Klinikk Frogner
klinikkfrognern July 1, 2017
Chiropractic office located in Frogner, Oslo in Norway. Proudly been serving the area since 2005. Step by our office and order a 45 minute treatment and begin your journey towards a pain free back. Today we are 8 physiotherapists, 3 chiropractors, 1 shoulder doctor, 1 acupuncture and 3 personal coaches. We are looking forward to hearing from you! read full review »
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Flislegger Oslo
FlisleggerOslo May 19, 2017
Hello, We on Oslo Mur og Flis has proudly been serving the people of Oslo since 2005. We do almost every job related to Tiling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and so on. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We are looking forward to hear from you. Have a great day. / Jarle Claussen. CEO of Oslo Mur og Flis read full review »
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Hus&Bolig AS
HusBoligAS May 18, 2017
We are a handyman company located in Oslo, Norway that basicly does all jobs related to building, tiling, painting, plumbing, roofing. In other words, we do the most. Contact us with your request for a free quote. We have served the people of Oslo since 2015 and looking forward for many more. We are looking forward to hearing from you. / Best Regards, Hus&Bolig AS read full review »
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Flyttevask Stavanger
Flyttevask April 11, 2017
We are a cleaning company located in Stavanger, Norway and we specialize in move out cleaning. We are currently 8 people that working in Flyttevask Stavanger and we are officialy approve by "Arbeidstilsynet" in Norway. We take a low price seriously and are looking forward to co-operate with you. Contact us for a free quote. https://www.facebook.com/Flyttevask-Stavanger-1810399695949171/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN4-slkmkc8 read full review »
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walde01 July 21, 2011
I tried to buy a WOW (EU)-account from this site, as naive as I was, i didn't care to google the company first... After (today) 3 weeks and 3 days later, about 15 talks with the online-chat-"support" later, i tried again today, to see if they could arrange for me getting the account... As usual, the "manager" was not around. I'm just going to paste the last chat-log, as there is too much to paste from all logs: Chatscripts [email protected] to me show details 8:40 PM (7 minute... read full review »
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Maki2 May 30, 2011
I bought an OEM AERIAL ANTENNA WIRE Reception FOR HTC TOUCH DIAMOND for 26 days but the product never comes, website is locked and you cannot access the seller's page, or contact the seller. Attempted to send e-mail, but it is also unavailable. Signed up on their side and got the password online and printed order confirmation. What do you do in this case? Can someone explain to me? Thanks website were: www.dinoguide.com E-mail: [email protected] Order confirmation From: admin [email protected] Dato: 4. mai 2011... read full review »
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Angelo van Cleef AKA Devbizz.nl AKA Giovanni van Cleef
devbizz.nl scam April 30, 2011
I am reposting this again because he someone removed this from ComplaintsBoard but never resolved the issue. If this gets removed again, I will continue to repost until this has been resolved. His MSN: [email protected] His Other Email: [email protected] His Email: [email protected] His Company Email: [email protected] Company Name: Burning Hardware His Full Name: Angelo van Cleef His Partner: Giovanni van Cleef His EGS Username: Th3Warbringer His website: Devbizz.nl PlayOnline Account Name: BQBU5068 Square Enix... read full review »
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free lotto win 2000000
Mindstorm95 March 31, 2011
I got a sms yesterday (30.3.2011 at 0:01, ) and it says "CONGRATS: YOUR MOBILE NUMBER HAS WON THE SUM OF $2, 000, 000USK IN ONGOING FREELOTTO PORMO. FOR CLAIMS EMAIL TO [email protected] & CALL: +447024061573" I know it is fake like 99% but i need help. how can i dont know it is a fraud or a real thing pleace help me read full review »
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Third Watch dvd box set
Brumble February 24, 2011
I ordered the complete Third Watch series i a DVD box set from the webshop COSTAS DVD (www.whycostas.com) and the webshop seemed to be very professional. After ordering, nearly a month went by without a word from the seller, then all of a sudden I got a mail from them where they were apologizing for the delay and explained it by " people having long vacations in the U.S". Yesterday the goods arrived and my first impression just by looking at the cover of the box set was: "you gotta be kidding me". In a cheap plastic case... read full review »
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Urtekram Henna
TheresaMoe February 16, 2011
Okay I bought a box of Urtekram Henna Powder labeled "Flame Red" or in their language "Scarlet". I find this misleading because I later found out henna only has one color and that is orange or deep red-orange if you have a good quality one. Maybe it should have been called flame orange or nothing at all, maybe just 100% henna. It cost me 200 kroner or what is 35 usd for 150g (5.30 oz). I used henna type dyes before that had added ingredients and had gotten a deep cool red, so I thought that's what I was gonna get from a... read full review »
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Europcar Oslo
Tim Mat February 10, 2011
After hiring 1 car (BMW) almost every month for three years and several others at various times as well Europcar has seen fit to send an account for 400.00 NOK to a Credit Company because they could not get the money from the card that I registered with them three months after I returned the car. In the last year alone I paid Europcar Oslo over 75, 000.00 NOK!!! I have repeatedly requested that I get air miles credited to my SAS account, to date I have not received one single credit. How I regret to have paid a company so much money and to be treated in such a way. They will never get the oppotunity to do it again to me. read full review »
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Deckers Outlet Corporation
0 min ago
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Hertz Italiana SPA
Henning Farner January 12, 2011
I have been charged for an unexpected fee of 36 euro, january 11.2011, This is 5 months after I was hiring a car on Sardinia. I can see that others have had the same experience. I want this amount to be paid back to my account. I have not been informed about this fee or agreed in paying it. read full review »
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Microsoft Profesional Office 2010
guy gilberts December 27, 2010
Like I said in the subject. I bought a copy of Windows Professional Office 2010 on line plus a CD that was sent to me. I don't have the address but it was in Ireland. Is there any way to get my money back? I paid NOK 2 719, 38 read full review »
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UK Mobile Lotto
angrynorwegian December 22, 2010
First of all! I live in Norway!. Why am I getting sms scams from the UK!? I recieved this sms 8 o'clock this morning: "Congratulations!!! Your cellphone number won £2 million pounds in the Mobile Uk Promo. Promo code: UKMBL. To claim send email to: [email protected]" I called the number to ask why they contacted me...only answering machine!!! I checked the number from the sender of the sms on google. check it out!: http://www.workbidder.ie/users/adhome/ ITs a freaking contracting business!! nothing to do with lotto what so ever! if u need pic of this sms answer me on this thread. read full review »
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Registry Reviver
Lars K. Rivö October 12, 2010
I have been double charged for NOK 184, 24 on 2 invoices, ref.no. 15613688 and 15614037, invoices no. AKD-7368000815 and AKD-7368000980, for the same product 1 off Rgistry Reviver. Please refund NOK 184, 24 to my account no. 7056.13.25640 in DnB NOR, Oslo. Regards Lars K. Rivö. E-mail: [email protected] read full review »
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western union bystasjonen
tor-jarle October 6, 2010
Hei My name is tor-jarle and today my wife should send money to brasil but because friend my wife had money safe in her purse and she give my wife money, but western union no accept she give money from her purse and she send money for her family.This i think is craisy if we need send money is of course somebody need help in another continent bank cannot do this with peoples i think western union need help people no make people feel same stupid inside.And this is not western union business decicion what and where the money come from if... read full review »
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Euroteam AS
RSFD September 1, 2010
Actual the same story as already described. Bought last year in Sep two tickets for the final game in Barcelona in May this year. Several weeks prior to the game I received an e-mail that the delivery to my home address is not possible due to organizational reasons, but if I state my hotel address in Barcelona the tickets will be delivered there. I showed up in Barcelona, but the tickets did not. Unfortunately the visit of the game was the part of a special birthday gift, you can imagine the disappointment. After my return I filled out the... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
Shantaramswe July 30, 2010
Veraz? are you insane? I went with them, and worked with them. Thet called me, was very nice and everything. I invested alot of money, bacause they were saying, if I did, they would make me win. They made me loose 20 times in a row (and this was their "best" agent") Andy and Martin. When I wanted my money back I had to do the following. 1. Send a copy of my drivers licence 2. Send a copy of my credit card, front to back. 3. Send a copy of a bill that states that I do live in the adress I have given. ALL thi... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
P J Simo July 13, 2010
Movie downlaod Site which you pay for credit and download movies. I recently tried to log on and it re-directs me to: http://www.movieberry.com/?partner=6641&subaccount=mmdindex.html I thought ok, it was a re-vamp of the origional site however there is no information given to me prior to the change, and when I try to log in it has no record of my email address or account. I have lost minimal amount of money (around $30) that was in my account. But I know others who have lost more. I have tried various complaint services and... read full review »
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world cup ticket euroteam
Dodi June 30, 2010
I bought on December 7th 2009 2 ticket for the world cup final game I paid in full US$ 8430.00 and the euroteam.info should deliver the ticket but I never received any ticket. DO NOT buy from this company they are bunch of crooks. I believed that they never had intention to deliver the ticket enclosed you find below a copy of the receipt Item Event & Place Date Category Del. Date Team No. Price/Ticket Del. Cost Total Price 100179 Final Winner I vs Winner II, Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa 11/07/2010 ... read full review »
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pay sites
gnit78 June 1, 2010
need help on cancelling memberships, stop it so my bank account doesnt get any withdraws read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
hadiza May 20, 2010
for the first time I tried to get Account statement for my vtu business line tel no. 08133478455 but unfortunately. instead of entering pin noumber I was entring my password. This led to my access to the statement blocked and I was refered to the help desk. pPease, help unblock the access as I now understand how to operate it. I have just done it on my other vtu line no. 08034529633. Thank you. Hadiza Mahmood (Mrs.) read full review »
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gold mine international
aman ki asha April 15, 2010
If GMI is not a SCAM please answer... FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009 We (Jehanzaib and Huzaifa) have received so many comments regarding the authenticity of the biggest SCAM which is GMI. It's our open challenge to all the current GMI investors and GMI officials that if they would be able to answer these simple questions with solid proofs the next day we (Jehanzaib and Huzaifa) will back off from blogging against GMI. Following are some questions :- Q1. GMI says "We are registered at Chamber of Commerce" if this is true GMI must... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
World Widesoft com moscow
Gunn-Tove Ramberg Halvorsen April 3, 2010
In february I got an attack from Security Tool on my computer. They told me that my computer wasn`t protected against virus, and therfor recommended me to buy a antivirusprogram, the amont would be USD 49.95. I agreed and payd, but after 2-3 days they come back and attack my computer again. Now I suspected that this was false, but they had allready taken my money. What am I going to do, can you help me? Greetings from Gunn-Tove R. Halvorsen, e-mail [email protected] read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Norway
meeting millionaires
olga.parakhina March 2, 2010
I had the same experience with Meeting Millionaires, before submitting my credit card, I received at least one email per day. Eventually, I had over 40 emails, none of which I could read until I paid the fee. I finally decied to take the chance and paid nearly $200.oo for a VIP membership. As soon as I began reading the messages, I realized that they were all generic. I responded to nearly all of them, as I wanted to test my theory that this is a scam. Many of my responses contained my personal email address, so that they could communicate... read full review »
Filled under: Family & Pets Location: Norway
Pontus January 28, 2010
Hey, I've took a trial period of two days that cost 6 swedish crowns either way I have now contacted them several times. Cancelled my subscription. I can no longer get in to the site www.brazzerz.com it says that I have to provide a new credit card blabla. I cant get in contact with them busy all the time and no replies wqhen I write its fucking wank and they still charge me each month read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
royolder December 16, 2009
I don`t know why, there is an ammount withdrawn from my creditcard. This happened on Sunday and I didn`t visit any Internet-sites that day. It has been withdrawn from my account today. What is this? All the information I have is: 4925360752674947 13.12 NOK 372, 91 EPOCH.COM*EARTHCOMLL read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Norway
barbsy011 December 7, 2009
We bought two tickets from Euroteam.info on 18 June 2009 for Rammstein Concert in Netherlands. The receipt from Euroteam states that the tickets were to be delivered on 15 November 2009. The concert was on 6 December 2009. We didn't hear anything from Euroteam since we ordered the tickets. On the concert day, someone phoned from Norway to say the tickets are ready. It was too late. I would highly recommend "Think twice" before buying any ticket from Euroteam.info. Euroteam is a Norwegian based... read full review »
Filled under: Entertainment Location: Norway
pvpmans November 3, 2009
Never ever buy gold from www.gold4power.com. I placed order and will never be able to get in touch with them. No live chat, no gold. So I wrote down this msg to let everyone be aware of this web site. Again, never ever buy gold from them!! After i placed order, i found there was not even a simple live chat. they hack ppl/s credit card also i suggest u dont buy gold or powerlvling from this site again for more safe. read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Norway
Attn:Business Proposal !!!‏
Lady Mystica October 23, 2009
It never end`s. Now I have got bussnis proposoal. Don`t answer the e-mail if you have got one of these e-mails. It is elegal and you can get into trouble. I am so tierd abot this e-mails. Attn: Sir/Madam, My Names are Mr. William White formal purchase officer of a company in London that I will introduce to you later I have business proposal that I would love to introduce to you. My company has been buying a herbal product called (POKIPOKI HERBAL SEED)from India for the past two years. And I have been the delegate... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Norway
Lady Mystica October 23, 2009
Is this a new lottery fraud? Everyone loock up for this e-mail. It is scary how agressiv and ongoing they are wiht these e-mail scams. It`s a new all the time. I wonder, how in the world do these crimminals get my/our e-mail adresses? Is there enyone who can tell me that? I am sick of these frauds. What can I do about it? POWERBALL ONLINE INT'L JACKPOT/ LOTTERY ASSOCIATION. This is to inform you of the release of the Power ball Online Lottery PRIZE DRAW, held on 22nd of OCTEBER 2009. Your email was attached to... read full review »
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240 Tablets Pack of Limpotab
jun lopez October 11, 2009
I purchased this last Aug24 thru CCNow payment, their website is telling that the medicine is freight free. This is for my lipoma that i cannot stop multiplying. Kindly do something so that it will not repeat again. read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Norway
instyleplanet.com/ stylish store
MissyS71 October 2, 2009
This website sell FAKES?? You are lucky if you even get the fake shoes at all and that can take months. If you try to cancel your order before dispatch they fail to do so. They fail to answer mails and are not willing to have contact with you at all. If they respond they are just being obnoxious and get very rude if you claim that they are selling fakes. If you shop here you will never get your money back even if you return the items. Do not support this shady litle business and by that supporting an illegal trade, with child labor run by Chinese mafia. read full review »
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Wealth Dispatch Authority
Tom H. Davis August 21, 2009
According to letters that I received I am promised winnings of the following amounts. They say I have an account number of 20023426197. $2434287.67 has been promised to me and I confirmed 30th October 2008. 2. $ 1, 605, 578.67 answered 30th October 2008. 3.Amt. of 2, 157, 003.40 Euro answered 28th October 2008. also answered 26th Nov. 2008, 6th december 2008, 17th december 2008. These are all different amounts with the p[romise of being selected as a winner. I cannot locate this business or find an address listed. What do I do? read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Norway
Trematab - Oslo Health Solutions
CC13 August 17, 2009
Apparently these people are praying on people with ailments that cannot be cured by coming up with all these "natural" types of pills/tablets to help or cure your ailment with "no side-effects". <br /><br /> <br /><br /> There are many different types of ailments they are offering these natural herbs for. Trematab was for ET - Essential Tremors. The packaging came from Pakistan and the labels on the bottle look homemade, plus the tablets are not labeled. <br /><br /> <br /><br... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Norway
Oslo Health Solutions/Ridmotab
Dharma68 July 30, 2009
-order took 2 months to be shipped from Norway to Canada -once shipment arrived, it was marked as being sent from Bangladesh and many pills were crushed, split in two or in powder form -tried to email them several times about this, but no reply -they have a customer link to contact them, but they do not respond -following two months treatment tried to contact them two more times via email to tell them that the product does not work and still no reply read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Norway
Andresen July 21, 2009
In August I entered into business with CreateSpace for the purpose of printing and selling books I wrote exclusively to the Amazon marketplace. I ordered 15 proofs in order to make sure that the quality and availability of the books were up to par with the market standards before posting them on the Amazon list. To date, I have only sold 3 books through them, and I have not been paid timely. Their site help page for payments had said "we pay you within 30 days after the end of the month in which the book has been sold, net of any... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Norway
fake messages
solomon May 9, 2009
I have been getting fake messages on my phone that am a member of th above website (no.funmobile.com) . I don`t know them and I have repplied them to take out my membership if is true that am one of their member but they stil send me the same messages every weekend. read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Norway
Trintymedical solutions
Mobina February 22, 2009
IN 10.2008 i paid trinty medical solutions 12500 us$ for buying used Estelux laser. but since then idid not recieve my laser machine. Matt carns promise me every day but no result read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Norway


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