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diet chef
christine celentano July 8, 2011
Because I wanted to complain about the products, and tehn teh customer service I received at no point will a Senior Manager call me, so i always get a senior customer advisor they do not want to listen and take on board my complain in thew end they just get rude. read full review »
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Bright Star Care
Evagoblog July 8, 2011
his is an agency that provides health care both in the home and out for the elderly and children. I am not a client of this company so can not rate the care they provide but rather to warn how ONE individual franchise's lack of response to a minor problem, may show their general inability to handle a major one (and MOST importantly, since you may have employees of this company in your home) how you may not want to deal with this franchise as the owner breaches things that should be confidential. I am not criticizing the company in general... read full review »
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East Coast Dental
minimi July 8, 2011
Sometime in June 2010 I listened to a sales pitch at my local mall. The ladies in question, were representing East Coast Dental Center in Truro Nova Scotia Canada, and were discussing the advantage of tooth implants. They advised that once an individual had a preliminary check, an appointment would be made, and on that day, he or she would have an implant inserted in his or her gum/bone, and immediately be fitted with a temporary tooth, all in one day. They stated that once the gum heals, a permanent tooth is inserted/attached. I had my... read full review »
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lash a tone
Toni D K July 8, 2011
I authorized lash a tone to remove $7.95 from my checkings for the free trial and went to the gas station only 2 realize they wiped out my whole account I had no money to put gas in my car read full review »
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Bradford Outsource
0-TruthSeeker-o July 8, 2011
My complaint is for Bradford Outsource, and all the marketing companies that fool young people into working door to door for them every year. I applied for another job with a company called Aspire, with a Marketing / Sales position available in 2009, and after googling it found that it also came up as a "scam". When I searched for Bradford Outsource, they also came up as the same type of company. They advertise as a sales and marketing position with a negotiable salary of £500 a week, yet in fact are entirely commission... read full review »
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Smart Styles - Inside Walmart
brigitte luckette July 8, 2011
It was the evening before Easter. I went in to Smart Styles in Walmart on Central Ave to get my roots touched up (blonde). My roots were grown out about 3/4 of an inch. My hair is a light beige blonde. I informed the stylist that my hair tends to pull red tones to please be very carefull. About thirty minutes later my eleven year daughter started saying "MOM" in a very alarming way and hitting me on the leg. The stylist then suddenly said " it's okay I'm going to fix it". I leaned up in the mirror and my hair was a... read full review »
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Yeow Yee Ling July 8, 2011
Dear Sir/Mdm(Consumer Complaint Division), Good day. On 3rd July 2011, i going to a thailand jewelry shop to buy 3 diamond ring for my wedding use. But when back to my country, I found that i been cheated by the merchant at the shop. Because the certificate is fake & the value of the ring is not that expensive of the value they sell me. I have ask few malaysia jewelry shop and they just say that my diamond ring don't have a certificate call GIA certificate and the value is just around RM1000plus. But the fact is i have use... read full review »
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vs.upadhyay July 7, 2011 Complaints - Super Dhamaka Review all complaints Posted: 2011-07-07 Super Dhamaka Complaint Rating: Company information: Hamaraa Bollywood India SUPER DHAMAKA NEWLY LAUNCHED ONLINE SURVEY SITE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ON NET: Contact Address:-- V.S.UPADHYAY Join With 3500 Rs for 54 Weeks 1. Survey Income 500 Rs per Week (2000 Rs Monthly) 2. Direct/Referral Income 300... read full review »
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HD Concepts Inc
Phoebe Sanderson July 7, 2011
On June 6, 2011, I received an e-mail confirmation ( for something (weight loss) supposedly ordered on April 10, 2011 at 12:28:48 AM. I did not order anything and have not received anything. I ignored it at the time - but I received my VISA bill today and the amount of $70.32 was charged to my account on June 9th, 2011. Who is this company and how did they get my VISA number and how do they get away with this type of fraud/scam? read full review »
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promotional marketing plus
hisholiness July 7, 2011
one of those MLM places- you go in for an "interview" that they called/e-mailed you for a day after you applied, and find out its a meet n greet "first round" interview, where somehow you impress them enough to make it to the second round the next day, always at 9 am. Of course, I was one of the "very few" chosen for this "honor". Naturally, they were also interviewing for "Phoenix solutions" or something like that. The next day, they kept me waiting for part 2. I was made to sign a form agreeing not to... read full review »
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Francis1 July 7, 2011
I saw advert on itv at 21.47 on 07 July 2011 all I saw was a woman looking at mens private parts in underwear that is sexist and why has it been allowed if a man was looking at womans bikini and breasts it would be taken off tv and censored this has nothing to do with underwear just a sexist woman. read full review »
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Unique Hair Studio
Hajnalka Saucedo July 7, 2011
To Whom It May Concern I have enquired a fringe cut and a bit of "tidying" from the back of my 3 years of daughter..(when can it be done to make an appointment and how much would it cost). I was told by Michaela Hyde that I could come the following day (06.07.2011) any time as they had enough stuff and the cut would cost £5.00. When I turned up with my daughter the agreed day I was told that she can only do the fringe but not the back as they had no time. I would have tolerated this if the person would not denied what... read full review »
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Pool25 July 7, 2011
Ordered a formal maternity dress, received it over 14 weeks later. Quality was terrible and had missing beads, that were held on with glue. Dress did not fit right but when I called to return it I only got an answering machine that said they would return my call within 24 hours. Almost two weeks and three more calls and I still haven't heard from them. I tried to get a refund through paypal but they said after 45 days it's up to the company. Great! That was a total waste of $75! read full review »
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Vance Peyton Miller/ Brock Mosher
All2kool July 7, 2011
You really want to avoid this dickhead as much as possible. He is thief, liar, scammer. He will steal your money and then deny he did it. He will make promises he has no intention of keeping. He is a despicable person with absolutely no conscience at all. He uses several names including Vance Peyton, Vance Miller and his newest, Brock Mosher. This gut is not an agent, he is not registered with any know organization or affiliated in any way with a legitimate business. He has a criminal record and there are outstanding warrants in at least two... read full review »
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barak obama July 7, 2011
i put on my sketchers shape ups three days ago and went on a walk i was walking or jogging when i fell down some steps in a city park i forget wich one and shattered my leg i have two toddlers i have to feed please dont let these fools dupe you into buying a potentaly deadly product this is a travesty i had to file for workmans comp please hear me out thank you read full review »
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TTC Marketing
Alan Snipes July 7, 2011
I was terminated by this company by accusing me of fraud when no such thing existed. They made up a reason to fire me and did not even discuss the issue with me before deciding to terminate me. I was on the phone with a customer and because the customer never terminated the call I was accused of fraud. My computer screen never indicated the customer was not on the line but they had made their decision befroe even talking to me. read full review »
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lilian88 July 7, 2011
i will letter read full review »
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orient skyland trading FZCO
donntisbe July 7, 2011
Last week, I informed my managers that I will be going back to my country to see my father who is in the hospital and is suffering from a stage 4 cancer, my family informed me that the doctors tell them that my father is not going to live any longer as to the severity of the illness. Now I already made a booking for a flight home which I paid by myself and then they told me that they will not release my passport due to an issue regarding one of our company customers was not able to pay some credit balance to the company. My question is, do... read full review »
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andrew hall
erica dunnnes July 7, 2011
i dont want to get into specifics but about mar, apr i booked a couple of training session with this personal trainer andrew hall i went to about half of the ones i had actually paid for because i got tired of him coming onto me, and i felt harressed ... good luck read full review »
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Sweetley Salon
Emy_chick July 7, 2011
Never have I ever been treated with such disrespect and never have I been made feel the way that I felt today when I walked out ten minutes into what was supposed to be an hour long facial at Sweetley Salon in North Hills, CA. I have been coming to this Salon for a couple of months now to get my nails done, waxing, etc. I work in the area, the prices are ok. A very friendly Tracy always welcomes and accommodates the customers|. Today was a completely different experience that made me wonder if perhaps I'm not the first who this ha... read full review »
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urban July 7, 2011 or Health Haven and its thieving owner Larry McElhinney are currently ripping people off by promising fraudulently to provide advertising services that provide visitors and high quality backlinks to your website while they are banned from Google's search engine. Here is their pitch : Pay-Per-Day™ Advertiser Benefits...Advertise your entire website for as little as $1 per day. Our unique system uses a proprietary technique called 'Indexed Advertising'. Here's how it works: Our spider... read full review »
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Dr. Rakesh Bansal (Skin Specialist) is a doctor in ESI hospital Okhla Ph-I Room No:101. He is a very angry man and he has no sense how to talk with patient and if he feels unable to attend the patient he used to shout on them and said that I have no medicine to cure your illness just show it another doctor or hospital. He mostly says the female patient to show me where is your problem (When the female patient is not feel comfortable to show him that part which actually suffered). He misbehaves with them. Dr. Rakesh Bansal has no sense how to talk with patients. read full review »
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timex watch ltd
sanat kumar July 7, 2011
Sir, 1. This is a complaint against Timex group India limited which sells watches of Timex brand in India. 2. I had purchased a Timex watch (Brand: T2N289) on 21OCT 10 with a warantee period of 02 years from the authorised dealers of Timex watches namely Timex Showroom 1317, Jangali Maharaj Road, Pundol Building, Opposite Modern High School, Pune, Maharashtra 411005 020 2553 9210 () ‎ 3. Though the watch was mentioned by the seller to be automatic in all features like 24 hr system, day, date, month and year. wa... read full review »
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air jordan shoes
gkingmart1 July 6, 2011
this is company wholesale air jordan shoes, nike shoes, handbags, t-shirt, sunglasses and so on read full review »
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foreman mills
maria small July 6, 2011
I was in foreman mills store today on July 6, 2011 about 4:00 until 5:00 one whole hour in line today in Lanham Maryland and experience the worst department store customer service. I stood in line along with so many other customers and their was no manager or other cashiers around to help the other cashier. It was only one line open and one cashier working by her self and her attitude suck with the customer that was ahead of this lady and i was who she was given attitude toward.The young lady in line with me ask for the manager and when the... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: United States Expert picks
GilbertSam July 6, 2011
Covers Experts picks are anything but expert. They continuously lose, but worst of all, they continuously lie about their records or their streaks. Everybody on the site claims to be 6-0 or 10-1, or some BS like that. I bought their picks three times. First time 1-4, second tome 3-3, third time 1-4 again! I can take losses, but every time, for the next ten days, they advertsised that they were 8-1 or 7-0 or 71% or something like that. This was a complete lie. is the shadiest, most dishonest website I have ever visited. Do yourself a... read full review »
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Cruz (born Jacob Taio Cruz on 23 April 1983) is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper, and entrepreneur.[1] In 2008, he released his debut album Departure, which Cruz wrote, arranged and produced himself. It achieved initial success in the UK and earned him a MOBO Award nomination. In June 2010, Cruz released his follow-up album Rokstarr, which includes the number one singles "Break Your Heart" and "Dynamite". In November 2010, Cruz collaborated with Kylie Minogue and Travie McCoy on his single... read full review »
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Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet
Salex July 6, 2011
Took my mother to lunch at Hibachi Grill. We waited over 20 minutes for a seat. There was no one hardly in the restaurant I could not understand why they would not seat us. So we sat ourselves and began to get the buffet. No one would wait on us for drinks etc. We were purposely ignored. We ask a kitchen employee who was bringing dishes out to the buffet if he could get our drinks and he did, but the waiters ignored us. I did not want to pay because there was no service provided to me and they were very rude to us. I did pay for the food and... read full review »
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Courtyard Miami Beach Oceanfront x USPS
Wanderlei July 6, 2011
Bought a ring from an Ebay seller and asked to be shipped to COURTYARD MIAMI BEACH OCEANFRONT - 3925 Collins Ave. Miami Beach - FL, c/o a friend of mine who was spending vacation there. USPS tracking records says the package was delivered on June 15th, 11:29 a.m. – The hotel said it did not receive the package. Do I trust my friend? Yes! She got items for me worth more than $ 150.00. She had no reasons to lie about a ring worth $ 20. Despite the many e-mails to usps and to the hotel, neither one nor the other, bother to answer me... read full review »
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Delta Dental Insurance
MichRL38 July 6, 2011
I had tooth and gum pain that began in mid-May. I have been struggling with it since. My gums are very inflamed, red and swollen, making it very difficult to talk and eat. I have not been feeling well because of it. Sometimes, I feel like I'm running a fever because of it and feel tired a lot of the times. I have also been breaking out into little red hives, which started soon after the mouth pain, so I think they're related. I had an appointment with my periodontist today. I had taken a sick day from work because I did not know what... read full review »
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MaryBGallatin July 6, 2011
Has anyone else had a bad experience with I had liked the company until this latest experience. I ordered 7 bras from what I had thought was a U.S. company. About a week or so after returning a number of the bras, I receive a $78.33 bill from DHL for interntaional shipping from the UK. When you place the order, they do not tell you that you will have to pay a separate cost for international shipping. They told me that I should have noticed a pop up window about incurring this kind of additional cost. They admitted that the exact... read full review »
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Indian railway catering services in trains
Akhilesh Saxena July 6, 2011
I was travelling in Goa Exp from Delhi to Pune with PNR No. 2221575790 on 03 Jul 2011. I ordered for a dinner which was served with out water with cost Rs 65/-. On asking water he replied that our company has stopped supplying water with food for last three months & it is no more part of our meal menu. I asked for his complaint book but manager totally refused to provide complaint book & behaved very rudely. I reported the matter to train TT & Conductor, they approched the manager with me, he refused to them also in the same manner. In between... read full review »
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pepsi cold drink
Rasika1986 July 6, 2011
Hi, This is to inform your company that i have purchase a bottle of pepsi ( glass bottle) in pune, ( india) Add:- Kothrud MIT collage road, and i found a substance of dirt fungus in the bottle, i wan your company to contact us asap, the bottle is sealed with me in my custody, I make sure that it is with me, in next weeks times u guys better contact otherwise i have to contact the consumer court. Name : Rasika . P. Dixit Contact Number : 9822251385. Awaiting for your replay Rasika Dixit read full review »
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Former Dillards Employee July 6, 2011
The operation Manager is very pleasent to you and when you accept employment and ask for assistance the Operation Manager could care less. You are given a quota along with many additonal tasks, such as merchadising, mark downs, go back from other employees that are lazy putting merchadise back, credit cards and working the computer called CAD. Customers are always right and they are not at all understanding of your side. Even if it is false they will write you up. If management finds out you are looking for employment you are let go. Many... read full review »
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IBM Fake Recruitment Offers
blignaut_123 July 6, 2011
Beware of fake recruitment offers from IBM. The email has a signature as follows and looks like handy work of some Jihadi groups trying to fool people and use their money for forbidden purpose Sent via the KillerWebMail system at read full review »
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Dermatal Skin Care/Dermatol
Betty A Mayworm July 6, 2011
January 16, 2011 - Received jar of Dermatal. Could not use product because I was sensitive to this product. January 16th, I e-mailed a note to Dermatal stating I was returning this product, cancelling all future orders and requested a refund, however, I received no answer. January 29, 2011, I called 888-495-7627 and stated to the personnel that I wanted to cancel my orders and I wanted to return a jar that I had received. They gave me the address: Dermatal Skin Care, PO Box 2999, Riverton, Utah 84065. Meantime on February 16th, I received a... read full review »
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Allen and Rocks
carolyn steinberg July 6, 2011
Live in this upscale community for one year. Gated. Moved because management allows dogs at a fee of $450/per pet. Neighbors do not like when dogs bark. Report to manager. Site manager makes up lies about tenants and has her "workers" go into apts. to report back to her on your unit. There are mice in every buildng. Lots of bird feeders and tenants have corn-on-the cob for squirrels. Noise is terrible, old units and if you don't live on third floor you can hear every foot step. If you live below a washer/dryer, your kitchen... read full review »
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Energy Shop Acai Berry formula
B.Heller July 6, 2011
I was offered the Acai Berry Formula and Colon cleanser by Energy Shop for the reduced price of $9.99. I ordered this and it was delivered but my credit card was charged three times with the sum of £62.69, a total of £250.76 or $400.33. read full review »
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ASPEN Dental Mentor OHIO
mdmentor July 6, 2011
I needed an affordable dental office that was close by. After my other dental office closed I decided to try Aspen in January of 2011. My last appointment, which was yesterday is my last appointment ever at Aspen. I waited for 45 minutes in my chair in the back and watched people walk passed me. I was there only because I had some pain in my tooth where my cavity was filled 2.5 months prior by the mentor Ohio office and I thought something wasn't right because it felt funny. When I made the appointment the lady on the phone told me... read full review »
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dawn macleod July 6, 2011
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: United States


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