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Yosef November 5, 2010
Problem was solved
Dear Sir, The problem with the supplier was solved, I ask you to remove complains on links :http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/they-cheat-and-call-you-a-robber-c381409.html http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/bad-product-amp-service-c376799.html.
Yosef October 11, 2010
they cheat, and call you a robber
Dear Buyer Beware of OBDfocus Technology CO., LTD

Please note:
If you dare to do business with OBDfocus Technology CO., LTD, expect to be cheated, and to be called a robber by there sale man. If you don’t believe it, please read below what I had to go through, with OBDfocus Technology.

First order was for GM Tech2 scanner + Isuzu card software for Tech 2
Total cost I paid was, $1880
OBDfocus Mr. Kevin sent the Tech 2 with out the extra Isuzu card
I got the shipment and informed him that the tool is not working, and there is
A note regard the GM card is locked and can’t be read. Also I asked him why he didn’t sent a brand new tool, [it was easy to see that this tool was opened, it was with scratches, and the security label was not sealed]

From this point I start losing money.
I sent the tool screen picture, to show him the note I get on the tool screen,
And to get his advise.
After Mr. Kevin advised his engineer, he asked me to send the card back to him. Shipping back the bad card cost me - $65
Mr. Kevin sends other card but made a mistake on Invoice regard the total cost.
Instead of total cost for $10, he sent Invoice for total $565
[Oh my god says Kevin it was a mistake, sorry], Sure they do mistakes but you always pay for it.
Well this mistake cost me $125 Tax and handling.
After I got the card I send it to my client, and after 1 day he told me that the tool got stuck from time to time, and he can’t use it [ It’s a bad tool the client says]. I got no choice and order new Tech 2 from other supplier, OBDfactory Mr. Reno. The tool was supplied to the client and working well without any problems up today.
Again I contact Mr. Kevin and ask his advice, He told me to send back the tool and promise that I will have full refund $1880.
Shipping back the tool cost me - $165 [12Kg]
After Mr. Kevin got the shipment He told me that I can’t have a refund, but I’ll have credit for $!800 to get other tools instead. He told me that $80 it the fee bank, and I’ll have to pay also shipment cost for the instead tool.
In order to end this problem I accept to lose more $80 + $225 shipment.
But again, he sent me 2 more lexia 3 sets, [I got 3sets from him altogether] very bad product that can’t be used. After I informed him, I lost contact with him, he simply didn’t replayed for a long time. Now I got a reply from him and he asked me again to send back the 3sets Lexia 3, and ask me to lose more
They cheat me and caused me lost for Total $1130, from a total $1880 I paid
To them, and finally OBDfocus Technology CO., LTD, Mr. Kevin called me a robber, since I asked my money back.
I have it all on MSN history.

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