translate November 19, 2013
http://www.baterias-cargador.es/ -Barato Baterías/Cargadores para ordenador portátil,Entrega gratuta,Gastos de envío para toda Europa - Bateria online ! read full review »
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bmh25 July 21, 2011
My account, Mobile phone No. 610275238, has been cancelled with approximately 20 euros still on it. I cannot get an explanation from the local vodafone shops here in Tenerife, Canary Isles. All they say is I have not used it for a few months. I go to Tenerife & back to the UK twice a year. I have personal cards with the number on them so now I have to change all the paper work. There is no way it seems that I can any info from Vodafone.es unless I am a customer, because my account is cancelled I cannot log into the Vodafone site to register my complaint. Can you help? read full review »
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Hotel Marinada/ c/o Booking.com
cashy July 21, 2011
When i booked a the hotel Marinada in salou it clearly stated their cancellation policy which said "If cancelled up to 7 days before arrival date no fee will be charged. I booked it through Booking.com whom i contacted and they agreeded with me and is trying to contact them to get my money back. On the 18th of july when i cancelled the booking my credit card was charged 420Euro. (Arrival date was not until 8/8/2011). read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Spain
attracta July 18, 2011
i booked flights from bankok to kuala lumpur and back through e dreams. i did not fly as i had an accident. i looked for refund of airport tax that was stoped from my credit card. they informed that 30 eueo tax was stoped and that admin fee was 35 euro so i could not have my tax back. this is a scam as i am entitled to tax back if i canceled my flights. could you help me as i have seen a lot of scams from this company in blogs from a lot of people. read full review »
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Toyota / Corolla Verso
knolly July 12, 2011
Toyota Key Instability Problem Here is another problem that the Toyota company has ignored. A rather strange one. The Corolla Verso and the Prius models both use the same kind of electronic key which has two separate functions : to start the engine and to open and close the door locks. My Verso is four years old and almost from the beginning the keys malfunctioned in a strange and undesirable way. I reported this every time I took the car for service but although the dealer’s service was impeccable in every other respect no... read full review »
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vodafone es
Edward P Grimes July 11, 2011
I opted to change network providers from Vodafone (spain) to Movistar because of excessive charges and poor service, this was supposed to be a simple change over allowing me to keep my original contact number as clients, friends and family all have this number only to contact me. My SIM card has been disabled as from 10th of july and i'm informed i will have no services until the 13th of july, this is simply not good enough. I have tried countless times both today and last night to contact Vodafone es customer service to no avail. Please... read full review »
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dellmont sarle Luxembourg.
N. Whiteoak July 6, 2011
When we are conversing, via the telephone, (lnternet Calls.com) the phone is garbled and breaking up. We have had a lot of difficulty trying to find who to address our complaints to. N. Whiteoak read full review »
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Damrak Inn Hotel
Oliver Viera Almond June 15, 2011
On Friday 10/06/2011 we checked in in Damrak inn Hotel situated in Damrak 58‐59, 1012LL AMSTERDAM for 2 nights. We had 2 reservations, one through a web page agency and the second directly through the hotel. The accommodation conditions were unacceptable. A window could not be shut down and it kept widely open letting in street noise, cold wind and mosquitos . The solution from the hotel was to stick a map paper. (Attached picture). The beds were military old fashion bunk beds. One of the beds had no proper mattress and it wa... read full review »
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Mariapapadaki June 6, 2011
I placed an order in e-Tobaccos (915953) on 4th of May 2011. They charged my credit card and after one week they sent me an e- mail with title: ************************************* "Waiting for stock partial": We were expecting to receive the stock to serve your order in the latest shipment from the importer, but unfortunately we have not received it. We have in stock some products of your order but not all. We were expecting to receive more stock from the importer including the ones out of stock for your order... read full review »
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Cleverbridge AG-Koeln
FRANCIS25 June 6, 2011
23/05/2011 COMPRA TARJ. 5402XXXXXXXX9014 Cleverbridge AG-Koeln 25/05/2011 -41, 59 2.450, 48 Ignoro cuál es el articulo comprado y no tengo constancia de haberlo recibido, por lo que les pido me envien copia de la factura y me digan el dia y la dirección en que fué entregado. read full review »
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Carrefour - spain
Troy99 May 27, 2011
I live in Madrid where the biggest supermarket chain is a French one named Carrefour. Their products like washing machines, computers, televisions, cameras etc come with instructions in many languages ( sometimes as many as 13) EXCEPT ENGLISH. Considering that there a large number of Brits in Spain, I can only assume that Carrefour does not want our business. So now if I can find an alternative supplier - I go there. read full review »
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kimibateria May 26, 2011
PORTATIL-BATERIA.ES:Prometemos que todos los productos vendidos en nuestro website son completamente nuevos y libres de defectos en material y fabricación read full review »
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freeshippings May 20, 2011
www.freeshipping-handbags.com read full review »
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Douw Buys May 20, 2011
I cannot begin to express my frustration and anger with SOLMAR. The windscreen wipers were so badly worn when it rained we had to pull over as we were unable to see where we were travelling. Later we had a flat tyre and was completely shocked when I removed it to find that both inner areas of the tyres was so badly worn that there was canvas and wire showing. The vehicle was not legally fit for use and I was provided with no help whatsoever and was advised that tyres are not covered under the hire agreement but that I needed to claim for thi... read full review »
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St James Trust
complainspain May 17, 2011
Nick Butterfield so called CEO - Will try to sell you domain names claiming to offer insurance to protect your company name through a company called the St James Trust. The website is simply an unfinished template that does not actually contain any real content, there is no such company. This is simply a con to sell unwanted domain names at inflated prices. NO such company as the St James Trust and NO such insurance. Other websites owned by Nick Butterfield such as and www.quicknetcams.com www.iq2internet.com www.nickbutterfield.com and... read full review »
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denis james ash May 17, 2011
we booked 2 weeks holiday at the bali hotel benamedna from 02/mayto 16may 2011. we booked a studio apartment for selfcatering. they sent us to a studio 300yds at least from the reception as my partner & I are both 79 I asked for disability acess as we both have walking problems Incidently this was done when the booking was made . when i complained we were given a twin bedded room nearer the reception. this had no facilitys for self catering at all, I went to reception and asked for teamaking facilities & was told i could hire a kettle . after... read full review »
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global ticket market
NICE GUY EDDY May 17, 2011
This company will not release the money for the ticket i have sold. they keep Referring me to the T&C which i do and it does not say anything about being paid after the event ( now is after the event still no money). This company are a scam DO NOT TRUST do to a real WEBSITE!!! read full review »
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Selling Time Share
Mike Gandy May 12, 2011
We were approached in December 2009 by UFC as we were interested in selling our Time Share Points. They said they already had a buyer for these and we agreed a price. They then said they needed a security deposit of €1200.00 which we paid by visa Credit card. The contract was for 1 year - the first purchaser they mentioned pulled out. During the year they came back for more money to pass it to their Corporate Dept but no way were we paying more cash. At the end of the year we asked for our deposit back but all we got was complete silence. We have been scammed and by this Company so be Warned! read full review »
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NumisCollect euro coins
morti May 2, 2011
I ordered euro coins for 52€, order n. 45010, sent the money via bank transfer. On the 10th april 2011 they said were sending the order but never arrived, today 2nd may 2011. I sent them 2 e-mails today after checking reviews on the internet. read full review »
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Offshore Investment Borkers OIB International
MrsMrsHarrington April 22, 2011
I went to see a Richard Glover some time ago in regards to my pension, and my wife's pension. We had moved from the UK to Southern Spain to enjoy the sunshine and hopefully a happy retirment. We had a pension in the UK which we were happy to leave there. One day whilst playing golf, the services of OIB International or Offshore Investment Brokers in Estpeona Spain, where recommended, one thing led to another and we ended up having an appoint with the. The advie we where given was to move our pension scheme to Nez Zealand and to cash it... read full review »
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Home Away; and easystayinbcn.com
Iris Silberberg April 21, 2011
The apartment was uninhabitable. There was black mold on the bathroom walls and floors and the apartment smelled like a sewer. The shower didn't drain and heaven knows what I was standing in while I showered. It made the entire apartment smell and closing the door to the bath did not help as the bedroom was foul smelling as well. There had been a leak in the bedroom and the wall was buckled and also smelled terrible.The owner showed it to us and said the smell would go away once the apartment was aired out. It reeked the entire 2 days we... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Spain
Costa Blanca Lawyers
complainspain April 17, 2011
This company based in Alfaz, Costa Blanca in Spain. Trade as qualified Solicitors/Lawyers but do not actually have any trained, qualified or registered Solicitors. The owner of the company Joanne (Jo) Caress claims to be a lawyer but is infact not qualified and does not appear in the register with the (SRA) Solicitors Regulation Authority or Law Society in England as required to practice as an English Solicitor in Europe. read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: Spain
sidroper April 14, 2011
This company is a rip off, sent them 300.00 pounds through a Bank in england, Delt with a girl called Wendy. Even though i sent them copy of emails and payment. They refused to send me my documents i ordered all these people pray on the needy as thgey know you can not do anything about it. Well they should check the back ground of people they rip off next time i am back in the UK i will pay them a visit... See you soon Wendy !!! read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: Spain
Mr M J Dixon
Mr M J Dixon April 8, 2011
Dear Sirs, My wife and myself reserved room at your Timanfaya Palace Hotel through Alpha Rooms, for 3 nights from 22nd March to 25th March 2011 on a half board basis. We have stayed at the Timanfaya before. It is a hotel catering for mature couples like ourselves. It sits very close to a nice beach, and is within easy walking distance of the town and the ferry from Fuerteventura, our main base for our stay. This hotel suits us perfectly and we booked it for specific reasons. When we arrived at the hotel to check in it was clear there... read full review »
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Hertz car
Kay L. Cook March 25, 2011
Reference # 489324846: Upon returning our car to airport in Madrid we were told there was damage for which we must pay. We indicated both in person and in writing "Addendum and Statement of Vehicle condition" that we do not know how the scratches occurred on the front passenger side bumper nor were we aware of any other damages anywhere on the vehicle. We also saw them and documented them as normal "wear and tear". Neither the clerk nor the person who reported the damages would discuss the issue nor refer us to someone who... read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: Spain
Who committed fraud here? March 18, 2011
We contacted ChipSpain.com on behalf of our cardholder to report a $776.00 fraud transaction which they were able to find and stop from being shipped to someone in Russia. We worked with a person there to refund the cardholders money since they were able to cancel the order and they never did. So we saved this merchant from losing product shipped out (able to sell and receive money for) while never refunding the money. Who is the fraudster here? read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Spain
Emporio Fashon
Svend March 18, 2011
I was approached by an Italian guy in the car park of Ikea, S S los Reyes, Madrid. He told me the same story as previous complaints... On his way back from a trade show and had some samples that he was looking to sell me very cheap. He did not say that they were Emporio Armani, but just that they were good quality. And strangely enough they were all my size "58"(XXL), that surprised me a lot !!! He wanted to sell 2 suits, 5 leather jackets, 1 cashmere coat, 2 shirts and 2 jumpers for €700, -, but got it all for €400, - The... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: Spain
owners direct ref s5778
brian williamson March 3, 2011
I recently rented and paid £1.020.00 for the above property in miraflores spain, for 6 weeks on arrival there was no parking, we found a parking space 20 mins away due to walking dificulties this was not acceptable, the other item of concern is the advert says 2 bathrooms only one exists, the reason we needed the 2 bathrooms was because my brother and his wife was coming to stay, we are all in our 70s, we were not offerd any alternative, so we informed the owners management lady we could not stay and left the apartment the next day, the... read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Spain
Albaycin Casa
outraged customer 201102 February 19, 2011
It turned out to be a mistake. At the first sight of this flat, we were astonished. It is very shabby. The wall was so thin that you could hear everything around, not to mention the wind was coming through the wall. There were only 3 small electronic heaters. The electricity supply is just enough for 2 heaters. Turning on the 3rd heater, or taking a shower (water heated by electricity), or cooking would just turn all the power off. One person took a shower and all electricity was shut down. Later no one dared to take shower or cook. The... read full review »
Filled under: Travel Location: Spain
izalco February 14, 2011
I ordered 3 Macbook pro 17 inch laptops I paid and I never knew again fron the person I was dealing with. This is what they sent to me: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. How are you! Thank you for your quickly reply, and interesting in our products of MacBook Pro(MC226CH/A), it give us so honor to service for you, hope and welcome you will be one of our customers, so that we can do our... read full review »
Filled under: Electronics Location: Spain
Elite Express Courier Services.
t-8one February 10, 2011
Handling Agent: Fernando Botero Elite Express Courier Services. Calle Torrejon de Ardoz, 28950, Madrid Spain. Email: [email protected] ================================================================== OUR REF:SP/CL241 DATE: 09, FEB, 2011. ATTENTION: IAN JAEGER, This is Elite Express Courier Services (Passion to deliver) and welcome to our bespoke courier service. And yes you really won, A certificate of winnings and other certificates including a winning cheque has been sent to us by the claims officer of... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Spain
zulqarnain shah February 9, 2011
Re;Award notification receivd bv post at my home regarding won the lottery amounting Euro 615, 810, 00(SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN EUROS) I fulfilment the requsite information and sent in time to the santalucia lottery board but no respond receive so far. I am still awaited. It is therefore requested that Action may please be taken against Fraudulant Lottery board with the payments by santalucia Lottery to applicant. thanking you sir.Zulqarnain read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Spain
Martinez Echevaria
0 min ago
Filled under: Location:
Yun Hai Co Ltd
El Boner January 26, 2011
In March 2010 I contacted Yun Hai Co Ltd through Alibaba. I spoke to a guy called Peter Wu who seemed really professional at first so I placed an order for adult toys for my vending machine company. He told me that the order should be ready for delivery within 20 days so I paid the $1000.00 deposit and waited. It wasn´t until May that Peter Wu said that the order would be ready, anyway I paid him the balance of $1185.00...total$2185.00 then I was held up and delayed time and time again with lame excuses. In June 2010 I cancelled the... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Spain
BLACKLISTER January 20, 2011
Beware of this company BLACK CONTRAST SL SPAIN. They are all liars and will scam you into sending them your instrument MT103/23, they will provide buyers with a fake POP without DIP TEST . Several Buyers had been deceived and lost a lot of millions by these criminals. They never have product and will keep lying that they are processing Buyers request. NEDO PICCOLO from Italy is the mastermind and DOLORES SOLONA is the so called CEO of the company, that is never reachable by phone or email. BROKERS, MANDATES, BUYERS beware and stay away. They... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Spain
María Casado January 17, 2011
Hi, I have recived this e-mail and please let me know if is just a scam or I fortunately won Kinds regards María Casado Attention:Winner, Good to hear from you regarding the NOKIA MOBILE PROMO. My names are Mr. Jerry Rolands I am the Nokia Cash officer assigned to winners on the Mobile sweepstake. In line with the commemorating event marking our anniversary we rolled out over £16, 000.000.00 (sixtheen Million Great Britain Pounds) for our Draws. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn... read full review »
Filled under: Websites Location: Spain
Pere January 15, 2011
Yesterday, my son had the bad new of having his Hotel reservation cancelled by this company, without any agreement, on a Paris hotel. Fortunately, there were unoccupied rooms in the Hotel and they have been so kind to maintain the contracted prizes. The worst is that, up to now, we have not received any advice nor payback from your company. We have been victims of this fraudulent company, a fake internet travel agency: We received all the information, we paid by credit card and some days before the travel, they cancel and as the hotel draw... read full review »
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Gabriella Clarividencia
Julia Escribano January 13, 2011
Hello I am Julia, I am quite interested in tarot and psychic reading. For everyone who has an interest in Psychic, have a look on this website http://www.gabriella-clarividencia.com The light Gabriella take the time to talk to you, give personal advices and purpose to you her voyance in adequation with your need. For 6 months, I am used to contact Gabriella and follow her advice. At the beginning, I was wondering if I could believe in that kind of “voyance”, pay her without know her…just have a contact by... read full review »
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http://www.mudanzasprecios.com/ January 12, 2011
empresa de rápido crecimiento que brinda un servicio integral de Logística y Mudanza nacional desde Valencia ofreciendo mudanzas puerta a puerta, del domicilio de origen al destino elegido por el cliente, embalaje y guardamuebles, para clientes particulares, familias, empresas y oficinas gubernamentales en todo el territorio nacional, como Valencia Madrid Barcelona Sevilla y Zaragoza. la web es http://www.mudanzasprecios.com/ read full review »
Filled under: Home & Garden Location: Spain
LUIS MONTENEGRO January 10, 2011
Expliquenme por favor a que se debe un cargo de 255, 49 eur. en mi tarjeta de crédito read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: Spain


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