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tefte;y July 12, 2011
109, Scotland Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 1QN, Scotland. E-mail: Tel: +44-702-409-9762, +447024096836, FAX: +44-206-409-9788 AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACT FOR SERVICES/OFFER LETTER FOR CARRYING OUT EXPATRIATE TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES PROVISION IN THE MARK METALS (MMC) THIS AGREEMENT is made this 24th Day of MAY 2011 BETWEEN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (The "Employee") 1. For good consideration, the Company employs the Employee on the following terms and conditions. 2. TERM... read full review »
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qiwi July 12, 2011
QATAR AIRWAYS RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT! Confidential! Dear Job Applicant, JOB REF: Q.A-UK-10/014 VACANCIES: UNLIMITED FOR THOSE IN THE (AVIATION INDUSTRY, IT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT. ADMINISTRATION, HOSPITALITY, MANAGERIAL OPENINGS) 1: Aero Engine Jobs 2: Aerodynamics/Fluids Jobs 3: Air Traffic Control Jobs 4: Aircraft Interiors Jobs 5: Airline/Office Jobs 6: Accounting Jobs 7: Cabin Crew Jobs 8: Cargo jobs 9: Customer Relations/Pass. Service Jobs 10: Design Jobs 11: Sales & Marketing 12: Executive... read full review »
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inwanda3 July 12, 2011
Hi again, I have received another 2 SCAM job offers from Rex Hotel and Top Rank hotel. Probably I will receive more in the next days as I have applied for lots of jobs all over the world. I will put them all down here so everybody will be advised. from Rex Hotel London <> to date Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 3:58 PM subject INTERVIEW signed-by hide details 3:58 PM (8 hours ago) REX HOTEL LONDON Address: 53 Shepherd's Bush Road... read full review »
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mr.quz July 12, 2011
Sent in by a member: From: Gilless Attias <> Date: 2011/6/14 Subject: SOFITEL ATHENS AIRPORT HOTEL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SOFITEL ATHENS AIRPORT HOTEL GREECE. Athens International Airport 19019 SPATA GREECE. Attention Applicant, The Management and Department of Human Resources(Athens International Airport SPATA GREECE) also our branches office in London, Canada and USA, thanks the interested applicant's who willingly, honor our invitation to join this honorable organization.we are... read full review »
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Design3D, LLC
EasyPrey July 12, 2011
Design3D, LLC * Home * Services * Gallery 1 * Gallery 2 * Prices * Licence * Team * Careers * Contact Careers U.S. Representative/Financial Manager Job Position Job Summary: Type of Employment: Agreement Job Type: Part Time (2-4 hours per week) Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Salary: $60, 000-$80, 000.00 /year Location: Any ( at home on free time) This could be the perfect complement to your current job. About Company: Our company primarily deals in design activities for... read full review »
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Body Plex Club 6161 - Lavista Road, Atlanta GA
T Martini July 12, 2011
Unresolved consumer-to-business unfulfilled sale of services and lack of customer service. At the time of membership I was told by Aaron, the Manager of the new facility, that various pieces of equipment would be available when the gym opened at the beginning of 2011. I specifically asked if Spin classes would be offered. I was assured that, yes, Spin classes would be offered and that the bikes were on order, as well as other pieces of equipment. When the club opened in January 2011, I asked about the status of the bikes. I was told that... read full review »
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American Specialty Health Services
Dudley Wells July 12, 2011
I have health insurance through Cigna. They outsource all their health maintenance billing to American Specialty Health Services. I have been to my Chiropractor six times in 3 months for adjustments and therapeutic massages. I have paid my $40 copay each time. American Specialty Health Services has paid my Chiropractor a total of $1.00 for all my visits. American Specialty Health Services SUCKS! This company is a rip-off. Their business practices are effecting my relationship with my medical care provider. Further, it reflects poorly on... read full review »
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Kedibone Nancy Sidu July 12, 2011
Body Lab in Kempton Park, a lady by the name of Tebotso has sign a contract with a minor who does not work but still at school, I do not know how they do their credit check if they can give a school child who is not working a contract of R300.00 payable every month for three years.I want to cancell the contarct and I need you to help me how, the contract was drawn on the 02/05/2011.They have send the matter to their lawyers to collect money of which they will not get as the bank account given does not have sufficient funds and this will lead... read full review »
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Dr. C. Ferriera
Lolia Arnolds July 12, 2011
On the 3rd of March 2011 I had a C-Section in Greenacres Hospital Port Elizabeth. During the operation my baby was cut on the head. I feel that Dr. Ferriera was negligent because I saw him the Tuesday the 1st of March 2011 last then I was scheduled for the Thursday the 3rd of March 2011. The day of the operation he never did any examination to see how the baby is laying if has he moved position, etc. to me this was very unprofessional. The day of the operation he was very late as I was already in theatre when he came and basically... read full review »
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Sameer2012 July 12, 2011
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Lowe's of Little Elm, TX
Tim Deacon July 11, 2011
To all that this may concern, I thought that I should point out that the store manager for Lowe's of Little Elm has to be the worst manger that I have ever seen! Complaint: I was in line checking out when I heard some screaming. I looked over towards the exit doors and noticed what I thought was four employees having an argument. I later learned from the little cahsier that this was a store manager yelling at his employee in fromt of everyone. Yarvis Evens (? on last name) was cursing and using the most fowl language that... read full review »
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Kenneth Andrew Mazey & Associates 3104703145
jjj121212 July 11, 2011
Kenneth Andrew Mazey is a psychologist. This guy is a crook. DO NOT GO TO HIM. He will take your money and will not hel you at all. He claims that he can take away any fear! After 30 sessions, he did nothing. He tells me that all my psychological issues are sexual and that I need to start having sex. I told him that i'm just 18 years old and a virgin and tha I'm looking for the right person. He said that I should have sex with him and offered me free sessions for having sex with him. He is being investigated for raping his patient... read full review »
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STAPH July 11, 2011
I try to call the number they gave but It's not in service. I want to cancel this product./ My Dr. said I shouldn"t be taken this pills.I don"t know how to reach these people to cancel these products. read full review »
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NONO Hair removal by Radiance
Kathleen62 July 11, 2011
TV ad states you will receive a 2nd one for free, just have to pay shipping and handling. Well, not true it ended up being well over $600.00 charged to my card over a period of a few months which was also past the trial offer. Not only is ad false for the cost it does not work. Would not recommend and would HIGHLY ADVICE - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Very, very disappointed! read full review »
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S_J_M July 11, 2011
I made an online purchase of three pairs of boots. Two of the three where wrong size. I sent them back and after waiting two weeks more I received replacements which were incorrect again. Again another two weeks and wrong boots a third time. After two months and the fourth time they finally got it right! Then I check my visa statement and I see they have double charged me. The worst part is they never apologized once or tried to make up for their repeated mistakes. My requests to speak to someone in corporate where ignored again and again. Lugz is the worst company I have ever delta with! Do your self a favour and avoid any dealings with this company! read full review »
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College Life Laundry
MNona July 11, 2011
DON'T USE COLLEGE LIFE LAUNDRY! They will charge you like 7$ extra if your laundry is even half a pound over weight, which is impossible to tell since I don't have a scale in my dorm. Also, I've gotten back about 5 ripped shirts from them, and they refused to cover any cost whatsoever. Often it seems like they just run water through my laundry, because if there is even a grass stain on my cloths, it never comes back clean. Don't get caught with their advertising and seemingly down-to-earth manner. They are a bad laundry organization. read full review »
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Golds Gym Hope Mills, NC
Hope Mills NC Golds Gym SUCKS July 11, 2011
This gym has more use than any gym I have ever gone to. This translates to revenue in my opinion. Yet, this gym ALWAYS has broken cardio machines, weight machines and specifically, this week, the water fountain won't work. A gym without water! Even when attempts to fix a machine are made, they still don't work properly. Treadmill belts slip, give and bounce uncontrollably. The elliptical machines grind and move roughly. They have tanning beds which I have never used but my wife says you have to clean them after the person in front of... read full review »
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careington dental
ricky williams July 11, 2011
this company has been debiting my checking account, I do not know this company... they need to stop immediately and credit my account or come forward and tell me what they are. read full review »
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Cache- Gold Chain Bermuda shorts
RMART100 July 11, 2011
Purchased 2 pair of gold chain bermuda shorts on 6-17-11 to wear on vacation fourth of July weekend. Merchandise in this store is advertised as high quality merchandise. I spent $90.00 on two pair of shorts, one white and one tan. I wore the shorts on the weekend that I planned, July 2nd and July 3rd. Both pair of the shorts knotted up really bad in the crouch area. Pants were only worn for a minimum of 6-8 hours (and that is probably stretching it). A one time wear should not cause these pants to knot up. they are a cotten sateen blend (so... read full review »
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Florida customer July 11, 2011
I ordered a Rolex replica watch from for $500.00 with the promise of delivering a solid one year guarantee, I bought the more expensive replica because I did not wanted any problems with the watch. After ordering I received an email stating that the watch will arrive inside a toy box, which I found strange and started to regret the venture with this particular company. Once the watch arrived I noticed a discrepancy on the time and immediately reported the problem to the vendor and NEVER received any follow-up calls from them... read full review »
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Monster High
No Exceptions July 11, 2011
This last christmas i recived moster high dolls from santa . 2 months after my Duece Gorgen breaks. 7 months after my Favorite Drauculaura breaks .What is the deal with these toys? Im very disapointed. read full review »
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nannymilton July 11, 2011
Just want to let people know not to use this site the company is con merchant and try to rip you off also when you try to speak to them they are arrogant and sarcastic, Avoid at all costs as i guarantee you will not be happy with the level of customer service. read full review »
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Top Notch Personnel
Concernconsumer2009 July 11, 2011
This company is Fradulent, please be careful in dealing with them. This company has been a long time but under different names. THey have changed their name a couple times. They cheat everyone and if you check the BBB they have a rating of a 'C'. They have a 'government alert' on their BBB account. It was under the husband name then when the heat was on them he placed it under his wife name Cheryl. They have changed the name of the company a couple times. Would you want to deal with a company like that? Clients and employees, BE CAREFUL! They have a lot of enemies out there read full review »
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Pivitol Fitness
charleston3 July 11, 2011
I signed up for a 2 year contract in January. In March I injured my toe. After I was able to walk again the doctor filled out the injury form for pivitol fitness . He said it should be 6 weeks before I would be able to wear a closed shoe. Pivitol fitness only allowed a "freeze" membership for 6 weeks. I did not heal as the doctor said I should and it has been 8 months since the injury. We don't know how long it will take to heal and I still can't wear a shoe. I can't work out because of the dress policy, and Pivitol Fitnes is not even willing to work with me. read full review »
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www.90% redbottomshoes
kc3 speedy July 11, 2011
i paid for a pair of redbottm shoes for 115.00 it was taken out on june 20th but i never recieved the shoes nor would they return a respons i was scamed. My bank said their name was Hot i hope u can help my email is read full review »
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fffhh July 11, 2011
The site is diplaying a floor mat for which is printed with the face of GANDHIJI. read full review »
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Smile Surgeons
loveallcreatures July 11, 2011
Dr. Stuart Goff is a very unethical human being. That coupled with a license to practice dentistry is a nightmare. I was once a patient of Dr. Goff's, I believed he was a doctor and looking out for the well being of his patients. How wrong I was! He managed to sell me a treatment plan that was ourtrageously expensive, later I found out that most of which i didn't even really need. I suffered through needless treatment, days of pain and missed work. After speaking to a friend, I decided to get a second and third opinion. I wa... read full review »
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cruun July 11, 2011
This is a job scam! There is no job! Subject: URGENT JOB VACANCY IN LONDON, From: The Hilton Inn <> Mon, 27 Jun 2011 00:04:06 To: undisclosed-recipients: ; and others Cc: Bcc: THE HILTON INN INTERNATIONAL UNITED KINGDOM LONDON, CONTACT PERSON MR.JEFF WATSON, 39 SUITE 3, STREET 9, READER ROAD, UNITED KINGDOM, TEL; +447017411510 +447017435940 FAX; +44(0)170-432-278 WEBSITE: OUR REF; HHI/JB/VOL/0864/11 read full review »
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Dr.M.Nagaraja July 11, 2011
I, Dr.M.Nagaraja is a qualified Radiologist. As a preemployment health check-up package I did ultrasound scan (abdomen) of 350-400 campus interview candidates for TCS company (in 2007-2008) in the clinic "Doctor & Medicne' in Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore as tie up with Religare (that time it was SRL Ranbaxy). Even after 3 1/2 years they have not paid a single rupee. It was hectic in the traffic of Bangalore to go all the way from C.V.Raman Nagar to Koramangala in early mornings with my own scan machine, my own vehicle, fuel at... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: India
xgirl July 11, 2011
Hello, I'm from Romania and in one of our job sites I found a job who soud like this: We are looking for men and womans who whant to be a hight risk personal bodyguard...The earnings in one month is 3000 euro - 20 000 euro, depending of country and assigment. My boyfriend called and he finds out that the must participate in a training course that cost 2000 euro. The company site is www dot interguardiansecurityagency dot com . I searched the company in Romania and the BBB site, I couldn't find it any references about... read full review »
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London Russell Hotel
Venicez July 11, 2011
Hi there. I just want to ask if the job offer from Russell Hotel is genuine or fake? I paste the copy of their email below: RUSSELL HOTEL CORP. HQ 1-8 RUSSELL SQUARE, BLOOMSBURY, LONDON, WC1B 5BE, ENGLAND. Tel +447024055615 Fax: +447024092777 Website: Dear ____________, After reviewing your attachments, we have decided to employ you However attach is the employment/success letter that you have to see and if you accept, you are to follow up as instructed by contacting our... read full review »
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Dr. Martins Okoro
qp July 11, 2011
Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, P.M.B. 190, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria Our Ref: NNPC-RC-HRD/NP/09-1407 Dear Applicant, Following the recent recruitment exercise of expatriates staff personnel by Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The screening and scrutiny of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae which you submitted to us through our Recruitment Consultant (Human Edge Limited) with other verification procedures carried out. The... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: United States
Druidz July 11, 2011
NOTE that Sparkleled Ltd, the owner of appears to be a legitimate company, and it looks to me as if their name/reputation has been 'borrowed' by this scammer. Colin Guo is the name of the main contact listed on the Sparkeled web site and I am NOT suggesting that he is a scammer, he's just unfortunate to have had his identity borrowed by one. If this was genuinely from Sparkleled Ltd then it would use their phone numbers (listed on their web site) and their legitimate email addresses. read full review »
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Recriuit Circle
shinysun July 11, 2011
Hi all, Received something similar: For Internal Use of Employer (Please don't delete or modify while replying to this email) Monster Resume ID: ____________ Personal Folder ID: _____________ Dear ___________, This is Simon Lim, Senior Search Manager with recruit circle. We are a group of recruiters with a variety of positions available and some of our positions might be suited for you. If you are currently looking for career openings, do email us your cv to Warmest Regard... read full review »
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Statoil International Energy Company
Sceeband July 11, 2011
Attention I wish to inform you that, we have gone through your answer script and the certificates you have sent as a proof of qualification, you have emerged as one of our best employees who has successfully passed the Interview as it was expected. Your eligibility to work in our company has been confirmed by the Company's Management. So you are expected to get all your traveling documents ready through the assistant of our zonal coordinator who is working with Canadian High Commission in India. You are to contact our zonal... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: United States
Steven James
elmizero July 11, 2011
"From: Steven James <> Sent: Wed, June 15, 2011 9:15:46 PM Subject: Re: App: Exec cook/chef Job no 7425301/ CONTRACT AGREEMENT (JOB OFFER) DELUX CONSULTING LIMITED 14, ADEOLA HOPEWELL VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS, NIGERIA. TEL: (+234- 8070513345) CONTRACT REF: TOTAL ELF/ EPNL/ 2q11/ 2011 FOR THE ATTENTION OF xxxxxxxxxxxxx, The management of Delux Consulting Limited wishes to inform you that you have been offered the job. Attached is our contract agreement for the job... read full review »
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biscoot July 11, 2011
From: <> Date: Wed, Sep 2, 2009 Subject: [Fwd: Ghana Visa/Residence & Work Permit Application] To: XXXXXXX The below message was the message we received from George Immigration Chambers in regards to your 3 years visa, work and residence permit, they also call to inform us that the total fee for 3 years visa, work & residence permit is USD1, 650.00. Kindly submit all the requirements to them, and also note that all expenses are 100% reimbursable, and it is against to Ghana Immigration... read full review »
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Chemmanur Jewellers
rahul raj ramesh July 11, 2011
I saw a big advertisement that there are huge vacancies for chemmanur jewellers in Dubai as they are opening a new branch in karama. They called for interview but they are not checking any details about qualification and experience.They told about their business their new schemes about their history and we had a written test on their historyon first week.Then on second week they asked to bring passport and visa copy to all members who admitted wriiten test but in different sessions which contains only 15members per one session.And they asked... read full review »
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Bharti AXA life insurance .Co
Phool Ahmad July 11, 2011
Dear Sir, My name is PHOOL AHMAD, I worked in Bharti AxaLIC at saharanpur, A I am alrady submmit my PF form on 19-jan-2011, But this is to inform you that i had no recived any amount Or no reply regardiing my mail from your side, so plz tell what i do? so sir plz inform me regarding my PF account detail are below, Name:- Phool Ahamad PF Account No:- MH/48185/22992 My Bharti Emp Code:- 25769 Location :- Saharanpur, Email ID:- read full review »
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INDIA SERVICE CENTRE - SMS sending project
G.C.Das July 21, 2011
My complaints have been made one after another, yet the company mentioned above is used to cheating and Consumer Forum is failed to take any action against the culprit company. Proof documents have already been enclosed along with my complaints and not with attached separately. read full review »
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