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CG 76 June 23, 2011
I ordered and paid for a iphone 4 White 32gb off the c2coffer.com website the user name was angel girl sender info on the website is Xiang Liu 2211 Zhanghua Road Beijing 100010, China email payoew@hotmail.com.I paid for the iphone on the 10th of june invoice #3728181 i paid via paypal i was sent a tracking number for my order and that ended up being fake the number was RR862 868 123CN .I paid a total of $60 to this person .I have received no iphone or refund and this user angel girl has now shut down the online shop . i was wondering if u could be of any assistance in this matter thank you Caroline read full review »
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Marlene Kemp June 22, 2011
On the weekend I pushed a button on Facebook which was a FREE site for meeting senior singles on line. However, all of a sudden from an amount of $39.95 for a month (which I assumed I would give me access for 1 month, I all of a sudden received an account charged to my American Express card for $234.oo for a 6 month period. I immediately emailed B2.com.au customer service and their reply was that I had already had contact with "my matches" (which were all over the continent & NZ) a refund was not possible. I feel as a pensioner, I have... read full review »
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offroad studios
unhappy_customer85 June 22, 2011
recently i was unfortunate to have dealings with a bunch of pakistany web design crooks. they quoted the job promised the world and after they had recieved there money they did a dodgy cut and paste job from another website that has no functionality and demanded an additional $7000 to do the job they hadnt done already. beware they are scam artists. read full review »
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Cadbury rocky road
Gypsyseth June 21, 2011
I still can't work out what it is but it is white long an hairy it sounds like mould but its not, it looks like the fluff out of a pillow but more thinner and straight and the beste date is the23/01/2012. read full review »
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Coles World Square
Miss.Lilly June 21, 2011
I was shopping in Coles located in World Square. Prior to this, I had been to Aldi in North Sydney after a job trial. I had bought 3 cans of spaghetti of the brand "Corale", a brand exclusive to Aldi stores. Because Aldi don't supply bags and I didn't realize until i had already paid for my goods, I had my items in my hand bag. Before entering Coles World Square, I showed my items to a man at the check out and asked him for a plastic bag to place my 3 cans of spaghetti in with my receipt in fear of looking like I had stolen... read full review »
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Yiwu Printing Packaging Co., Ltd.
Mariamcb June 20, 2011
Ordered and paid for 5000 artificial Hydrangea petals on April 29, 2011. Company only takes Western Union, so had to pay $132AU plus $18 for processing. Thought there was something strange as price differed quite a lot from cost on website, but figured it was bad Chinese translation e.g. US.01-.02c per doz. Contact tried to make me buy more, but I stuck to minimum order. To date there has been nothing received, and after emailing early June 2011 to chase up: was told that items not yet sent. After more emails, contact at Yiwu gave me a mystery... read full review »
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Christian Louboutin Madame butterfly booty
outnetsale June 19, 2011
Black leather shoe boots from Christian Louboutin with three leather bows. Peep toe. Three pleated leather bands lie across the foot with a bow at the centre of each. Side zip fastening on the inside edge. Platform sole with leather covered stiletto heel. read full review »
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Bidding Buzz Australia
bidding buzz warning June 19, 2011
Bidding Buzz, eBay, Money, Home Business, Cash, Selling, Auctions, Buy It Now, Financial Freedom, Wealth, Magic, eBay magic, workshop, making money on eBay, eBay business http:/www.biddingbuzz.com.au Hello Australia, Please dont spend your $4000.00 on the eBay magic courses, this is way to expensive for information that Matt and Amanda received from classes and education put on by eBay for free in the states, then packaged it up in some plastic glossy flolders and home made recordings on the computer and audio then placing a... read full review »
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Downtown Abbey
DC62 June 19, 2011
It was extremely frustrating to no be able to watch downtown abbey on sunday 19th. As there was no signal, so much for digital TV. Every other station was funtional except for channel 7. How dissappointing and this is not the first time:( read full review »
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Macdonalds Campbelltown, NSW
Rude_ Service June 19, 2011
My daughter had placed her order through the Drive through which included a Vanilla Thickshake, which she usually enjoys. The thickshakes are usually great, thick, icy and extremely hard to get through the straw. A great Macdonald thickshake. When she was given hers we both noticed it was quite runny and resembled more of a milkshake. My daughter commented on this, to which the young man, who was quite polite, said it must be a problem with the machine and to park in the waiting bay and they would bring a new one to us. It was only a minute or... read full review »
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Gavin Chatt1 June 17, 2011
The dress we ordered through http://www.fashionlande.com was nothing like that we ordered, when sending an email to see what was going to be done about it along with photos they responded with a sorry however nothing more. I have since requested a refund, a phone number and address however have been met with no reply. These people are FRAUDS and I would like to know what we can do to shut them down? I ask this as a number of complaints have been posted however I was not aware of these until after the bullshit services and product... read full review »
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Badly done by June 16, 2011
We packed my husband's raincoat, my raincoat and umbrella, the 2 bags we carried were locked. We boarded the Pacific Jewel in Sydney on 2 May and returned to Sydney 12 May. We had not used the items and in June when the rain set in we discovered that the two raincoats and umbrella were missing. We had a good trip but are disappointed that this type of petty pilfering happened leaving a bad taste about P&O. norstel@optusnet.com.au read full review »
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Nicole Cappellari June 15, 2011
i Nicole cappellari had been working for skintrtion for 9 months, my employer haant payed my super. can you help me get my super please. read full review »
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Private school
MickJay June 15, 2011
My son is being bullied at school for the past few months he is only a kindy student, the teachers seem not be intervening and solving the problem. My son is very distressed he is only four years of age and he has gotten to the point of not wanting to go to school. Can u pls help me with some info on who I can go to for extra help on this matter. read full review »
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Coles & Kmart
Brenda Williamson01 June 15, 2011
Yesterday I shopped at both Coles and Kmart and the amounts were under $35. I submitted my credit card and the machine processed it without needing a signature or pin. The checkout girl told me that this is a new system. I would like to voice my complaint about this as I don't view it as customer service. Obviously this new system is meant to speed things up at the checkout but at the customer's expense as credit card fraud can be executed with no checks in place. I realise that $35 is not a large amount but with all the scams and... read full review »
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Sensitive Pro -Relief
Kevin Guy June 13, 2011
The Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste tube closure specifically... I the paste is fine ( I think) however the closure does have a real problem which actually scares me. I have sensitive teeth and I bought the product... it seemed to work. However after a week I started to get gum irritation, I have never had much of a problem with gums in the past so I just stepped up my dental regimen - no change. There was nothing that seemed to be working. It was only by accident I noticed the inside of the cap had dark yellow-brown deposit forming around the... read full review »
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AmmyCin June 13, 2011
Hi All, This is Ammy from Australia. I have been buying all my medications from InternationalDrugMart.com for more than 3 years - Since now there haven't been no complaints from me. My medications arrived well packed in correct time. I'm very much happy with there service & customer support. PLEASE SHARE YOUR REVIEWS ABOUT INTERNATIONALDRUGMART.COM Regards, Ammy :) read full review »
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Angus56 June 12, 2011
Software was purchase from 'Online website - hardboiled soft.com FOR $99.99 US dollars via our business credit card. Since using the software it has infected the computer system to which the 'virus checker' is subscribed too. Countless pop ups, spam emails and non-use of the 'hardboiledsoft' purchased software has caused time-waste and the malfunction of the computers drive. This is not good practice and has left us with no confidence in the above mentioned company and the reason we seek the full... read full review »
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McDonalds Doonside
Kevin Butler June 12, 2011
After going grocery shopping i took the family through the Mc Donald's drive through to get something to eat i place my order and payed for it as soon as i reach the second window to receive my order they had told me to go to the waiting bay i was waiting there for 6 minutes when i got out of my car and walk in to see what was happening i spoke to the supervisor on duty and ask what was happening with my order then i received a response that the order is not ready yet where still waiting on the cheese burger's and we will bring it... read full review »
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Australian Super Draw
Seven Angels June 11, 2011
I received an Unofficial, yet Unprofessional Card from Australian Superdraw. Who got the same like me? "Today, at 10:45am, our office verified Australian Superdraw first prize monies totalling AUD$30, 000, 000 -- thirty million --" blah blah blah!!! read full review »
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Envic Group Architects June 10, 2011
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Lou Basher June 9, 2011
I made an order for a perume product to Discountperfumeonline.net and paid $76 via cash transfer deposit over the inernet (NOT Paypal, silly me!) on 26th May 2011 - it shows on my bank statement as payment to "Pretty 4 Life". After 2 weeks I has not heard anything so I went to the website and checked my order staus only to discover in fine print that "we are currently out of stock of this product". I sent them several emails to which I got no response. I then decided to source the internet to see if anyone else had problem... read full review »
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LHP Power, Luxury Home Products, Solar Energy Store
Kay Schieren June 8, 2011
They advertise solar panels as being approved for CEC rebate and 250Watt output but supplied me with 160W panels, not approved for rebate and 24 volt instead of 12Volt as ordered. They do not respond to emails or letters once the scam is exposed. They do not tell the truth on the phone. They are totally crooked. Consumer affairs in Victoria were useless. Asic does nothing. I am now going to apply for VCAT small claims hearing which will cost me. Many people have been ripped of by this scummy business. I woulld like to get up a posse of... read full review »
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Goodwin and Swirl Scam
ScamBuster42 June 7, 2011
GOODWIN SWIRL CORPORATION PTY LTD This is John Muir's new scam company which changed its name on 18/01/2011 from DARK SWIRL PTY LTD. John Muir lives on the Gold Coast at 1/1 Wave Street, Nobbys Beach, and has been involved in scams for a number of years, always using corporate structures where someone else was the Director. His full name is Jonathan David Velo Muir; his date of birth 29/07/1969. Mostly the scams relate to horse racing where it is arranged for clients to lose their trading funds over a period of time by... read full review »
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Anendra P Bhawani June 7, 2011
I hereby request you to cancel any deductions from my credit card asap. Failure to do so will result in me taking legal action against the company read full review »
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budget direct insurance company
budget direct June 7, 2011
my daughter is insured with budget direct comprehensive car insurance.They say they do fast claims what a joke .She was in bad car accident and her car was a right off that was 5 weeks ago.They say they are waiting for blood results from police well they should get them and contact police themselves.They went to wreckers and tryed to take car and were going to sell it at actions in brisbane your company is a joke i will be taking this further read full review »
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Jaxs_29 June 7, 2011
I have an unauthorised charge on my credit card from CLASSMATES-MEMORY LANE 206-301-5900WA I will be reporting this as fraud to my bank read full review »
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bobbipeel June 6, 2011
As a member of this nation and of Country. I want answers! I feel this will be another case to 'just sweep under the carpet' 22 year Soldier formerly of Canberra ACT 2612. Assigned to serve in Afghanistan with special ops unit January 2010. Accidently shot twice by his Supervisor in charge having half his lung blown out and missing ribs, out field whilst clearing out a cache. The soldier is not the same mentally and physically and so very lucky to be alive today (name withheld for security purposes) The supervisor whom done... read full review »
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mario pilla
Neighbour June 5, 2011
Mario Pilla installed my flooring and did a terrible job. He showed me his work at his own house in Caroline Springs . He is such a bad bad workman. The floor is all bad and all my call to him no answer. He is complaining about builder but he not do right also. He did his own =floor and then compliann here also read full review »
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Tiger Airways Australia
Disgusted with Tiger June 4, 2011
I am Appalled to say that although I thought that Tiger Airways Australia was a budget airline, I was thoroughly disgusted to find my flight from Melbourne to Sydney on Sunday 22nd May 2011 (5pm) cancelled, when I arrived at the Airport at 4pm. I had already checked in using web check-in, and had driven 1+ hour to get to the airport to learn it was cancelled. When asked, the staff at Tiger check-in Counters said that they had tried to contact the passengers re: the cancellation at about 1:30pm. That's total and utter rubbish! I never got... read full review »
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Sandra Milisic
Bransan June 4, 2011
On my statment it says on the 3/6/11 this amount of $8.25 was deducted...? I would like to know what i have purchased from you guys & how you actually got to my CC because if i haven't purchased anything this matter will deff be taken further... 686030000557165 NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CCNETFLIX read full review »
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Prosperity Group International
Phong Lee June 3, 2011
ROYAL EARTH LABORATORIES PTY LTD...Prosperity Group International @ it AGAIN - OZ-RIP-101938 www.freshstartdetox.com a scam, owned by a multi millionare, goldcoast tycoon Mr Tome Fanucci ripping people off again. He ripped me off and NOW we are going to catch him and let everybody know what he is doing is wrong. WRONG, WRONG, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. ROYAL EARTH LABORATORIES PTY LTD Bundall, Gold Coast, QLD The owners of Prosperity Group International ran off with all of my money. I gave this bloke $11550 and within 2 weeks he wa... read full review »
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Regus serviced office and space
amelia brown June 3, 2011
I can only tell you my experience with Regus, unbelievably BAD. It is 2 months since my contract ended (I rented a desk and chair in a room of about 5 m x 5m with three other people), now they are trying to charge me $178 for cleaning and are going to take it from my bond money which was $700.00. I still have not received one cent of my bond money and each time I email I am either ignored or fobbed off and constantly told another three weeks. Prior to this they tried to charge me their continuity fee of some $900 when I questioned it (a... read full review »
Filled under: Services Location: Australia
myles davies June 2, 2011
.For all those thinking of consulting any psychics or so called spiritual mediums be aware!Unfortunately there are many on the net that tarnish it for the few that are actually legitimate.They take advantage of the vulnerable and claim to be something that they are not.They will keep taking money and taking advantage of those that may be in less than ideal life circumstances.If anyone is determined to seek out this type of help and support do your research thoroughly.In fact some of the most popularly advertised web sites are nothing but... read full review »
Filled under: Society & Culture Location: Australia
dragon1976 June 1, 2011
I purchased and paid for a Gold Chain 5.4.11, It has been well over 7 weeks since I ordered and paid, to date I still have not received my purchase. I have emailed three times already and as yet have received no reply from anyone in regards to this matter. I would like a reply to this email's ASAP as I would like to know what is happening. If I do not get a reply to my emails I will be taking this matter further. I have already made enquiries with Paypal about getting my money back! read full review »
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Fortshore Pty Ltd . Avalon .Inncove Pty Ltd
scamwatchers oz June 1, 2011
Inncove Pty Ltd avalon Fortshore Pty Ltd A: Level 1 50 Appel Street Surfers Paradise Qld 4217 P: PO Box 423 Surfers Paradise Qld 4217 E: denis@inncove.com.au ... inncove.pty.ltd HORSE RACING SCAM. gateway estate tasmania property development . silver holdings .adaptablepc Avalon Fortshore Pty Ltd the new office Level 1 . 50 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 got both of there home ... TONY SILVER ANTHONY SILVER same name.. uses adaptablepc to rent the offices that thay use for the... read full review »
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Loreal Liquid Eye Liner
Elizabeth Anne Price June 1, 2011
So far, I have brought 4 Loreal Black Eye Liners. Its called L'Oreal Paris Kohl Eyeliner Black. High Intensity Pigments. Its strange it works beautifully. Then after about 3 weeks the brush on wand curls up at the end. I couldn't believe it thats why I brought another 3. I have never ever had this happen in my whole life. For such a great company I am very surprised this is happening to your products. I don't want to seem, a pain . But I truely, want to help your company. I am a loyal customer and needed to write very... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Australia
damaged Love June 1, 2011
omfg ok i've been playing for a while and ovr the years it's been getting harder to train my skills... seriously jegex need to find a way to stop people from botting on runescape because i'm getting freaking sick of not being able to train my skills ... i'm F2p at the moment and trying to train wood cutting, mining and combat skills but everytime i do all these stupid fucking bot player take my kill and seem to over swarm the places i go.. jegex i need you to find a way to exclude bots from runescape becuase the people who... read full review »
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Tonellos cafe
Alenamaree June 1, 2011
These employers refuse to pay appropriate award rates on weekends and public holidays. 2/3 of the staff they have they only pay cash to and make it very clear to the staff if they don't like it leave and we will find someone else read full review »
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Channel 7 digital channels
Cheryl Stanton May 31, 2011
We are supposed to be going to digital tv however you cannot get through one complete show on channel 7 without it having a bad signal. We have a new tv and therefore no need for a top box but find ourselves putting it back to analogue to watch a show. Unfortunately that means we don't get 7 mate which has some great shows. I love watching Australias Got talent and find it very frustrating to be having this problem every week. read full review »
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