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Custone July 6, 2011
Thanks Walsh University for showing you care by keeping me from ever having a career
I was formerly a student at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. They brought me up for 'financial aid verification' at their school for the 6th or seventh time since I attended the school. This process required that I obtain my fathers Tax information or I could not get federal financial aid, but my father's tax information was unobtainable due to the fact that he would not file his taxes. Instead of opting me out of the verification process, they charged me for the full semester with no federal financial aid ($10, 900). Now I can't get my transcript from them, and they put my bill in collections without my knowledge which is slowly destroying my credit and preventing me from getting a loan. I've called them multiple times and they said I have to deal with the collections agency. I talked to the collections agency and they want full payment before they will release my transcript. Now every month my bill to Walsh University sits in collections my credit diminishes and I have no way to pay for my 3 and a half years of college (98 credit hours) since I can't get a job above fast-food, retail, or (my current job) gas station attendant. I'm making eight dollars an hour, can't afford health care and I'm basically homeless.If they would have just a) not made me verify, or b) waved the verification, I wouldn't be in this situation. Thanks Walsh University for showing you care by keeping me from ever having a career.

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