September 30, 2008
Please contact William .J. Spillboard & Christina Callson about donating some foreign funds to help me... +44 704 578 3801 in America. Thank You!!! eMail: atlantico.remittance_desk@hotmail.com read full review »
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September 9, 2008
Company address: mokono GmbH Oranienstr. 183 D-10999 Berlin Deutschland Tel.: +49 - (0)30 - 322955 - 0 Fax: +49 - (0)30 - 322955 - 299 I have been a blog member on "Blog.co.uk" for 2 years. On 12th September, without any prior warning, I was abruptly banned from the blog, UNTIL I signed an updated "user agreement." I was totally banned from accessing not only my blog and groups, but from contacting the blog to ask any questions! And, I did have a question regarding the privacy statement... read full review »
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August 25, 2008
Dear Sir or Madam, Circumstances have prevented me from writing earlier regarding the events of last weekend, the 16th & 17th August 2008, at Houston Airport. My wife & I were booked on the 15.25 Lufthansa flight LH441 from Houston to Frankfurt. As I recall, we were ushered on board with no significant delay. But then, having taxied out to the runway, the aircraft was returned to the terminal with a technical fault. Apparently, the brakes were not functioning correctly. Although we were disappointed not to be able to take... read full review »
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T Mobile Hot Spot
August 16, 2008
I have connected to the T Mobile Hotspot at Munich Airport. Paid 8 Euros to get access. During the sign up I was asked about email, etc. After that I read the following: "When paying with your credit card you can print out a personalised receipt. This receipt can be stored on your device as a PDF before you login and be printed at a later date. Please note that it is no longer possible to get a receipt after you have logged in." So, I cannot get a receipt if I miss the first chance, which I am not alerted about. Unacceptable!... read full review »
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Volkswagen AG
August 11, 2008
I was a real VW lover until I got my own brand new Polo. I got my VW Polo in December 6th of 2006 as Brand New with Chasis Number as WVWZZZ9NZ7Y082612. After the end of second month problems started to occur. Some noises under the car rised. I take my car to Dogus Oto in Turkey which is the dealer of VW. Dogus Oto told me that the sound was very normal and coming from the "spiral" shaped part placed in the exhaust system. I listened the noise in my friends' cars as Ford Fiesta(2005) 1.4 gasoline engined and Toyota Yaris 1.0... read full review »
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RedMoon Studios
June 20, 2008
Company allows employees to delete paid accounts without refund according to their whim. They broke their own rules when they deleted an account. According to their rule #14 on MonstersGame.co.uk it says that prior warning will be given. Game coordinator decided that didn't apply and deleted account regardless. Refund is still not coming. read full review »
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June 17, 2008
On March 27, 2008 I have placed an order for a Frank Gehry Ultra Cube by Heller, with this retailer for a total of Eur 599 The item I have received about a month later was broken (as confirmed with photos on delivery) and thus I returned it back to ambientedirect.de as asked on my expense (a further Eur 70). Ever since, I tried to contact ambientedirect.de on many occasions without any result apart from a email I have received on May 30 2008, claiming they were expecting some kind information from the manufacturer HELLER (aka... read full review »
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Canadian Pharmacy support group
June 16, 2008
I ordered generic cialis, paid some 65 Euro via credit card, money withdrawn from Riga via email I was informed that the package has been sent air mail on April 19 - 2008 after five weeks - no delivery air mail response: very soory, please confirm your details - which I did another email - I was promised another sipment, air mail, from India until today - no delivery. Wolfram Frommlet read full review »
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Lufthansa - Service
May 31, 2008
I sent a request for refund ona ticket 5 March 2008, and to date have had very little response. Attached is a letter which I sent today to the CEO, and hopefully I will get a response from them now. Dear Mr Mayrhuber I would like for you to consider the following and let me know if you believe that this is good business practice and furthermore to follow up on my complaint and refund. I flew from South Africa to Portugal via Frankfurt using Lufthansa. As I am sure the flight was not the best, but this is not what thi... read full review »
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Starbucks Deutschland
May 15, 2008
A Starbucks barista said "You should leave here" so I had to leave a Starbucks shop in Munich. Though Starbucks Deutschland and I planned that a shop manager will either apologize me or explain me, the manager has been ignoring me since May 6. I've been uncomfortable since the barista's words, it's sometimes difficult to breath. I'm down these days. I attached an email from me to Starbucks. This accident was happened to me. Please help or indicate what I should do. To Starbucks, My name is Yoshida, an... read full review »
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The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
May 12, 2008
Below is the sequence of events: May 5, 2008 Admitted to hospital (International patient office was surprise of my existence 4 hours I was admitted and having had an endoscopy under full anaesthetic). May 6th, 2008 I was operated (Gastric by pass) May 10th, 2008 Developed an overnight skin allergy May 10th. 2008 I was seen by the surgeon on duties around 10am who recommend to apply cream on the affected areas. May 10th. 2008 I was moved to the international patient award @ 11:15am May 10th. 2008 Prof Izbicki visited me at our... read full review »
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AP9Your Savings Club877-820-7107
May 10, 2008
I unsubscribed to this service back in November or December upon once joining. I continue to see a withdraw from my banking account each month.I live in Germany and does not need this service and nor have this service every send me anything on a savings club. read full review »
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May 8, 2008
The donkeys at Cayman National are really pompous niggers who are very lazy. the supervisor takes half hour to get us service. These are bad service we are to receive when banking offshore in grand cayman islands. Stay away 100 miles from this cayman antional bank service. not very good with foreign people Recently me and the wife were in cayman islands. We visted the cayman national bank to receive the most ridiculous banking service. the staff wewre very ruds and not helpful and treated us as though we were some sort of... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Germany
Pharm <Support Team
April 30, 2008
I placed an order two month ago and paid by credit card but never received my merchandise.The trucking number was wrong.Nobody answers the phone. I once got an excuse and a promise to send me another merchandise. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Germany
April 18, 2008
Be aware that a very simple scam is in operation which is claiming to use the 'escrow' service of www.moneybookers.com and could cost you thousands. NB. I don't for one minute believe that moneybookers are part of it. The scam is as follows: Step 1. Entice the victim into buying something online, by offering an item at a very low price. In may case a car via 'autotrader' in the UK. The reason for the cheap price offered by the conman is that he has recently moved to Germany from the UK, and with the car being... read full review »
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April 4, 2008
Today, when I was doing my online banking, I discovered a charge that is still pending by Monrovia Designs for $11.89. I goggled it just to make sure it wasn't a sender fee, or shipping, anything crazy, and I found hundreds of complains for the same reason. read full review »
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Airtel Mobile & landline
March 20, 2008
From yesterday the calls to Germany from India thro Airtel Mobile and landline have been indefenitely cut and unable to have any contacts to our people in Germany .If contacted with Airtel authorities nobody is replying positively and reply that everything is fine. Is it the way that airtel is handling its customers?Mere shame on airtel services.It affects our poor view with the customers read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Germany
February 21, 2008
I flight to my land in Klm..i´ve travelled in this airline for 3 times cause i thought it was the best!i´ve always notice that the crew of KLM from ecuador to bonair is not very nice to the passangers!for me it was a bad experience thi last time, cause i asked for help to one of the stewardess and she was not nice to me..it was the contrary!my trip to bnair was awfull!than i arrive to germany where i was expecting my baggage..but it didn´t came!it was in amsterdam!to bad things with the same airline!!and when i called to... read full review »
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November 29, 2007
Germanwings like most other budget airlines force people to use their premium 0900 tel no to get any sort of reasonable service. read full review »
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German Govt.
October 25, 2007
complaint against Mr. Baljinder Singh Hira (BPA 5289666824). Respected Sir, Through this complaint I would like to inform you against Mr. Baljinder Singh Hira S/o Mr. Sohan Singh Hira, Rothudener Weg – 25, 50374 Erftstadt, Germany Fon : 0049-223-5698-436/37, Fax : 0049-223-569438. He Takes people from India to Germany illegally. For this he charges 6-10 lakhs of rupees. He has taken many people; some names that are in my knowledge who he has already taken there are as follows: 1. Jarnail Singh 2. Gurdhian Singh 3... read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: Germany
September 5, 2007
This is a clone of betamax company. I've subscribed with their voipcheap.com, justvoip.com, 12voip.com and recently nonoh.net. I've paid 10 Euros each in all there 4 websites. But on the next day itself, I couldn't place a call. It shows "Call ended due to an unknown error". Itz already about 3 to 4 months. I've emailed them, faxed them, phoned them. But no response at all. Not only me, if you google "Voipcheap.com cheating" you will get lot of people complaining on this fraudulent company. read full review »
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Aclepsa / QualityGenerics
August 18, 2007
I initially ordered from Aclepsa medication worth 98 USD. That was two month + 16 days ago. Shortly after that i received a notification from German Customs that my shipment was retained and not be handed out to me. I presented Aclepsas Customer Support with this notification (sent a copy) and they promised to refund. Which they haven't until today. Instead they keep proposing to reship despite the fact that their conspicuous EMS parcels won't pass customs here. I keep telling them over and over again. But no matter what i write to... read full review »
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Germanwings Airlines-
August 6, 2007
This is a letter sent to the CEO of Germanwings, complaint department and others and still waiting for a response: Please sir, I hope you take the time to read this and assist us in this matter. I believe most problems are solved once the head receives the information. I have sent your email complaint department four emails with no response. I have contacted the Stuttgart airport authorities, Human rights organization in Germany, the UN office in Europe, and many other organizations regarding this problem. Like I mention before I think... read full review »
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April 2, 2007
My friend and I were driving in Whyoming when the ice caused us to fish tale and land in a snowbank. Because I wave insurance on the vehicle I knew I was responsible for the damage to the car, so you can understand my shock, when AVIS decide to salvage the vehicle instead of repairing it. Instead of costing $5,000 in repairs I got slapped with a bill for $12,200 in which I am not certain if my insurance will cover it because they authorized fixing it. In addition we received over $1,000 in administration and loss of use fees, is it our fault Avis waited so long to fix the problem? read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Germany
Avis Car Rental
November 20, 2006
I am in a wheelchair and i rented a car from avis on the 19 of oct/06 & when i went to get the car they had nothing for me and no one help me to get another car. They call me the day before to confirm but still did not had the car... i waited like 4hr and then left...and rented from another company. read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Germany
lefandem July 11, 2011
Hello. I got a fraud by a german interior Shop! http://www.ambientedirect.com/en/info/general-information/trusted-shops I ordered a chair to afurniture store named AmbienteDirect 3month ago. that was international shopping. I live in Japan tokyo. [I cost more than € 3, 000!] and they sent me a wrong color chair from what I ordered. I asked them to exchange the chair. they started to ignore me and they keep saying they can't exchange the product. I guess they are trying to run away from the problem. I cant'... read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Germany


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