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myles davies June 2, 2011
.For all those thinking of consulting any psychics or so called spiritual mediums be aware!Unfortunately there are many on the net that tarnish it for the few that are actually legitimate.They take advantage of the vulnerable and claim to be something that they are not.They will keep taking money and taking advantage of those that may be in less than ideal life circumstances.If anyone is determined to seek out this type of help and support do your research thoroughly.In fact some of the most popularly advertised web sites are nothing but fraudulant scams to rob people of their money.Such scams, especially in this sort of field are extremely dangerous and could be potentially harmful in the long term for peoples' personal and spiritual growth.If anyone finds a psychic or "spiritual counselor'and finds them to be thoroughly helpful then good luck to you.What I am warning people is to do your research before parting with any money as there are so many scams out there.Unfortunately when some people are at a crisis of some sort in their lives it is easy to fall vulnerable and 'want to believe'that these scamming schemes are in some way providing answers.The companies or individuals behind these scams are unfortunately laughing all the way to the bank. Morally and spiritually bankrupt people and companies such as these will hopefully get what they desereve in the end.Unfortunately these scams leave a lot of people even more confused than they were before they started seeking out these so called 'psychics'.It is easy to come up with a generalised and non personalised synopsis of people from a computer, send off an e mail to each client and just address the relevant client by typing their name at the top of the e mail.Wow these people do really care and have taken on my case personally one on one.?Yeah rite. So to all those spiritual and morally bankrupt companies you will get what you deserve in the end;you reap what you sow.!Rather than consult 'Gabriella the psychic ''save your money and read your stars in the latest edition of who weeklywhilst waiting at the checkout of your local supermarket.Or perhaps next time anyone who has been bitten by such scamming schemes is feeling constipated just think of those who have taken advantage of you and while you take a dump spare them a thought.So to frauds such as Gabrielle -psychic I seriously dont know how you live with yourself each day, (thats if Gabrielle is a real person and somehow I very much doubt it.)Gabrielle it must be wonderful to be one of the few chosen ones on this earth to do God's work.How lucky and fortunate this planet is to have someone as blessed as you Gabrielle, whose ancestry can be traced to the Maggi of old Italy.If you actually do exist as a person you must be pissing yourself everytime the money rolls in.I can feel pretty safe Gabrielle will never read this as I doubt she really is a person.Again I must implore that I wish not to tarnish the reputation of those out there that are legitimate, it just seems sad and unfortunate that these scammers are getting away with it and that no cases have been brought up against them.How can we make these people accountable ?Why is there not some sort of worldwide regulatory board set up to uncover these scams and pull the carpet from beneath their feet before they really get something growing.?What does this all say ?Consumer beware! Email from Gabrielle-'I was walking along an isolated beach thinking of you the other day when along my path appeared a little wooden box on the sand below me.I took the box home and when I opened it there was a message addressed to you, yes you.I couldnt believe my eyes.Obviously destiny brought me to that wooden box so as for me to convey a special message for you."Wow Gabrielle, you must be so in tune with the universe, how lucky people are to have you looking after their individual cases.C'mon how far can you go with this crapp.!For a mere $79.90 I will reveal all to you.Also for another mere $49.90 you can help me help the trapped and tortured spirit of Marie Antoinette move onto the next realm.For this you shall receive access to her secret knowledge and treasure.'HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.You have got to be taking the piss rite.?Obviously.!So to all those who have seen these scams for what they really are, good for you.To all those who have been 'bitten' including me, well an expensive lesson has been learned.And to those who are genuine and legitimate psychics, numerologists and astrologers what a sad enditement that there are so many bad apples and charlatans.To those that think well sucked in - you opened yourself up to be scammed and deserve everything you get by beeing sucked in because of your naivity well that is probably on the money as well.However this experience has taught me to be a lot more discerning and to do my research before committing to anything.!An expensive lesson learned.And thank you to Jenna for your indepth no strings attatched approach to my personal case.Your objectivity and in depth analysis has only been beneficial. Yours sincerely, Once bitten, not so shy and not so naive.

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