Swatch Group
October 18, 2007
Swatch Group - www.swatchgroup.com I bought a Tissot watch and the crown fell out. Since the watch was still under warranty it was fixed free of charge. I'm complaining because they took 6 months to repair my watch. I was learned that this is not untypical for the Swatch Group. Had I known this, I never would have purchased the watch. Tissot is owned by the Swatch Group. I have included a list of brands owned by that group. This email is not meant to speak to the quality of the watch, but the quality of the company taking your... read full review »
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Easy Click Travel
Peter Stoop May 6, 2011
Last week, I received the news on the cancellation of a reservation of two hotel rooms (for me and my family) booked 7 weeks ago on EASYCLICKTRAVEL. So, no sooner than 7 weeks after the booking. I had paid directly, using my credit card. I had paid 1360 euro. The company refunded 1260 euro, so around 100 euro (125 US Dollar) less!! I called the information help desk line from Europe (where I live) to ask for explanation. The operator told me that the company was unable to verify the information I had submitted. That was why the... read full review »
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