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Queen St, Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia

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Rude_ Service June 19, 2011
Customer Service
My daughter had placed her order through the Drive through which included a Vanilla Thickshake, which she usually enjoys. The thickshakes are usually great, thick, icy and extremely hard to get through the straw. A great Macdonald thickshake. When she was given hers we both noticed it was quite runny and resembled more of a milkshake. My daughter commented on this, to which the young man, who was quite polite, said it must be a problem with the machine and to park in the waiting bay and they would bring a new one to us. It was only a minute or so when a young lady (management) came out with the original thickshake stating that it really is quite thick even though it looks thin. Also stating the consistancy of the thickshake had always been the same at their store. My daughter answered that she had never had a thickshake so thin purchased from any other Macdonalds and would prefer a refund. The young lady, quite annoyed, went to collect the refund. On returning she again said that their store had their machine independantly checked and that there were no problems and that was how the thickshakes were and had always been. If Macdonalds thickshakes have changed fine, she only wanted her money back as the product was not as it was expected, but received a lecture with the refund. If my daughter had been rude I could have understood the attitude, we thought there was a problem with the machine which bringing to their attention would have stopped further complaints. We have been supporting our local Macdonalds since it first came to Queen St Campbelltown. My daughter had her 4th birthday party there and she is in her mid thirties. When did customer service fade?

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