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irisic July 14, 2011
Malaysia Fraud-Scamers
i saw it happen to have a similar problem as it happen with me so becouse of this i gave you a reply to a conversation of a Scamer so you can post it online( i have tryied to do it by myself but dunno, it doesnt work or i dont know to use it).The Scamer didnt had the chanche to take my money becouse i had the suspiciouse from the beggining and i have checked him on internet and i saw on this site, similar messages like he was sent it to me. I also, , browse a copy of what he sent it to receip the package and to put me to take it ( so i can pick up the package i had to pay 4000 euro..:))) hahaha) and you ca see the dicussion below. These kind of Scamer, everyone shall know about them and post how they activate in order so they can steel money from peoples. he wrote from this adress mail, , Johnson Dennis <[email protected]>, , and i met him on
i hope you will post this so we can help others not to have the same problem and even worse to be stoled by Scamers who had a sick imagination. thank you and hope its helpfull what i wrote.

Hello beloved,

How are you doing my love? Hopefully all is well with you. I am delighted to receive your mail and the content is very clear and understandable, I have surprise news to share with you, my love I won a contract that worthy hug amount of money and is call for celebration. Honey there is a lot of celebration here and I would love to celebrate with you as well please don’t say know to avoid hurting my feelings.

Honey I am glad to meet you in my life the reason is because you brought happiness and good luck to me. I would love to have your full name, address and phone number so that I can send you gift of my love and my contract celebration gift I hope you will not reject my offer because if you do that means you reject my love and my contract celebration. Always miss you! Take care.



Hello darling,

How are you? I hope you are fine. Honey I am delighted to receive your full details. These are the list of the items I bought for you jewelries, black berry, ring, wrist-watch, lap top etc. I also manage to scan some of the items so that you would have knowledge of what I bought for you. However I did not disclose everything I bought for you the reason is that I just want to surprise you. I am in Paris right now but I will be going to Canada today for conference and after the conference I would fly direct to Bucharest/Romania so that we can take this relationship to the next level. However I will give you a call before going to the conference. Hereunder are the courier company website, Airway bill and tracking number you will use to track the gift.


Tracking number: ROM11



Hi dear.

The package came but they said is it in Malayasia, blocked there and have to pay 4000 euro so i can pick it up.What shall i do?



Sent from my iPhone

Hello darling,

Honey try to remit the money to them so that they will release our package at once to you. I am still in the conference and please update me once you remit the money to them so that I can concentrate with the conference. Miss you! Take care.



hey dear

its ok, ill send them the money tmwr when i go to bank, but dunno where, the money is no probem, no big deal, dont worry concentrate to ur conference and i am impatience to meet you.:) kiss kiss

Hello honey,

how are you doing? I hope you are fine. Honey Please write to them an email and request on how you can remit the money to them. Please update me once you receive the gift so that my mind would calm down. However after the conference I would fly direct to meet you because I can't wait to meet up with you my love and keep me posted. Take are.


Johnson Dennis <[email protected]>

i found out the guys are from Nigeria, these peoples who do this.

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