
Willy Salomon March 9, 2010
I have downloaded Real Program but not Real Superpass Premium for which I have no need. January and February 2010 I find a debiting on my Visacard (...5428 handelsbanken Stockholm, Sweden) of GBP 11.99 which I am not aware that I have bought and downloaded. I want you to cancel the delivery of Superpass and pay back the amount 2* GBP 11.99 to my creditcard. If you send me an e-mail address I can incluse a copy of bankaccount as an PDF-file to you. Willy Salomon [email protected] read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
EndureMax + VitaLife 3
Mr. Malakiel Ben Yehudah February 8, 2010
hello, I paid for this product in November 18, 2008 and have not recieved anthing. I have a bill of purchase and no one has contacted me and said anything. Mr.Malakiel Ben Yehudah read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Israel
toyota land cruiser
Ami Gur January 27, 2010
Warranty I own a Toyota Land Cruiser model 2008 Chasses number JTEAU29J680003721 A month a go I have noticed that the color of the right side panel has faded and changed its hue. Only this part has changed color and the color of the rest of the car has not changed at all. The Israeli dealer has checked the part and found no signs of any injury or impact to the part. The color faded evenly across the surface. I own the car for two year and have drove it for 35, 000 Km. The car had gone through all scheduled maintenance at an... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Israel
RCI Timeshare Exchange Company
SuJoy January 13, 2010
In around October of 2008 we inquired into a timshare in Florida for a friend. When we made contact with RCI we let them know it wasn't for us (we are members), but we were looking into the booking for friend who didn't yet have definite arrangements. The agent on the phone could not get us a unit available on exchange, but only for full rental fees. I had never heard of that arrangement before. We asked if we could make a tentative reservation (they also make it seem like if you don't book it NOW, it will be gone in 5 minute... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Israel
Metalgrass software
Adapt-Mobile January 5, 2010
This company Metalgrass, owner of Picoprojector-info.com website have been posting false allegations about our product the Adapt 305 projector. We are a manufacturer of this product, and they are claiming it to be a 3rd party rebrand of a similar product that THEY are being PAID to advertise on the same page. This is false advertising and completely against the law. But because they are based in Israel I don't know much about the laws and how to stop them from doing this kind of illegal reviewing. Please can you help us? Thanks. Jack you can email [email protected] read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Israel
Hiben Daniel
Hiben December 7, 2009
Sir I am kindly writing to ask if there is anything like euromillions lottery in Brussels Belgium? I have letters that I won one million euro through email sweepstakes and am asked to come to Brussels for collection with addresses of notorions and other personel. Could you please leave me your email address to enable me send you all the informations for verification? Thanks in anticipation and G-d bless. I am from Israel, an African Israeli citizen. [email protected] Please kindly treat my matter very urgent. No money have been committed and no bank account was asked to submitt. read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Israel
Satalite Disc
Chaim Kessler December 1, 2009
I Paid 2, 800 Shekels for the Instalation of Satellite TV system. Paid for by Bank Leumi's Visa card with 12 payments. Purchased 22.11.09. The system was partialy installed, but he has not returned since Friday 27.11, 09 He does not answer his telphone or cellular. His store is closed. Bank Leumi said that they cant help me. Visa sent me a form that the Supplier must sign to cancel the purchase. I don't understand this. Can You help me? [email protected] 054 7 337 159 Chaim Kessler Ramat Gan read full review »
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