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Unitek College
Rubel K May 18, 2011
As a contractor instructor and someone who has worked with Unitek for a while I want to inform prospective students and other instructors that Unitek does not care about you nor their instructors. Unitek is only interested in getting money from you as a student and will push you to retake classes over and over rather than refund your money for a poor class, I know this as several of my students said this very thing. As an instructor I stopped working with them as they refused to pay me the money I was due for classes that I taught and sat in... read full review »
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Carrington College of California
smg2010 May 17, 2011
So I had posted a previous complaint on here earlier which we then had a meeting and they had decided to allow to audit a few more courses however when I came back after posting that complaint I just had more and more problems the teachers were not very helpful at all some of them even harassed me on many occasions. Some of the teachers and staff there are very unprofessional. One of the teachers would corner me when no one was around and say very horrible things to me. There were even a few occasions where she went as far as to make me cry. I... read full review »
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The Janitorial Agency
GeorgeGrayson May 17, 2011
The Janitorial Agency has made my desire to become self sufficient in the commercial cleaning industry a reality. I wouldn’t have the confidence that I now have with out them. The training TJA has provided has been truly beneficial. I would reccomend The Janitorial Agency to anybody looking to start up or grow a cleaning business. A lot of franchise opportunities are out there, but they're not TJA. The Janitorial Agency allows entrepreneurs to spread their wings and fly; franchises clip your wings. If being an independent... read full review »
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Damelin Randburg.
lelo. May 17, 2011
Hi. I would like to know who I can complain to about the teachers at damelin. I don't understand how people can be content with learning from people who work at damelin because they don't have jobs other places. The lecturers are not trained teachers. They studied what they teach at damelin. I understand that that could sound like a good idea but its not. They have no skills to teach students. And besides that, they are arrogant and they lose our assignments which means me fail at h d of It. Please help. Thank you read full review »
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Veteran Press
Veterans Press May 16, 2011
Veteran Louis Gibson wins $3, 518, 000 settlement in employment suit 01:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 In a settlement filed recently in a federal court in Georgia, R.A.N. Network Inc. has agreed to pay $3, 518, 000 to veteran Louis Gibson it had refused to rehire upon his return from active service.. The Justice Department had filed the suit in U.S. District Court after the Department of Labor’s Veterans Employment and Training investigated the complaint by Marcus Fletcher. Information on veteran... read full review »
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California Security Institute
ConwayT May 16, 2011
I would not recommend this to any one. I took this course and have yet to find a casino job or have a interview for that matter. If ' you want to get a security casino job don't attend this school and spend your hard earned money. It is really a waste of time'since you will have to attend another academy when and if you get hired by a casino. The Instructors say they know how to get you into a job, and that they have all these connections.I have yet to see one that will help you succeed in doing so. This is nothing but a big rip off. I feel i payed 800 dollars for nothing. read full review »
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Modern College Of Professional Studies, Anand Industrial area Mohan Nagar,Ghaziabad
studentmcps May 16, 2011
I am in high trouble due to my college. I am studying in Modern College Of Professional Studies, Anand Industrial area Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. I belong to very poor family. My mother is the patient of kidney My fees decided by the CCS university for B Ed course was 30000. but I was charged 50000. which i managed with lot of problem by borrowing multiple people. I attend the collge throughout the session still now they are asking 25000 Rs for short attendance & not taking my form. I made lot of request to college please help I was unable to... read full review »
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Haakan May 15, 2011
Swedish police raided the company's offices for File-sharing services Scams.The men are accused of "promoting other people's infringements of copyright laws", according to charges filed by senior public prosecutor Haakan Roswall.The prosecutor claimed them for worked together and with registered members to administer, host, and develop the site and thereby facilitated other people's breach of copyright law "File-sharing services Scams". Some 34 cases of copyright infringements were originally listed, of which 21... read full review »
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IQ 180 Academy
MindWizard May 14, 2011
This place is a RIP OFF and a SCAM, they say this will teach your child but they don't even speak ENGLISH. They are imigrants. This place just wants your money and call themselves an"Academy" REALLY? read full review »
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online Doctorate Degree/Thesis
Yusuf Omar ALAZHARI May 13, 2011
Dear Sir, My Name is Yusuf Omar AlAZHARI. I have order onlie Doctorate Degree + Thesis, to which I have paid the full fee requested by you which was USD$453 by Bank Cashiers Check No. 253 on 15th of April 2011. I was told by Mr. Joel Silver that I would receive the consignment within two to three weeks from the day of payment, the full fee. To my desmay Sir, I have did not received such consgnment till this day. I tried to contact by Email the [email protected], but received no response at all. Please do some thing about it as soon a possible. Rgards, Yusuf Omat AlAzhari read full review »
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Petaluma City Schools
Petaluma Family May 13, 2011
We have a child with severe OCD/ASD in 6th grade. She has spent the year being assaulted, bullied, victimized, threatened, and alienated by her school mates. Assault incident ignored by school. She has been recommended by her doctors to get her into a fully inclusive theraputic education, more restrictive to deal with emotional, behavior, social disorders. We found such a school but the Petaluma School District has ignored our plea to seek help for our daughter at such a critical time. Anova is such a school and is willing to take her thi... read full review »
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Renton, WA School District
LSS1 May 13, 2011
My complaint is about a bus driver for the Renton School District. I don't know her last name but the kids call her Miss Debbie. I have complained about her several times, but nothing has been done. She screams at the kids constantly, and I understand her having to raise her voice at times because I know a bus full of kids can be very loud, but she screams when it's uncalled for. She does not like talking at all. She want's peace and quiet and the minute a child opens his or her mouth she is screaming and forcing them to the... read full review »
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Global Reach Institute
Shamille May 12, 2011
Company called and told them to stop calling. Trying to sell google online money maker. They still call. read full review »
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WARNING! Juli-Ann Kay (Keramidopulos) is a criminal and under Toronto
jhenderson7211 May 11, 2011
Juli-Ann Kay whose real last name is Keramidopulos stole my hard earned money. I paid Juli-Ann and her accomplice, Martha Molnar $400 dollars for acting classes, for my fifteen year old daughter. Martha Molnar solicited my daughter on Facebook, offering her a 'Confidential VIP special rate' of $395 for acting classes. I paid Juli-Ann and Martha in cash for these classes. When I called the school a month later I was told Martha was fired and Juli-Ann had walked out and no longer worked there. I asked them about my... read full review »
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Schertz Christian Academy
Terence T. May 11, 2011
Our son's class had a certain Ms. Nikki who isn't qualified to teach or work with children. According to feedback, she made little effort to connect with children, didn't seemed enthusiastic about it, and frequently stood around like a mannequin (she does look like Barbie) or sat at her corner doing her own things while the other teacher took up all the slack. Being pregnant never stopped other women from doing what they do, but it was a convenient excuse for Ms. Nikki to do very little. Is Ms. Nikki even certified to be there?... read full review »
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dada001 May 11, 2011
Prof.V.S.Yadav apne group ke saath logo ko job ke naam par unse paisa thag rahe hain.Unhe samajhna chahiye.Vaibhav Goyal aur Kumar Bhavesh alias B.K.Gangaputra bhi bahot bade fraud hain.Prof.V.S.Yadav ka foto sanlagn hai.Pehchaan lein is ghotalebaaj ko. read full review »
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SmithaMenon May 11, 2011
My daughter (3 year old) was left suffering with a badly cut finger & chipped nails at school. Teachers werent monitoring the kids well I guess due to which when another child opened the door, my child's finger came in the way and was caught. I still havent recovered from this shocking incident. read full review »
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Natomas Driving School
Afshan Anwar May 11, 2011
This is not a complaint its a compliment!! Natomas driving school is the best! I join the school last month and my instrocter Jhon is so nice and perfect in his work which makes me blieve that I will get my license for sure. My lots of friends got thier license from Natomas driving school and they also say that its the best driving school!!! read full review »
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Tricoci University Of Beauty Culture
you already know23 May 10, 2011
I toured some schools in Chicago hoping to find an amazing school. And this certainly was not it. Many of the schools I visited made me feel as if they wanted me and made me feel very comfortable. Not Tricoci. They made it sound like I was the LUCKY one if they picked me to go to their school. At the beginning of the tour, we walked upstairs through the student break room (which was completely crowded) into a tiny room. There we talked about tuition, supplies, and etc. The guy conducting the tour picked favorites right away. He was more... read full review »
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Page Parkes Modeling
David81 May 10, 2011
This post is regarding Page Parkes Modeling in Houston, Texas. My daughter has always wanted to model and act. We took her to a few 'modeling expos' and things f that natuyre and I never felt quite comfortable. The little voice in the back of my heaad was saying rip off. Unfortunately, that voice didnt hit me until it was way too late regarding Page Parkes. My wife and I took my daughter to Page Parkes to be considered as a model and actress. We went through an initial process where they 'selected' certain people to be Page... read full review »
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luxmi tele shop
shahbaz ahmad May 10, 2011
plzzz pay my salary. my a/c no. is 21927835931 (allahabad bank) read full review »
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t john college
fraud college May 10, 2011
i suggest everyone not to join t john group of institutions, its purely money making institution. For many subjects there is no faculty to teach.Dont lose ur money and precious time by joining the third class institution like t john. This institution is famous for penalty collection, in return they dont give quality education.Most of the faculties dont stay more than six month, HOD 's not more than one year, even principal too.Nobody bothers in this institution. I think NAAC COMMITTEE will not see these people's quality of teaching and on what basis NAAC has given accreditation !. read full review »
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puranmal gupta May 9, 2011
not cleaning severage mayapuri ind area phase 1 ram mandir wali gali read full review »
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samsung [email protected] gt-c3222
hassan_jaanjee May 8, 2011
when i attach my handsfree My music player stops after few seconds while i do another work on my mobile read full review »
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Total Essay
mimran May 8, 2011
It is submitted that I started my work with total essay in April 2011. I started it as a part time job. But they forced me to work with us as a full time writer and we will pay you a monthly salary. But after the completion of the month i.e. on 8th May 2011 the company simply refused to pay me a single penny and said to me that you are on trial and the submission of your all assignment is late which is a big fraud and lie. I have written 33000 words in a month. Perhaps the company has looted many writers earlier. Its my request to all the... read full review »
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The Academy of Cosmetology and Esthetics/a Paul Mitchell partner school
AJWL May 8, 2011
Everythng we were told about this school turned out to be lies. Originally we were told there would be dorm rooms available. The dorms ended up never being built. We were told that the students did alot of extra curricular activities, such as going on site to do hair and make up for movies, plays, fashion shows, etc. In 6 months of being at the school they haven't done any of this even once. We were told it was a seven month course. Now we fnd out it wll actually end up being a 8 to 9 month course. Besides all of this, many of the... read full review »
Filled under: Education Location: United States
Emily Beaumont DOB: 10/11/2007 is a little child brought up by racists parents. Emily would state to the other children at her school that she cannot play with them if they are NOT white!!! How can a 3 year old child know whether playing with someone whom is non white is wrong! Unless her racist parent KATE BEAUMONT TOLD HER SO. THANK GOD THEY HAVE GONE TO THE CONCRET CITY OF NORTHAMPTON TO LIVE FOREVER. Katie Beaumont is a nasty, evil, blonde bimbo with too many children that she cannot look after. Her lover/fluff/husband will soon... read full review »
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World Education Services (WES) NY
Omar Khan May 7, 2011
WES Reference No. : 2267699 I intended to apply for graduate program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University via worldwide campus for which they require evaluation of academic credentials through a list of service providers amongst them being WES (World Education Services) NY. Therefore, I chose WES and submitted my application online on 13 Apr 2011 for course by course evaluation and paid $160 fee plus additional $35 for their ICAP service. In accordance with their requirement for Pakistani Degrees, I sent WES a sealed envelope... read full review »
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Everest College, Santa Ana
Salliemae11 May 7, 2011
This school targets the minimally educated, low-income student who chooses a school depending on how easy it is to obtain Financial Aid. Most students have learning disabilities which have steered them away from traditional college. These students are being set up for failure in the "real working world" as they are "pushed" through this school with an easy "A". It is nearly impossible for a student to fail, even though they may be told they will, they will only be forced to continue attending (while financial aid i... read full review »
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I Proud To Be Speakasian.
Filled under: Education Location: India
Anirudhsingh May 7, 2011
paid my exam fees through Debit card, But reristration not received plz help read full review »
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Detroit Business Institute
Susie67 May 7, 2011
I signed up in 2007 to take a course in "Medical Office Specialist", took out a student loan and everything. The focused on "Job Placement" as one of the options they offered. I graduated in 2008 with a 4.0 GPA, never found employment or was placed ever. This school just takes the money from unsuspecting individuals who think they are getting educated for the job market and will be placed as soon as they finish. Also, they get federal funding, I believe that they should not be able to offer courses unless there is a job market... read full review »
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Accord infoMatrix
itstudent May 6, 2011
Anyone trying to join any course at Accord infoMatrix in Chennai, think twice before joining. It is one of the worst training centers and the facility sucks, especially for IT education. Do not pay the fees upfront for any course, if at all someone wants to join/try learning in this organization, please make sure you ask that you would like to attend the first week and only then pay the fees. In that week, you will be able to understand the standard as well as the quality of the training and the facility. read full review »
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Solution Academy
Leftcap May 6, 2011
Devidas Pandit who is the owner of Solution Academy did a sweet talk and sent a tutor to teach my son. He had taken all the money upfront. The tutor did not complete all the classes. After multiple follow ups and warnings, he still has not refunded the money and does not answer calls nor returns calls. I am totally pissed off and would not recommend the services of Solution Academy at all. Also, the tutor was not regular at all and never kept us informed. The quality of services provided was below optimum and this company is nothing but fraud. read full review »
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Jabriya Indian School
Saleem Ansari May 5, 2011
I had submitted an application form in jabriya indian school for my son who is 3.5 years old for the admission of LKG. they called us for interviewing my son. The lady who is incharge for interviews there, is so horific for small children who are facing first interview in their life. She is so rude with the sweet kids. Because of her dangerous face the children don'd respond anything. and finally that lady gives reason in her report that the child's behaviour is not good. and then she said come after 2 weeks. when i took my son there... read full review »
Filled under: Education Location: Kuwait
AGL May 5, 2011
The owner's unscrupulous business practice is really hurtful considering that he professes to teach honor to children. In my case, a free month trial of karate classes has turned into an outrageous drama. When I first went in, their line is that they are very informal and attending the school is simply month to month, no contracts are involved. I was asked to sign an EFT form so they could charge my credit card for the one paid month and that signature was used/forged on a 36 month contract and over $3000 has been charged to my... read full review »
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Westwoos College
Shanika May 4, 2011
I attended Westwood College for a semester, and after that semester I figured it was a total waste of my time and rip off. The teachers wasn't so great. One teacher for example, came to class and texted on his phone all day and listened to music on the computer. At the end of the semester the teacher asked me what grade I wanted. I gave him an answer and that is what grade he gave me, whether I felt I deserved it or not. The one main thing that I was really furious about was how they hold on to your money, instead of refunding you your... read full review »
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NADEEM MAYO May 4, 2011
Filled under: Education Location: Italy
Application form
Central Bank of India May 4, 2011
we send courier on 03/05/11 from Chandigarh to Mumbai. I want to know when will it reach to mumbai. Consignment number- K05230748 read full review »
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customs of nigeria
janice lewis May 3, 2011
Is there really cUSTOMS ome money but he never picked it up They said the FBI is Holding my money that Kunle supposely got me for a Fraud Is FRAnk OWomi trying to Fraud me or the KLM airlines. I am broke broke Cause of all of them Willison in spain said he will help me out But you all are not letting him come home either I asked them to send him some money. But they refused. I had to cannel everything and I can not even buy Groceries to live. I am doing without I sent FRank some money and he never picked it up of 1200 From my Soc SEr now... read full review »
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