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Netherlands Rail
July 23, 2008
Netherlands Rail Ticket Machines DO NOT ACCEPT BANKNOTES or certain credit cards (Visa Electron)!!! Without coins or the appropriate credit card, at 6am in the morning there was no other assistance available and I had no option but to board a train for the airport as I had a plane to catch (from Eindhoven Airport). When asked for my ticket I explained that I was unable to purchase one (for 14 Euro) and rather than being given the opportunity to purchase a ticket or another option was handled a penalty and ticket notice costing 50 Euro!!! And the attendant gave the sarcastic remark of "a ticket is more expensive on the train!!" read full review »
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euro afro asia sweepstakes lottery international program held on 17th july 2008 in Amsterdam Holland
July 22, 2008
i have recieved email from "Award Winners" <w_award88@yahoo.co.id that i have won the lottery euro afro asia sweepstakes lottery international program held on 17 july 2008 in Amsterdam Holland. Please inform that is it true / fake. Thanks read full review »
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Schiphol Airport
July 9, 2008
My complaint is about the airport its self rather than your airline, i flew from dubai into amsterdam on the 6th july 08. When in dubai duty free i purchased a rather nice bottle of malt whiskey for my fathers birthday and a bottle of vodka for a present along with 400 cigarettes which i was entitled to as i was flying with my girlfriend. On arrival into amsterdam everything was fine until i went to go through the departure gate for my connecting flight to aberdeen, as my hand luggage went through its metal check i was asked if my bag could be... read full review »
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ABN Bank
June 2, 2008
We canceled our account with ABN Bank and try since Feb. 25, 2008 to get our remaining money transfered to an other bank. The reason for the cancellation was a extreme bad customer service. We had no more internet access to our account since October 2007 and the bank was not able to send us new dates for the internet access. They sent us 4 times a new card, but NEVER the necessary pin numbers and they were not willing to send this by registered mail or an secured carrier. I try now since several weeks to get our money, with no success. They do not respond to registered letters. read full review »
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Fly Ticket
May 28, 2008
Be careful I have to CANCEL a ticket in this company. They informed me the amount of money they will take and if I was agree. I said yes... BUT after some weeks with any response or money back in my bank. Cheap Tickets said that SORRY there was a "MISTAKE" they will not give back the arranged money. THEY will make a FAVOR give back ONLY some money.. and I HAVE TO SAID THANKS!! It must be some governmental place where the customers can put the complains and punish these not serious business!! BE CAREFUL DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH CHEAPTICKETS.NL... read full review »
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TNT Netherlands
May 27, 2008
I am expecting a package from US via USPS. It arrived to the Netherlands May 09, 2008, 10:35 am. The Customs Service of the Netherlands called TNT to pick the package and deliver to the customer (me) on 15th May. Today is 27th May. The package is still in the Customs Service. I am leaving the country two days later, returning my country. I called TNT, they have not showed any sign of being prompt, instead told me that I have to wait more. The package will return to US. There are a lot of shipment cost, customs tariff, and most importantly time wasting. Does TNT Netherlands work good? I dont think so. read full review »
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west union
May 9, 2008
I had transfer 800 euro to my friends thru westunion agent (Exchange corporation) to U.K. My friend has not received the money/collected but as per the West union the money is picked up. When asked for the proof of payment in the office and call centre they are not providing me. Went to Police station but was told to lodge a complain in UK. Need the help to get the POP as westunion has responsiblity to verify the passport of the receivers and deliver to the correct person read full review »
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May 3, 2008
I like to end my subscription 'Radiopass Netherlands" number: 866-420-5832 read full review »
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php website scripts for webmasters
May 2, 2008
I forgot to include this information in my first complaint. When you pay for a website script from scriptsfeed.com, you're supposed to be able to instantly download it. I paid immediately with PayPal and waited several hours for a download link. When I emailed them, a guy named "Matt" said there is a 6 hour delay with their credit card processor. If this is the case, why do they advertise instant download and continue to do so? It took 30 hours for me to get a response and I didn't get an actual download link to download thi... read full review »
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php scripts for webmasters
May 2, 2008
Several weeks ago, I purchased a turnkey php website script for an auction website from scriptsfeed.com. I paid an additional $10 for installation on my web server. In the description of all the scripts they sell, they say "The Quality and good Support guaranteed!". The software was full of bugs. If an auction site, or really, any other site, doesn't work perfectly when testing, it's absolutely worthless. I sent 2 emails to them with my concerns, asking if they would troubleshoot the script. I do not have the technical... read full review »
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Taxi Centrale
March 8, 2008
Picked up at the airport and driven to my hotel mercure AAN DE A Amsteram. I was told the fare would be around 30 euros from the information desk and the hotel. The driver did meter, however charged me 56 euros, as he must have driven me around. When I went into the hotel, they agreed the fare too high and tried to contact the driver and company, no response. This occurred on 1/25/08 around 10 am. Driver was from Spain, named Mario. Driving a silver blue mercedes. TaxiCentrale was the company, tel 6 77 77 77 receipt number 299889- he failed to provide an amount on my receipt. read full review »
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January 31, 2008
We have ordered UGGS at www.uggstop.com.au. First of all goods arrived 2 months after ordering even though we paid for express parcel. To our surprise the boots were not correct sewed. It is handmade, we understand, but the left boot was completely twisted and not possible to wear. Whenever you start a dialog (including detailed pictures), they hide themselves behind standard procedures, letters and even hide themselves behind manufacturers opinions rather then judging for themselves. All returns are heavily dismotivated with all kind of... read full review »
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October 29, 2007
Remarks in ID EE815307770IN is Parcel "Bagged". It was From Indore to Bharuch on 26/10/2007. Still I have not Received the same. There are some important documents and such delays are not acceptable. read full review »
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October 7, 2007
On 4th October 2007 i was scheduled to fly KL 1674 from Barcelona to Amsterdam and to connect with KL---that should have left Amsterdam for Nairobi at 10.15 the same evening. As fate would have it, this plane delayed due to what was explained as bad weather. We therefore arrived at Amsterdam at 10.30 pm. At this point an announcement had been made that those who were to connect with flight to Nairobi would not make it. Verdict: go to KLM desk at schiphol and get attention. At this desk (desk 2?) I was scheduled to fly to Nairobi the following... read full review »
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EbaY / Microsoft Xbox 360
September 23, 2007
Bought via ebay a console xbox360 who was not original and had burned games also, also the xbox360 was not working, 3 red lights, light up when starting up the console. Maybe you want to know more about the person who sold this all too me greetings Emo Grofsmid. Beware! read full review »
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Flora Springs Hotel
May 13, 2007
Just about a year ago my best friend and I stayed at the Flora Springs Hotel. We each had separate rooms, and the rooms really were beautiful, however it still became the absolute worst vacation of our lives. There were several minor problems like sporadic room service, and terrible odors in one of the rooms, but the other problems were criminal. First a man claiming to be, and in the uniform of hotel security tried to enter my friend's room at four in the morning scaring her to death. Next, a volcano erupted nearby causing the... read full review »
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Nokia Netherlands
April 20, 2007
I have a 9300i. After 2 months I was told I had water damage on my phone and was not repairable. I was also told this can happen going into a air conditioned car, having a phone in a shower room. This is not acceptable. I was first told it was 107 euro for repair, when I told them it was under warranty I was told it was water damage. I has taken four months to get this answer from them which is also very poor service. How can I get some help with this problem, I will not stop until I can have some resolution. Can anyone... read full review »
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City Hotel
November 1, 2006
In October 2006, I booked into City Hotel, Amsterdam (above the Old Bell Pub). I had stayed there 5 years ago, and found it basic, but clean. I booked over the internet which featured photos of large, clean rooms. Upon arrival we were taken to a room in another building. The stairs were steep and winding, the walls and carpets stained and filthy, and the air stank of mould. The room was as bad, plus stained sheets and a blood-stained mattress. I returned to the desk, explained that this was not the room I had booked, and that it wa... read full review »
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willich117 February 19, 2011
I had cancelled my subscription wed feb 16 2011 then fri gen 18 2011 I got billed on my debit card 39.95 how do I get my money reimbursed read full review »
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Lifestyle 4 Dutch
Changdertsai July 5, 2011
I am in China, in Oct. 2010 I contacted LifeStyle 4 Dutch Company(website:www.hollandse-winkel.nl ;contact person:Danny Veerman Email:danny.vtb@hotmail.com, phone:0631932835). According the promise between Danny Veerman and me, on Dec. 8th I let my wife wired EUR2273.00(to order 26 cartons Nutrilon infant formula) to this company's account----Details as following: ING bank 4273104 in the name of:Lifestyle 4 Dutch IBAN number NL84INGB0004273104 BIC number INGBNL2A) Danny Veerman admitted that he had received my money, but He disappeared... read full review »
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