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franciscopalacios April 8, 2011
No services provided
Internet Services agreement signed by the end of January 2011 and no services provided so far (April 2011).

No justifications, no explanations, no compensations, no answers. The customer services pass the buck from ones to others with no solutions.

Think twice before work with Orange
Mentos February 22, 2011
Faulty Hand set
I recently brought the samsung Taco light from the Orange shop in West Bromwich West Midlands on pay as you go. The hand set was left to me to set up when i got home. When I tried to set up the hand set the screen was unresponsive. when I went back to the shop I asked for a full refund or a different hand set as I was un happy due to the fault. They agreed they had sold a faulty hand set but refused to do any thing but change the hand set like for like.

Under consumer law I was entitled to a full refund as the hand set was not fit for purpose EG making calls etc. I informed the manager who refused my request. I have tried to get in touch with orange to complain but cannot find there complaints department contact details. I have been an orange customer since they started trading but I am now looking for another company.
Maria R February 22, 2011
Staff lied in order to get me to upgrade my phone!
Several months ago, I visited your shop on Princes Street in Edinburgh to discuss an upgrade to my Orange contract.

I am visually impaired/blind and, as such, require an accessible phone.

I was assured by one of the staff, a man named Omar, that the Motorola DEXT would be suitable for my needs. I was informed it has TTS installed. After much effort on my part it became clear that the DEXT is not, in fact, accessible and is completely unsuitable. It does not include any TTS system. My partner was with me at the time and will verify I was told the phone is accessible.

I attempted to raise this matter with the shop, and was told there was nothing they could do to help.

After emailing customer services I have been told to go back to the manager of the shop and that they cannot help me. When they called me back the customer service agent was very abrupt/rude and told me that their hands were tied.

I went into a shop in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow recently. They contacted the shop in Edinburgh. Omar at first claimed he could not remember me, and then insisted he told me to contact Customer Services for advice.

I then phone Customer Services again by phone. They were rude and insisted there was nothing they could do.

It has become clear that I was misled regarding this phone, presumably in an effort to get me to renew my contract. Nobody in your company is now prepared to do anything about this.

I regard this as illegal mis-selling.

This is the second time Orange has erred with an upgrade. On the previous occasion I rang Customer Services upgrades department and explained I needed a phone running either a Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system. They told me the LG Viewty was accessible and on Windows Mobile. When I received the phone it was quite clear this was not true. I returned the phone and eventually upgraded to an SPV-650 which, when speech was eventually installed, ran very slowly and actually worked, after a fashion, despite regular firmware crashes.

I am currently having to use a Nokia N73 that I purchased privately, as the DEXT is unusable.
angela.mills February 22, 2011
Money taken out of my account
I have only recently been going through my bank statements and have found that Orange has been taking money out of my account without authorisation. This has been going on for over a year and when i try to contact them by telephone the automated answering service will not put me through saying that i have not selected an option which of course i had. Can you please help in any way here??
Ank February 22, 2011
Terrible customer service
In my opinion Orange offer cheaper handsets on pay as you go but you will pay the real price of the phone if you ever have to use their customer service in person, to be fair it is not so bad on their helpline but 'customer service' in their Dundee Overgate shop is truly appalling. When i had lost a phone the helpline sent me out a replacement sim card, however when i went to the shop to buy a new handset i was told i would have to buy a £20 top up which would be credited to a different sim which i did not need as there was already credit on my replacement sim card sent from the helpline. They refused to sell me the handset without the new sim and top-up, on top of this it took abut 2 weeks to receive the replacement sim card. When i argued that i had lost a phone and was going to buy a new phone and orange would still have a customer etc i was greeted with a barage of verbal abuse.

In the end i went to another orange shop in Dundee outside the wellgate and they helped sort the mess out, orange have since closed this shop that helped and left the other one open. After this sour experience i decided to unlock my orange hanset and go back to Virgin who i never had a problem with but left because i was won over by the cheaper orange handset. Moral of the story - don't be tricked into cheaper handsets!
Jay February 22, 2011
My good friends call me Jay. On Wednesday, 5th January 2011, I decided to switch from Pay as you Go to a wonderful Pay Monthly deal which included me paying absolutely nothing for up to four months because of my amazing phone fund given to me for being such a great loyal customer.
On Wednesday, 5th January 2011, I phoned orange. The customer service representative told me assured me that I will receive my phone, a Blackberry 8520 (Black) on the coming Friday, 7th January 2011. By Friday, I waited hours for my delivery, and phoned up to check (08000790420). To my amazement, “The phone is out of stock. There is no delivery coming to you yet. I have now put the order through. You will receive your phone this coming Monday”.
By Monday, 10th January 2011, I waited for my phone. I waited, got impatient and phoned in order to be given a specific time to expect delivery if possible. Again, “The phones are out of stock. You couldn’t have possibly been told that you would receive a delivery today. There is nothing on the way to you. I cannot tell you when you will be guaranteed a phone as we do not know when a phone to expect deliveries”. I phoned another customer service representative. I spoke to “Steve” on Extension 47260, if I remember correctly and another on 62427 afterwards. I was then advised that they were finally in stock. Both versions; silver and black. I then telephoned orange again at about 4pm, and was told to expect my order between 9am and 5pm on Tuesday, 11th January 2011.
It is now 13:35hrs, Tuesday 11th January 2011. There is no phone. I phoned orange again, and they tell me the phones are still out of stock, and there is no phone coming to my address today or any time soon. WHY HAVE I BEEN REPEATEDLY LIED TO? Why all this distress. Up to this past week, I have always referred to Orange as the perfect network.
joannabiff May 5, 2010
oberon media scam
My 12 year old son applied for a" free game" from the News Of The World paper, simply text "YES" to a number and you get a free game for your mobile. He did this, received the game, then text again "STOP" to ensure no more games were received.

Now by Oberon Media that is a sister company, they have bombarded my sons mobile with obscene photos of women, with all their glory on show! My son dosen't even know about sex yet and these peodofiles are still trying to send these crude photo texts and run up the orange phone bill to, wait for it, £1, 068.98p!!! Hello, is anybody at orange looking into this - NO, we have to pay it. Any suggestions please!!
Wanda Castelo January 19, 2010
ripped off
Upon arriving in Spain we contracted with Orange because our daughter, who was a foreign student at the time, also had
a phone from Orange. We were told that that the cost between us would be .35 euors for the first call each day to her and .03 euors there after.
It took us 3 separate meeting with the personel in the store in Seville to get that rate. Even the employee of Orange was frustrated with the people she had to deal with on the other end of the phone to get this resolved. However, these employees had no authority to credit funds back to our account and make it right, even though these same employees set the terms up with us. Orange screws their employees and their customers all at the same time.

We paid a bunch for telephone service and spent hours dealing with a problem that didnt get resolved until the time we had to leave.
Next time I'll bring my phone from the states. Don't believe them when they tell you its cheaper to get the phone over there. Not true.
You'll waste your time because these people have all the time in the world and could care less how much of your time they take. They are Europerns not Americans and do not value time.
October 28, 2009
Total incompetence
Around 2 months ago I viewed my account on the website and went to add an additional magic number to my account. These are numbers that you acquire every 6 months and are free of charge to call and not included on your bill. I found that Orange had wiped my previous 2 numbers and so instead of adding my 3rd number I was back to adding my first. I then phoned up to complain only to be told that it would take up to 16 weeks to restore them and that if I wanted to clai, m back any money I had lost it would be up to me to spend hours on the phone sorting it out. Following this I then tried to change my talk plan online. It appeared to allow me to change to a 'dolphin 30' package, usually charged at £30 per month but with this deal you only pay £25. Instead I ended up with the same £20 deal I currently had but paying £25. When I phoned to complain they said they would change my plan the following month, still leaving me 1 month out of pocket and then subsequently didn't. So I'm still paying £25 a month for a contract I don't want. Please someone take me away from this awful company...I hate them.
O2O October 24, 2009
No money refunded
Internet crashed and due to lodger moving out we didn't have passord to re-install, We notified Wanadoo who refused to help us get service and continued to take Direct Debits from the account for the next year, totalling £200, Eventually, my credit card company stopped them taking more.

Told me they would continue to take payments from the account (or my estate if I died) until contacted by lodger who had set up account for us as they had his name on file!

They admit they have the money but refused to provide service or refund. Neither we, nor Financial ombudsman could get nowhere with them. They just said "We don't have to refund your money".

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