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diplomatic courier service
celesete reyes July 16, 2011
my husband sent me a luggage on July 14, 2011 through UK diplomatic services. when the luggage passed through malaysia, a lady, claiming to be connected to that company. called me on July 15 asking me for $600usd so they can forward the luggage to my address here in the Philippines, within 24 hours. she instructed me to send the money to Mr. Jackson Alexander in kuala lumpur, malaysia (mobile number +60163510683 - same number that the lady Aini Joy is using to call me) through western union My husband paid 1000 pounds for the shipment. why... read full review »
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Synthetic Magic Advanced Business Services Nathaniel Adam Briggs
Brianb123 July 15, 2011
Nathaniel Adam Briggs of Synthetic Magic Advanced Services is a fraud and a scam artist. I found him through Elance last August. Nathaniel Adam Briggs deceived me into paying him outside of the Elance system, strung me along for months. He told me that he would have the work done in 6-8 week, but never completed it, became enraged when I asked questions about when it would be finished. I eventually did a background report on Nathaniel Adam Briggs, and he's been arrested 4 times, including for assault and defacing property. He has also... read full review »
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[email protected]
Linda H Martin July 15, 2011
My email was hijacked the other day. All my contacts received the message below. Afterwards, I no longer received any of my email. After digging around I found where this person was forwarding all of my email to the following address: [email protected] They also changed my facebook password at 4:08 am on 7-13-11. According to facebook it was changed by a computer around Panama City, FL. I have recovered access to all of my accounts and am currently trying to change all of my passwords. Thank you, Linda... read full review »
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i have received a message on July14th 2011 that my mobile has WON £500, 000.00 in 2011 BMW MOBILE LOTTERY DRAW AND A BMW CAR. and how i claim the PRIZE MONEY. i need information about it. Thanks for it. my name is SUMIT KUMAR and mobile number is 09827188239 or 09584896606 my A/C NO. 31760142916 State Bank of India Bhilai Durg (chhattisgarh) Bank code 6942 Thank You Sir Please help me... read full review »
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EZ Transactions
jackthelo July 15, 2011
I was looking to buy a camera from Craigslist and I was prompted to this website by the seller because I never heard of it. The website looked and is legitimate, but the lack of a phone number on their contact us page almost made me changed my mind about buying from them. I started and completed the transaction in about 4 days but I don't think it's normal for such a company not to have a phone number when they sell on eBay and Craigslist. I think a lot of new customers are backing out just because of thi... read full review »
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over the limit marketing & production
we hate milton campus and over the limit July 15, 2011
WORST COMPANY AND THE BIGGEST CROOK THIEF, LYING AND CHEATER YOU WILL EVER MEET. My company spent over 10, 000 with him which he then turned out to steal 5k of it and never printed my product that I paid in full for. For weeks he would email me sayingwill be ready soon, yet he took my money and didn't even start it. Milton Campis will steal your money. Do not trust him. He is bankrupt and will take your money to pay the other 500 people he stole from. He outsources everything. Does not do anything himself. no talent do not trust milton campus do not trust over the limit marketing & productions read full review »
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Praveenkrs July 15, 2011
Selling chinese products/Refund rejected/offer not fulfilled complaints ibazaarindia complaints I bought "Black Cigarette Case Jet Flame Lighter Dispenser" product id: and Health E- Cigarette Is Good For Health, ID: from and paid Rs 424 and Rs 474 respectivily for these 2 products. I have place order on Sun, 5 June 2011 and they told me that product will be delivery by thursday... read full review »
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MUKESH PRASAD July 15, 2011
ye ek chor company hai. read full review »
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Swarali July 15, 2011
Your resume has been selected by Company HRD. Your offer letteralready attached with link. Kindly download your letter by link:- read full review »
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cheeting July 15, 2011
According to advertisement they have provided in the site i have reached the payout amount.But i cannot release my payment read full review »
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Justin.A July 15, 2011 Just Another Scamming Penny Auction? I will state for the record that I believe that IS NOT another scamming penny auction. I can feel secure in the knowledge that this is a true statement of fact, because I have checked out that business at the BBB in California, and can verify from that review that it is registered in California, location - 8315 Foothill Blvd Suite B, Sunland, CA 91040, and at the bottom of the review is the following advisory under the heading of Additional... read full review »
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Consumer Promotion Sweepstakes Drawing
Alison Laughlin July 14, 2011
Received letter announcing winnings of $70, 000. Just deposit check of $1, 950.00 to offset tax payment. Request tax payment of 1, 550 to Rony Richardson via Western Union read full review »
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Uniblue Registry Reviver
gabbiegab July 14, 2011
I bought Registry Reviver and was given a activation code which is INVALID! I have written them several times and always receive the same reply: You code is valid - make sure you hatrive the latest version. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it again. Still nothing. This company is nothing but a scam. They won't refund my money, and they won't give me a new code. They say they have tried it and it works! This is NOT true. Stay away from this company and DO NOT BUY any of the products!! Then you won't have hours and hours of frustration! read full review »
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Social Security Replacement Card
Josephine R. Tyler July 14, 2011
I was trying to fill out for a S.S. Replcement Card on line for my grandon who has lot his card and I had filled out the information, which did not ask me for hi number. Then I filled out my information for $29.92 for the fee to get to additional forms to fill out when I downloaded the information for the Social Security card to be replaced. I WAS NOT ABLE TO GET TO THE ADDITIONAL FORMS TO FILL OUT! PLEASE HELP ME TO GET MY FEE REFUNDED!!! 7/14/2011 - 4:30 pm - Josephine R. Tyler. I have not been able to get a telephone number to talk with a person!!! read full review »
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Malaysia Fraud-Scamers
irisic July 14, 2011
Hello i saw it happen to have a similar problem as it happen with me so becouse of this i gave you a reply to a conversation of a Scamer so you can post it online( i have tryied to do it by myself but dunno, it doesnt work or i dont know to use it).The Scamer didnt had the chanche to take my money becouse i had the suspiciouse from the beggining and i have checked him on internet and i saw on this site, similar messages like he was sent it to me. I also, , browse a copy of what he sent it to receip the package and to put me to take it ( so... read full review »
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D W Quail
Ira P July 14, 2011
I purchased almost $500 in golf equipment from this company, online. After a long day out of town (Sea World), we returned home at 2AM and found a Fed Ex delivery sticker on our front door. There was, however, no package found. I called Fed Ex at that late hour to see from whom the delivery came and learned it was one of the items in my order from DW Quail golf, but that had apparently been drop-shipped from their supplier in Los Angeles. It was clear that either Fed Ex didn't actually leave the package, or someone unfortunately got their... read full review »
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green prithvi global survey
sai tvs July 14, 2011
Green prithvi global survey online based survey portal office in visakhapatnam no farnchise in any where there is no MD for this company a turover of at least 40cr rs it has been scmed to the costomesr offering 2000 rs per month a investment of 4000rs of 250 per survey/The website has been closed.Yester day the office has been raided bny the police.Please do not invest these kind of web based surveys.It has been run over three months as closed today. read full review »
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Gabriella Phychic
Kay Cook July 14, 2011
On several occaisions I have tried to cease all contact with Gabriella via her unsubscribe link to no avail. It doesnt work. Money is contiually being taken from my credit card without permission and I dont know what to do next.I am hoping you can help. read full review »
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purnima saha July 14, 2011
Hi, I join this sites in year.& request for my payment above 3 months.but they can't answer & not send my money.I join alternative paypal.Can this sites really pay money?why they can't answer? read full review »
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Yahoo! Inc.
patricia24 July 14, 2011
Yahoo!'s home page consistently shows Laura Bush and former President George Bush a few days prior to the November elections. This is not news, it is not current and it is not relevant. What about the story of the 115 lb young woman from MoveOn who was stomped on the head by a large male Rand Paul supporter? What about Megan Whitman's low rating and being booed for continuing to do negative ads? What about the Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive rally? What about all the arrests and acts of violence on reporters covering the Republicans? Please stop showing Laura Bush and former President "W" Bush. read full review »
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techie group
chaz26 July 14, 2011
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Hermes bag
sayata joly July 13, 2011
I bought the Hermes Birkin bag 25 Braise/Bright red Niloticus crocodile skin Silver hardware on the web for my sister biethday.At that time, the time is very urgent, but i just want to send the bag for her, so i try to ask the customer service assisent, she told me it's possible to sent it at the right time.The last is as my expect.The Hermes bag arrived on time and the quality is good.I really satisfied with it, i will buy it next time and recommend the web to my friends. read full review »
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shopping national
cindy young July 13, 2011
I don't anything about them taking money from my bank account without my permission which was 99.95 and they refuse to give me my money because they said it was a free trial i never canceled and i didn't know anything until i seen my bank acoount and this came out from a check i knew nothing about . I would like to get my money back because this was scam i knew nothing about. thanks cindy young read full review »
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dormen July 13, 2011
Scam job offer After due consideration and much attained experience work profile, the company is pleased to offer you a position as a <removed>. However, be informed that we will be pleased, if you would accept our employment offer to join our prestigious company on the stipulated date. You will find an attached copy of the employment agreement document. On satisfaction with the content, you are to append your signature on the space provided for “employees”. Due to the urgent need of this position you will be posted... read full review »
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Catherine K. Thornton
mellis July 13, 2011
Hello Again, I hope you aredoing well today. As you may know, anyone who has ever planned a Workshop will tell you that it’s a big job, and planning a good one takes adequate coordination, focus and a lot of creativity. In our quest for efficiency and great success of the Workshops, we have decided to outsource the services of a Human Resources/Personnel Consultant, and she will be responsible for planning, directing the application and utilization of members for the workshop. She will also be responsible for... read full review »
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tupiik July 13, 2011
EMIRATES AIRLINE GROUP, Terminal 8 Departures Hall Manchester United Airport, Post code M904QX, England, United Kingdom AIRLINE GROUP UK JOB REF #: EAG-68/29674 ATTENTION: INTERVIEW: Employees/You are successfully screened and selected based on the verification, qualification and experience provided on your CV, unless the information provided on your CV are not true to the best of your knowledge. Employees/You shall undergo a brief interview regarding their personal data as soon... read full review »
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heny July 13, 2011
GLOBAL OIL CORPORATION COMPANY 22 GARDEN CLOSE, STAMFORD, LINCS, PE9 2YP, UNITED KINGDOM. Tel: {0044} 701-775-8033 Tel: {004} 713-159-698 Working hours: Mon-Fri 08:30am-04:30pm Address : 22 Garden Close, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2YP, London, UK Phone : +44713159698, +44713159839 Email : [email protected] Contact Person : RAYMOND RICH Attn: Candidates We would like to invite you to work for our organization. This is a great opportunity moment for talented candidates outside UK who... read full review »
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system July 13, 2011
Registrant: Ikechukwu Idowu [email protected] +234.84225019 Maxsonic Enterprises 214 St Johns Street PH, Rivers State, NG 23484 Domain Record last updated at Record created on 2011/2/16 Record expired on 2012/2/16 read full review »
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Tonus July 13, 2011
Http:// Is below mentioned company a legitimate one??? Address and Mail: Express Embassy(Canada Office) 156 Adelaide St. East Toronto ON M5C 1L6, Canada. Express Embassy(USA Office) 2304 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA. Email: [email protected] Web: Skype ID: expressembassy this is immigration solutions and job placement firm . they are charging around $400 . Is it a legitimate company?? read full review »
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kendra89 July 13, 2011
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fairjoann July 13, 2011
I have been having this problem since last year. Jobs are posted on Craigslist in 6 different states for jobs copyrighting my website. These jobs turn out to be check cashing scams. I know because I applied for a job myself and they sent me a check for $2410.00 they wanted me to cash and send them money orders. While I contacted all authorities including Craigslist they still remain out there. Currently jobs are being posted in NYC and Philadelphia for Personal Driver and Driver. When you click "APPLY HERE" it takes you to another... read full review »
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ultimatearsh July 13, 2011
friends, I am student of Dehradun Institute of technology and I got campus placement in Chevron IT solutions Hydrabad, I want to whether the company is geniune and whether it is registered, And also we have got information that we have to pay 10k to get the offer letter.. so help me out... Plz Reply soon... the particulars are listed below Chevron IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd 5th Floor, Saboori Enclave Opp.Silicon towers, White Fields Kondapur Hyderabad-500081 / 32573727 website:- package is 1.5 to 1.6 at training period and will be increased after training. read full review »
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Stalker54 July 13, 2011
I have been refer to this company by someone I knew online so please be aware because they're so good now. Their website is they got website and everything the contact person also under this name [email protected] They got all the documents, sealing, stamp, signature and they certainly took time until they ask for money in my case it took more than 3 weeks for the whole procedure. I felt something stinks because the Job Offer and Job Agreement contradicted each other so I got the Malaysian Embassy to check... read full review »
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[email protected]
wedsk83 July 13, 2011
From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Thu, February 17, 2011 8:21:27 AM Subject: Re: Imported Hi, I appreciate you emailing us and taking the time to forward your resume. In case the job posting wasn't clear, the tasks of this available position are as follows: - Applicants will be screening phone calls and logging messages when applicable. - Applicants will be preparing the business group meetings, and running errands for... read full review »
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concerned_citizen July 13, 2011
I would like to inform the public that NIGERIA GULF ENGINEERING LIMITED is a scam. This is a sample contract that they send me. I have seen the same contract within this forum. The only difference is they change the company name, address, contact person, etc. BEWARE of this SCAMMERS: Employment Offer S.# Subject Employee’s Detail 1 Name: Victim's name 2 Nationality: Victim's Nationality 3 Passport Number/Address 4 Position / Title Automation Engineer 5 Location of Employment Nigeria Gulf Engineering Limited... read full review »
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majgranny July 13, 2011
I recd a flyer from Charter one bank to spend $100 on my Debit card as credit, sign for the purchase and save the receipts and then redeem after June 30, 2011. I cannot find where to redeem my receipts not can I get anyone to answer my phone calls. I am constantly put on hold. Charter one has sried for me and they can't get to first base either. Who do I contact.? read full review »
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Blue Streak Wheelchair
Hoping4theBEST July 13, 2011
Bought a wheel chair, had it less than a week, took it out once and the front wheel broke. The company"s policy does not allow for returns because it is now considered used. They are sending a replacement wheel, wonder how many times the wheel will break before they refund the money. Will never buy anything from this company ever again. In fact I will not buy from any company who does not stand by the products they sell. We were going to buy another, more expensive wheelchair from this company but now we see their confidence in their products and will take our business elsewhere. read full review »
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Pakito July 13, 2011
The website below is being used in a job scam; Telephone +234- (0)-468-729-13 Postal address Solac Engineering Limited 27 Eleme Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria E-Mails Customer Care: [email protected] Recruitment: [email protected] read full review »
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pit54 July 13, 2011
Here's a job scam that hit Montreal starting in early 2011 and lasting many months. There are thought to be a large number of victims. read full review »
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[email protected]
gister July 13, 2011
HILTON FAMILY HILTON HOTEL AND RESORTS SOUTH QUAY MARSH WALL LONDON E149SH UNITED KINGDOM Web-Site: HILTON HOTEL OFFER LETTER/JOB OFFER CONTRACT DOCUMENTS. SEASONAL JOB OFFER OF THE YEAR 2010. Attn:Mahesh S, SEASONAL JOB OFFER OF THE YEAR 2011. HILTON FAMILY HOTEL has the mandate to procure technical and expatriate labour for job placement in HILTON HOTEL UK.THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Haven gone through the Curriculum vitae/Resume and found you qualified decided to invite you as one of the expatriates to... read full review »
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Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy
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International Phone Calling Cards
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