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loobylou17 June 8, 2010
Are they a scam?
I have been bombarded by letters from this company, telling me that I have won £15, 000 (although this has now been increased to £25, 000! Each time they send me an order form, already filled in for items I have no wish or need to purchase, and stating that my winning cheque will be sent to me in 48 hours inside my parcel. At first I thought, oh well, I could do with the money, so I sent off an order. The goods arrived after 3-4 weeks but my parcel did not contain any cheque - just a catalogue and another order form, but this time the prize amount had gone up to £23, 000. I found something in the catalogue that was of some interest so, probably very foolishly, I sent off another order. In the several weeks that this took to arrive, I received countless letters containing yet more order forms, which I filed in the bin. My goods arrived this week, eventually, but no cheque, except for a 'reduction cheque' giving me £1.50 off my next order and a declaration that I was now the Grand Winner of £25, 000, if I send off another order. I have even received a number of recorded telephone calls, telling me to look out for their next letter. I know that they target elderly people, who are probablyvery vulnerable, and can probably ill-afford the ridiculously high prices of their goods, but I have continued to send off my orders (as small as possible now) in the hope that just maybe they might pay out.Is it really worth bothering with these people? Has anyone ever received a payout from them?

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