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Clems Micheal ...Accross the bridge courier sercices. Company
Complainant 1 February 18, 2011
I met a guy in tubely dating site name Clems Micheal, british citizen, marriage  his purpose why he is there.  He sent me a parcel through Accross the Bridge Courier services company. ACCROSE THE BRIDGE COURIER SERVICES COMPANY ) from UK .. Amazingly, he gave me the tracking code that you really can check the detailed of parcel.  He told me that inside the box has a money in it  of 7, 000US dollar for me to use when he visit me plus black berry cell phone and the engagement gold ring which too expensive according to... read full review »
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Noni A February 18, 2011
I purchased a multi game DS cartridge, it was faulty . I contacted Mydsgame.com who asked for me to send it back, they acknowledged they received the faulty cartridge on 25th january and were preparing a replacement one and would contact me as to when it would be posted. I have sent mydsgame.com several emails to find out what is the progress of my goods, as to date I have not had one reply from them, I have contaced the admin office, customer service and the person I originally started to deal with non of whom have given me the courtesy of... read full review »
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domino's pizza Malaysia,Sentul
najlaa February 17, 2011
1.staff service. 2.food quality very bad. 3.there are no soup and sauce provided. 4.staff making noise and don't have any respect with customer. 5.not well with Domino's uniform. 6.staff are singing at kitchen until disturbing customer. read full review »
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Q-Dees Melaka Kampung Lapan Centre
JessLim February 16, 2011
Q DEE'S TEACH MY DAUGHTER THAT THIS IS THE CORRECT WRITTING OF RABBIT "å…”“!! I've accepted their apologise before chinese new year, after the teacher apologised to us. However, today the principle bring a copy of the draft to my mum and told her that they didnt make mistake on it. The PRINCIPLE of QDEE's Melaka Kampung Lapan Centre told my mum that Hong Kong Rabbit is without the dot !!! After we prove to her that the rabbit in chinese is "å…”" (tu) instead of "免"(mian), She said that if... read full review »
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Thomas Inc
Allan Pinkerton Informant February 15, 2011
FAKE AD AS FOLLOW: TIMES RECORD NEWS- LOCATION WICHITA FALLS, TX Experienced Tutor Needed Thomas Inc Skills Required: -Science Qualifications: -English, Maths Experience Required: Tutor. Pay: 50$ Benefits: Part time Hours: 2hrs I am seeking a tutor for a 14 yr old boy (well behaved. shy). Instruction will take place in my home three days a week, hours are flexible, to begin between 8 am -8 PM and lessons should last about 60 min. Subjects: Math, Science, reading, English. Interested please reply by email "twthomaswilliams @aol.com"... read full review »
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ANGIE NG February 14, 2011
Received emaial From Natwest Finance Group, Uk' On behalf of Foreign Remittance Department of Natwest Finance Group. 100, 000.00 pounds attached Account Verification form and Fund Release Questionnaire Form and also the Funds Approval Certificate, Tarnsfer Notification and Fund Transfer advise approve d nominal code no :06749/8/20uk email address: remittance@natwestfinancegroup.com read full review »
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Bukit Aman
Ms CC February 10, 2011
I received a call from someone from Bukit Aman today, asking for our company fax number to fax a letter. When asked what the letter was about, he said it was to ask for donations for the disabled. I proceeded to give out the fax number, and then he asked for the boss' name. Since it was a letter for a donation, I stated that he could address it to the MD. The caller then said that it was their policy to state a name. I informed him that by putting MD, we would pass it to the boss. He then raised his voice and said in Bahasa Malaysia... read full review »
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Courts Mammoth (MEGATEX)
Anonymous_2011 February 10, 2011
I bought few items from MEGATEX 2011 held in Sunway Piramid Convention Centre. I never thought the goods to be supplied by COURTS until I called up to the dealer to ask for the delivery confirmation. The dealer advised me to liaise with COURTS directly by calling to MEGATEX hotline 1-800-2-268-787, which was making me totally piss off and sick of it. I have been calling for about 2 weeks consecutively. There are only two calls went through successfully. When I asked for the delivery confirmation, the person always say that she will call me... read full review »
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Perodua Auto Wangi Service Centre, Penang
Moki February 11, 2011
I am writing to complaint about this specific Perodua Service Centre called Auto Wangi Service Centre at Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang which has been making up profit by giving false information and lying to thier customers/. I am from Taiping and i am studying in Penang. My family is not wealthy but i needed to have a car to help me move around more convinently. I bought a Perodua Myvi in February 2009 at a Perodua Centre in Taiping and like any other cars, require to do maintenance services to protect the car so that any damages can... read full review »
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Mobile Network Pvt. Ltd
VINSHEK February 12, 2011
as per attachment read full review »
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Super 88
Malaysian Working in Singapore February 13, 2011
We bought 4 bus tickets from the express bus liner Super 88 to travel from Ipoh to Singapore on the 5-Feb-2011 with RM 105/seat. The bus tickets we paid for 1 month in advanced supposed to be a 27 seaters Super VIP bus but on the departure date, it became a 44 seaters chartered bus which is a very much uncomfortable bus. The reason given was the scheduled bus broke down and the bus company had to replace with the 44 seaters bus. We found out that coincidentally 2 44 seaters chartered buses arrived on the same destination (New Park Hotel... read full review »
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Connexions Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
Eddiya7285 February 9, 2011
My Nokia X3 phone malfunction (cannot on) after using it for less than a month. i sent it to the shop where I've purchased it (Five Star Communication/Bling Tel. Enterprise, S2, Lot 9808, Ground Floor, Section 65, KTLD, Lee Ling Commercial Centre, 4th Mile, Jalan Matang, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak) on !@ November 2010. To date, (9 February 2011) the phone is still not ready. According to the personnel at Five Star, the was sent to Connexions Marketing Sdn. Bhd. HQ - Lot 178, First Floor, Jln Petanak, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, which the phone... read full review »
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Hotfile Premium Account
Wan Helmi Wan Ismail February 7, 2011
My email address : tokwan35@hotmail.com Username : tokwan35 I don't care my account and particular expose hopefully them realize they are scam customer I bought this premium account since october 2010 last year and the account suddently become malfunction meaning that cannot recognized my username / password / email add, so i have launch a complaint to them and hope them reply since last week but no reply to my solution of problem till date ( 336 hours neither than 24 hours reply refer to policy to attend customer complaint ... read full review »
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mr selva
onedyn February 5, 2011
saya adalah staf yang telah dibuang kerja serta merta dari tesco extra selayang kerana didapati minum setin air. saya mengaku perbuatan saya adalah salah tetapi, kenapa tindakan yang sama tidak diambil terhadap manager yang melakukan kesalahan tersebut. seorg manager bernama muruges yang bekerja di Gro dept didapati minum air botol yang dipamerkan untuk jualan. akhirnya tindakan yang diambil adalah manager tersebut mendapat pekerja baik (blue) pada tahun tersebut. mengapa keadaan ini berlaku.. sampai hari ini manager tersebut masih makan dan... read full review »
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Kest Cycles
Leexxxx February 1, 2011
Long story short: I ordered 1 Dahon bicycle from Kest Cycles Sales and Services Sdn Bhd. I TT USD420 to the account in the proforma invoice which was cleared. "Mr Mohd" tells me to immediately cancel and TT to another account (personal account). I followed. The company then confirmed shipping my bicycle. BUT they said they accidentally sent 10 BICYCLES and already shipped. They DEMAND that I pay for another 2 bikes so they don't lose their jobs. The courier company gdex.de.tl "confirms" goods in Indonesia. Kest... read full review »
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Hewlett Packard (M) Sdn Bhd
vanilla83 February 1, 2011
Hi..I'm actually a staff for HP which has just been converted from a contract staff to permanent status.What I am not satisfied is how the management revise the salary for staff whom has work for a longer term and has yet to get an increment. It has been an issue among us that the salary had not been increased, not even MYR50.Whilst the travelling allowance has been taken off, until to this date they have yet to come uot with the decision of either to continue with the allowance or not.It is a nerve racking moment knowing that other... read full review »
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Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhs
aish February 1, 2011
I supposed to get free phone from celcom since i just changed from maxis to celcom. As their promise, they will send the phone to my address company in 2 weeks time. However, now it's been more than 2 months but still didnt received. I have been complaint and asking few times to his manager of Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd, Khaleerurrahmaan, and his assistant. As usual, they will said you will received by next week. And again I called they said maybe stock not enough since year end. Lalalaalallaaa...I heard many reason and promises from them but... read full review »
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dellvostro February 1, 2011
BEWARE! Do not do business with this individual. They have ripped off numerous people and companies by offering blogging social networking services and not coming through after getting paid. I sent them funds through paypal for internet services and they made excuse after excuse to delay me in opening an investigation with paypal. After they passesd the 45 day refund limit that paypal has I never heard back from them. Learn from my mistake. Do not trust these crooks at all! We have to pursue them by taking up legal council in panang Malaysia. We will pursue them just on principle now to see them jailed and exposed for the crooks that they are. read full review »
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Kest Cycles Sales and Services
Leexxxx January 29, 2011
I had ordered a Dahon folding bike from the company. Everything went smoothly and I paid to the bank according to the proforma invoice (TT). Then they told me to CANCEL and change to another bank account, which I did (? stupid or not). Ok so nevermind, they confirmed shipment and gave me a tracking number, but the employee said THAT THEY SENT 10 BIKES BY MISTAKE!! So then they said they afraid of losing their job when the boss checs the accounts, so they want me to BUY 2 MORE BIKES and then they cook up a story to tell their boss. Worse... read full review »
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polis malaysia at bdr sri damansara name zahari
MALAYSIA police?SHIT January 29, 2011
27 january 2011 we do the police report at police station kepong branch because our house thief coming and lost the thing value rm6700.we need the police name ZAHARI working in bandar sri damansara police station take photo and closed the case.finally the police told us he will visit our house when he are free and cut my call with no manner.until today 3 day gone i still not receive any direction from this police.we are waiting this report to do the insurance claim..this police handphone number +60192873133 ZAHARI..MALAYSIA police only know embezzle dunno working. read full review »
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HSBC Credit Card, Malaysia
IJB January 27, 2011
I cancelled my HSBC credit card in August 2010 by filling in cancellation card in KL. Apparently, I still money in the account which I paid extra in the earlier transaction. According to the HSBC staff that I dealt with at the time, I should receive back the money in 2, 3 weeks. Now, it has been 5 MONTHS and still have not received back my money. Until this complaint is written I have called HSBC Credit Card Customer Service - 6 TIMES !!! I called them in September, October and early January 2011. They kept on promising that I will receive... read full review »
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marol pulo January 24, 2011
My texas holdem poker account that was registered under facebook was blocek since in the middle of 2010 ( around june-july ).zynga was stated that they only take a time between 3 days starting from the blocking day...my account that has been blocked was hacked before i report it to zynga...the email that i registered is rulkama@rocketmail.com...i hope that you will take action as soon as possible to active up my account back so that i can play back my poker games...thank you.. read full review »
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pizza Hut pasir gudang
eswwary January 21, 2011
pada 20-01-2011, kami sekeluarga ke pizza hut di pasir Gudang, johor bahru. Di Bars terdapat staff yang telah makan sambil berbual dan bermain, keadaan ini akan menimbulkan masalah kejatuhan imej pizza hut tersebut, ini menunjukkan tidak layanan yang mesra.kami pula berasa malu... read full review »
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Aplus Holidays
aplussux January 19, 2011
conman shop. never ever go to this travel agent! stay far far. you have being warned! read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Malaysia
Perodua 1.3 MyVi Auto Premium
matjep January 19, 2011
- 8th January 2011 18:00 Hrs My mother and me went to DMM Sales Sdn. Bhd. (Melaka) to survey MyVi 1.3 Auto Premium price. We were entertained by saleswoman named MK Nokmalita Bt Amar.She told us that the car is in stock and the car can be issued to us between 3 days to 2 weeks if nothing problem with the loan application.My Mother paid RM 500.00 for booking and RM 230.00 for JPJ registraion number booking (No receipt was given) - 10th January 2011 My mother went to AmBank with MK Nokmalita. She was interviewed by the bank... read full review »
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victorinox multi purpose tool
choy wai kun January 18, 2011
boarded the flight AK5188 to Miri on 17th January 2011, time 1915hrs flight. One luggage check in. This morning when I want to do day tripping to offshore platform, I notice and confirmed that my victorinox multi purpose tool is missing from my luggage. This is a very expensive tool. Please investigate and would appreciate your feedback. From a very loyal and sad frequent airasia traveller. read full review »
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Titan Group
aveej January 17, 2011
Titan Group was ceated me too .Anyone can help, thanks read full review »
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Digi Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd.
Qiki Zaid January 14, 2011
Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd is filing a suit against me. I don't know whether their employees are incompetent or what, despite me making effortless reports about my name being used in the circumstances with the main HQ. And the fact that they are bloody rude when talking to me. There was a few times, Digi Telecommunications Sdn. bhd. employee called me up around 8 or 9 in the morning disturbing me in my comatose state, yelling at me, I kid you not. I was just waking up, so at that point of time I could not fully fathom what was going... read full review »
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Honda Service Centre
SteveC.M.F January 13, 2011
My Honda Accord which just over 1 year was stalled along jln 222. To my relief because Honda Service Centre just rite in front of me . Its about 6.30pm which the garage door was closed but people still inside there preparing to leave. I tried to ask for their help but was turn down, I was told no mechanic available. As people usually did when their car broke down, I open the car hood even though I know nuts bout Honda car while the expert inside the service centre just don't give a damn. I ran a diagnostic using my torch light, I believe... read full review »
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CIMB Bank Berhad Call Centre
Farahas January 12, 2011
I called CIMB Call Centre on the 12 of January 2011 at 2.10pm. I was trying to explain that I have forgotten my e-pin no. for my CIMB clicks current account. He was talking to me like a robot and some point downright rude. I know most people who calls does not know exactly how things work. The telephonist need to be more friendly and more understanding of people's predicament. CIMB should train their people to be more sensitive and patient in expalining things to their customers. read full review »
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Kelana putri condo
danice January 11, 2011
Its been 10 days till today the Lift has been disorder and not fixed yet. Block E has 19 floors. Imagine what will happen if there any emergency. How about the older people and handicap people. Do the management though about this?? If they did, the lift should be done by now!!! I m a resident of 13 floor.Its been annoying issue that I can take it when I have to take stairs to 13 floor after a hard day work and after a greating hassling of traffic condition. Maintainence dept should be responsbility of this. This people has to keep maintain... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Malaysia
NIGOI PONI January 10, 2011
not to complaint but l try to find the email, need to inform that my plat number WPL 9554, kindly let the management to know that l will pay and get back my car...Thank you read full review »
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Iphone 4G
haikalao January 5, 2011
Tracking No: MY731262651 Order No: 816327189MY www.igexp.com they are saying they have made the shipemnt by this company...and i have pay 750USD and i get an email from this shipment company that my parcel being hold by thailand custom and ask me to made payment for 550 pound. it is alot of money...i realise it is a scam...!!! please notice others... i dont want others to get into this. is this shipment company exist? read full review »
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Teak Charm
LH Lawrence January 4, 2011
On Dec.19.2010, my husband and I paid a visit to Teak Charm along Jln 225 in Section 51A PJ. We were looking for a coffee table. We almost gave up when we couldn't find anything we liked that suited our budget. Just as we were about to leave, we noticed some rather neglected looking tables underneath other furniture and upon closer inspection we decided to get it if the price was right and if they could clean it up and deliver it before Christmas. The salesperson said it cost RM788 and that the original price was RM1950. She also said... read full review »
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Restoran Sri Paandi (PJ)
LH Lawrence January 4, 2011
Jan.4.2011 - My friend and I stopped at Sri Paandi along Jln 11/4 in PJ for a breakfast takeaway. She ordered a plain Rava Thosai and I ordered a Rava with Egg. Her Rava cost RM1.60 but mine cost a whopping RM3.90. I asked the cashier several times if she was sure about the price because surely 1 egg can't possibly cost RM2.30! The cashier insisted that the price was correct. We asked to see their price list and she said that they new sign board was not ready yet. I work at Amcorp and the restaurants there charge RM2 for the same thing. Is there any official government organization that I can complain to? read full review »
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Privatelite courier
Arlene Mercado January 3, 2011
I received a call from Malaysia Customs that a package was held because a currency which was not declared was detected. In order to be cleared from this they're asking me to send $1500.00 to pay the violation via Western Union, which I did. Following day, Mrs. marry Tan, South East Asia Regional Director called me again stating that before they can release the package with the currency the currency should be insured in the amount of $2100.00 to be sent again via Western Union to Name: Ahmed Moosa Address:#48 Jln SS18/7E... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Malaysia
Arzu January 3, 2011
I have not recieved a perfume by burberry I ordered from the webpage, thougt I have wrote several emails to them about it but they just said it probably was on the way when it was not at all.. read full review »
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Mr Jasmin Bin abbulah Seh
mainoddin December 31, 2010
Hello sir, I am Mainoddin Jalgeri. I am India national. I got job offer from Malaysian person who is claiming himself as a Regional Recruitment manager of CES Group Malaysia. He asked me Huge amount as a processing fees. After some days i realized that he is cheating me and he is just giving endless assurance and he did not send me the offer letter. Now i got cheated . i lost so much amount of money. what should i do? suggest me. how can i ... read full review »
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Janardhan Babu Kasa December 28, 2010
i purchase new sony ericsson mobile on 25th october 2010, this not working properly for any tool. Like messages box, contacts, memory card etc., i feel now, chi chi y i purchase this one. please make me any favour please please. read full review »
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Agensi Pekerjaan HAZ Sdn Bhd (Subang Branch)
James Leong December 24, 2010
I had on 28 May 2010 placed deposit amounting RM4, 400.00 for the maid application processing fee and were informed that the selected maid will be made available and arrived in 3 months period from the date of deposit paid. I made this arrangement earlier as my current maid will be leaving my household by 28 October 2010 and by then, l should have a new maid from your agency to continue to assist my family in our daily chores. This was repeatedly conveyed to their maid consultant in-charge and had assurance from them that the new maid will be... read full review »
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