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Peter Stoop May 6, 2011
Unjustified cancellation of booking
Last week, I received the news on the cancellation of a reservation of two hotel rooms (for me and my family) booked 7 weeks ago on EASYCLICKTRAVEL. So, no sooner than 7 weeks after the booking. I had paid directly, using my credit card. I had paid 1360 euro. The company refunded 1260 euro, so around 100 euro (125 US Dollar) less!!

I called the information help desk line from Europe (where I live) to ask for explanation.
The operator told me that the company was unable to verify the information I had submitted. That was why the reservation had been cancelled.

I asked him which informaton could not be verified.
He told me that some information in the booking was not correct (credit card information, telephone number or address), so the verification failed.
I asked which information was not entered correctly in the booking. To check this, the operator asked me to tell him the last four digits of my credit card. They appeared to be correct.
Then he asked me to mention my address. Also this information appeared to be entered correctly by me into the booking.
Then he asked me to give my address. Also the address appeared to be entered correctly into the reservation.

I asked him why the company did not contact me by phone or mail or email, to verify the information.
He did not know.

So I kindly asked to make a booking again for the same price (in US dollars), same hotel and same days. This appeared to be not possible. Rooms in the hotel I wanted were not offered anymore.

The reason for cancelling may be that the US dollar exchange rate dropped considerably in the past seven weeks, which may have caused losses to the company as it needed to hire the hotel rooms in Europe euro. But this is not my problem.

I did not make any error nor mistake while making the reservation. The booking seemed to be cancelled on invalid grounds ("you did not contact me to verify, nor by e-mail nor by phone nor by written mail").

The company refused to compensate the financial loss I suffered, although I did not make any mistake.
I just feel cheated. I will never make a booking on this website anymore and I would suggest anyone NOT to rely on this company.

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