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Phoenix Seminary
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margaretdavid March 5, 2014
Blogging You can begin your site for nothing or compose blog entries for an expert blogger who doesn't have room schedule-wise. You can charge by the blog entry on themes identified with the blogger's site. Some site managers aren't expert essayists, so they could certainly utilize some help in regards to their specialty. The point when searching free of charge online employments from home, you can't do the matter with web composing occupations Assuming that you generate quality work, your customers will ordinarily... read full review »
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margaretdavid February 28, 2014
Articles - you can compose short articles and submit them to the different article catalogs. These articles could be utilized to advertise a subsidiary item or administration or to construct a rundown of names and messages of individuals who are intrigued by discovering all the more about your region of smoothness. Blogs - Blogs are presently perused by a huge number of individuals consistently. You can utilize your articles to create blog entries that will keep your followers intrigued by discovering all the more about what you do. Make... read full review »
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margaretdavid February 27, 2014
Having a book in your promoting and publicizing weapons store is the exact best choice you can make. The book positions you as a power and master in your field. By distributed crosswise over distinctive media channels and through book shops, you promptly pick up a lingering pay on auto-pilot. Being seen whatsoever online affiliates enhances your query output execution. Do you realize that Amazon has in excess of 300 million enrolled purchasers and it works much like a web index? Amazon indexed lists top even Google as a rule. To have your... read full review »
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Dominican University Graduate School of Library & Information Science
Dominican University Graduate School of Library &a February 25, 2014
Offering Chicago's only ALA-accredited Master of Library and Information Science, Dominican University is a national leader in library and information science, where students work side-by-side with professors who bring years of experience to the classroom. read full review »
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Library and Information Science
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Scott Veerkamp
Jim Bruggenschmidt September 1, 2011
Scott Veerkamp is the President of the Franklin Township School Board. In addition, Scott is a member of the CIESC Advisory Council. Clearly, this is a huge "conflict of interest" for three specific reasons... 1. CIESC is collecting fees on (school buses) already paid for with Franklin Township tax dollars. In other words, parents are being DOUBLE TAXED for their children's transportation to school. 2. As many people know, Scott Veerkamp OWES MONEY in back taxes. 3. Given this information, why are the resident... read full review »
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devendra singh
devsingh038 July 21, 2011
sir, I m student of 3 rd year from priyadarshini college of computer sciences, greater noida in u.p. I belongs from O.B.C. cost. scholarship amount which was given by the state goverment has not given me since last two years in my college in grater noida.All colleges of greater noida got scholarship but my college did not get this facilily. Please help me and give me better way. Thank you. Yours Devendra $ingh 3rd year priyadarshini college of computer sciences, greater noida u.p. mob-09015710816, 08960162660 read full review »
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RFourie July 21, 2011
I have been emailing Unisa regarding that fact that no one seems to have failed ECS1601, I studied really hard for the subject and got 34% and they gave me a supplemantary which is not right as you only qualifty for a supplementary exam if you get 40-49% for a subject. I work for a Auditing firm and a few people wrote the exam and most got below 40% but still go t a supplemantary and one student got 38.5% and unisa gave her 1.5% how does this work???? When emailing UNISA I was told " The issue regarding the granting of the supplementary... read full review »
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Axiom Recruitment - Thailand/Edknovate/SmartKurve
wittlefish July 21, 2011
Hello all, Attention attention!! VERY IMPORTANT: Just wanted to share with the rest of the community that the wizard at SmartKurve/Edknovate slyly decided to create a NEW agency name to hide behind all of his problems the other day. He is now going to try and operate under the new name "Axiom Recruitment - Thailand" Here's what to do; If you look on, you will see the ad from Axiom. Now, if you open up a recent ad from SmartKurve, you will see how the wording in the two ads are... read full review »
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The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy
Yoman July 21, 2011
SKAM with A K! The school is bogus! The only teacher is Josh Sands a no nothing, can't edit fool. Everything there you can do, by buying your own camera and editing software and learning at home. Over priced for the quality. The school advertises out of the country, big dreams, and once in the school students realize they wasted vacation money on a scam. Would never, ever do it again, EVER! $16, 000 was WASTED!! On what I could do for $3, 000 at home!! read full review »
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University of Phoenix/PhoenixConnect
insurance person July 21, 2011
Long story short, in 2010, U of P started an online forum called PhoenixConnect which was intended to allow students to interact with each other. This was especially nice for the online only crowd who rarely, if ever, knew or communicated with students outside of a classroom forum. Recently, however, the school has taken to moderating and censoring students who post comments that disagree with the views of the school. In particular, students who post issues about financial aid, academic rigor, instructor effectiveness, and a whole host of... read full review »
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ali raza khan chandio
abdullah baloch July 18, 2011
To The Central and Provincial President and General Secretary Pakistan Muslim league (N) Pakistan We are submitted in your kind honour that we are the member of Pakistan Muslim league (N) Kamber Shahdadkot PS 40 & 41 and NA 207 constituency of muhtrma Benzir Bhutto are requesting you about Sardar Khan Chandio his contact with Pakistan Muslim Leaque ( Q ) and also Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians submitted false case of murder against our district President Pakistan Muslim league (N) Kamber Shahdadkot Ali Raza Chandio... read full review »
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edknovate/smartkurve - kirk pathumanun
fogoyes July 18, 2011
all victims of edknovate/smartkurve - kirk pathumanun: let's come together for a meeting and later on visiting him at his office with tourist police to celebrate "pay day"! my contact - +66(0)81-498 9201 or [email protected] read full review »
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Private Classes
Almost_Scammed July 17, 2011
Glad to tell you that, my son will be coming for the lesson. .Will be more than glad if you can teach him everyday from 2pm-3pm or your suitable time (1 hour per day from Monday-Friday in your field of knowledge just to keep him busy for two weeks making a total of ten lessons.If you can make it, kindly get back to me with the cost of your teaching for two weeks i with the dates and time .He will becoming to your house or anywhere else comfortable with you for 1 hour each day for two weeks.His name is Shawn, I will want you to calculate 1 hour per day from Monday-Friday for the whole 2 weeks and get back to me. looking to read from you! read full review »
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School of Open Learning Delhi University
Jite821986 July 16, 2011
Dear Sir, Good Afternoon My name is Jitender Kumar, s/o Shri Dharampal Singh Residing A- 130, Main 25ft. Road, East Gokalpur, Meet Nagar, Delhi-94. Sir, I've done graduation (B.A. pass) in 2007 by Delhi University. My SOL NO. is 04-1-01-003463 and Degree Roll No. is 9269288. I want say that The Degree is not issued to me by University Management while The Assistant Registrar Dr. O.P. Sharma told me that Your Degree Send to you on 8th October 2010 by speed post. As a proof a photocopy given to me of this speed post serie... read full review »
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Brown Mackie College of Phoenix - Education Managment Corporation
Donna Elizabeth Fiore July 15, 2011
I started at brown Mackie college of Phoenix on 11-30-2009; since I started I have been on the DEANs list and PRESIDENTS list and received a CLASSIC CITIZEN award. I never missed not one single day of school in 14 months, until I was Forced to sit out a month (WILLFUL OBSTRUCTION OF LEARNING) due to the College Surgical Tech Administrator and Head of the Department telling me, "Donna you are going to have to sit out in February 2011 because no one is teaching that class next month and it is no longer a required class to take as credits for... read full review »
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sri nandhanam college of engineering & technology tiruppatur
studentblog July 15, 2011
This is a collective complaint from both girls and boys studying in "Sri.nandhanm college of engineering and technology, tiruppatur, vellore dist".We all students need a ray of light "justice" to be shown to us, we see forth the concerned authorities and other higher officials see to our complaint and do necessary and immediate steps to stop the inhuman acts which is taking place in our college. Our college chairman "Mr.P.M.nandagopal" behaves very harshly and uses all sorts of rubbish and vulgar words to we both... read full review »
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savannah state university
bigpimpen July 14, 2011
coach made a mistake on scholarship and ruined my oppurtunities read full review »
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Everest College Ottawa, Ontario (west Campus)
Everest College Ottawa, Ontario July 12, 2011
I took the Law enforcement Foundations program in 2009. When I first started in the law enforcement program I was supposed to start at 13:00-18:00, but after the first day my program started at 13:00 and then at 14:00 we had a 15-20 minute brake and then by 15:30 we were done. Wow!!! Long Days!!! It was like this all the time. My teacher was another thing. He was always making sexual comments to the one girl in our class and was checking her out each and everyday. I complained to the administrator who brought me to the school and I told him... read full review »
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remington college southeast
JONES11 July 12, 2011
where to even start we had horrible instructors that would rather tell us about family problems then teach us about being a medical assistant then gives us test on the chapters that she never explained or she would give us hw tell us two days later to study it and we hadnt even went over it to know if our answers were even right its rediculous and the instructors would rather sit around and gossip instead of teach class they are just a sad result of what they call a college read full review »
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kgisl institute of technology
reckwin July 12, 2011
in my college this year fees increament high than government order. read full review »
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The Academy of Cosmetology & Esthetics-NYC:A Paul Mitchell school
AJWL July 11, 2011
Upon touring and school and considering a school so far from our home/state we were under the impression that the cosmetology industry was nationally regulated, so that the hours needed for taking state boards and licensing were the same throughout the country. Knowing that we were from out of state, as a big deal was made of it in the tour, it was never mentioned to us that the required hours varied from state to state. Even if our states specific requirements were not known, we should have been told that we needed to find that out for... read full review »
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Insight Schools of California
raminus July 11, 2011
Warning to Parents of On Line Schools: Especially High School. This school seems to advertise more than it can teach a student. Just look at their advertising via internet. They employ un-caring and horrible teachers that no only work for Insight/Kaplan know K-12 School one of these teachers are available. They are only available during there hours of which could be 10:00 a.m. morning or 6:00 p.m. most of them are "Moon-Lighting". So the Student is left teaching him/or her self. Bad idea when it comes to on line test. Everything with... read full review »
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damelin college durban
Taylah Fuchs July 11, 2011
I registered with Damelin college durban in February 2011 and i am still waiting for books on my Secreterial course. I wish to cancel and will expect a full refund. It is almost as if there's no one with even a tiny brain working at Damelin college durban, the reason why i say that is that i have phoned countless times and haven't heard anything back from them after speaking to them (Damelin) read full review »
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Greetings for the day, As i have taken admition in NIIT kolkata citycentre saltlake brance on october 2010 and cleared the full course fees around rs 57000, but till date i did attend even a single class not even received any module, whenever i went they asked me to wait as they dont have any other student for this course except me, I think after spending 57000 its not a matter of joke, as i have spend it for my better career, now when i am asking for my money back niit people are refusing to help and directly said not possible as its written... read full review »
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The Meisner Studio South Africa
Rianke Krugel July 11, 2011
The Meisner Studio South Africa instructor, Lauren Levi owes myself and my partner in the class, Danielle Blanchard an amount of 27 hours in class time that she has not fullfilled her duty as an instructor to teach us these hours. When we confronted her in writing, dated 10/07/11, she completely freaked out and told me in writing that I must send her my banking details and then she will refund me so 'that we can be done'. When I did exactly this, Lauren pulled out the contract that we signed with her which, after I have gone over it... read full review »
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bigretard July 10, 2011
I recently found some poo in my shoe. I suspect it was my banana. Its always up to no good. Can you suggest how i can prove that he put the poo in my shoe and what the consequenses should be. I already tried shooting it. my banana is bulletproof. Now corn, I like corn. Corn is my friend. read full review »
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Filled under: Education Location: Thailand
Power Learning LLC
Hal Bogotch July 8, 2011
The company hired me as an independent contractor to create 400-word passages on a variety of topics, to be used as part of the company's assessement program. Our agreement stated that I was to be paid for my writing services at the rateof $425 per week for each of three weeks. I delivered the products of my labors as agreed upon. My supervisor, co-founder, Dawit Meles, guaranteed that I would receive payment no later than August 21, 2009. Even after having signed a binding mediation agreement on May 11, 2010, the CEO, Rashad Bartholomew, has not paid me one single dime for all my efforts. read full review »
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JBC Academy Of Art & Animation
regjagan July 7, 2011
JBC Academy of Art & Animation committed that they will provide placement(campus), 3 months of training course which would be related to production house related work and a better career and last but not the least a certification of our courses in Autodesk Maya, Adobe and other specified certifications as per our courses provided at the time of admission and now they are taking time give those.On 04.07.2011 the MD Mr.Chandrasekhar Patra says that the college is no more running, i am no more its MD as he resigned from his post and the student... read full review »
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Brown Mackie College - Phoenix
Crystal B1979 July 7, 2011
I hope their are other in Phoenix that have or had the same problem and also this is a advise to other people wanting to attend the school...I'm from the Phoenix Location of Brown Mackie College...I have been at the school since Dec 2010. Since the time I wanked through the door I have been lied t0. I was told that the school was accredited and i would have no problem transfering my credit to another school. I understand transfering of credit would be my General Courses such as Eng, math etc..the other classes are up to the other school... read full review »
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asia pacific
andrew gautam July 7, 2011
they did raud about my college fees . they did signature on documentent by themselves mean to be mine. i have got heaps of proof for that. they charged fees without service. they creating problems in my fees refund policy. read full review »
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vidya dayini high school
I, MOHD ASHFAQ AHMED resident of yakutpura, hyderabad. I would like to inform the people of hyderabad that the fees in the schools espeacially (VIDYA DAYINI MODEL HIGH SCHOOL, SANTOSHNAGAR, HYDERABAD.) have increased a lot. The poor people could not afford that much of fees. I would request the Cheif minister of Andhra Pradesh to see in this serious matter because education is important to our future generation. I would be grateful if you concern about this problem. read full review »
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Walsh University
Custone July 6, 2011
I was formerly a student at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. They brought me up for 'financial aid verification' at their school for the 6th or seventh time since I attended the school. This process required that I obtain my fathers Tax information or I could not get federal financial aid, but my father's tax information was unobtainable due to the fact that he would not file his taxes. Instead of opting me out of the verification process, they charged me for the full semester with no federal financial aid ($10, 900). Now... read full review »
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ECPI College of technology-UNIVERSITY
MaryMichelle July 5, 2011
I am currently a student at ECPI-charlotte in the Medical Administrative Program I'm attempting an Associate Degree. Technically I graduated June 5, 2011. My issues are that administrative officers are enept, the financial aide department is crooked as evidenced to me when they made me return moneis that never made it back to the lenders, and later refunding the monies to me, only because a higher power uncovered that the funds were still in thier posession. They refuse to give me access to my own funds but constantly charging for item... read full review »
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Kaplan Financials Admissions
Ghulam B July 5, 2011
Handed all documents for registration of student with 10% written confirmation from Registrar of admissions - Amar Mehra but some customer services personnel named Tunde Dorowoju in admissions finds it unacceptable that discount could only be offered to existing students not ex students though this was not the case when discount was offered. Admissions process was lengthened from few days to more than 3 weeks now and still no solution offered and when confronted today on phone, Mr Tunde very rudely dispatched whole idea that admission has been delayed cause of his negligence and his inappropriate behaviour has aggravated and stressed me to bits. read full review »
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thoubal college
swaminath akoi July 5, 2011
thoubal college website: read full review »
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