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August 11, 2008
VW is Not Solving The Problems in Their Brand New Cars
I was a real VW lover until I got my own brand new Polo. I got my VW Polo in December 6th of 2006 as Brand New with Chasis Number as WVWZZZ9NZ7Y082612.

After the end of second month problems started to occur. Some noises under the car rised. I take my car to Dogus Oto in Turkey which is the dealer of VW. Dogus Oto told me that the sound was very normal and coming from the "spiral" shaped part placed in the exhaust system. I listened the noise in my friends' cars as Ford Fiesta(2005) 1.4 gasoline engined and Toyota Yaris 1.0 gasoline engined (2005) but no noisy sound was rising from these cars. Also they were older than my car and their engines were weaker than my car's engine their engine and the other parts were working with less disturbing noise.

After 4 months, another unhealthy sound started under the motor hood. I made a technician who I know that is skilled, listen the sound, and he said me that the sound was not normal. After this comment I take my car to Dogus Oto Ã��Ã�°zmir again and 2 technicians of them said that it was normal and make me listen the same sound in an 3 or 4 year old Polo. After that I asked them to make me listen the same sound in the test-drive car or in a brand new car. They make me listen the sound in the brand new car but there were no sound existing. But my car was 8 months old and the compare of my car with 4 years old cars was not fair.

Also in June when my car was 6 months old, the plastic part holding the rope in the tail door broken at the hands of nearly 5 kg weight. I can send you pictures if you will send me your e-mail address. Now I am asking you: "Don't VW carry out torquemeter tests in their research & development department?". In design process, incase of designing a plastic part that will carry a certain load, they should had tested its strength. Because a plastic part broken down under a 5 kg load makes other people not trusting to VW. Other brands as Toyota Yaris and Ford Fiesta used 3 parts to fix the rope there instead of 1 single piece as you did. So in 3 part design the part is not breaking down only move out the other part and one can easily replace it correctly. If you will use single piece design you should have used a material which has higher strength to stand stable under shear force. At the hands of VW design I will have to change all the plastic part in that region and pay near 70 Euro.

Also for about 8 months my seatbelt making noise so much to take my concentration out of the traffic. I am really bored of this sound. VW tried to fix it but they made the sound worse.

I wrote all of the things above to VW AG in Germany 4 times, but they teased me instead of considering my problems. Their attitude was not suiting with consumers satisfaction.

Dogus Oto which is legal dealer of VW in Turkey, is not solving any problem of my car

-They break down the door locks of my car. I take my car to them 4 times but they didn't repair it.

-My car's exhaust system system has a problem. They are not accepting that problem while there is very loud noise existing in my exhaust system.

-They used SILICON on my front panel while its use is forbidden at the hans of safety standards because incase of a fire it speeds up the fire in my car. When I asked them, they did not answer me, if they removed the SILICON or not.

-There is a constant frequenced sound like the noise of a belt in engine system. At first they said me that there is a problem, and changed 2 parts of engine system. But the sound didn't disappear. Further their recommendation was "there is no problem on that car and all the sounds are normal". After that recommendation, I asked them to make me listen the same sound on a different car with the same engine type of my car but they did not let me listen any.

According to the cases I have experienced, I can say that VW is cheating the customers.

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