latinadventurestours18 June 30, 2017
Latin Adventures is a tour operator providing private or small-group tours and expeditions in Ecuador and Galápagos by especializing in “tailor – made packets”. Latin Adventures offers lot of opportunities for you to get “off the beaten track” – those places where travelers are still rare — yet without compromising on your comfort and style. read full review »
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[email protected]
tjulian48 May 25, 2011
During the course of my online interacting with Helen Love Roland ([email protected]), i was assigned beneficiary of a trust fund. Helen's late father left her a trust fund and i began receiving documents supporting this fact. Andrea Krotney was a representative of Bank of America, where the trust fund was held. As per Andreas' instructions, payments began on Jan. 14, 2011, and where sent to Mr. William Kender, Bank Atlantic, 15725 South Dixie Hwy, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. Account number, SWIFT and ABA available upon request... read full review »
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Lucia Vaneza Salas Bone
tjulian48 May 23, 2011
I had been corresponding with an individual for 9 to 10 months over the internet- (Helen Love Roland) [email protected] We had planned to make travel reservations to my home. This individual has a trust fund from her late father. Friends of her father owed him money. One friend of her father was sending a check in the amount of $2, 750 via UPS to my home. She suggested i deposit this check into my checking account once it arrived and when the money became available she would instruct me as to what to do. The funds of this check... read full review »
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pablo_v69 November 7, 2009
I´ve bought acai berry and life cleanse 3.95 pounds each last september. Now in my octuber credit card bill i´ve been charged AGEHEALTH and SMARTHEALTH 82.65 pounds each, and i never ordered this two products. So i want my money back right now. read full review »
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uk national lotto promotion
Javier Salazar L September 3, 2009
I received an e-amil saying that I won the on line lottery. Here is the text that I received: Dear Mauro Javier Salazar Lecaro This is to inform you that we have received your information forwarded to us by your claim agent (Mr. John Wright-Cole) in respect of your won prize’s claiming, thus the eligibility verification and the processing of your won prize is going on, we have submitted all the necessary information to the UK National Lottery Commission and also to the Central Bank of England for the final approval of your won... read full review »
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eraulruales August 17, 2009
I am from Quito-Ecuador, and buy shoes in myjordansflyhigh.com I do not deliver on, in my mailbox in Miami-USA, no longer respond by email and the website no longer works. There is a possibility of recovering my money? Please provide a response to novelty or [email protected] or my phone 593 02 2245 811 or mobile 096998924 thank you very much read full review »
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Mystery Clickers
Dianation July 21, 2009
BE CAREFUL! MysteryClikers IS A SCAM!! they won't pay the $5000 they offer, but instead $0.05. I signed in about 3 months ago and all I've received are $0.20 in payments from them... is not fair because I spent a lot of time clicking on their stupid websites! Please spread the word, they're a SCAM! read full review »
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Revista Vision
Boris Torres June 25, 2009
On may, I received a call from Manuel Montealegre, Manager of Special Proyects for the company in discussion. He offered me a subscription for the magazine through my visa credit card. As a "good salesperson", he insisted regarding his product in order for me to accept it and somehow he was very persuasive and he got the number of my credit card and I asked him to send me the information via mail first in order to make my final decision regarding the subscription and the payment to receive the magazine every month for 3 years . Day... read full review »
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D Toro
D Toro April 19, 2009
I received this scam email yesterday april 18 2009: ------------------------------------------------------------------- State Lottery Company (State lorre) 2nd Floor Chiltern House, St Nicholas Court 25 - 27 Castlegate, Nottingham NG1 7AR, United Kingdom. http://www.statelottery.com/ Dear Lucky Winner, We happily announce to you the result of the State lottery draws held on Saturday, March 14, 2009, Lotto 6/49 in Essex, United Kingdom. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer... read full review »
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MERCEDES RIOS January 5, 2009
ESISERVIS S.A. is a company domiciled in Guayaquil, Ecuador since 25 years ago. Through COMPLAIN BOARD, which also appears in GOOGLE (Ricardo Alvarado Rios lottery)was published a page which constitute SLEANDER INFORMATION against company and individuals of this country. We presume that this publication was made by a person who has TWO TRIALS at the SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY AT BURLINGTON for COMPUTER CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. This matter has been sent to the FBI. Please send me you e-mail address in order to send you all the documentation so you... read full review »
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robert December 24, 2008
Hello I was sucked into a Ponzi sceme by Karina Alvarado Rios who's mother is Mercedes Rios Sono Pulley, the CEO of ESISERVIS S.A CORP. The mother, Mercedes Rios Sono Pully, lives in Ecuador. Her daughter came to Miami, to live, and made believe she was a big investor in Ecuador. I was introduce to Mercedes and Karina from a friend. It seemed to me that they were joined together at the hip, working on projects together. They told us stories about how they invested in oil and gas deals in South America. I was fool, because my friend... read full review »
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antivirus program
Jose Luis Roman December 19, 2008
Never resieved the product we bought! Pleace contact us with the provider. I have the bill, in total 50.64 + 35.43 + 25.29 This was for a antivirus program The payment was made with mastercard Pleace contact us at [email protected] for further information that you require. Hope to hear from you soon. read full review »
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aid ciruit / incredible pass
November 10, 2008
I see on my account balance that they have a charge for AIDCIRCUIT.COM of $29.95. I don´t had done any charges for this. I wrote two times without answer yet. I don´t know what else to do, and I don´t want to be charged again or monthy. What can I do? read full review »
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September 27, 2008
Eventhough I ordered a box of tea and paid for it, I've been charged $19.95 for a service or product I never ordered for over six months. I've tried to get in contact with this company but haven't been able to do anything. What can I do to stop this fraud? read full review »
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November 23, 2007
These documents has been securely sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until its been delivered to you. Your parcel with identification number: CPEL/OWN/9877 has been sent to our affiliate courier company (E-COURIER DELIVERY SERVICE). You are required to contact the courier officer of E- Courier Delivery Service .(this is the comment through which I had received through e-mail from Mr charle ford & address is Headquarters: 60 Merriman Road Blackheath London SE3 8RZ England. ... read full review »
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Chaohu Real Tech Products / Copper Sulphate
May 29, 2007
Be careful with this company, they made us wait 5 months to sign an agreement to return the funds. Now it's almost one year later and they have not returned anything. This happen even after checking commercial references. read full review »
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