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bsasproaudio January 26, 2017
BsAsProAudio es la mejor casa del audio en buenos aires con diferencia, utilizando las mejores marcas y un gran equipo. read full review »
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beachcomber tours argentina July 17, 2011
the company is based in buenos aires argentina and has been working with the same name company in India...for 10 years Eeven the argentine acompany has helped to make to indian company a good living for yeras the owner of that company Mr ravidner Dua breaking all the laws of international tourist agreements, came to buenos aires destroying the market offering by internet, not having registered the Indian company in the Argentine Goverment because is a rule idont know where to go inIndia or to whom i have to complain for this act Mr Dua i... read full review »
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CherryBomb May 19, 2011
Hi, my name is Natalia and i want to warn you that the page of http://www.gabriella-clarividencia.com is a scam because they make him believe the naive people that can predict the future but it is a lie, first you have to give the number of your credit card and by paying them disappear! read full review »
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Dr. Grant
He recibido del Dr. Grant P.O. Box 1793 NL-3800 BT Amesfoort The Nederlands el aviso de unico ganador de un Audi A3 Avant segun numero de loteria 617.500 valor del vehiculo US$45, 000.00 + US$ 3, 750.00 en combustible por 2 años para consumir con el mismo .- ES REAL? O ES ESTAFA? read full review »
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dbunger78 March 2, 2011
I placed a 120.00 USD order with these guys and the agreement was that I make payment and they ship out my ordered product, a new type of plant food. I placed the order on 1/24/2011 and as of today, 3/2/2011, I have still not received anything from them. I got their website referral from EC21 and have also filed bad business complaints with EC21. Unfortunately, the proprietor of EthnoSpirit, Mr Alexander Bekkelund (nyrdnet@gmail.com) has stopped all communications with me once he received my payment from Western Union. The company'... read full review »
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DHL Buenos Aires Argentina
markoreilly August 13, 2010
I recently paid to have a package shipped via DHL to Argentina. I paid all of the shipping fees at the moment that the item was shipped. I am outraged that DHL wanted to charge an exorbitant amount for paperwork or processing fees when the item arrived in Argentina. below are the amounts, in Argentinian dollars, paid to customs and DHL. I can understand paying DHL another 30 or 40 Argentinian pesos but this is completely absurd and mirrors similar experiences I have experienced over the years which have left me completely outraged at having to... read full review »
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ABA rent a car
shoshana_dreifus April 2, 2010
I rented a car from "ABA rent a car" agency in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. I had to pay in advance for 10 days in order to reserve the car for me. It was promised to me that I would get my money back if I return the car earlier. Eventually I returned the car after 2 days and never got a cent back! ABA simply stole my money! Beware and avoid doing business with them!! read full review »
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Silvio Ruggieri 2734 #7A
AbsolutGlow November 28, 2009
My 3 friends and I rented this 2 BR/2 BA apt (Silvio Ruggieri 2734 #7A, Buenos Aires, Argentina) through a website called ApartmentsBA.com. We found Apartmentsba very easy to deal with and very professional, however, they were very clear that Apartmentsba DID NOT manage this unit. It was owned and managed by a man named Chad Andrews from San Franscisco, CA. The apartment is billed as a "luxury" apartment, but I find that a depature from reality. The nasty towels looked about 5 years old, both shower curtains had mold, and there... read full review »
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Pablo Chamatropulos
andresj November 1, 2009
Soy vecino de San Isidro y no tengo afiliacion politica. Les escribo porque estoy molesto con la publidad ilegal que esta ensuciando todos los frentes de San Isidro con la siguiente leyenda: San Isidro 2011 Pablo Chamatropulos El Espiritu Santos. Es basicamente publicidad con calcomanias muy dificiles de sacar. Estan en partes que no demuestran respeto por el vecino, frentista e incluso por los viajantes en colectivos porque los han pegado alli tambien. Es una falta de respeto total. Esta persona no puede adecuarse a las regla... read full review »
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ellebee October 1, 2009
i worked for this company Here´s the truth about everything: Their main offices are in Buenos Aires. Why? Because they are miserable people and they hire expats or argentineans to do the work because is less expensive to pay them. remember that argentinean pesos are less than dollars. so a month or hard work, you get payed only 400 dollars. their office is a complete disaster. its not cleaned, they dont use windows but they use linux to save money because they dont wanna spend any money on softwares or even office... read full review »
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Carlos Manuel barrios Franco
Lisa Rose September 6, 2009
BUYER BEWARE, there are several of them that work together, And they breed in different breeds of dogs, Argintinos, Bull terriers & English Bulldogs.. They will scam you out of your money and you will NOT receive your dog/puppy.. DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE!!! And several people have been taken for already.. read full review »
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Bull Terrier Puppy
carlos fraco August 23, 2009
Please don`t fall for his lines! He has scammed several people. Once he gets your money, You might hear from him, you might not. You won`t get your puppy for sure. He has got to be stopped. read full review »
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Carlos fraco
carlos fraco August 23, 2009
This man will smooth talk you until you send him your money. Once he gets your money you won`t hear from him. He advertises Dogo Argentino`s, Bull Terrier`s and Bull Dogs. Several people have been taken. read full review »
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davidlaugor August 14, 2009
I Didnt recieve anything and they dont want to refund my money, I really hard scam. read full review »
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joe consumer August 1, 2009
pillsforall is an on line pharmacy that promises prompt service for its customers. They are quickly becomming notorious for scamming their clients by excepting payment and then refusing to ship customer orders. They quickly become rude and blame the customer or simply cease to respond to emails. anyone reading this should never use this company, they are stealing from people who have realmedical problems and can't afford insurance, and that is the lowest of the low. read full review »
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Acai Berry et Colon Cleanse! Complaints - facebook scan
cintu26 July 18, 2009
Hola yo soy de argentina y veo que cai en la misma trampa, ya debitaron de mi tarjeta la suma de UDS 30 por el producto de muestra de bayas de acai. Nunca recibi noticias, ni el producto, por eso pido ayuda y que me reembolsen inmediatamente mi dinero. saque la publicidad de facebook y ahora han desaparecido. Por favor que puedo hacer, a donde recurrir? Y para el resto esten atentos y no caigan en manos de estos estafadores !! my e mail is cintiarocchi@yahoo.com.ar thanks read full review »
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Juan Manuel June 26, 2009
I bought an xbox 360 on february and he told me that he shipped the item. So I complain and I keep complaining until now, and recently I've gotten on this page, then I know I am writing this. DONT BUY ANYTHING TO HIM, IF YOU ALREADY DID DENUNCIATE HIM read full review »
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Aerolíneas Argentinas
comparably June 22, 2009
I booked a flight on this crappy airline, 8 months out, and they have changed my depature time and airport 3 times already. You can not trust these people. The flight times are more of a guess. And customer service is rude and completely unhelpful. read full review »
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Alberto Fiorito May 29, 2009
Attn; Alberto Fiorito Good to hear from you regarding the WORLD MOBILE AND PROFILE PROMOTION. My names are Mrs. Saue Weiss. I am the Promotion Cash officer assigned to winners on the Promotion. In line with the commemorating event marking our 142nd anniversary we rolled out over £16, 000, 000.00 (Sixteen Million Great British Pounds Sterling) for our 142nd Anniversary Draws.By the Queen of England and some other 25, 000 Phone Producing Company and Vouchers Network Around the World. All Winners Are draw from the different... read full review »
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DELL desktop computer 530Slim
graciela Grimozzi May 26, 2009
Mi nombre es Graciela Grimozzi, tuve la mala suerte de toparme con Marcela Prado y Sergio Picciccacco, ambos vendedores de servicios de SJtrading, quienes me convencieron de la gran seguridad de enviar con ellos mi mudanza desde Miami a Buenos Aires, en principio tardo casi dos meses mas en llegar, luego de mucho pelear, consegui que llevaran mis muebles y 34 cajas a mi domicilio, los cuales los trajeron en un camion abierto, subiendolos de una manera tan guaranga e inepta que me rompieron parte ellos, pero hasta ahi ibamos, cuando contrate la... read full review »
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Marcos March 5, 2009
IS THIS TRUE, OR IT IS NOT? GREYHOUNDS EXPRESS COURIER (ORDER NO:LB4560017) 4th March, 2009 Dear Valued Customer, Compliments of the day to you. Thank you for choosing GREYHOUND EXPRESS COURIERS for your parcel delivery service. This is to inform you that we are in possession of a certified cheque and a lottery winning certificate which is to be couriered to you. You are to confirm your alternative mailing address to enable us dispatch your parcel immediately. Note that we also do not deliver to P.O. Box... read full review »
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HP-Compaq F566
Laura March 2, 2009
HP IS CHEATING CONSUMERS IN LATIN AMERICA. This is a warning against buying an HP or Compaq computer, due to its problems from the company. Although they are recognizing the problem with their F500 series in USA, Canada, Africa, Australia and Orient, they deny recognizing the problem in Latin America, and cheat us, telling us to fix the problem by ourselves. DONT BUY AN HP OR COMPAQ COMPUTER. They come with problems in its motherboard that will make your computer to work for a little bit more than a year, the exact time when you warraty... read full review »
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December 2, 2008
I bought a watche in this page, and I send the money by western union from Argentina to Roma-Italy, and then never I received news about my watch and mail. I wrote more than one mails but it was a scam. Thank for read my complaint. Diego read full review »
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November 7, 2008
Warning: NEVER do any business with RED-ACTIVA REAL ESTATE! RED-ACTIVA® is a Real Estate Agency in Buenos Aires Argentina, produced by Marcelo Alejandro Bodnar together with Juan Pablo D'Angelo. The company’s emails are activanet@speedy.com.ar and activarent@gmail.com. They set up renting agreements between companies and/or private persons in Palermo, Capital Federal, but also other places near Buenos Aires. DO NOT USE RED-ACTIVA REAL ESTATE! I used the company to look for an apartment. They told me that... read full review »
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October 4, 2008
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Centro de Ojos San Isidro
July 30, 2008
We have been receiving one charge monthly of U$S 12, 99 for several months. We did not make any transaction with Superpass Rea. read full review »
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Aerolineas Argentinas
January 16, 2008
We flew with Aerolineas Argentinas from Madrid to Buenos Aires on 26 December 2007. On that flight, apart from the aging aircraft, with broken reading lamps, essentially inedible food and the low-quality inflight entertainment, they lost the luggage (and delivered it only 36 hours later!). In addition, a camera was stolen from the checked-in suitcase. On the return flight from Buenos Aires to Madrid on 8 January 2008, the flight was delayed - initially - by 16 (!) hours, from 2300 to 1500 next day because one of the pilots failed to show... read full review »
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June 5, 2007
I got an email a few days ago from an American company that organizes Green Cards for a US Visa for individuals. I did an application with them a few years ago, after graduating from college, but have no interest in renewing it now. In the email they sent, they asked me to update my details & re-upload a photo, now it appears that I was mislead and in updating my details they renewed my subscription. I don't want any transaction to go through from them & have told them so, but they have not responded to my request. Please... read full review »
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Wild West Domain
May 18, 2007
I am an Argentinian domain reseller, who was claiming to receive a check that Wild West Domains was supposed to send me over the first contract year. I claimed and claimed for about 1 and a half year to receive it. They always told me they were going to resend it, and that the amount was there. On May, I resent another support ticket claiming again for the credit I have, and I received (with surprise) an answer from AS (who was the person that always answered my tickets) telling me that the check was already cashed, and I should wait for... read full review »
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